20200630 - Baseball Brothers

20200630 - Up in the am and started itching from the mystery spots. Hanging out on calls in the office until time to head to the Dr. L up early and took walk with Lilly, D home from friends. Had calls right up to the time I left for the Dr. Dr. said the bumps looked like folliculitis and it should go away, but come back if it gets worse... That was helpful... Home and L reported that J face-timed her and was having a great time in Myrtle Beach. Roger Wright stopped by the house on his daily walk. Back to the desk to finish the day. D&G headed to the ball field and L&I shortly after. I showed my spots to Terrill the team Dr. and he said that's no folliculitis, looks like bug bite, but not sure... G went 1 for 2 on the night getting a nice single to center and then stole the other 3 bases to score, hit by pitch and a ground out. We were playing a team from Plain City and both Landon and Colton hit huge home runs. The game was over in 5 innings and we headed home. The McClains and Tom & Landon stopped by for some pizza and beers. Hung out and chatted a bit. Everyone left in good time and off to bed.

20200629 - Decorative Door

20200629 - Up in the am and have a strange rash on my legs and torso... Called and made a Dr. appointment for tomorrow. L doesn't have it so no idea what is going on. D headed out to work and DGF10 headed home. I got on the PC and started working. Had a busy day and got a lot done. After work L&I headed over to the Varney's for a nice dinner and great conversation. They are amazing people and we love spending time with them. Home late, D at a friends for the night and G slept in the basement.

20200628 - Four Amigos

20200628 + Up in the am and D at work, L watering plants. I got in a text string about my disappointment in the short notice game... helped G set up the pitching machine and he hit those then wanted to go to Dbat so we went there, got him some batting gloves and he hit a bit. Home and G changed and LG&I headed to the baseball field. The boys played the Columbus Cobras, a team we should never lose to, and the boys played well, but every hit they got was right to someone or was fielded well and we got beat. Home and the McClains, Tom and Landon and Terrill and Andrew came over for a bit to have some pizza and beers on the back porch. D and DGF10 were here. We played some cornhole and just relaxed. Everyone left and we cleaned up and watched soem TV with D and DGF10. J swung by the house with his friends and we got him some cash, told him to be careful and hugged him goodbye as he heads out to Myrtle Beach with his friends. To bed in good time. J called he dropped his phone... So J back home, I got an old phone out and charged up and switched the SIM card and got service set up. Back to bed.

20200627 + Sloppy L

20200627 + Up late and D at work and L doing yard stuff. Rained really hard for a short time and I thought it might be fun to get a cabin in Hocking Hills but L was worried it was going to ran the rest of the day.  J up and headed out for national skateboard day with his friends. Penn stopped by for a chat and the McClains called said they were going to Coach’s so L&I walked up to join them for a bit. D home from work and Bill went him some $ to take food to his kids. We had a good time. Home and checked out D’s desk he’s got all set up. Watched a bit of TV and to bed not too late. 

20200626 - Bad Game

20200626 - Up and in to the office. Had a very busy day and got a lot done. D worked today and J worked all night. G had a baseball game. They won but G had a bad game. Gma&paW came down and came back to the house for dinner. GpaW&I ran to get Chinese. We had a good meal, D ate with us too. L&I settles in and watched Fire Saga a funny Will Ferrel movie before heading to bed.

20200625 + Practice and a Party

20200625 + Up early and the call I got up early for got pushed back to 2pm... L took Lilly for a walk and J took off for a run. Worked solid all am, D left for DGF10's, L&G went to an orthodontist appointment for an estimate. Ended the day and L went to dinner with her girlfriends and J ran G to practice and dropped him off. I hung out and relaxed a bit. J home and I took his car to get G and go to Flanagan's for Landon's bday party. We hung out a little and chatted with folks. Home and called it a night.

20200624 - Big Desk

20200624 - up in the man and on an hour call to start my day, then straight in to the mayhem. D at work and L up walking Lilly and then got G up and they did some mowing. I had another full day. J eventually showed up for 30 seconds to take a shower and head to work, G had a buddy over and they headed out on their bikes. I finished my day and helped L hang a shade on the back porch before she cooked us some dinner. I ate fast and then had one lady show up for a Booster meeting on the back porch and one dial in to zoom. Had a good meeting with them. D home with a bunch of supplies to build a desk. G&I spent the rest of the evening helping D build his desk, It was fun. Headed to bed with the laptop and up doing Booster stuff till 3am.

