20220614 - Up in the am and to the desk. L ran G to the orthodontist to check how his moth is doing without the braces. I had a way busier day than I had planned and nothing from my stack done. People without power all over the state. Gma&paW had a tree take out power and fall across the bridge blocking the road. L&I kinda bored headed out to see a movie. We got to our normal place and it was dark, no power. We headed to Easton and none of the lights were working... people don't know how to drive... We got to the theater and they had power so we got our tickets for the new Jurassic Park, after some complications and went in and sat down. The theater was about 150 degrees inside and I said to L I can't sit in here and watch a movie. We went back out to the service desk and asked if they had AC working in any of the theaters, they did for Top Gun so we went to see that. We thought it was a great movie! heading out to the car after the movie, Easton was black across the road, like the apocalypse had hit, so strange. We made it home and we still had power.