20220524 + Up in the am and G at his last day of of his freshman year. I got thing rolling and had my weekly call with the IT team. Lonie joined the call, he’s doing much better today. L out getting supplies for the graduation party.  When she got home Hazel and I got her to take a walk with us. Back to the desk and finished out the day. Out of the office and took the front storm door off and started working on fixing up the threshold. 5 hours later and several modifications and corrections later we have a new threshold and everything back together. G’s buddy Trent came over to spend the night. L&I tired and headed to bed early. 


20220523 - Up in the am and G at school and I jumped on an early call. I then packed things up and headed in to the office as J was getting up to return his Chromebook and L was cooking stuff for the upcoming graduation party. Stopped Home Depot to return the left over materials from this weekend's projects. Made it to the office and went over my CB list and unpacked the monitors, auction stuff and ladder. Gathered up some mail, checked in with Cory and headed home. Home and getting a couple of things done at the desk. Lonie called and they are letting him out of the hospital early, so I jumped in the car and headed to Lancaster. Picked Lonie up, took him to his car and then followed him home and made sure he didn't need anything. Headed home, swung through the carwash on the way. Home and made some left over Chinese and got settled at the computer for the rest of the day. L ran G to baseball practice. After work I started taking the front door threshold apart and figuring out how to clean it up. Then I did a bit of repair work on Shelly’s arm and nose. L&G home and we ate. Gary and Marlene stopped by to drop off a table, check out my car and chat for a bit. L&I then headed to Home Depot and searched for the stuff to fix up the threshold. We got a conglomeration of stuff I think I can make work and headed home. 


20220522 - Up in the am and updated the plan. I jumped in the car and return Bluetooth device to the UPS store. Home and got the cars out of the garage and L started cleaning it. We got G up and I bribed him to climb the ladder to trim the side of the house. His legs were shaking :-) We got the trimmings cleaned up and the D and DGF13 got here. DG&I did some prep work on our driveway. We got Doc to move his car and got his driveway prepped too. L ran to get us some lunch and pick up more stuff at the Home Depot. We got everything ready and then got ours and Doc's driveways resurfaced. CB called me in the middle of the job, Lonie called him and was in the hospital for his heart racing. I called and checked on Lonie. The drives look great! Stood out at the road and talked with Doc a bit, D ran to pick up dinner at Golden China, the neighbors came over with their baby to chat and Chris Pettit stopped by too. Boys home with dinner so I helped get Doc back in the house and then headed over for dinner. We ate on the 


20220521 - Up and got a game plan for the day. Headed out and held the ladder for L as she cleaned the dormers out front. I got a second coat on the back facia. Got G up and he helped L&I put new shutters on the front of the house, and then spread a bag of bug stuff around the house right before it started pouring. L&I got cleaned up and took stuff to Goodwill, ran to Home Depot and got order, L got more flowers and  ran through Wendy's to pick G up some food. Home and unloaded car and gave G his food. Got the Mercedes and picked up the Mallonns and we headed to Forty Deuce for dinner. A really neat place that has a hidden speakeasy in it. The food was really good and we'll be back to go to the hidden section. We walked around Restoration Hardware a bit and looked at all the overpriced stuff. I took some pick of some kids there to get prom pictures. We stopped at the Mallonn's for a couple drinks and to chat some more. Home not to late but really tired and to bed early.


20220520 + Up in the am and working from home. 
L&I to the play 'Legally Blond' at the high school tonight. The kids did great and it was a cute play. We got out of there late and headed home to watch a bit of TV on the back porch before G got home and we headed in to bed.


20220519 - Up in the am and L&I took some pics of J before he headed to his last day of high school. About mid-day J came home and announced he passed and would graduate! AMEN! I found his picture from his 1st day of kindergarten and superimposed it on the pic we took this morning. Same cute kid with weird hair, just a lot bigger. I headed out and walked Hazel. The mulch showed up. J home and upstairs turning missing assignment... I finished work and then painted the rest of the back facia while L spread 50 bags of mulch! In and exhausted, we sat in the living room tv on surfing on our phones. J headed to Larson's for the night, has one more test tomorrow am and needs to turn in his Chromebook, then he, and some friends are heading up to JGF6's family lake house on Middle Bass Island.


20220518 - Up in the am and L at school cleaning out her room, J&G at school. I headed to work and stopped to get ga$. In to work through  some spitting rain and got the day rolling.


20220517 - Up in the am and  LJ&G at school. I got around and had the morning internal IT call. I got a delivery and got some new wheel center covers on the Mercedes, grabbed some lunch and Hazel and I took a walk, saw guys climbing all over the Barnette's house working on the roof. Back to the desk for a call exploring new phone systems for the business and then our external IT call. L home, it was her last day of school. I got a couple of ebay things shipped and had to run to the shipping place for one of them, a big old heavy metal crimping tool, so they could ship it for me. It was right next to the new gyro place so I put an order in and tried to call L to let her know she wouldn't have to cook tonight. By the time I got her to answer the phone the order was placed and she had started cooking hamburgers on the grill... Home and we ate. The gyros are not near as good as the ones at Nazareth. After dinner Lori, Hazel and I took walk, Stopped to look at Barnette's new roof, to chat with Penn along the road, met a new neighbor, Banja and his wife Sara, and walked through the car lot guy peeing behind the building. Home and settled in for the night. J in and out studding for finals.


20220509- Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and headed in to the Worthington office.


20220508 - Up in the am and L ran and picked up G from his buddy's. L&I got ready and went to church, the first time I have been back since COVID hit. It was nice to go back and see folks. Home and G&I headed out to the store, he drove. We got enough food to feed an army and headed home. G&I started cutting up steak, chicken, ham and veggies. J showed up and then the 3 of us made 234,812 shish kabobs. I got the kitchen cleaned up and hung out on the back porch with L&J a bit and then J&I started cooking. The kabobs covered every inch of the grill. D showed up and Gma&paW came down for a nice dinner. We hung out and the played some cornhole and had a good time. Folks headed home and L&I got things cleaned up. L&I watched American Idol and she was happy to have all her boys here 2 Sundays in a row.


20220507 + Up in the am and L dropped G off at baseball practice and then headed to Deleware to see her mom and GgmaK. I got around and got a couple things done and G called ready to be picked up from baseball. I got G and had him help me with a couple jobs. First I had him put the battery in the mower. Second we dumped out 2 bags of sand on the patio and swept it in to the cracks, Third we put a new roof on the playset right before it started raining. Everything looks great and he was a big help from 11 to 3pm! In and had to clean Hazel's feet off in the bathtub. G made himself some food and I installed logo shadow lights in the Mercedes, they are SO COOL! In and L home and she planted some of the flower she got last night. I updated our pre-graduation todo list and then ran to pick up some pizzas our buddy makes the are SO GOOD! Home and we ate and watched a good scary movie 'Night House' and then had something else on in the background while we were both on our phones. Boys out for the night. We made sure they got where they were going and headed to bed.


