20140531 - Last Game in May

20140531 - Up for D's game in the am, I coached 3rd base, couple of stupid errors and they lost by 1 :-(  D had an awesome game, been catching every inning for last 4 games.  Home for a quick bite to eat then D&I back to ball fields and he umped a game as I scouted and read.  After that game I got the field ready for our game.  L took J&G to a neighbor's graduation party and then to G's game.  G had a really good game, D had to ump it and was very fair.  G pitched the last inning and had 3 up, 3 down. They won.  Home for a quick change and to the pool with a pizza to cool off.  Home and over to Jim & Vikki's for some food and conversation, it was their family for Ruth's memorial service.

20140530 + Guilty

20140530 + Up rode in with Gahanna juror to jury duty.  After hearing the final testimony and much deliberation, the defendant was found guilty.  Home for dinner and then to baseball at clippers with the Coles and Gma&paB in a suite.  G pitched 41mph!  Home all to bed.

20140529 - Last Day of School

20140529 - Up in to court, learned way too much about DNA today..  Last day of school for the boys, they were very emotional.  L went back for awards and walk out of 5th graders.  Home for a baseball games, D&G both won!  Home hung out and prepared for a busy Friday.

20140528 - Big Boy

20140528 - Up in to jury, stressful day, falling further and further behind at work.  Home to G's baseball game, we got run rulled :-(  Gma&paW down for game, J played music.  We all went to eat at big boy after the game.

20140527 + Yellow Tooth

20140527 + Up and to court for day, was selected for jury duty... Home for D's game. G to Zoo, D to ortho doesn't know how to brush his teeth...

20140526 - Day to Relax

20140526 - Up and to Newcomerstown for the holiday.  Played catch with G and everyone played bad mitten in the back yard and had a great time and a nice lunch.

20140525 + 1st Swim

20140525 + Up in the am and all to church. Home for lunch and then I went into the office to get things done, L&J to get groceries, D studied a bit before some of his friends came and try took of on a bike ride all over town, and G played with LEGO guys. Everyone back for a quick check in an then DGJ&I headed to the track where D ran a mile for a merit badge requirement.  After that we ran to the pool on the opening day to try it out and it was COLD!  But FUN!  Home for some dinner and then over to the Grossl's to help move some heavy stuf up from the basement and get their trampoline. My buddy Jeff is moving to Texas and it is breaking my heart. He's a great friend :-(  L&Boys out jumping into the dark. 

20140524 - Baseball Day

20140524 - Up and to the fields for the day.  The perfect day for baseball.

20140523 + Ethiopia

20140523 + Hat day at work with Tim.  Lori's stolen iPhone came online today and sent me an email alert, from Ethiopia...  Lunch with Kevin and Shalynn.  Meetings rest of day.  Home walked to Gahanna Grill for dinner.  On the walk home stopped to chat with my buddy bighead at the ballfield.  The boys and I got home got our supplies in the car and headed to the ballfield, G pitched 4 buckets of balls, Dylan hit and Jack practices play music and announcing the game :-)  Home exhausted.

20140522 - Field Day

20140522 - Up in the am and in to work.  Went into Richards office and had a one on one with him before he left, today being his last day.  I wanted some knowledge from his experience and could not believe this day rolled around so fast.  Had a couple of morning meetings and then my visitor arrived.  I gave the grand tour of the place and the people spoke up and proved just how good they are once more.  We had a nice farewell lunch for Richard and then more tour.  After the tour I drove my visitor to the airport, nice young guy, grew up on a dairy farm in Dublin Ireland, now wetting up repair location all over the world.  Sound familiar...  After dropping him off I headed home to tray and stay ahead of the wave.  The backyard was filled with kids.  They all came over after the field day they had back at the school.  L done with work for the year is now cleaning out the house.

20140521 - L&J

20140521 - Up and into work.  A full day at the office.  I thought I was having a customer visit so had lunch brought in...  He is visiting tomorrow so everyone got a free lunch off my mistake :-o  Home for a quick change and to G's baseball game.  G had another great game and we played despite it looking like it was going to storm.  After G's game i went to another field where D was umping.  The adults there said he was doing a great job.  Home and boys to bed.  Stayed up working a bit.

20140520 - It Won't Rain

20140520 - Up in the am and in towards OSU for another all day meeting.  Not as good as the first one but still got a lot done with the team, falling further behind on regular work...  I didn't go out with the team, I headed home and swung by the baseball field to watch D ump and scout the other teams.  D&I swung by John's to get the score-book for G's team and talk about travel baseball for G...  Home and spent some time with the little boys.  I stayed up way too late setting up stats for G's team and helping D with a final paper for school.

