090331 -

090331 - Boys knew what they wanted, to get L for her bday,  wraped etc, am idol, dance, testing, in order till 3am

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090330 -

090330 - up supporting lee @reynosa for training, LDJ&G to friend Stephs for day 1 of spring break

090329 - Lori's project

090329 - Here is the garland that I made at my "girl's craft night." It turned out really cute, the pics aren't too good though. Grant loves his 'Dusty' garland over his bed, it made him smile :-) There were 5 girls there and I had a great time tying, chatting about our kids, and exchanging ideas about decorating and where to find the best bargains :-)
This is posted by "mamma" which is the new name that my baby has been calling me. Matt is desperately trying to get me involved in this blog....we'll see how it goes.

090329 - Choke

090329 - Dylan Acolyte, farm plan, dad choke, home, austraila, l on blog

090328 - Work & Reward

090328 - CLND OUT SHED, larson toy store, baja fresh dinner, up watching movies

090327 - Good Grade!

090327 - Well today was a normal day full of too much to do and getting things done, but not necessarily what needs to be done. Dealing with this customer is about all I can stand. I worked from sun up until i could hear the family about half way through dinner... But I did go out and the note on my outlook 'D - End of grading period' had me nervous... So out I went to get some grub and see how D in school. Well good news even though it was the end of the grading period grade cards did not come out today. However the grade for the 'Biome Project' was. I looked through it and was amazed at how good D actually did. He got an A+ and told us it was the highest grade in his class!!! Above is a pic of the display he made and used in his speech. He choose the tundra to focus on and he spent lots of time on this. But I had NO IDEA of the work he had put into this overall project at school. So tonight to share my amazement I have taken a bit of time to scan in his book 'Biome Book' to share (below).

The rest of the day, both before and after were quite lame, so enough of that. Other than Jack's soccer practice, L going to a friends to make some awful looking thing she plans to hang in the house and getting to watch a movie with D&J.
090326 - UP another day full of P, awful stress crap!!! LJ&G out to Marlene's to play. D home with a MOUND of homework to do that it seems he didn't have time for in school this quarter (TALKING/SOCIALIZING...). This did not make L happy but I rescued him and pulled him into the office and he sat next to me for 2 hours and finished it ALL! We had dinner and then an expedition to the toy store. Everyone used their allowance/potty money to get something EXCEPT D... He was not quite happy about it. But there wanted a specific toy that we could not find in 3 different stores. But we are trying to teach him to save for the thing he wants and not the little thing he can afford NOW! Hard lesson for a little boy... Home, boys to bed, watched Grey's Anatomy w/ L, then worked till 2am...
090325 - Up on the ph straight way, then L was calling me out for dinner... I took D&J to Karate, then Meijer and bought a bunch of ice cream, syrups and beer! Home, boys to bed, working till 3am....

090324 + Guts!

090324 + Up sat @ the desk all day... Rushed out to drop D off @ a friends & J to Karate. Ran around post w/ G, made some calls, picked up some pizzas. Picked D up after karate and had our pizza at home. Today was the sale of GmaH's farm land; Mom called and said it went very well, better than expected. After dinner we ran out and went around the bike path and played a bit. J is doing really good on his bike and D had a HUGE crash. He got his side scraped up and some girls laughed at him. He was mad at them and want to kick them in the head for being so mean, it hurt! We got the boys in, cleaned up, the pic is of G trying to take his shirt off without raising his arms to expose his ribs, because daddy always gets his guts! Back down stairs for some coloring and watched the Obama-nation speech and then got them to bed. L&I watched some of that ridiculous Dancing with the starts show... then I started to update this blog that I have neglected for nearly a month... Sorry readers, been too busy. But now we are all caught up and I will try to keep up!

090323 - Riddin

090323 - First work day back at home office, getting things in order. Had dinner w/ the fam and the we split up: L&D karate, JG&I to J's soccer practice. We initiated D tonight: we found a rocking horse along the road and D jumped out and got it. We took it home, fixed it up and Grant was off to the races...

090322 - Outside

090322 - up, L to church, GJ&I hung out. had to work about 4 hours... trimmed the grape arbor, Dylan home for lunch. We all took a bike ride, Jack getting better and better and Grant keeping up with his scooter. Worked more in the yard, trimmed pear trees and rasberries, kickball game. We all pilled in the car for Dylan's 1st baseball prictice then out to eat. Home got everyone cleaned up and ready for bed, called Doc got him and his truck. We picked up jeff and some furniture for the Retton rehab. Home, up late, catching up.

