100131 + No time for L

100131 + Up and LD&J to church so D could acolyte and then L doing Sunday school. G&I on our own. We made some cinnamon sugar toast and tried to dub some videos but the transfer from camcorder to DVD didn't go quite right.. Then G&I packed up and headed out to get things done: we returned the camcorder, delivered some cash from Dave to Jim, Blockbuster, a sit down lunch at Wendy's, Dropped off some borrowed religious DVDs to Joe, got gas, stopped by Jeff's and helped take down some big Christmas decorations and talk business, finnaly back home!
Grant went down for a nap and J&I played the Wii. D joined us and we have fun taking turns playing Rayman's Raving Rabbits 2. Then D and I headed into the hobby room and worked on one of his Cheistmas models for a while. G got up and we all had some dinner. Then G&D took a bath and J a shower. We all headed into the playroom to watch 'The Horse in a Gray Flannel Suit'. All boys to bed!

Back downstairs for a quick snack and cup of coffee into the office and a couple hours of work. L poked her head in and said 'you didn't spend anytime with me today' :-( So now trying to finish up before she falls asleep...

100130 - Friends Basketball Dancing

100130 - Everyone up, L&G headed to Dleware with Nicole, Sam & Lena so GmaB could see Lena. DJ&I out on errands: regitered J for spring soccer, a Geocache, beer & chips @ Meijer, Chinese Lunch for D&I, Subway for J, drop off a movie @ Blockbuster, quick freezing rinse for the car, home for lunch & to get the beer in the fridge.
We had our lunch and were loading the scooters into the car as our freezing method of transportation after we would drop it off for an oil change @ Tuffy, when Dave, Katie & Jake Loughman showed up! They followed us to Tuffy and gave us a wa ride home.
The kids played and played and Dave & I had coffee, beer and awesome relaxing conversation. L&G home and more play and conversation.
The Loughmans headed home and our boys got dressed to go watch D's basketball game. D got his team pictures taken and then in to play. Gma&paW came down to see the game and D got the first basket of the game. It was a good game and D is getting better each game. After the game a bunch of the families went to Signatures for a late dinner, a band and dancing.

Home, all boys to bed & I stayed up watching a movie and a bit of work...
Today was a great day!

100129 - Night Out x 2

100129 - up and full day of stress and motion at work, all over the place, but progress. The big boys had pictur day at school today. After work L took off for a Girl's night out & I headed out for a boys night put with JG&Grumpy(D). We went first to Home Depot where we got some treads for the basement steps and G took a ride back out to the car.

We then had dinner at Long John's, with minimal chaos... Home and D&j vegd out in front of the TV as G&I built a tent in the living room and did puzzles. G tired and to bed first. J fell asleep on the couch shortly after and D&I stayed up watching a History Channel special on machine guns until Midnight.

100128 - Shoes Treasure Mountian

100128 - Up got a good breakfast and off to our meeting. We had a good meeting with the folks at Nike and more to follow.

I then forced Harald to take me geocahing. We found the treasure and then headed to the airport. We got a bite to eat waiting for the flight and Harald told me stories from his family in Germany during WWII.

Got on board the flight and got a terrific view of Mt Hood on the way to Chicago. Made it home just before midnight.
First time in Oregon = success!

100127 - 18 to 1

100127 - Up and saw the boys off to school. Then a quick morning of touching base and then off to the airport. Flew to Portland today through ORD without event. Talked to my buddy Dave in route and several others.

When I got to Portland I met up with Harald and we found our hotel. After checking in we inquired with the Bell-hop on a good place to eat: he recomended Adenas and said it was a topless resturant... After traveling all day I didn't feel like going to a topless resturant, I wanted something quick and quiet. Seeing the disapointment in Harald's face I conceeded and off we went. We got there and to my dismay not a topless person in sight, but rather a topas resturant... We had a mix of very tasty and delicious dishes and some great conversation.

Not being far from the hotel we decided to walk back from dinner. In route we passed a book store, 'Powell's City of Books' to be more specific

This place is HUGE: I'm talking 1 city block and 5 stories high. Well I had to go in there! We strolled in and explored for a bit, ending up in the religious section, where I found a couple good books. Then back to the hotel and ready for tomorrow customer visit.
This trip is 18 hours of travel, for a 1 hour meeting...

100126 - Good Pace

100126 - Up and saw the boys off to school. Grant has a fever... Doing Phase 2 related stuff all day. Howdy went with me and played his DS while I got a hair cut. A good dinner at the table with the 3 blabbers. Down to the basement for some Wii fun, then showers and bed. L and I watching tv, on our laptops, surfing and writing test scripts.

100125 - All directions

100125 - Up, boys off to school, chained to desk phase 2 stuff, too many calls, too many new projects poppin up, FRAZLED. I did make it to the kitchen for dinner, Grant didn't eat at dimmer time... L took D and a couple of the neighbor boys to basketball practice tonight while I got to stay home w/ J&G. We built a HUGE dinosaur army and got them all lined up, had Mary Poppins playing on the TV so we had something to sing along with, and dumped all the transformers out and played with them. L didn't like the mess much when she got home :-0 Cleaned up the mess, all boys to bed.
I then picked up Doc and we headed to McD's to meet the Bible Bangers. It was a pretty good meeting, but tonight I got more out of talking to Doc on the way there and back.
Grant up in the middle of the night burning up, got him medicated. Not much sleep time left...