20200623 - Punched Out

20200623 - Up in the am and on my PC. L&J to the dentist for J to get his teeth cleaned and later took G back to get a took sealed. L&DGF10 up and out on the town for a lot of the day and then they worked on D's desk. I had an unexpectedly busy day and wrapped things up just as we walked out the door for G's baseball game. We played a team from Shelby and those boys were big. We had some trouble finding the second base peg so we just jammed it in the ground... D and a friend of his umped the game. It was a pretty good game and G made some outstanding defensive plays but his bat was completely dead. Didn't help that D struck him out looking (it was a strike), so it made for an interesting evening... The boys won and after the game we packed up and headed home. Had some discussions with a frustrated G about his batting.

20200622 - Team Work

20200622 - Up in the am and D off to work and L&G to the dentist. I did email in the living room and then headed in to the office to get the week rolling. I don't know what happened to the day but it seemed like it was over before it started... Finished the day and ran G to baseball practice. home and D had me run to Lowe's to pick up pallets they were giving away for free. Home and G and DGF10 were her. Hung out on the back porch, helped D with his pallet project and completely missed Bible Bangers. Not up late but didn't sleep well.

20200621 + Skimming Along

20200621 + Up in the am and D&J off to work. G and Trent in for bfast and then L ran Trent home. G got ready and LG&I headed up to the Farm. We had a nice lunch with Gma&paW and then we headed to Mifflin Lake. G&I got in kayaks and headed out. We paddled way out to the middle of the lake, it was fun and we think we should get some kayaks. We headed back to the Farm where we cooled down and helped get the TV set up so they could watch Amazon Prime stuff. GmaW & G took Trixy for a walk and then we headed home. It was a nice visit and good to see them and be up at the Farm. Home and J home from work, L prepared some dinner and we all ate outside. D home from work and ate in the basement as we all watched Artimus Fowl together. D&J got me Father's Day cards on their own this year and they were really funny. J headed over to Larson's to spend the night and then run in the morning. D&G headed up to there electronics and L&I exhausted crashed.

20200620 + 1 Good Game

20200620 + Up in the am and D didn't have to work but was going to DGF10's, J had to work so we made sure he was up and LG&I headed back to Dayton for a game. It was a long drive and it was blazing hot when we got there. We hung around chatted with some parents we knew and then got down to playing baseball. The boys played great and hit the ball today. We run ruled a team that later in the week would find out won the Championship, we could have won the whole thing... After the game we headed home, swung through Wendy's on the way, J took our order and he was BUSY as we pulled up to get our food. Home and D was just getting up... We ate and cooled down a bit. D headed to DGF10's, G headed out on his bike to meet up with Owen and Trent and L&I headed to Flanagan's for a beer with Tom and the McClain's. We headed home where we found G on the roof of the back porch making some video... Owen had to go home to eat so G and Trent made big plans to spend the night int he shed. L&I headed over to the Mallon's to check out the pergola project Penn will need some help with. We sat and chatted a bit and then headed home to relax a bit before heading to bed.

20200619 - Working Game

20200619 - Up in the am and had some bfast with L, D already at work and J headed out to run. I had an escalation right out of the gate... Got that settled and dove in to my other stuff. G's new bat arrived, L&I put it in his bag and he didn't notice until he was packing up to leave, he now has a permanent smile :-)  L got the car packed up and she started driving us to Dayton. I got the hotspot fired up on the phone and we were off. I worked during the drive over. G's 1st game was at 2 and it was NOT good, but it was against a really good team. We lost... We had a couple hour break so we went to Setters a sand volleyball bar close to the fields and hung out in AC until it was time for game 2. Back to he field and had to wait forever to play. Game 2 started with a home run but that was all she wrote. The boys played good D but the bats would not hit today and we took loss #2 for the day. Tom had a pretty stern chat with the boys after the game and one of the players quit. We hung out and chatted for a bit and then headed home hot and tired. Home, cleaned up and to bed.