20140519 - 2 Games

20140519 - UP in the am and into work.  Normal too busy of a day.  Changed into my baseball gear and rushed home to get G for his baseball game.  G had another good game.  L&G took D to his game.  D had a great game tonight.  All met back home for a few minutes and then to Bible Bangers with Doc.  Up late trying to stay ahead.

20140518 - Missing Out

20140518 - Up in the am and soo frustrated with the mountain of crap building up on my desk I sent the family to church and stayed home and worked.  I got a ton of things done and was able to enjoy the afternoon catching for G's pitching practice and listening to J perfect his MC skills for up coming baseball games.  D and J eventually joined G&I and it was a fun afternoon in the backyard.

20140517 - Dancer

20140517 - UP in the am and it is a drizzly day for baseball.  D had his first game with his recreational league team the Phillies.  I took him early and warmed him up.  i raked the field and helped start off the game helping with the book.  I then had to teach a girl how to do the book and headed to G's first game of his season, Gma&paB down to watch.  This morning G was complaining about playing...  Then he gets on the field, turns a double play, makes an amazing leap to get an out on first , gets on base at each at-bat and closes the game pitching...  UNREAL...  Everyone back to our hose before they headed to Lena's dance recital.  I stayed at the fields and watched D ump his first game.  Home and L&J headed to the recital, G working with LEGOs, D playing xbox and then doing homework.  We all got cleaned up, had some ice cream and relaxed the rest of the evening.

20140516 - Eleven is #1 Twice

20140516 -Up in the am and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jack!  Eleven years ago today little J came into our world.  L made the boys some bfast and off to school and work we went.  Horribly busy day at work on the phone and the floor.  L calling all day going crazy trying to get the present we wanted to get for J :-o  Work over and home.  It was not long before J's friends started showing up and we had some hotdogs and the boys played in the yard.  Loaded the boys up and headed to the movie Spiderman.  It was a good movie from the front row...I don't recommend taking 8 preteen boys to a movie by yourself...  After the movie we headed home and LD&G had successfully found the gift; A portable karaoke machine.  Our arrival home saved D&G from L's testing of the karaoke machine and her singing...   The boys gave it a shot and had a blast.  Soon they were singing and playing in the basement, taking a short break to come up and sing happy birthday.  Back down they went to the basement and at 1:30am I am  updating this as they giggle and chat.

Happy Birthday Jack!
We love you buddy!

20140515 + Next Rank

20140515 + In to work discouraging busy day...  Home and ate with the fam, changed and went to the Pack Meeting where G&J both were awarded their ranks, G = Tiger Badge, now a Wolf, J his Webelos badge, now working on the Arrow of Light, the only badge that can transfer from his Cub Scout to Boy Scout uniform. Home, G building LEGOs to take to school tomorrow. I'm trying to keep up with the growing mountain of things to do...

20140514 - Big Musical

20140514 - UP and into work.  We had customer visitors and went through the usual show.  When they sat down for lunch i ran home to see J in a musical play at school, Gma&paB&W were there too, G came out of class to watch too.  J had a solo part and did a fantastic job!  Right after the play I ran out and back to work.  I finished the day and rushed home expecting a baseball game with G's team but it got cancelled due to wet fields and a storm rolling through.  Gma&paB were at the house and we all went to dinner, but G was feeling sick and the tornado sirens went off so we got our food in boxes and ran home to eat in the basement.  After dinner Gma&paB headed home and D&J worked on homework whil G&I watched a cute movie as I got things done on the pc.

20140513 + Big Class

20140513 + Up in the am and to work.  G got his class picture today.  Home ate and took D running and timed him for his merit badge.  Dropped boys off and to a Scouts Board of Review.

20140512 - Busy Monday

20140512 - UP to work, left early to hit the bank and then to the field to hand out refunds for the horrible 8th grade baseball season.  Bob thanked someone for taking pictures, not the other coaches... The boys signed a ball for G.  Home took Jack to Scouts and finished off the year with the webelos all ready for their badges.  Home and boys to bed, then to Bible Bangers with Doc.  Home and stayed up reading and finished Ishmael.

20140511 - Farm Fun

20140511 - Up to farm in car, maybe a bit too small for an hour...   Had a very nice lunch with Gma&paW, Mary & John.  We then all headed down to the South Yard to plant GmaW's butterfly bush behind the spring, G&I did some pitching practice. GpaW&D mowed the south yard, Gmaw, J&G played games, L took a walk I rested :-)  To Chinatown for a nice dinner and then a small space ride home.  Boys cleaned up, homework completed and inspected, all to bed.