20220506 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel on squirrel patrol and I'm getting email and am tasks done. The big project we have been working on was to go live this afternoon, but we couldn't get all the piece to fall in place so it is being postponed to Monday. Hazel and I took a short walk. L home, J at work. I finished my day and all the baseball games for the day were cancelled. They still have practice for whatever reason... I cleaned up the office some more and made a stack of stuff to donate and ran out to jump the mower so L could get the mowing done. J ran out and go G. When I finished the day L&I headed to Nazareth for dinner and then the Home Depot for Flowers and graduation fixin supplies. We swung by AutoZone to get a new battery for the mower and gas on the way home. Home and got everything unloaded. L&I watch 'Windfall', eh, it was OK. not up late. 

20220505 - Reconfiguring

20220505 - Up in the am and had a couple calls. Took a walk with Hazel. Back to the desk and made sure things were calm and then tore out my monitors and reconfigured my desk and put things back together, got done about 6pm when L called us for dinner. Out and had dinner with LJ&G and then back in to the office to clean off the table I had been using and get all the extra crap out of it and off the floor. Done about 8 and sat and watched some TV with L. Hit the hay about 10, watched a episode of Snowpiercer and out.

20220504 - Rim Redo

20220504 - Up in the am and LJ&G to school. I was out the door early for a meeting in the Worthington office. It was a quick successful meeting and then Lonie ran me across town to drop off the car at the rim refurb place. Back to the office and getting things done. Lonie and I took CB to lunch for his bday. Lonnie had his card ready and paid for everything... that was my plan...  Back to the office and getting things done. Ran in to Lisa and she ignored me, so weird... Checked in with the car place about 2:30 and car not done so had Lonie run me home. Was supposed to go to the high school and take part in some review of the Superintendent candidates, this was a very last minute things that popped up yesterday, but was unsure when the car was going to be done and didn't want to leave it parked outside all night and not get to it as the candidate review things was from 3:30 to 7:30, so I bowed out on that and got some more work done. Checked in with the car guy several times and the clock rolled, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and it was ready for pick up at 11pm! Penn ran me to the place, and we checked out the guys operation, pretty neat place, and got the car. Rims look GREAT! Home and parked it and to bed.

20220503 - Raffle Winners

20220503 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and did morning email in the living room with Hazel. In to the office for the weekly IT call. Headed out and dropped J's graduation announcements off at the post office and then ran to vote. Home and Hazel and I took a quick walk before I had to jump on another IT call. Finished the call up, got my notes done, sent out baseball cancellations for all games today, and finished off the work day. L home and she cooked some dinner. We ate and then I headed to Signatures to meet with the GLAB Board to pull the winning raffle tickets and chit chat a bit. Home and hung out with L and Hazel and relaxed the rest of the evening, preparing for a busy day tomorrow.

20220502 - Sam's Meet

20220502 - Up in the am and headed in to the Worthington office. We had a meeting to review the DF Handbook changes and cover open items. I got a new wireless transponder set up for the new USB-C laptops to the presentation TV and then headed to the Old Bag of Nails with CB, Cory and Brian. After lunch we got a couple more things done and I headed home. Home and L made some dinner and then we ran over to GMSW to watch Sam run and do the long jump. We hung out for a bit and it was good to see the Coles. Home and L&I watched American Idol.

20220501 - Pizza Party

20220501 - L up early and went to church. I got some things ordered from the grad party list and then G wanted to go to Trent's so he drove over. I headed back to the house and headed up to the boys bathroom to clean it up and re-caulk it. It turned in to a much bigger project than I anticipated and took FOREVER. L was outside with Hazel edging flow beds and pulling weeds and cleaning things up outside, looks great! I headed down and started working on the grape arbor, not a lot, just pulling the vines that went up in to the trees down. I ran to get G and we then stopped and picked up some pizzas. D&DGF13, J&JGF6 were there when we got back and we had a nice dinner on the patio. The boys threw the ball a bit and the girls discussed prom. It was a nice evening. Everyone headed out and L&I cleaned things up and watched American Idol.


20220427 - Up in the am and had an early call and then headed in tot he Worthington office. Had a ok morning and then dove in to moving things forward.


20220426 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and did a couple things and then headed to the tint shop to drop off the car. Penn picked me up and brought me home. Had the weekly IT meeting and then did some mail. Took Hazel on a quick walk and then at the desk for the afternoon. Ran to the trophy place with Andy to line up senior gifts for he baseball players. Had to send a bunch of baseball messages because of all the changes... L home and she took me to Penn's and then she headed to G's game. Penn carried me to pick up the car, I LOOKS NICE!. I headed to the ball field and G was playing left field? I headed up to the press box and L came up too, with Tom and Terrill. G got a K on a bad call, got on base with error to short and then got hit by pitch, but stole 2and 3 in one go. The infield played awful and we stopped counting the errors... They lost 16 to 3... Home and J was acting up. G&I ate, L and Hazel took a walk and then L&I watched some TV and I got some things done for Boosters. Not to bed late.


20220425 - Up in the am and L&G at school, J off for some weird testing schedule. I got around and L called before I took off to let me know G was walking home. Apparently his Chromebook, or the 4 loaners they had ready wouldn't work so he couldn't do his state testing today and would have to make it up on Wednesday... I headed in to work and got a couple things done. Cory and I walked to lunch at Jet's and then ate. Back to the desk getting things done. I headed out a bit early to get home and get L and we headed to Grove City for G's game. We got there, got our chairs set up and it POURED, game cancelled... We headed home and ran through Rally's on the way to get some food. We picked G up at the school and headed home. Home and ate and watched American Idol. 


20220424 - Up in the am and L&I headed to Giant Eagle to get some things. We dropped it off at home and then went to Home Depot and looked at stuff and got a couple of things for the Grad party prep. Home and got the mower started and L mowed. I got the pump put on and sprayed the weeds in the sandbox. Talked to Riley the new neighbor and gave him the trimmer to get his grasses cut down. G showed up with pretty much the entire Gahanna Baseball team in our backyard and played wiffleball. The boys helped me get the TV out of the basement and set up on the porch. L&I did a couple more things and then hung out on the porch. We grilled brats and she boiled sweet corn and we ate on the porch. D showed up for dinner and we shipped a baseball glove he sold on ebay. L&I hung out until after dark on the porch and then in to finish watching American Idol. Not up late.