090321 - Back into it

090321 - Up exhausetd. J is riding his bike again, getting use to pedaling and balance. I had to work a couple hours and then on and off. Took a break for lunch and hit the McDonalds where it was just warm enough to play on the playset. Grant made a new friend, he never liked clowns before... Dylan to a friends for the night and I worked for 6 hours after eveyone to bed...

090320 - Week of exhaustion...

090320 - Up, packed, nice bfast and then to C w/ P for the last day of this testing... it went by pretty fast. Andre and I jumped in a cab and headed to the airport. We were there early and customs was empty so I made it through fast. I got to an early flight and they got me on! YIPEE, 4 hours of my life back!!! and NO Chicago flight!!! Flying home over Lake Erie I got to see Jacobs field, the Cavs and the Browns stadium. I watched out the window until I could see home! That horse shoe shaped landmark I don't mind flying over! I landed and started calling, but no one answered... I grabbed a cab and made my way home, meeting everyone there. Grant saw me getting out of the cab and thought I was brought home by the police and had LOTS to say about it... J was at soccer practice with the fam and Gma&paW. Everyone had a snack and played. I helped L get the boys to bed and then worked a couple hours before bed. Lilly looks like I feel...
090319 - Up bfst w/ Andre. In to C w/ P, there all day & night... Andre and I went to the Dr. for him. It was a bit of an experience... As we were in Canada we were subject to the Canadian Medical/Socialist Medicine... We were taken to a walk in clinic where we were surrounded by people that were next to or already dead... Our escort walked in and right past all of the people waiting, past the counter and down the hall... Andre and I waited and then our guide was back, saying 'follow me, follow me...' We walked out suddenly and down a hall and to a door held open by a trash can... we entered and were suddenly in a storage area for the clinic. in a few minutes a nurse came in and got us and took us straight away to a room... I went with Andre to help translate, good thing... The Dr. came in and checked his throat, ears, lungs and started writing a prescription. This happened all very quickly, I mean 3 minutes or less... I slowed things down a bit, asked the Dr. if Andre would be fit to fly tomorrow. The Dr. looked at Andre, asked him if he had insurance (Andre said 'yes') and the Dr said 'yeah you'll be fine'. HUH? what does Andre having insurance have to do with his ability to fly and his head not explode? Oh well, we got the prescription and headed back into work... D went to his pack meeting with Jeff and Cole. almost through this week...

090318 - J did not have school today, but parent teacher conferences. L reports that it was all good! More P @ C from me... rough day for the P project manger... Andre sick but in. Howdy called me to give me the scoop on his baseball tryouts; he did great! Jack is taking his juice, Grant is being bad, L is holding up ok.

090317 - Up met Andre for bfast. Then into the big C all day. Worked all day w/ P, Andre headed out @ 6pm to get some rest. Dinner w/ Andre, exhausted...

090316 - Up met Glenn & Elizabeth, into the big C. worked all day a bit stressful, especially with out Andre, he stayed in the room still sick... but I felt like such crap that I didn't really notice. Had a near brush w/ death: Glenn choked. He told a joke, took a drink of water, thinking about his joke he started laughing and then choking... I mean he started shaking, turning purple, foaming at the mouth and nearly fell out of his chair. Jeremy and Elizabeth gave him the Heimlich until he spit it up and started breathing.... This was very scary... After things settled down and the fright was gone we lightened it up a bit. Saying that if he had died it would have been ruled a suicide, it was his own joke after all... After work we headed to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner. Back to the hotel, called L and then met Andre in the lounge to give him an update. To the room and out like a light...

090315 - Up and completely exhausted. LD&J to church, G and I vegged out. Boys home and I am trying to watch them and get ready for this trip. L out shopping to prepare for the long week ahead. DJG&I shot bb gun out back, played some kick ball. JG&I dropped of D at a friends b-day party and G didn't want to leave his big brother there. Home and more kick ball, dinner, kickball, then to the sick L and the boys took me to the airport to head for Toronto. I don't remember the take off and was woken up by the landing... To the hotel and dropped off some medicine to Andre who has been sick for several days. And GREAT, now my stomach is doing flip flops....

090314 - RACING DAY!!!

