20221229 - up to work got couple things done. Had lunch with CB and Cory. Had another call and then headed home. Gma&paW down to deliver their Christmas gifts to us. J home and opened his gifts and left quick for some friend dinner he is cooking for. D and DGF13 over and G home. We passed out the presents and took turn opening all the nice things. L&G ran out and picked up some pizzas and we had a nice dinner. Gma&paW took off and L, D, DGF13 and I played a new game GmaW got me for Christmas, Argute, it’s pretty fun. Kids left and I got a call from my buddy Jim from high school, he had a heart attack and got 2 stents last night… we talked for awhile and then L&I watched some football. G took off for a friends for the night.