20220423 + Up in the am and L had volunteered for the choir stuff going on in town this morning. I got to the desk and got some bills paid. G&I headed out (he drove) to see if we could get him a checking account open, they told us to come back at 1 so we headed to the baseball field to see what was going on. Met up with a bunch of friends there and watched the game for a bit. Back to the bank and G got his checking account set up. Home and Got L and headed back out to the baseball field where G's buddies Landon and Brady were playing against each other. We hung out with Bill & Tiff, Tom and a bunch of other friends and watched the game. Home and got a couple little things done and then headed over to Bill & Tiff's to hang out for a little bit. It was great to catch up with them. Home not too late, figured out where all the boys were for the night and got to bed.


20220422 - Up in the am and working from home. In the afternoon L&I headed to Grove City to watch G's baseball game. We ran in to Clint and Theresa Shrek from our baseball team last year and caught up with them and I talked to JD a dad of a boy that is on G's team for this summer. Home and got some Wendy's on the way. Picked G up and headed home for dinner. Hung out a bit and then JGF6 showed up and we headed to J's choir concert. We met up with the Mallonns there and the kids did great, got all 1s. Home and J called, he locked his keys in the car.. I ran his keys out and then home to bed.

20220421 - Lotsa Walking

20220421 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel and I jumped in the car and took it back to the place I bought it and they are going to detail it for me. Hazel and I walked home. I wanted to stay off the main roads and couldn't walk through the school so it was a 1.6 mile hike. Home and to the desk to get things rolling. Had a couple meetings and did the normal stuff. After work I ran G up to a track meet at the HS and dropped him off. Home and L Hazel and I took a walk to Rita's for a treat. Everyone got something yummy and Hazel got a pup-cup. Home and hung out making plans for the busy weekend.


20220420 + Up in the am and L at school and J&G in bed because it of some weird testing schedule for school.  I got around and headed in to the Worthington office. My first meeting got pushed back to 2 so I hit the desk and started knocking things out.


20220419 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel and I headed out with the new car to get it detailed but they wouldn't be done with it until tomorrow and I need it tomorrow so we headed back home. I got on the PC and did my morning call and emails. Hazel and I took a walk where we ran in to Nate the neighbor and he told us he got a new golden doodle puppy we need to meet. Back to the desk and had to cancel all the baseball games for the day. I jumped on the afternoon call and finished off my list for the day. Threw the ball a bit and then sent out Booster raffle tickets while L was cooking. LG&I had dinner. L ran to the store and then L Hazel and I took a walk when she got home. We watched TV the rest of the evening.


20220418 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and headed in to the office. I was tied up on the phone most of the morning and ran over to meet CB, Cory and Brian for lunch at the Old Bag of Nails. We have a nice lunch and then walked back to the office. We headed out back so the guys could check out the new car. Back to the desk to finish off the day. 


20220416 - Up in the am and G&I headed across town so he could take his driving permit test. He passed! And I was able to get him a compliant driver's permit, the kind needed to get on airplanes. We walked out of the testing site and I headed tot he passenger's side of the car and G was NOT happy about that, saying 'I'm not driving home!' I said "Well lets go back in and give them the permit back then. Isn't this what you got it for?" Nervously he got behind the wheel, I took a Xanax and mapped out a backroad route all the way home. G took off and he did really good. It took us about 45 min to get from Morse Rd to Hamilton Rd., but he did it and we did it safely. We stopped at the bank to see if we could get a student checking set up for him but there were no bankers available... He drove the rest of the way home and L celebrated when he gave her the news. G then drove to Trent's to help spread some more mulch. 

I headed home, got a couple things done and then DaveB picked me up and we headed to the car lot and test drove the Mercedes. Mercedes is the only kind of car Dave has ever owned so he knows them and really drove the crap out of it. We stopped and climbed around under it and and looked it over real good. We drove it back to the dealership where they had the other Mercedes pulled out for me to test but I didn't have to. I like the big blue V8 one and told him I would take it.

Dave ran me home and L&I cleaned out the big old white car we've had for the last 15 years, I gathered up the title and my checkbook and headed back to the lot. They were closing in only a couple of minutes, but the guy stayed with me, we struck a deal and we got all the paperwork done and filed. I jumped in my new car, 2010 Mercedes E550 and headed to the gas station to fill it up. Then I took it through the car wash. When I pulled out of the car wash G called to see if I could pick him up and if he could drive home. I said I would get him but not sure if he could drive. I pulled in to Trent's and blew the horn. G and Trent came around the corner and G lots his mind seeing the new car. Trent's dad came out to check it out too. Home and I had to take L on a ride. when we got home J and JFG6 were there and they wanted a ride. As we were pulling out Conor and Vaiden Mallonn were driving by so we followed them to their house and showed Penn the new car. Home and rides over for the night. We had some dinner and then I went out and programmed the garage door opener, set up my phone to work with it and learn some of the features. Pulled it in the garage and headed in to watch some TV with L.  A busy transportation day!


20220414 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got up and got the day rolling. J home from school and then he left for work and I headed to the Dr. After my Dr. visit I stopped by a couple car lots on the way home. Home and had to move all the baseball games to tomorrow.


20220413 + Up in the am and L at school, J&G had some weird testing schedule so they were both home. I headed in to the Worthington office for the day. I returned D and Jeff's laptops and then made my way to the desk where I was busy all day with a couple meetings with CB & Lonie. Had to send out notifications tht all today's baseball games are pushed to tomorrow. Home late, had dinner with L&G, JGF6 over for a bit. L&I watched the news, Survivor and her new favorite On the Edge. To bed in good time.


D & DGF13 dropped of D and Jeff's DF computers and left his car at Tuffy for an oil change.

After work L&I ran to pick up D's car, home and ate and watched the news. D&DGF13 stopped to visit and get the car.


20220410 - Up late, slept like a log. G home and L cut his hair. I unintentionally got hooked on a movie L was watching. Finished the movie and shipped some ebay things and finished my bills.


20220409 - 

Maple Syrup Day @ Farm

Doc's 83, dropped off some syrup and mr.Goodbar candy bars for him


20220408 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel was outside all morning. I got email done and headed in to the office after washing Hazel's feet. J home for a bit and then out to work.


20220407 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and had a relazing work day worked from the 

20220405 +

20220405 + Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got up and around and got emails out of the way before my7 first call. Had our weekly staff meeting and then Hazel and I took a walk. Back to the desk to finish out the day. G's baseball was cancelled due to rain. L made us a big taco salad for dinner as we thought D and DGF13 were stopping by. We ate and then watched 'The Bubble' a long, not that great movie, but something to watch other than all the bad news on TV. I got caught up on some things on the PC. I retired early, J home late. to sleep late.


