20140228 + The Bobs

20140228 + Up and into work.  Rushed home to get to more tryouts.  After the tryouts we came back to our house to pick the team.  I was overruled on a decision I felt very strongly against it.  The team was picked, I was up late pissed on many levels...  Here we go.

20140227 - Nothing is Good

20140227 - Up in the am and in to work.  Home and did NOTHING.  Hung out with the fam.  What a welcome break :-)

20140226 - Taxes and Tryout Help

20140226 - Up and in late to work.  Full busy day.  Left early to get taxes done.  Looks like we will get at least something back :-)  Stopped by my buddy's candy store for a quick check in.  Home to eat fast and get D.  D&I to 7th grade baseball tryouts.  They had 32 kids show up.  Home and fell asleep on the couch = couldn't sleep later.  Up and finished all but one extra task I got from the accountant to complete our taxes.

20140225 - G's 1st Cut

20140225 - Up in to work, full day.  Home ate fast, G used the bandsaw by himself to cut out his pinewood derby car!  Jack did most of his all on his own too!  The house filled up quick and garage full of boys cutting out and working on cars.  Last scouts didn't leave until 9:15pm.  Got boys to bed, sat and watched a show with L, then at the desk preparing for taxes until 5am...

20140224 - Trying Out

20140224 - Up and into work.  I had to rush home and ate with fam, L took J&G to J's basketball practice.  D&I to baseball tryouts, D did great, only 11 kids showed up...  Should be an interesting year...  Home, exhausted fell asleep on couch.

20140223 - Busy Sunday

20140223 - Up in the am and all to church.  A buddy and I took the kids to lunch then I headed to his house to work on his printers.  Got those working and then headed home to get the garage ready for the scouts coming over this week.  All cleaned up and ready and over to the Mallon's for dinner and nerf war.  Home for Walking Dead, baseball tryoout prep and ebay shipping.

20140222 - 2, 4, 40

20140222 - Up in the am and Gma&paB here for a day of basketball.  We loaded up and went to G's game where we got a good show and G tore up the court.  Home and DJ&I hung out while everyone else went out and got a pair of shoes for GpaB & G and some cool socks.  We all met up for a nice burp filled lunch at Max & Erma's and then back to the house to watch some TV while L & GmaB headed out to do Girly things.  All back together and to J's basketball game.  J ran all over and is doing good with his skills.  After the game L & GmaB went to get us some dinner, a 40 pack of the original high octane sliders from White Castle.  After our digestive systems were sent into shock we bravely headed back out into public, expecting explosions at every pump, to see D's basketball game.  D got 4 points and 6 fouls in a very aggressive game.  We said goodbye to Gma&paB and then hung out for the next games and chatted with the Grossls.  home with 3 tired grumpy boys, cleaned them up and sent them to bed.

20140221 + 3 Scouts

20140221 + Up tired and late in to work.  Good calls and had lunch with Tim.  Home for a quick change and then we all loaded up and headed to the Blue and Gold Banquet for Scouts.  It was a good meeting and they had a guy there that flipped pancakes onto your plate.  Look at our 3 handsome Scouts.  We helped clean up and then home for some movies.

20140220 - Baseball Already?

20140220 - Up and in to work.  LONG day, worked a bit late.  D to ortho today, teeth moving nicely.  D brought his grades up so he got his electronics back.  Home ate and L took D to basketball practice.  Bob and Bob over for a surprise coaches meeting for the 8th grade baseball team.  J designed his pinewood car.  I stayed up late watching Olympics with D.  Then up working and watched 3 more movies.

20140219 - Drinks

20140219 - Up in the am and in to work.  G had Owen over, J had piano lessons then basketball practice, D had ski club.  I stayed after work and had a drink with friends from work.  Home and ate, LJG&I hung out and then I put boys to bed.  Ran and got D from ski club.

20140218 + Sap Slippin

20140218 + Up in the morning and the boys and I headed out to put out our sap buckets.  We got 2 hung and then headed to Mad River for some tubing.  It was a lot of fun and it was sunny and warmish.  We went down the hill in long chains and racing and had a really good time.  We picked up some wings on the way home and ate them while watching one of our favorites 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox'.  L&I stayed up and watched 'Warm Bodies' the zombie movie.

20140217 - Bobsledding

20140217 - Up and in to work for a full day.  Home and watched 'Cool Runnings' with boys.  G showed me his cup stacking he worked on all day and it fell :-(  He rebuilt it bigger the second time and I got this in motion shot of its collapse.  G collapsed shortly after.  Back down and watched a dance show and then caught the real Olympic bobsledding, USA got 2nd.  Up late, cleaned off desk, shipped ebay stuff, bed in time for good rest.  I'm going to need it, we are going tubing. tomorrow...

