20141130 + November Ends

20141130 + Up in am, D left with Steph to go to Wooster for her family's Thanksgiving.  LJ&I to Church.  J went home with the Mallonns.  L&I went to Goodwill and got me some clothes and then had lunch at Panera.  Home and teaching L how to do bills.  Gma&paW brought G home. J and Conor to our house to play for a bit. Ha some dinner L ran Conor home little boys cleaned up and we all sat on the couch and watched Lassie Come Home. Little boys to bed, Pettit's over to watch Walking Dead, Beth died, what a horrible ending :-(  L ran and got D from his day on the road. Up watching Clark Griswald ring in the new year! :-)

20141129 + Double Diamond Party Lights

20141129 + Up in the am and LDJ&I headed to the Pettit's for a OSU Michigan game party.  It was a good time and OSU won!  Home after the game and we put lights out front.  Then D went to a party and J&I played some Titanfall while L made a wreath for the front door.  D back home and we ate and watched some more football.

20141128 - Cone Haed

20141128 - UP in the am and L&I out shopping.  Gma&paW did some things around the Farm and then headed to a movie.  We didn't get as much in years past because everything is cheaper online and we just held off.  But we did put a serious dent in our list.  We met up with the boys and Gma&paW at BWs for dinner and then headed back to the Farm to pack up.  On the road in good time and we left G there far a couple of days as an only child.

Home and car cleaned out, we all settled in.  DJ&I stayed up late playing Titanfall, J got me a gooser!  L&I stayed up and got almost the rest of our shopping done at Amazon.

20141127 - Thanks for a Great Day

20141127 - UP in the am and D&I out hunting with the guys.  I stepped on one and missed, thought I had the safety on, and had another fly right in front of me, pulled the trigger and nuttin....  I had an empty shell in the chamber... D thought this was hilarious.  Well with a shell in the gun te next bird to pass didn't stand a chance, BLAM got him!  D got one today too!  In all we got 6!  Back to the spring house to clean them and then up to the house to get cleaned up.

Down the Farm House for a Thanksgiving feast and to celebrate GmaW's bday.  It was a much smaller crowd this year, but the food and family were great.  Good conversations and no real melt downs by the boys.  We had a nice relaxing afternoon. playing games and talking with everyone.

We got the Farm House cleaned up and back up to the house for more food, conversation and a movie.

20141126 - Set them 'Free'

20141126 - UP in the am and getting things ready to roll.  L drove all of us up to the Farm.  We got there in good time and I set up to get some work done.  I got a ton of email done while D helped GpaW with some chores and the little boys played and hung out.  Roger and Mary soon showed up with a car full of pheasants.  We suited up and went out to help 'seed' the fields for the hunt tomorrow. D has it down pat, J is really good at it and doing it all on his own this year, G is still a bit frighted and just watches.  Mary dd it for the first time, and GmaW came out to watch for the first time.  We let 20 of the out.  Back in from the cold and we had a Chinese feast.  Up watching a movie and then to bed in pretty good time.

20141125 + Lots of Cars

20141125 + Took D to school and in to work.  Fast day at work.  Home and got ready to go the Farm tomorrow.  The Holiday traffic is already starting.

20141124 - Pocahontas

20141124 - Up in the am and L all dressed up for the annual Thanksgiving festival at school.  She's so cute :-)

20141123 + Rummy

20141123 + No church for me, still in recovery mode.  G&I played some cards.  Went and got wreaths with D and Steph.  no friends over tonight for Walking Dead, they are all afraid of becoming infected.

20141122 - Broke

20141122 - Fever broke in the middle of the night.  All up and feeling better.  L made us breakfast. L asked m what I would like our Christmas schedule to look like this year.  I answered.  Shouldn't have. ..

20141121 - Sick

20141121 - No work, D home from school, LJ&G back to normal schedule.  People stopping by to pick up supplies for campout tonight.  L&D ran and got dinner, watched some shows all to bed early.

20141120 - Sick Boys

20141120 - home sick again, LDJ&G home sick too except L taking care of all of us.

20141119 - Cakes

20141119 - Home from work, to scout store with D.  D got his phone fixed.  No idea what happened rest of day.  L decorated cakes with J&G.

20141118 - Sick G

20141118 - In to work feel like hit by bus.  G home from school sick, L with him.  Home to bed early.  L cooked cakes with J&G

20141117 + First Snow

20141117 + UP in the am and greeted by the pretty but cold layer of snow on everything.  G home sick.  L stayed with him.  I dropped D off at school on the way to work.  In for a cold long day at the office.  Home and ate quick, D struggling with homework.  DJ&I to Scouts.  I handed out advancement verification forms and then J&I ran to Kroger to meet his Den for a shopping expedition for our food for this weekends upcoming camp out.  The boys running all over the store was a hoot.  Back to the Scout meeting to pick up D and the forms.  Home, got Doc and to Bible Bangers.  Chris brought a Pastor he had met to the meeting and it was a really good meeting.  Home and to bed looking up hard drives for my dying PC.