20220404 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got up and around and prepared to head in to the Worthington office. Had to take an extra minute to wash Hazel's dirty feet. In to the office and got some things done with Cory. Cory and I took a walk to Jet's to get pizza and we had lunch by the TV with CB. After lunch I talked to CB a bit and wrapped up some things. I headed out to go home and to get L and head to G's baseball game, but it was cancelled. I got the word out and then headed to the field to pick him up from practice. L told me it was over at 4:15, I got there on time and they finished at 5...  Got G and we got home. L made us some dinner and we ate together watching some TV. J at work tonight, L&I watched American Idol. G came down and he and I headed to the basement to watch the NCAA Championship basketball game. It was a great game but NC lost :-( We headed to bed after the game.

20220403 +

20220403 +

Chris stopped by and we watched the Walking Dead. Up to bed and finished watching American Idol.

20220401 - L's 51

20220401 - Up in the am and L was out to bfast with her friend Theresa.  I couldn’t smell or taste my toothpaste this morning... J up late and decided today, the last day of his Spring Break that he would take everything out of his room and do a proper cleaning... I took a covid test and it was negative, at the desk all day and made plans with DJ and their girlfriends to have dinner hereat the house because L being still a bit sick didn't feel like going anywhere. I finished up the day and L&I ran up to Olive Garden to pick up a feast. Home and DJ and their girls showed up and we sat down and hid a nice dinner. After dinner we all headed to the basement and watched J&JGF6 play a funny little team game on the Xbox and L and DGF13 worked on a puzzle L started at Christmas. It was a very enjoyable evening.


20220331 - Up, L feeling a bit better today. I got some work done. Headed back to Dr.’s office for bloodwork. Swung. Y Kroger on way home to get L a birthday card and some popcorn. Home and did a couple more things at work. 


20220329 - Up late in the am with a fever. L still not feeling good. I got a couple things done at the desk and had a couple meetings. I headed to the Dr. for my annual physical and they almost didn’t let me in because I had a fever this morning. The physical
Went fine except no one told me to fast so I’ll have to come back for bloodwork… and I had an ECG as well that was normal. 


20220328 - Up at 3:30am and got G around. L made him bfast and we headed to the airport. The Burnworths showed up, they got their tickets and I saw them through security. Home and tried to sleep a bit. Starting to feel pretty terrible. I got a couple hours of sleep and headed in to the office. I had the meeting I needed to have and showed the guys the prelim straw man of the app and got their input. I got a couple other things done and headed out early. Felling pretty crappy by the time I got home. 



Terrill texted me in the middle of the day that their flight to Florida was cancelled. I helped him look for some flights and he found some that leave at 5am tomorrow  

Chris stopped by and we watched the Walking Dead. Up to bed and finished watching American Idol. I tried to sleep but had to be up at 4 to take G to the airport so I just laid there and stared at the ceiling until time to go to the airport…


20220326 - Up late and got around. L not feeling well but still cleaning… J headed out to someplace and I got G around and we headed out. First stop Gahanna Hardware to get some riser bolts for my office chair. Second stop Kroger to get him travel supplies and dinner for tonight. Home and G got his travel stuff packed up and I took Hazel on a big walk with her favorite red ball that I threw a couple hundred time on the back baseball field at Jefferson. Home and G upstairs packing. L&I watched some tv while dinner baked. 


20220325 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and got some work done and the bills paid. L home from and she’s feels sick with a bad head cold. I ran G’s baseball stuff out to him and then back home. I got the laptop out in the living room and L&I watched some TV while I designed a new software. Back out to the field to get G. Home and then G&I ran to Wendy’s to pick up some dinner. We hung out in the living room watching basketball and building an app. 


20220324 - Up in the man and LJ&G at school, I got to the desk. GmaW back down to the eye Dr. today to get bandages off. Got a small update from GpaW, he went to Dr. for a raspatory infection. Hazel and I took a walk down to the drive thru to get some stuff. We took a back way through the park home, it was a muddy adventure. Home and back to the desk getting things done. I ran G's uniform out to him. Home and J headed to Donatos to sign his employment papers :-)  L home, she's not feeling great. I finished my day and L&I headed to the baseball field and met up with D&DGF13. G played a couple innings and they didn't look good. Thank God it was only a scrimmage. I ordered Chinese for dinner and we picked up on the way home and all had dinner together. J headed out to JGF6 to see how she's doing, she was at urgent care with stomach issues. Watched some basketball with G, L in bed medicated.


20220323 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and headed over to the office. There were 9 people in the office today! Had a couple meetings and got some things done. GmaW down for surgery, not many updates from GpaW… Cory, Lonie and I walked to Jets to get lunch and then watched some TV at the office and chatted while we ate. G’s game was cancelled today. I got a new HUGE project in the afternoon. Home and ran in to L and Hazel out on a walk on the way. L made us some dinner and we watched the news. 


20220322 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got my morning stuff done and had a team call. J home and back out for lunch. Hazel and I headed to the pet store to get her some food and back to the desk. I got some things done I the afternoon and headed out. Gma&paW were down this way and headed over. I headed out to pick G up from baseball. J headed out shopping with Gma&paW. I got G and headed home and we ate. D and DGF13 showed up with all his laundry. DGF13 and I chatted while L&D got his stuff in the wash, then L ran G out to meet up with J&Gma&paW to do some shopping. After a bit LJ&G showed up with bags and bags full of stuff. GmaW’s eye appointment wasn’t great and she may have surgery tomorrow to reattach her retina. 


20220321 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and headed in to the DF office in Worthington. I got a couple things done and then CB, Cory, Brain and I walked to a Mexican place close to the office for a nice lunch. Back to the desk for a call and to finish out the day. Home and it was a beautiful day out so L&I sat on the patio and caught up. I headed out to the baseball field to get G and hang out in the press box wit Andy, Terrill and Bill for a bit. Home and we had leftovers and L&I caught up on 2 nights of American Idol. I got some reading done and to bed in good time.


20220320 - Up in the am and LDG Hazel and I headed up to the Farm. We got there and had a nice lunch and then headed out to clean up the piles of wood from the wood house being taken down and L did some yard work. We got everything cleaned up and then headed up to Gma&paW's house to watch the OSU Basketball game. GpaW and I headed back down and looked at the porch posts on the Farmhouse, tried to get the Versatile started (it has oil in the radiator), started the 4 wheeler, fed the cats and looked at the barn a bit. Back up to the house and the Buckeyes lost. We headed home and stopped to get gas and some Long John Silver's for dinner. We dropped D off at his apartment. Home and we watched some more basketball getting ready for the week. Chris came over and we watched two more episodes of the Walking Dead and are all caught up.


20220319 - Up in the am and the games for today got moved to Thursday but they still had practice.. L&I finished cutting down the grasses along the fence. I pick G up and we tried to go to two Chase Banks to get him a checking account set up.... no bankers available in either bank... Home and got a couple things done around the house with basketball playing. L took G out to his friends to watch basketball all night and then she headed out to visit with her friends. Hazel and I settled in to watch basketball and get things done. J showed up to get cleaned up. At halftime of the Michigan game I ran downtown to pick D up. We swung through Burger King on the way home and got some dinner. Home and J was there and chatted with D a bit and then took off for the night. D&I headed to the basement to watch basketball the rest of the night. L home late, chatted with D a bit and then we headed to bed.