090314 - UP and off to the races with the whole family! The Pinewood derby was this morning and this year Dylan got 3rd place in his den! (in the above pic he is watching his car come in first place in this heat) As the years have passed we have learned tricks and technology to help out. I am sure that next year will be even better, and by the time Grant is a scout the Winger Clan will be unbeatable :-P

Home and we hung out and played caroms and outside. Then after a bit we headed out to show Lori the Retton rehab. She was VERY impressed with the house and the changes made. Drove around a bit checking out the neighborhood. Ended up at Max & Ermas for dinner. Home for a bit more carom and got the troops to bed, then up till 5am working and getting things in line for a week away...

090313 - Sick & busy

090313 - Jock still not feeling well so he stayed home. Now L is sick... I tried to take care of them all, certainly not built for it... Took D&G to the Pinewood Derby practice. His car did pretty good. Now home to work most of the night and put the finishing touches on the car.

090312 - Jack turn to be pukin... Took D&G to scouts tonight just to get out of the germs...

090311 - Dylan finished his project on the Arctic Tundra. He took it to school and gave his speech. His teacher told the class that they should use his model and presentation as their example. He was so proud (so are we ;-D).

090309 - Kickball

090309 - Work my 8hrs, then ran to the tax accountant for that misery... I now have the assignement to find all the documentation I couldn't befor ethe meeting... hmmm not sure how I'm going to do that... Home and played kickball with the gang (Grant hung out for a while...).

Had a quick dinner and took D&J to karate. Home and D worked on his school project making a powerpoint presentation on the pc. Jack and I read books and he helped me in the office.

After we got the gang to bed I headed out for coffee at Tim Horton's with the Bible Banger. Then Jeff, Dan & I ran out to check out the Retton rehab project. I got home late but stayed up and agganged hotels and flights for the upcoming trip.

090308 - All over the place

090308 - LD&J to church. G up late so I got him bfast. D&I out for lunch, errands and a bike ride. LJG to Ethan's bday in Delaware. All back together out to mcds w/ playset 4 dinner. Did taxes until 3:30am

090307 - Sap

090307 + DJ&I up EARLY to go help make some maple syrup. We stopped by the farm for a pit stop and then headed over to Dulce's to lend a hand. We started off good by helping eat some breakfast of pancake and sausages, and then the boys vanished with some other kids to get muddy and play. We stuck around carrying firewood and chatting until it was time to gather the sap. We all headed out into the woods and got the buckets off the trees. J didn't like it much, he fell down in the mud and got poked in the eye... After the gathering we headed back to the shack where I ran into an old friend Jen McMillen (now Smith). We chatted quickly as the boys were very tired and ready to go. So we gathered our stuff and headed back to the farm where we went to Mom's restaurant for some mid day food with Gma&paW. Nice drive home, Jack fell over asleep not long after hitting the road...
Got home and Lilly was back from the vet and pretty subdued... LDJ&G headed out for a bday party while I stayed with Lilly, got cleaned up and finished cleaning my office. After everyone got home we rested a bit and L&I stayed up just talking. Nice fun long day!

090306 - Lilly

090306 - Lilly to the Vet today to get fixed... Jack went to school and then to the zoo with some friends. L & G to park and cleaing up garage and outside. I worked all day... Took the fam to dinner at their favorit place Cici's. Home got everyone to bed and moved data to work PC till 2am...

090305 + My boy

090305 - D feeling fine today, so after work took him to Scouts and picked up his friend Cole. After Scouts D&I went to one of the rentals to drop some stuff off. We had the munchies so we stopped at Burger King and had our 4th meal of the day... We had a great conversation and he is so funny and a nice little guy. After our meal we walked to the gas station to buy junk food and candy. It was really nice to sit and be with him, just talking about whatever. I really like him and what he is becoming. Home up setting up new work pc until 4am.

090302 - L was up all night with D pukin. I worked all day and had to take a break and take a walk w/ lilly... D spent all day in bed. Dinner with the non-sic and then JG&I, played caroms. I took J to karate, Kroger for dog food and beer, then home, boys to bed, and Lori had me watch some of the bachelor (UGH). Went into my office and worked till 2:30am.

090301 + Everyone up and had a farm breakfast and down to the barn. Gma&paW took them to the toy store while Grant took a nap (more friggin toys...) We hung out had some lunch and then took the boys up to see Aunt Weezer. The boys were wild, not too much more than usual and we had a nice chat with Louise.