20140510 - Family Double Header

20140510 - up and out with D to get his contacts and swing by the bank.  Onward to Delaware for a double header.  We swung through Mcds to get some food.  To the ball field and Aunt Nancy & Ken were there for the first game.  I had one speech for the kids that lasted only so long...  We got spanked!  L had arranged lunch, the picky people...  wtf is going on in our society???  GREECE ROME...  played the second game a bit better than the first.  GmaB came tot he game and L's cousin Tony.  Second game lost.  L&GmaB went to see GGmaK and DG&I headed home.  We stopped at the Village Bookstore and hung out for a bit before heading to pick up J up from a bday party.  We got J, dropped D&G off at home to get cleaned up and J&I got a couple videos and some food.  Home and ate and then played with the boys out back a bit.  In to watch a couple movies.

20140509 + Eye Exam

20140509 + Work, left early to get eye exam with D.  D&I ran to get L's mother;s day present at the outlet mall.  Home L&G there, J went to a friends overnight bday party.  D put L's grill together, G&I played catch.  In and boys cleaned up and off to bed.

20140508 - Boxer

20140508 - Up in the am and D to work with me.  He is pretty good at putting together boxes.  After work we went to his game and got a proper baseball ass woopin...  Home and watched TV.

20140507 - All Day...

20140507 - Up and to a conference room at OSU for the day with Eric, Dave, Mike & Tim. It was and all day meeting... We took a break and walked to the Varsity Club for lunch and got a picture of Woody Hayes, back to the room for more meetings and then dinner in the Short North. Home about 9pm to hear about the boy's days, D went to the dentist (no cavities :-) and had baseball practice with his rec team, J&G played outside. Put the boys to bed, talked to L, she got a new bank accout today and was in and out of the house 6 times running errands today. I stayed up a bit to do some work at the desk.

20140506 + 2 Strikes

20140506 + Up in the am and into work for a not so energetic day.  Out early for a baseball game in Reynoldsburg. We had the game in the bag and blew it once again...  Home and way too noisy... Exhausted and to bed early restless.

20140505 - Play On

20140505 - Up in to a Monday for sure.  Headed straight to the floor, things moving nice.  D had a Fitness fundraiser all day.  Raining but not enough to cancel the game.  L had more troubles with the bank.  Out of work a bit early to go to the game in Pickerington.  The boys played a really good game, but still lost :-(   Home and shipped an eBay sale. Got boys to bed,  Got Doc and headed to McD's for Bible Bangers.

20140504 - Porch Pals

20140504 - Up, tired, got to bed at 5:30am :-o  Had some bfast and then to church and a nice lunch with the Mallonn's afterwards.  Home and D mowing, J's buddy Conor over to play, L cleaning, I am trying to get caught up...  D&I to the baseball fields for some umpire training for him to make some cash this spring.  Home dropped off D and headed to a Cub Scout leader meeting.  Home, exhausted, to sleep.

20140503 - Two Teams

20140503 - Up and J&I to McDs and then to the VW dealer for the Passat's checkup. What was to be a 45-60 min check took 1.5 hours. L took D to get his picture with his Spring rec team, Phillies. Home, shaved J's neck and traded him for G. G&I to get his picture taken and them on to his practice. It was a good practice and G made some good plays. Home and ate quick, then D&I to the ball fields. D scrimmaged a bit with the Phillies, I helped get the field ready for an 8th grade game. Game on and we had a decent game. We won but had way too many errors...  LG&I home, L mowing, G playing his touch, I got cleaned up.  Headed out to pick up J&D, got J at his friend's bday party first, then on to the ball field to get D and then go to BWs.  One problem...  D was NOT THERE, neither was G that I sent to go get him.  They had vanished into the woods at the park...  Long story short we found them.  Furious I drove them home and sent them to their rooms...  J&I went out and got food for LJ&I.  Had dinner, talked with the D&G about what happened...  L&I watched a movie.  Up late working.

20140502 - Good Citizen

20140502 - Up and in to D's school to see him get his Citizenship Award.  If was a nice start to the day.  On to the grocery store to get snacks for the inventory team.  MSFT showed up and we did some audits.  We had a meeting and lunch and things looked good with the inventory.  I headed out early to get the field ready and it was muddy.  We got the field ready and we played ball, LJ&G were at the school carnival.  We played 6 innings and were down at the bottom of the 6th.  Was up and got a hit, next boy out, hit, walk, hit, hit, hit, game tied bases loaded.  hit, WIN!!!  We won our first game!  back to the car to be met by a flat tire...  Pumped it up and got home.  Had some dinner with the fam and then down to watch 'Benchwarmers'.

20140501 - Muy Meat

20140501 - Up early to grocery to get snack for inventory team at work and Tim Horton's to get coffee for them.  in to work, inventory goiong good.  MSFT showed up did the tours and ffull day of meetings.  Home for a quick stop, L and the boys at G's practice.  Out to dinner with folks from work to Texas de Brazil and had an AWESOME meal!  Home stuffed and to bed.