20220318 +

20220318 + UP in the am and LJ&G at school I got settled in the living room with a stack of paper and a couple laptops and got to work. J&L home in the early afternoon. We watched basketball while I typed away. L ran G's stuff out to the field and then came home and took a nap while I finished up the week. L&I went out to pick G up from practice and tried to get dinner from Wendy's but they were backed up out to the road. We headed home and I ordered a pizza and a sub from Gahanna Pizza +. After a bit I ran and got the food, Wendy's wasn't busy now so I ran through and got G the nuggets he wanted. Home and we all ate and watched basketball, some really great games on.


20220317 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got my morning call done and then headed to the golf course for a Gahanna Parks and Rec survey. When I walked in Jane from the Landscape Board and Kat from the Athletic office were there. The meeting was an hour long and we provided recommendations for the future of the city. I got a couple more things done and then met G at the field with his baseball stuff. Home and L home. I got a couple more things done and then L&I packed up and headed to Teays Valley to watch G play his first high school game (scrimmage). G was the leadoff batter and starting short stop. He did ok and the boys played together better than we expected. Brody, a boy from his summer team was on the TV team and they were jawing at each other the whole game, pretty cute. Home and dropped L off and ran back out to the field to get G. Home and we ate while we watched some March Madness Basketball.


20220316 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and headed to the Worthington office. Got a big medical insurance evaluation done today. Cory and I walked to Jet's for lunch and an extra Croque Monsieur sandwich from La Chatelaine, YUM! After lunch I met with CB for a bit and then headed home. Watched some TV with J and then L&I headed to the baseball field for a 'Meet the Team' dinner. We got there and I helped get the sound system ready and then everyone ate with their players. After dinner the boys headed on to the field and were introduced and told the position they play and their favorite hobby and they came up with pretty funny answers. After the dinner we got things cleaned up and headed home. It was a nice event.

20220314 +

20220314 + L to the Dr for an annual check up, all good. J&G got themselves to school and I headed over to the Worthington office. Had a productive day and got home in time to see Otis and Hazel playing in the back yard.


20220313 - Up in the am a D came home. We all jumped in the car and headed over to Newcomerstown for a surprise bday party for GmaB. The party was hosted by the kids that GmaB has watched throughout the years and it was a very nice party. We  hung out for a bit and listened to the kids tell their favorite memories with her. The boys played some basketball and then we headed to their house for a bit. They have redone their kitchen and floors and they look great. The boys and I headed home a L stayed to come home later with Nicole. L got home and we watched some of American Idol. Chris showed up and we watched a couple episodes of the Walking Dead.


20220312 - Up in the a and it was like 5 degrees outside so Tag Day was Cancelled... That means I had to scramble around and get the word out to everyone. I got the original blast sent out and met Andy and Jeff at bob Evans for steak and eggs and come up with a plan for the rest of the day. Home and I got G up and we headed out to get him some cleats. They didn't have any at Dick's, but we got him some pants and other baseball stuff. We headed over to Steak & Shake and they are now a carryout only place. so we ordered, got our food and headed home for some lunch with L. Hung around the house and got a couple things done, and then Terrill had an extra ticket to the district championship that GLHS was playing in so I went along with him and his boys and G. It was a good game, we couldn't hit our shots and the refs didn't help. We lost the game and headed home. 


20220311 - Up and got my day started. Gma&paB over for GmaB's 75th bday. Nicole and Rich came over too and L went to lunch with all of them. I stayed home and worked. I picked up G from school and ran him out to baseball practice. Everyone was home when I got there and we chatted for a bit, but I had to finish off the week. 

At about 9pm LG&I headed across town to see J sing in a competition that had very strict rules. I snuck a photo and L was not happy with me. J's choir sounded great and received perfect marks and are headed to the state competition.


20220308 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got up and found some off brand Cheerios we got at the start of the pandemic that had an expiration of Jan 2020 on them, but certainly being sealed in an air tight bag, in an air tight box, in a temperature controlled basement, they would still be fresh. NOPE! Got to the desk and got the day rolling. Just like clockwork the internet went out at 11:20 cutting my staff meeting short... Hazel and I set out to find the WOW guys and didn't have to go far, they were right across the road replacing a line that may be causing all the trouble. After our walk I found a new box of Cheerios in the basement and had lunch. I used my phone as a hot spot to get a couple things done before our main internet came back up. J home and went to pick G up after a bit. L home and ran G to baseball. I finished the day and headed out of the office, J gone, L cooked us some dinner and we ate and hung out until G called to get picked up. Home and G ate and L brushed Hazel a bit while we watched the Bachelor. :-o


20220307 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got up and around and made myself a couple pieces of toast for the drive in to the office. At the last minute I decided to add peanut-butter, YUM! I made sure Hazel was set and got on the road. Before I got to the highway a turn slid my peanut-butter toast to the edge of my briefcase where it flipped verticals and stick to the seat… I eventually got a hold of it and then dropped it on my shirt… I made it to the office, had my morning meeting, got some stuff done and then CB, Cory and I hiked to the Old Bag of Nails for a nice lunch. Back to the office and had another call and got more done. Headed home and got there just as L&G we’re heading out to baseball. I did a couple things, L got home and started cooking. D & DGF13 came over for dinner and to watch the Bachelor. It was a nice visit. D ran me to the gas station, where there was a girl crying in the back corner surrounded by a couple cops. I got my stuff and got out of there quick... We then picked G up from baseball. Back to the house to watch the Bachelor. The kids left and we headed to bed.


20220306 - Up in the am and headed to New Albany to watch G’s basketball game. They lost to some of their older friends and had a blast. The season is over and we’re happy he did it and had fun. We ran home and I got the sap off the trees and started boiling it down. G&I hung out and apparently both fell asleep until the smoke detectors started blaring from the smoke rolling out of the sap pot… I cleaned that up and then G&I watched the rest of the OSU vs Michigan basketball game, they lost. Hazel and I headed out to the dog park and got there just as it started raining… we took her red ball and she had a blast!  We swung through McD’s on the way home and picked up a late lunch for G&I. Home and L was home! We ate and chatted and got caught up. I did some stuff on the computer and we ordered Chinese for dinner. We had a nice dinner and started watching American Idol. Chris showed up and we headed down to watch the Walking Dead. After the show I headed to bed and watched the rest of American Idol. 