20200618 + Work Lunch

20200618 + Up in the am and J out running and L getting things ready for a busy day. L got G up and they went to get a quote on braces. I did some emails and then headed to Worthington where I met a couple of guys from the office for lunch and then headed in to the office to get a couple of things done and pick up a laptop for L. LDG & DGF10 headed to G's baseball game in Dayton, D helped with warm up and in the dugout. The laptop didn't work out so I headed home, listening to G's game. G's game sounded like a mess and  folks texting me confirmed it was the worst we've played so far this year. Home and J out with friends making a huge slip and slide. I got some things done as I waited for everyone to get home. Everyone home and told about the horrible game. Watched a movie with L and headed to bed in good time.

20200617 - Small White Dog

20200617 - Up in the am, L took Lilly for a walk and then headed down to Sue's, D at work, J running and G sleeping. I had an unexpected escalation today that chewed up 2/3 of my day. J home from running and then to Wendy's to work, G had Brady come over and they went bike riding, L headed out to meet Nicole at Jo-Ann Fabric, D home from work. I got the escalation handled and then hit the back porch to finish out the day. I cooked some steaks out on the grill. G and Brady home, we all ate and then LDG Brady & I headed to the McClain's to help them move furniture back after their hardwood floor refinishing. We hung out and chatted a bit and then headed home. I got the speaker out and played it a bit while D&G played some whiffle ball. In and watched some TV before heading to bed.

20200616 - TRIPLE

20200616 - Up in the am and got started. Everyone else had the day off so it was a quiet house all morning. I was on the phone all day and had my head in the screen all day up to the minute we left for G's game. L took Lilly, D went and helped with batting practice and even J showed up for a little bit. The boys played well, G got a TRIPLE and made some good plays at short, even got a chance to pitch. The game lasted way too long as we just kept playing to get the rust off the boys. Home and had some leftovers and stayed up until 3am working on the 5G app.

20200615 - New Game

20200615 - Up in the am and J at XC conditioning, L walking Lilly and I got on email. Went up and woke D&G up and then in to the office to get things cleaned up from last week and weekend. All caught up and ready to organize this week and make more progress. Didn't make much progress as somehow the day was over. DGF10 was here and J&I took D&her on in a new hybrid version of corn-hole & frisbee bottle game. It was pretty fun. After G&I smoked'em I headed to Bible Bangers. It was GREAT to see the guys! We all had to get our food through the drive through and then we sat on the patio out front of the restaurant.

20200614 + Lots of Fam & Friends

20200614 + Up in the am and J off to work and LG&I headed to G's 1st game of the day. We played the same team we played on Friday and run ruled them in 4 innings. The boys played great and it was fun to watch. We ran in to Jim Long and his family at the fields and chatted with them a bit. G went with the McClains to the Aker's house to eat and hang out and L&I ran back to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins. We got our stuff, stopped by and got some munchies and head to the Aker's house which is a lovely log cabin in Obetz. We snacked and chatted and the boys hung out and messed around. Back to the ball field and ran in to the Kauffmans we play on Ohio Elite with and caught up with them a bit. Gma&paB showed up and the boys took the field. It was a great battle of a game! 3 up, 3 down, back and forth to the very last strike with one of our boys on base to tie it up but we just missed it. We packed up and headed home. LG&I got Arby's and ate. J at a friend's swimming and D home from work. L&I relaxing from a busy weekend watching some TV.

20200613 ‡ Elusive Bat

20200613 ‡ Up in the am and did a couple things around the house. D&J to work and G&I headed to DBat looking for a drop 8 bat, nothing there. So we headed to Dick’s at Easton, no drop 8s... to Reynoldsburg Play it Again Sports, no drop 8s. We swung through Wendy’s for a snack and picked up an auction win while we were there. We then checked out the Play it Again in Westerville, no drop 8s. Dick’s Polaris, no drop 8s...  they had a nice wood bat, but Tom & Bill said NO! So we headed him and G is ok with using Brady’s bat for the short season. Home and just hung out the rest of the day watching movies with L. Oh and I ordered G the mother all bats, DeMarini CF Zen 30/22 -8, direct from the manufacturer, it will be here Thursday :-)

20200612 - 3 RBI Double!