20140216 - Trouble Right Here in Gahanna City

20140216 - In the am and to church.  Home quick, dropped off the boys and then ran L to the High School to get some good seats at the musical.   Gma&paW down to go to the play with us.  D stayed home 'studying'...   Everyone else to the 'Music Man'.  J's little friend Meridith was in this play too. It was fantastically done play and the Gahanna High School Band came in at the end.  We ran past the house and got D, and all went to dinner at O' Charley's. Home and the Pettit's over to watch Walking Dead.  All to bed.

20140215 - Frozen Bloody Butt in the Air

20140215 - Up and D I suppose is frozen from spending the night outside, its good for him.  Another Saturday full of basketball.  It started off with G's game,  G got popped in the mouth and some of the mothers that were there ran to his rescue, I took pictures...  Home and Lilly ran out and rolled around in snow for a bit.  Out to J's game, he did really good, but lost.  After the game we had some friends over for pizza and to watch the new TV.  D showed up for pizza and to thaw out.  Glad he is home.

20140214 -Rabbit Ears

20140214 - Up in the am and worked from home for a change.  The guys showed up early to install the new TV.  IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!  Day over and we took D to the church to meet the Scouts for night of col weather camping.  LJG&I went to Rotelli for a pizza dinner, it was fun.  Quick trip to the video store and had to stop by a buddies house and send Lori in to check on his 2 year old's finger that he cut bad while trying to cut an orange all by himself  :-o  Nurse L got him all fixed up.  Home to watch the Olympics and then a movie on the BIG Screen.  Up late cleaning out the DVD collection, wires etc.

20140213 - Slam Dunk

20140213 - Up in the am and took the boys to school.  In to work and straight out to the floor for a couple hours of catch up with the teams.  Up to the front office and stuck there the rest of the day.  L had a valentines day party in her room at school and then headed to G's room to put on a party for his class.  Headed home and grabbed a quick bite to eat.  D packing for for his cold weather camp out this weekend and J playing video games.  G&I loaded up, went and got some gas, dropped off a shipment and then headed to Bishop Hartley for a Girls basketball game with his Cub Scout Den.  There was another Scout there, one from J's Den, that showed us around the athletic training room, his dad is the athletic trainer. 

We watched the game and it was a lot of fun.  On the way home G&I stopped at Tim Horton's for a doughnut and hot cocoa.  Home and all boys to bed.

20140212 + No Keys

20140212 + Up in the am, dropped the little boys off at school on the way I work. L took D to the Dr for a check-up.  I had a busy good day of meetings. I got a text from L, she had J at his first piano lesson!    I headed home and took a call the entire way. I got home and asked J what he learned to play. He said he didn't even touch the keys. He learned about notes.  I thought they would teach him Three Blind Mice or something...  BORING!!! Had dinner and then played some cards and had ice cream with the little boys, then got them to bed. Gma&paW called, they are freezing too. I ran to pick up D and drop off a video. Home to watch some of the Olympics. 

20140211 - Take Over

20140211 - Up in the am for too cold of a morning at school, but they have used all their snow days...  I dropped the boys off at school on the way to work. In for a long day of meetings at the plant. I stopped by the auction house on the way home and they told me they are moving :-(  Home with my treasures and found G in my office on my computer. We had dinner and then G&I played some cards. I ran out to go to a Scout Board of Review that no one except another adult showed up for...  Home and more cards with G while we watched some of the Olympics.

20140210 + Perfect Square

20140210 + Up, L&G home with G's fever, boys off to school, I headed to the BMV to get plates for the VW. On to work and at the desk for a day of email and calls. L took G to the Dr and he has a cold virus now... He got measured and weighed while he was there and he is 48 1/5 inches tall and 48 1/2 pounds, a perfect square. Headed home and had dinner with D&G, L took J to his basketball practice. I got an eBay shipment made an then headed to Scouts. D had to give a talk about winter camping and I had a parent give our den lesson. L dropped off J and picked up G. J&I finished up our Den meeting and went up to meet with the Boy Scputs. All home, dropped of the boys and picked up Doc. Off to Bible Bangers and got doughnut holes for the boys bfast.

20140209 - SOLD!

20140209 - Up in the am and everyone ready for church, but only DJ&I went as G has a fever again :-o  After church we stopped by the video store to return stuff, then home and got a couple of things done.  Then DJ&I headed out for some errands, post office to ship stuff, library to return books, gas station 1, gas station 2, Meijer to get pyrex dishes for L, Home Depot to get new burners and pans for L's stove top, Costco to look at the TV I want, Toys R US to return J's pogo stick and wander around forever looking for something that we didn't know we were looking for, Best Tuy to look at the TV I want.  Then we got stuck...  The Manager of Best Buy adnd the Samsung Rep cornered me and said 'What do we need to do to earn your business?'.  They went off and had a pow-wow and then came back with a proposal.  I called Lori, and a couple buddies to review the deal and presto = we are getting a new TV installed on Valentines day!  Happy about the TV, as the projector is dying rapidly :-)  Don't like the out of pocket expense :-(    We swung by Buffalo Wings to pick up dinner and then home to drop off D&J, and I headed to a Scout Adult Leader meeting.  Home after the meeting and a couple buddies stopped over to watched the Walking Dead, it was GREAT!  All to bed, exhausetd from a day of negotiations.