20220305 - Green Patches

20220305 - We’ll I was up all night and it was only the sound of L getting I. The shower at 6:30 that put me to sleep… L headed to John & Mary’s in Shelby to work on J’s quilt. I woke about 11, G downstairs, got himself together and let me know he was heading out for the day. J came home and I got myself up and around, had some bfast, or cheerios for lunch, and made a plan. J&I headed out to Home Depot and got 30 bags of dirt. We got home and J helped me spread the dirt in the holes left from 2 large trees that came out years ago and have settled. J headed in and I spent the next couple hours tamping and smoothing the dirt. G and some buddies showed up and played in the backyard. I needed some more ground cover stuff and more hose, so I got J and we headed back to Home Depot. I ran in the get the stuff and J ordered us some dinner from Popeyes's. We ran through Popeye’s on the way home and realized J place the order at the one on Hamilton Rd in Groveport, not Gahanna. So we had to cancel the order and go through the drive through. Home and we spread the rest of the ground cover, hooked up the hose and soaked it down. In and we all ate. I ran G to a buddy’s for the night. Home and J headed out and I watched Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Milan in the basement with Hazel.


20220302 - Lori had a Dr. appointment today

I headed to the Baseball Parent Meeting and helped Andy pass out Raffle Tickets

20220228 +

20220228 + Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and headed over to the office for a couple meetings. Meetings went well and I hiked over to Jets to get some lunch. Back to the desk and got a couple more things done before heading home. Home and L ran G to baseball. She then made some dinner and J joined us. J headed over to JGF6 and L trimmed up Hazel a bit more before doing her exercises. 


20220227 - Up late, Lhad already taken G to his basketball game and back and G's team won. I got around and shipped some ebay sales while L worked on the quilt some more. 


20220226 - Up in the am and 

L&I headed out. Stopped by eye dr to pick up glasses, too busy so bailed and will go back later

We then went to JoAnn Fabric so L could get some quilting supplies, I stayed in car and called Sallie Mae about D's overdue student loan and saw a guy pee in the parking lot smh...

We then headed across town to Dublin to look at a car and take it on a test drive. It was a 2016 Mercedes E300. No backup camera so no go for me... Was not as impressed with it as I was the 2017 E300 I drove last year. L not impressed at all.

Home and Hazel and I headed out, to the post office, swung by and got my glasses and then to dog park where she found a little buddy to run and play with. It was cold enough I thought the ground might be frozen... WRONG! It was a MUD PIT and before I could get out of there Hazel was black.

Home and rigged up a hand shower thing and L&I gave Hazel a bath.

I got on the PC and looked for parts to modify the bath tub to make the next dog bath easier and got a call from GmaW. Gma&paW stopped by they were at the Home & Garden show down here.

LG&I went to dinner at Bellacino's with Gma&paW
GpaW drove... makes me pretty nervous.


20220225 - Up in the am and LJ& not feeling great G at school. I got around and did some email in the living room, moving in to the office eventually. The day went fast, L&J home and then L ran to get G. G found out today when he got to school that yesterday was the last day of tryouts so he only got to go to one day of tryouts. He found one of the coaches at school and asked him what h should do? The coach told him to show up at D-bat tonight so they could evaluate his hitting. G home only for a little bit and I ran him out to D-bat, he didn't seem nervous... I dropped him of and then ran through the bank on the way home to get some cash, and then the drive thru. Home ad finished a couple important things up and right back out to get G. He came out joking around with some of his buddies and said he made the team. He said they made him hit and then he had to talk to all of the coaches at once! Shade, the head coach, asked him if he thought he had done enough to make the team? G said yes and they handed him his invitation to play high school baseball. I made him read me the letter on the way home. Home and G went in and told him mom all about the tryout. SO PROUD OF HIM! L&I headed to Nazareth for a gyros and chatted a bit, trying to plan the weekend. Home and watched the GLHS boys basketball tournament game.


20220223 - Lori and I watched 'Marry Me', cute movie.


20220221 Grant had a hitting lesson today
Hazel got a haircut

20220220 - Concerts

20220220 - Up in the am and I ran G down to baseball practice and made him try on a helmet. L headed to Gma&paB's with Nicole for a day of concerts. Home and worked on a couple of reports. Hazel and I ran to pick G up and then on to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins. We chatted with Gary a bit and then Ed showed up. We chatted with Ed and then followed him back to his place in Westerville to get some stuff we won from him a while a go. We got our stuff and headed home. G&I got some lunch, I tried to get J up. G headed upstairs and I headed in to the office and got a couple of things done. Hazel and I took a big walk. Back to the desk and doing some Booster stuff. J up and G&J headed out to get us gyros for dinner. We ate and watched some of the closing Olympics stuff. J headed JGF6 and G played with Hazel a bit. L home and cleaning everything. Watched some more Olympics and then the Walking dead.

20220219 - 3 Fuzzy

20220219 - Up in the am and did a couple things around the house. Hazel and I got in the car and headed out. We stopped at a car dealership and looked at a car and then headed to the dog park. The dog park was CLOSED! so we headed to the other side of town and looked at another car. We found a dog park on that side of town and tried it out and it was a muddy mess. There was another park half way home that we tried that wasn't as muddy and had some similar pups to Hazel. She had a good muddy time and headed to one more car place on the way home. Home and Carried Hazel to the bathtub. D and DGF13 were here, they took G and a buddy to the OSU basketball game during the afternoon. I got Hazel cleaned up and then D&I ran out to pick up some of Tom's pizzas for dinner. We had dinner and chatted a while before they took off. Up late watching the Olympics and reading.

20220218 + Play

20220218 + Up in the am and L at school, J&G have a day off of school for whatever made up reason. I got to the desk and had a pretty good day, got some stuff done. After work L&I headed to the high school for their Dinner Theater. We sat with Karen Pettit and Penn Mallonn for the dinner and then headed in for the play, ‘Stoplight’. It was a strange little play, but nice enough. Home and G had gotten picked up and spent the night at a buddy’s and J at band practice. We watched the Olympics and played with Hazel. J got home late.

20220217 - Big Walk, Big Call

20220217 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got to the desk and got the day rolling. Hazel and I took a big walk to the drive-thru and it took longer than expected so I had to join my call while walking and transfer it over to the pc when I got to the desk. It was a quarterly update and was good to review all the stuff going on in other areas of the business. Finished up the day. L made us some stew for dinner (not as good as mine) and we settled in to watch some Olympics. 

20220216 - Muddy Mut

20220216 - Up late and LJ&G at school. I got around and got the day rolling. I’ve been having issues with the internet the last few weeks cutting out everyday around 11:25. It usually lasts about 30 seconds and then I’m good to do the rest of the day. Well today it cut out and I was on the phone with WOW and trying various different things for over an hour. Finally it just all started working again… back to the desk getting things done. L home and took Hazel on a walk. I got more done and took Hazel on a short walk. L ran G to baseball practice and then over to help Tiff with a project, and J went to JGF6’s for dinner, even though she was supposed to come here tonight… whatever. Hazel and I headed out to the backyard to throw the ball. It is 55* today so not freezing. However, not freezing = MUD, and Hazel was COVERED in mud! I carried her in to the bathroom and gave her a bath. Out to the living room getting caught up on some things with the Olympics on in the background. Talked to Marko our neighbor buddy from when we lived in Wilmington NC tonight. Good to catch up.

