20220720 - Up in the am and got J up so he could get to work. I got around and checked in with G before heading to a Worthington for the day. At the desk getting things done all day. G called, he can’t find his check card… finished up and headed home. Threw the ball to Hazel a bit and then headed to the garage to rip the Benz apart. J got home from work and he and JGF6 headed out thrifting and to pick up dinner. I had the entire dash of the Benz dismantled, glovebox on the garage floor, wires hanging everywhere. G got home from golfing with friends and headed upstairs. J&JGF6 back with Cane’s for dinner, just as I put the last screws back in and I now have CarPlay in the Benz! We ate on the porch and headed in. G cleaned out the dishwasher and I settled in to watch a movie for the night.