20200612 - Up early and we headed South of Columbus for a tournament game. G asked L&I on the way down, "Who got MY cleats'. Well they are your cleats, didn't you get them??? So we turned around and went home to get his cleats... We got the the game late and started. It was a good game back and forth and then G up to bat with bases loaded 2 outs hits the leather off the ball crushing a 3 RBI double! Where did this come from? I forced him to use Brady's bat and maybe that was the secret sauce?  Those 3 runs sealed the deal on the game and we won. Home and jumped on the PC and spent the rest of the day working until 6pm. In the evening Tom, Landon, ad the McClains came over for a cookout. DGF10 showed up too. D got beat at whiffle ball and was being a butt, but we had a blast hanging out and chatting on the porch like old times. Folks didn't stay too late and we got things cleaned up and headed to bed in good time, not sure if we play ball tomorrow or not.

20200611 - Lonie Bday

20200611 - Up in the am and at the desk. Had a busy day and 1 really fun meeting. Today was Lonie's bday and last year I paid anyone that got a selfie taken with Lonie $1. But because of all the social distancing we weren't together so I arranged a zoom meeting, got everyone on the call and then pinged Lonie asking for his help. Lonie joined, everyone yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, sang to him and then hung out and chatted for about 30 min. it was a great surprise for Lonie and we all enjoyed it. Finished up the day after the meeting and headed to a baseball tournament for G. It was a good game but the umpire called the game early, I got in an argument with them and then the other team had the score wrong!  what a shit show! We won and headed home. I hung out on the back porch and Tom stopped over for a beer.

20200610 + Stormy Cleanup

20200610 + Up in the am and it is pretty crappy looking day out with sever thunderstorm warnings all day. L ran G to baseball practice and Andy & Eric stopped over for Boosters on back porch. We worked on the Articles of Incorporation to clean things up for the coming year. 

20200609 - #spoiledrotten

20200609 - Up and L picking up groceries and D headed to work. I got tot he desk and started the day. Started a flow and then spent the day putting out fires. We heard the sound of a mower and looked out. The dad bought his son, our neighbor, a brand new riding mower, because I wouldn’t let him use our old beat up rider and he didn’t want to push mow his yard #spoiledrotten. L ran J to get some running shoes, G hitting balls off a t and then in the shed. D home from work and I moved to the back porch with a beer to finally get my flow finishes by 6! DGF10 showed up and D went with her out to eat. L&I hung out on the back porch, what a wonderful night!

20200608 + Painter

20200608 + Up in the am and did some email. L took Lilly on a walk, gave her a trim and then helped G mow the front yard. D at work early today and J in bed until 1. I spent the day at the desk. J up and painted the gate, G to the shed for a bit. D home and took G to baseball practice and stayed to help. LJ&I had dinner and then Bill & Tom stopped by after practice for a beer. Hung out on the back porch for a bit and then headed in and watched some TV with L. G in for a snack and we all headed to bed.

20200607 - Lettered

20200607 - Up and had some bfast with LD&DGF10. L ran J to work and D & DGF10 got ready and headed up to the Farm to deliver D’s old car to GpaW. L worked on a couple little projects, G headed to the shed and I replaced the lamppost bulb and helped L get her bike running and then we took a short bike ride around the block. Back home and G was heading out with his friends on his bike. L&I headed to an auction in Carroll OH but it was slim-pickins by the time we got there so we headed to a different auction. We got there and there was plenty of stuff left and we loaded up the car with treasures. I LOVE going to auctions! Home and G had his friends here, he had made food for all of them on the back porch. They helped unload the car and then I got busy listing the things we had purchased. D&DGF10 home eventually and they hung our with L&I on the back porch and told us about the trip, they had fun, watched TV and then played some of the frisbee game. L ran and got J from work and then took him out to a friends house for a bit. Penn stopped over for a beer and a chat and then he ran and brought J home. We headed in and finished the night.