20220215 - Booster Meeting

20220215 - Up in the am and to the desk. Pretty normal day. After work I got some leftovers and Andy picked me up and carried me to the Booster meeting. It was a good meeting. L took G to hitting. I got home and L&G arrived shortly after. Watched some Olympics and got some reading done. 

20220214 - Dumbo the Dog

20220214 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got myself around and headed in to the main office for the day. We had a couple of meetings and I got some things done. It’s strange being in the big building with only a couple people there. Folks are going to start coming back in the beginning of March. Home and L&I didn’t really feel like doing anything for Vday so we just hung out. I pulled up the blog and we looked at What we did for Vday over the past decade or so. Amazed at how log ago it seems but how fast it’s happened. I picked up Burger King for dinner when picking G up from baseball. Home and we ate and just relaxed and watched some Olympics.

20220213 + Walk and Bet

20220213 + Up in the am and G’s baseball has been cancelled this am. I do a couple things around the house and it is a pretty lazy day. In the late afternoon G got picked up by a buddy and headed to his basketball game. L&I got ourselves together and headed downtown to meet the Pettits and take the Valentine’s Chocolate & Cocktails walk around to various Creekside businesses. There were about 8 places on the list and we went from place to place having some tasty treats and drinks and good conversation. It was a nice afternoon. Home and G was there with Gma&paW, they had come down to watch his game. We visited for a bit and then they took off and L started cooking some Super Bowl treats while Hazel and I took G out to Andrews to watch the game. Home and L&I had our snacks and watched the game. Got a text from Terrill that G won $160 in a bet they had at the party… The Game was ok, halftime show too strange for me and the commercials aren’t as good as they used to be. The Bengals lost so that was a bummer. I headed out and picked G up. Home and shut down for the night, ready for a busy week. 

20220212 - Grape Sucker

20220212 - Up late and did a couple things on the pc. D decided he wanted glasses and came over and we went to the eye Dr and ordered some for him. Back home for a min and D took off and G and I hung out and watched some of the Olympics while L gave Hazel a grape sucker.  L headed out to go to a basketball game and dinner with her friends. I hung out and got all sorts of things done. In the evening J headed out with some friends and G&I headed to Waffle House for steak and eggs. We then swung by and picked Andrew up and I dropped them off at the bowling alley. Home and Hazel and I hung out watching the Olympics and getting ready for the booster meeting next week. L home and we hung out and watched more Olympics until late.

20220211 - Back and Forth

20220211 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I started the day in the living room cleaning out email and prepping for the day before heading in to the office. Had a busy day of trying to wrap things up for the week. L ran to pick up G up from school and ran him out to baseball practice and then back and forth to pick him up. L&I ran to El Vaquero to meet the Mallonns for dinner. We sat and chatted and had a nice meal. Home and I spent some time in the office so I wouldn't be locked in there all tomorrow and then out and watched some Olympics before heading to bed.

20220210 - Tuffy

20220210 - Up in the am and in to the office. Doing some exciting new stuff and having some guys test it for me this morning. I then took care of stuff as it flew in until time for Hazel's walk. It was a pretty icy walk as things are in a thaw refreeze pattern right now. Back to the desk for a ‘Townhall’ call at work. The call went pretty good and of course I got the majority of the actions. I got a drink and finished my day… L home and we ran and picked up the car from the shop. I hung out and threw the ball to Hazel while talking to some guys on the phone. In for dinner and then L&I just hung out with the Olympics on for the evening.

20220209 - Bucket 2

20220209 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got my day rolling. D stopped and got the insurance and HSA cards and headed to the eye Dr. J left shortly after. D&J back. D’s eyes got worse and needs new contacts. J’s eyes are perfect. L ran me to the eye Dr. So I could get checked out and then went to pick G up from school. My exam went fine and my eyes haven’t changed in the last year. But I am getting some computer glasses! Out of my exam and L&G there waiting their turn. The hair cut place didn’t have a wait so I ran down and got a quick trim. Back to the eye Dr. And I’m to the exam room with G and asking the Dr. if G’s eyes are the reason he can’t hit a baseball ;-) G’s eyes are perfect. L’s eyes are ok, she just needs readers for up close stuff. Everyone home and L ran G to baseball. L made dinner and J and JGF6 joined us. It was a nice dinner and then J and JGF6 went out and hung a sap bucket before vanishing the rest of the night. L went tot pick G up and I took the white car to get gas. I then met them at TUFFY where we left the silver car to get serviced tomorrow. Home and watched some Olympics until late.

20220208 - LIVE Pitches

20220208 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I did email in the living room until my first call and then chained myself to the desk for a while. I made a mistake this morning… I heated up my water and for my coffee and oatmeal, but we were out of decaf coffee… I don’t think much of it and just used regular coffee.  We’ll combine regular coffee (an 8oz coffee has 4x the caffeine of a 12 oz Coke) plus the stress of the day threw my heart off rhythm a couple beats and freaked me out… I got to a stopping point and took a short walk with Hazel before my next call. Finished up that call and headed back to the living room to finish off the day relaxing and watching some training videos. L home and in the phone worried about one of her coworkers health and I threw the ball to Hazel a bit. J&G home, J left and then L warmed up some dinner for us. L&I hung out watching the Olympics, she cutting colorful piece of paper for tomorrow lesson and I worked on the PC. G&I headed out to his hitting lesson. There were some older boys, seniors, that knew G there, a pitcher and a catcher and they asked him if he wanted to try and hit. G accepted the challenge and saw live pitching for the first time this year. He did pretty darn good hanging with to boys that were 3-4yrs older and quite a bit bigger than him. He hit well and they acknowledged that and thanked him for working out with them. Home and watched so Olympics before heading to bed.

20220207 - 1st Bucket!

20220207 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel and I up and working from the living room this morning. I headed in to the office and settled in for the day. L&J home after half a day. L took Hazel in a big walk and I got a break later and took her on a short walk. L cooked a big dinner as J and JGF6 were to join us for dinner but that didn’t work… so L&I ate and then D and DGF13 stopped by and hung out. We chatted and made fun of people on the Bachelor. D ran and picked up G from baseball for us. When the show ended they heard out back and hung the first maple sap bucket! J home late. To bed in good time, did some reading.