20141116 - Patient?

20141116 - Up late, finished cleaning up the party.  All back to normal.  D&I ran and got gas in the black car and swung by the post office. Then we took the blue car to get gas, then we took the white car to get the electrical system checked out.  Home worked on Scout advancements, LJ&G to see 'Big Hero 6', D played on xbox and helped me with some plumbing.  All home, had some dinner and then watched some TV and played a board game.  G drew a picture of the character in the movie he saw and wrote a caption of how payshit he was.

20141115 - OSU Football Party

20141115 - Up and everything set up and ready for the party.  We got the decorations out, 'No Parking' signs removed, food cooking, TVs set up and on...  Folks started showing up and came and went all day long.  The food was plentiful and fantastic.  The conversations and connections flowed and everyone had a great time. The halftime piƱata was a stinker :-(  but the kids still got candy :-)  OSU did win, which is always a nice adder to the day.  It was colder than usual so D built a fire.  Total count, 93 people 3 dogs.  After the party we got it all cleaned up in record time, relaxed and watched football until late

20141114 - Funny Hats

20141114 - Hawaiian Shirt Day at work.  Customer here, good fast visit.  Meetings until left at 3:30.  Home and prepped the garage until 6:30.  Dinner at Massey's with fam anf then ran to get final groceries.  Home finished up some stuff in garage.  Played Titanfall with D until midnight.

20141113 - No Family Today

20141113 - Customer here all day.  Tom took G to Scouts.  Out to dinner with Customer

20141112 + Pit

20141112 + D to school, work, very frustrating SLOW progress day.  Went for drinks with some folks after work for a farewell party for one of them.  Home and talked to L for 3 min, she had a conference with the Spanish teacher today...  Went to the church and picked up J and his buddy Conor.  We dropped Conor off and picked up a fire pit his family has to use at our party this weekend.  Home and working on PC backup and Scout advancements.  Played a couple rounds of Titanfall.

20141111 - Letters Vets & Songs

20141111 - headed to bed at 5am after sending out my annual 'Happy November 11th!' emails. This year there were 44. It is a very emotional night for me every year and this year was no exception.  I got a couple hours of sleep before running D to school with a stop at the post office to ship some sales. Home and walked J&G to school. Home for a cup of coffee as L left for work. I got a little more rest then ready for the rest of the day. My computer is now displaying the message "Hard disk failure imminent", NICE!  Started backup procedures...  Gma&paB showed up and Nicole and Lena for lunch, L joined us. Then we headed back to the school for a Veteran's Day assembly where J introduced himself G and GpaB. All home and hung out until little boys for home. Then D arrived. L gave Lilly a bath while the boys did homework. We had a nice dinner and then headed back to the school for G's open house where I got to see his room and then a Turkey Day Song program. It was great. Home quick and off to a Board of Review for Scouts. Home and L&D working on a big poster for science class. I worked on the PC a bit more, still backing up the 170GB of stuff I don't want to loose. To bed in good time.  A relaxing, fulfilling day. I am glad God have me these 15 extra years!

20141110 - Ranting Security

20141110 - Up in the am to a quite morning, the boys are at the farm and the house has an overwhelming silence.  Drove in to work, no D to drop off at school.  Got to work and had non-stop meetings and tasks preparing for the customer visit in a couple of days.  I did get some surprise ranting texts in the middle of the day from D.  Apparently pieces of glass are falling off his iphone screen from yet another broken screen; believe this is his 4th screen...  He wants a better phone and better case...  I reminded him I have an old iPhone 4s that has the original screen on it no matter what kind of case it has had around it... Was a work a bit late and had to drive home in the dark.  I HATE THIS ending the day with it dark outside...  Home and had some food with L and soon the troops showed up with spoiled grins and arm loads of stuff they don't need from Gma&paW...  D&J ate quick and got changed for Scouts and we headed out.  We had good Scout meetings and headed home.  Boys to bed and I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers for a night of ranting and venting that helped us all.  Home and at the computer from 11 to 5am.