20200606 - Daddy-Ball

20200606 - Up in the am and spread big stuff around the house and trimmed the pricked bush while L pulled poison ivy. Ran to the grocery to get a gift card for the family of the Scout who’s father passed away last week, so incredibly sad. Stopped at the auto store and got some power steering fluid for D’s old car and the cashier was a lady that had rented from me and completely DESTROYED the house before I was able to get her evicted.  The same house D had the ladder slide out from under him. I said hi, how you doing, nice to see you... home and hung out on the back porch doing a bit of work and catching up on all my community service (Booster & Scouts) e-mail. 4:30 rolled around and G&I headed to his baseball game. G did ok and they won. Pretty frustrating to see the ‘daddy-ball’ happening and affecting G (repeat of D’s baseball experience...) We chatted about it on the way home and I’m not sure how to navigate this...  Home and G headed to the shed. Tom called and I told him how G&I were feeling about the game. Hung out on the back porch chatting with LD&DGF10. In and G&I watched ‘Memento’, great movie! Headed to bed and split D and DGF10 up for the night. 

0200605 + Not Much

0200605 + Up in the am and did email in the living room. D already at work and L cleaning things. J&G up and I headed in to the office to get the day rolling. Had some Booster things come in and paid bills for the next 2 weeks. Gto some work done and headed out of the office. Pretty quiet evening hanging out and them J texted L and told he they asked him to work until 1am. G&I watched a movie. J’s phone had been completely offline for a while so G&I made a late night run through Wendy’s on our was to the gas station, no J... home and waited for J to pop in at 1am. He got off at 10 and vanished for 3 hours... the rest of the night did not go well...

20200604 - Forgetful

20200604 - Up in the am and L over to Newcomerstown with Nicole to visit GmaB, D's work was cancelled due to the rain, J home and we talked about Scouts a bit, D ran out and picked G up from the McClain's. I was on the PC all morning and D&G did some work on the shed before the rain hit and J got called in to work. D headed to DGF10's, G fell asleep and Lilly was by my side in the office through the thunder storms while I tried to get caught up on things. Fished my day a bit early as I had to go out to the kitchen to assist G making spaghetti and meatballs...  G&I sat down and ate his dinner together, it was pretty good! After dinner G took a shower, I cleaned up the kitchen and we started watching a movie. I then got a text asking if G was coming to practice... So I ran G out to baseball practice. Home and talked to Bob & Tina at the corner for a bit and then home to get 2 things done and run back out and get G. Home and J home and GJ&I watched Spider-man Homecoming, it was really good. L home and D home late.

20200603 + Trim

20200603 + Up in the am and had to work from the laptop today as email wasn't working on my big PC. D headed in to Home Depot and J worked all day, G in the shed. D&J home from work. J cleaned up and then headed to a buddy's for the night and he took G to the McClain's for the night. L&I had some leftovers and then L cut my hair. We had a movie on but L was on her phone and I was doing stuff for work until we gave up and headed to bed.

20200602 - First 2020 Game

20200602 - Up way too early and D&I headed in to the Worthington office. I showed him around and he took off with the field survey crew. L went in to school and got her contract for next year. I worked in the office and D came back around 1pm, they were done for the day. I finished up and headed home to be greeted by one of the neighbors 4 pitbulls standing on our front porch... In and did a bit more work before LG&I headed to Marysville for G's first official baseball game of the year. They boys did good at first, but we put a pitcher they could hit and the rust from not playing since last October showed up and they got beat bad. We got some food on the way home. Home and exhausted, J&G spent the night in the shed.

20200601 - New Car for D!

20200601 - Up in the am and D already at work. I got myself around and jumped right on calls. Made a couple calls in between actions to make sure the car D likes is ready to go seal the deal when he gets off work. D ran home and I got to a stopping point and we ran up to the dealership. It didn't take long and D signed all the papers and got himself a really nice 2015 Chevy Equinox with only 35k miles!  We headed home, he took his mom for a short ride and then headed to DGF10's for the evening. So very happy for him and fell much better that he is in a nice safe roadworthy vehicle. I finished the day and then came out for dinner with L and we hung out the rest of the night.