20140208 - Four Ls

20140208 - Up late, I missed G's game in the am, they lost.  All home and I sat in the office and got a bunch of things done.  Everyone out to J's basketball game.  J played a really good game, but they lost.  After the game J was crying and showed us his finger, it was swolen and black and blue.  We got him home, his fingers taped up and some ice on them.  I got a couple more things done int he office and then D&I headed to his game.  D's team and D played really hard and it was a great game.  We even had the lead at one point but in the end coupldn't pull it off with against the giants on the other team that got every rebound.  Home and D played his game some more and then he came up after everyone else had gone to bed and watched a movie with me while I posted more things on Amazon and OhioOrigins.

20140207 - LEGO Love

20140207 - Up in the am and in to another cold day of work.  Headed straight out to the floor and had a good time.  Met the family at the movie theater and they ate in the car.  D went on to do some girly things, JG&I met Penn & Conor to see the LEGO Movie, D snuck into a movie with some of his friends.  The LEGO movie was GREAT!!!  LOVED IT!!!!  After the movie we stopped by Baskin Robbins for a treat and then home.  L& little boys to bed, D&I up watching a movie.

20140206 - Telegraph

20140206 - Up and L into work, I had deliver J&G to school.  On to work for another fun day.  Home and ate with the Fam.  Then loaded G up and to his Scout Den Meeting, where they played the telegraph game, quite funny.  L took D to basketball practice.  All back home together and watched the Olympic opening ceremony.

20140205 - 10.5 with a Layer of Ice

20140205 - Up in the am and we are all home snowed in.  The boys don't have school, neither does L. There was so much snow it took the big boys forever to shovel us out. The roads were covered in ice and I had no business going into work, but the first night in weeks that I did not bring my computer home and presto, the perfect opportunity to work from home...  I took the big white car and made it to work just in time for lunch; they ordered pizzas for the 40% of people that made it in. Finished out the day, grabbed my PC and headed home. Got home and we hung out, had dinner and watched American Idol. Everyone to bed and I stayed up till 2 watching movies and cleaning out some if my 400+ emails...

20149204 + Thinkers

20140404 + Up in the am and into work. Had a very busy day, had corp IT out to think an discuss how we rebuild the system. D went to the Dr and got a shot.  I went to dinner with the team after work. Headed home and the weather was turning bad.  Home and hung out with fam. To bed in good time.

20130203 - Contagious

20130203 - Up slow in the am and in to work. At the desk ALL DAY doing email and a couple ad-hoc assignments. Got a text from L today that the Drs office called and G's test for strep was positive! :-o and he went to school and infected all his classmates today. BRILLIANT!!! Home, L&J at his basketball practice, I got a couple quick things on the PC and then ate while D&G played on their iDevices. Got changed, D&G ready and then in to Scouts.  L dropped J off and picked up G. The meeting was good, another parent led it :-)  After the meeting J&I dropped his buddy Conor off at home and then swung by the church to pick D up from his Scout meeting.  Home for a min and updated the Middle School Baseball flyer. Got Doc and headed to Tim Horton's for a quick Bible Bangers meeting. One of the guy's dad is really sick (pancreatic cancer). He was down with him in Florida over the weekend and things are dwindling... Home, Jack in my bed, I think he is afraid of getting sick from G :-s

20140202 - Out and Touchdowns

20140202 - UP and L&G to the clinic, no strep for G :-)  D&I to church and gathered J.  Home for some leftovers lunch, homework and valentine making.  G took a nap and L&J stayed around and hung out.  D&I out to post office, get haircuts, bank, check on TVs, get L some damn lamps, home for the super bowl.  L made up a nice spread of stuff to munch on and G, feeling better, brought everything down from the playroom to keep himself occupied during the game.  We watched the game, loved the commercials and halftime show.

20140201 - Hoopday

20140201 - Up late, L took J to his pictures and game, D took pics for ebay, I worked on PC. My buddy Jeff called with some bad news.  D made us lunch, L&J home, I Dropped D off for baseball practice.  L stayed home with G, J&I picked up D and took him to his basketball for team pics and J took off with his buddy Conor. Talked to Dave a bit about online stores and gave him his sucker tree and Jewish history book. Gma&paW joined me to watch D's game and it waaz a good one!!!! D is becoming quite the aggressive player and fun to watch. Home and we all had some dinner and nice chats. Watched the rest of 'Tears of the Sun' with D and then up late watching movies and feverish G sleepwalking.