20141109 ++ Blue Hair

20141109 ++ Up in the morning and the whole fam to church.  It was a good message and a good to see a lot of folks.  We got out of there and headed home.  I finished up some mortgage paperwork as L drove us to Polaris where we met Gma&paW for lunch.  We had a nice lunch and transferred ownership of the boys to them for the next 24 or so hours.  We headed home and swung by the theater to see 'St. Vincent'.  It was an odd movie, and evidently the hand out for old people after church..  We headed home and relaxed a bit, getting things done that 3 fighting children often prevent you from having the time to do...  In the evening we headed to church for a parent meeting to see what the youth group was up to and it was a very good meeting.  We went to Panera for dinner and then home in time for the guys to come over and watch The Walking Dead.  Then to bed ready for another crazy week. 

20141008 - Big Screen

20141108 - Up in the am and DJ&I went out running some errands, Post office, a couple of banks, stopped in to see my friend Bill at his bank.  D&J deposited $ at the next bank, I got a hair cut and then we stopped at Home Depot for some plumbing supplies and went looking for parts for the mini-fridge in the basement.  No luck on the part, plus I was informed these thermostats for the little fridges ar about $60, almost the cost of a new fridge.  We grabbed a Little Ceaser's pizza to eat on the road and stopped at a handful of places looking for mini fridges on the way home.  We found an open box fridge that was only $100 so snagged it and J rode with it in the back on the way home.  Fridge installed and we helped L get the yards ready for the party next weekend.  In and cleaned up we headed to a football party at a friend's house.  They had a very nice fire pit and a projector showing the Buckeye game vs Michigan State.  It was a close and exciting game.  We left at halftime and dropped D's girlfriend and her friend off at another girls house.  home and watched the rest of the game.  I think I fell asleep on the couch :-)

20141107 - Just the Boys.

20141107 - Up and dropped D off at school on  the way into work.  Had a nice lunch break with Jared and Kevin.  Finished up the day and home.  L went to a candle party at one of her girlfriends.  DJG&I went to Panda Express for dinner where G used his best manners to eat...  Then home to play some Xbox football and take turns on Titanfall.  It was  a fun relaxing evening.

20141106 + Excess Energy

20141106 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work.  It was a long fast day and I got home after dark for a quick bite.  I picked up G and we headed to Scouts where the boys got to do athletic games in the hall: standing long jump that they made way harder than it should have been., and a dash down the long hall.  After Scouts we headed home and got the boys off to bed.  I stayed up and played Titanfall.

20141105 - Running and Relaxing

20141105 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on my way to work.  Busy day at the office.  Home for dinner and J headed out with the Mallonns for a church event.  L out running errands. DG&I in the basement taking turns playing Titanfall

20141104 - Voting and Skipping

20141104 - Up took D to school and in to work, customer in all day. Left a few early to go vote. Home and Doc came over to take a family picture for some assignment G is doing, J got mentioned 2 times on the school announcements today, cleaning up the list and found table and sticking up for a kid on the playground :-) All to Red Robin for a nice dinner, G was skipping in the parking lot on the way to the car. To Dick's to find a baseball thing for D, they didn't have it, G threw a fit because we wouldn't buy him $60 shoes... To get gas, some dumba$ just sat in his car in front of the diesel pump... then some guy with his pants halfway down his arse used 8 different cards in front of us to get his gas. What is going on? Home I ran shipments to the post office, boys cleaned up am to bed. L&I watched The Neighbors, it was hilarious. Up late playing Titan Fall.

20141103 - Good Boy and Games

20111103 - Up took D to school and into work for a busy day of meetings and prep for tomorrow's visit. I got a text from L today the D has an 84% in Spanish!!! Yippie!!!! Home and had dinner with the fam. The DJ&I headed to Scouts. J lead the Boy Scout Troop in the Scout Law and then my Web2s headed out on our own to play games we all brought to share with each other. It was a lot of fun. Home and dropped boys off, got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers. It was a good meeting. Home and played Titan Fall.

20141102 - Confirmed

20141102 - Up in am L&D to church early to be presented to the church as a confirmand. JG&I headed to the 9:30 service and met them and Gma&paB&W for D to be presented to the church again. L&D stayed for the 11 for one more presentation to the church and then met the rest of us at BWs for lunch (Dylan's pick). We had a nice lunch and celebrated D's confirmation. After lunch J&I went and got supplies for the upcoming football party. Home and D headed to a youth group event while LJG&I watched 'Heaven is for Real', great movie. All home and little boys to bed. D&I stayed up to watch The Walking Dead. Then a bit of Titan Fall. Proud of Dylan Today!

20141101 + G Helping

20141101 + Up and L&J out and about. I got some stuff done in the office whole D&G played. A friend stopped over for some help with a rental property and to chat. D headed to a soccer game with the girl. G&I got some things done around the house in prep for the Football Party, the projector set up. J off to a birthday party. I picked him up and we got food and groceries for the party. Home and watched the buckeye game. Grateful for the extra hour of sleep tonight!