20220206 + Anger Issues

20220206 + Up way to early for a weekend to head to a double header basketball game for G. G’s team lost to the worse team in the league the first game and then they played Trent’s team that had some boys with anger issues and it was a very physical game. One kid punched Andrew in the back of the head. G’s team won that game easy and we headed out in a hurry. Home and G changed quick and Hazel and I ran G to his baseball practice. We then headed back to The dog park where Hazel got to run and play for a long time. We ran past the post office and got some gas and then back to pick G up. Home and relaxed looking for cars for G on the internet for the afternoon and evening.

20220205 - Forced Labor

20220205 - Up late  in the am as I was up until 3:30 to finish modifying an app. I ran G to his pitching lesson and chatted with the coach while G did his thing. Home and L went out and checked on Doc. I called the neighbor lady as there was no tracks in or out of her house, she was snowed in. Somehow L got me out of the house and we hopped the fence and cleared enough of her drive so she can get out. She came out crying and hugged us tight. Home and I delivered a snack to the new neighbors. Boys home from sledding, got cleaned up and headed to Easton to hang out a bit. L&I got ourselves together and met the Mallonns at the Gahanna Grill for a nice dinner and chat. Home and we hung out and watched some shows.

20220204 - Snow Day 2

20220204 - Up and to the desk while everyone else got to sleep in. I got on with my day and L brought me lunch. G and Andrew finally got up, bundled and headed out sledding for the day. I finished up my day and came out of office. L&I hung out watching the opening ceremonies and I worked on an app for work most of the night.

20220203 + Sweater Model

20220203 + Up in the am and the weather wasn't as bad as predicted. Everything got closed last night so LJ&G didn't have school. I headed in to the office and got to work. J took off for JGF6's and L brought me lunch. It wasn't until late afternoon that the sleet turned into huge snow flakes and blanketed everything pretty quick. I finished up my day and headed out to shovel and throw the ball to Hazel while she sported her new sweater. G's buddy Andrew showed up to spend the night and he and G took off and got some sledding in. They got home about dark and had some dinner and we headed to the basement to watch the new Marvel Eternals.

20220202 - Dinners

20220202 - Up in the am and had a good day at work. I got my list done and was ready for the evening. L&I headed out so J could cook dinner for him and JGF6 for their 6mo anniversary… Land I went to O’Charleys for a nice dinner and then walked around the new Big Lots where Stiemmart used to be. L found lots of stuff and I found a sweater for Hazel. Home to a messy kitchen. Talked to GpaW about his cold weather prep and hope their power doesn’t go out and he asphyxiates them with his backup plan… :-o

20220201 - Warm Walk

20220201 - Up in the am and LJG at school. I got around and did some emails in the living room before heading in to be on some calls. After my calls Hazel and I took a walk in the balmy 46* weather. Home and finishing up the day. Out of the office and went out back through the muddy yard to get the tin buckets and throw the ball to Hazel a couple times. In to have dinner with L&G and watch some Shark Tank. L headed to the Dollar Store, G headed upstairs and got caught up on some things before G&I headed to hitting.

20220131 - Dorms

20220131 - Up in the am and got to the desk and getting things done. L home and took Hazel on a walk. A bit later I got to a stopping point and I took Hazel on a walk. In and finished the day and threw the ball a bit. In and ate. J eventually showed up and had a chat with L. I went to the bedroom and watched a show. JGF6 showed up and they looked at dorms at Kent. Up late watching a new series Snowpiercer.

20220130 - Free Throw

20220130 - Up in the am and L ran G to baseball practice. I got around and tried to start the white car, it was completely dead so got the charger on it. I did a couple things in the office and Hazel and I headed to pick up G. We stopped to get gas and then got G. We stopped a bunch of used car lots on the way home looking at cars and ended up at the dog park so Hazel could run with her buddies a bit. Home and the white car fired right up and only screamed for a couple minutes. L heated up some beef stew and we had a late lunch watching Buckeye basketball and then the start of the Bengals playoff game. We headed out with G to go to his basketball game in the stinky New Albany gym. The boys were playing another group of Gahanna boys they know that are a year older then them. They lost but had a lot of fun playing their friends. Home and L made some wings and snacks to have while we watched more football. J showed up late, after being gone since Friday afternoon and didn’t want to talk about where he was or why he didn’t come home all weekend… I attempted to have a conversation with him that didn’t go well… I came down and relaxed so the AFIB would stop…

20220129 + Stew

20220129 + Up way to early and printed off the baseball clinic online registrations. Hazel and I ran G up to the high school for the clinic and then swung through McD’s to get some bfast. Home and had bfast in bed with L. L up doing stuff, I fell back asleep for a bit. Back to the school to get G. We went to the bank and Kroger to get stew ingredients. Home and G tried some Mahi Mahi he heard people talking about, not his thing. I made a big old pot of beef stew. L headed out to pick up her grocery order. I tore the office apart to try another kvm configuration. G&I headed to Ohio Dominican for his pitching lesson. G did good pitching and we talked to the coach for a long time. Home and we had some yummy beef stew for dinner. I ran G to Trent's for the night. Home and watched a funny romcom with L. Got to bed in good time.

20220128 + Damn Ball

20220128 + Up late as the last time I looked at the clock last night was 5:09am… Got to the desk and started going down through my list. L home at lunch and took Hazel on a quick walk, too cold. I stayed at the desk all day and got done what I wanted to and next week organized. L ran G to D-bat to hit with the high school team. She brought G and Andrew home, Landon showed up and she dropped all three of them off for the basketball game. L home and her and I ran to a new Greek fast food place for dinner. It was ok, but not as good as our favorite Greek place. Home and watched some tv until I had to go pick the boys up and drop them off at their houses. Home and to bed watched some more tv.

20220127 - SPAM

20220127 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around to the desk and dove in. Got a bunch don’t in the am and then Havel and I took a long walk down to the drive thru and back. Home and made an awesome turkey spam and cheese sandwich with salami and pepperoni. Had a productive afternoon and got out out of the office a bit late and threw the ball to Hazel. In and L made bfast for dinner and we ate. J out to work out and then go to JGF6. L&I hung out and I watched some TV while I finished up some work. Up late watching Peacemaker and then Doom Patrol.

20220126 - Timer

20220126 - Up in the am and LJ&G in school. Hazel and I up and freezing, it is 8* today. At the desk and it is an email flush day. Hazel and I took a big walk and back to the desk all ready for tomorrow. Out of the office and threw the ball for a long time to Hazel  in for dinner. After dinner L&I joined a zoom call for the Vocal Music Boosters. If they had 100 people attend the music program would get $500. They were at 99 and I logged in on another pc as Hazel to hit 100 and it worked! A couple folks know Hazel and texted me to thank her for getting them to the $500 hahaha I headed to the school and picked G up from baseball. Home and jumped on an OHCrypto call with some guys to chat about crypto. To bed on the ox and watched some Doom Patrol.