100124 & 23 - Constant Motion

100124 - Up and LD&J to church. G&I hung out for a bit then ran to the grocery and got ingredient for lunch. Back home and we whipped up a gormet meal and G set the table too. Everyone home for a sit down meal.
After lunch D&I worked on his wooden model airplane, J&I built his model Rocket and G got in the way. In between all this I managed to burn about 9 VHS tapes to DVDs. It was fun for the boys to see all these old videos of our wedding and other places we visited and lived before being tied down by rug rats. Gma&paW stopped over, we had a Nerf dart war, showed GmaW her upgraded laptop and email on Google Apps. Jack had a melt down and L stayed home w/ him while the rest of us went to Noodle Co for dinner. Back to base and all calm. Had some dessert, Gma&paW headed home and the boys headed to bed.

100123 - Up and L&J went to basketball so J could get his picture w/ his team. J couldn't play because of the hernia operation but he did stay and cheer on his friends. DG&I worked on a model airplane.
L&J home for lunch and then to the basement for some wii, homework and legos. Then everyone out to D's basketball game. They had a good game and D is doing really well: he likes to run and run and guard people. They won and we headed out with the Grossl's for dinner @ Red Robbin. It was a pretty crazy loud event to say the least... A quick stop at BlockBuster and then home for showers and a movie. I was beat and missed most of the movie... All boys to bed (me too)

100122 + Corresion

100122 + Grade Cards came home today and both D&J did really well.  So we went out to dinner at the new Olive garden we have hear in town.  It was horribly busy but the food was REALLY good!
Then a stop at HobbyLand where D&J found something they liked that they could buy with their grade card $.  Well this turned into a disaster as D coersed J to buy something he really didn't want...  which made J cry because he just spent his $ on something he didn't want...  D was very ugly about the whole event so went to bed as soon as we got home...

100121 - Full day for me.  Dinner and then D went to basketball practice.  I got some time to play with J&G before D got back home and we had to run to scouts where he got some badges and other kids got to throw pies at the leaders.  Then D& I went to Best Buy and got memory for L&GmaW's computers.  Home and we installed the new memory chips, D thought that was really cool.

100120 - Brave Boy

100120 - Up and got some work done. Then LJ&I headed in to Children's hospital to get J's Hernia fixed. J was a good patient and did very well with all the pre-op Dr visits and questions. L&I walked him to the OR and gave him a kiss and he bravely went in without a peep.
L&I went to the waiting room and hung out less than an hour before the Dr. came in and reported 'all done. Everything went fine'. We went to his recovery room and he was doing good. He has a bit of pain and wanted something to drink, his DS :-)

Got home to a full house and got J settled in.  Gma&paB took off for a long dark drive home after I am sure was a loud long day.  D&I went to pick up J's prescription and then i sat up with J until 4, when Lori took over.  He is still doing well and his stomach has some pain, which 'really hurts', but he only says something if he is asked...

100119 - Shrinking

100119 - Up and on the phone all am w/ my main man in NL. We have A LOT to do, but we've done it before. Have couple RFPs to work on so time lines are shrinking suddenly and rapidly: HERE COMES 2010!!!!

No school again today...

After work we went to dinner at Max & Erma's for Jack's favorite meal: tortilla soap, corn dog (dipped in tortilla soup) topped off with pickles and ice cream! YUM :-S We are all together and having Jack's favorite meal as Jack has his hernia operation tomorrow and he won't be able to eat all day. Gma&paB, Nicole, Rich, samr & Lenr went along with us.
Home and D&I went to a baseball training exercise class. Then back for some time on the wii w/ J. Stayed up talking w/ Gma&paB. Now getting things ready to take to the hospital to read.

100118 - Taekwondo STRESS

100118 - Up and a full day of work, on top but moving slow... D&J did not have school today so it was a LOUD house! L took all 3 boys to a movie. After work I took all 3 boys to karate. G was up first and it went well until he had to go on the floor... Then his inner deamon surfaced... Thank God for Katie: she took us in a private room and got him loosened up a bit. We made it to the mat to bow out, but that didn't go so good either... Now it is Jack's turn, then D, then home to meet with the Bible Bangers...

100117 + House work and play

100117 + Up and L to teach Sunday School.  G&I hung out at home and did some chores; washing dishes, peeing our pants (I wont say who to protect the innocent), vacuuming, tried to build a model.  L home and we headed up to the Farm.

At the Farm LDJG & GmaW went to see 'Beauty and the Beast' at the Mansfield OSU branch.  GpaW, Louise and I sat around and chatted about religion, families and how screwed up both in general are ;-)  Dad and I then worked on computers to keep them running a couple more months.  Everyone back together and we got some KFC for dinner.  Long foggy drive home.

100116 - Full Speed

100116 - J's first Basketball Game was today.  He did great!  D went bowling with the Scouts.  Later I took J to his buddy Kellen's birthday party only to find out that Kellen's father is Obie Stillwell, a guy I went to school with (small world...).  When I picked Jack up Buffy, Stillwell, her husband James and their older brother were there.  It was like a class reunion!
D had a basketball game tonight as well and now we are all exhausetd...

100115 - Lori called me from Meijer today, she almost fainted again...  It has been nearly 2 years since this has happened...  Tried to get her to go to the Dr. straight away, but she resisted and ended up going later in the evening...  Too late for any descent blood analysis...

100114 - D - Scouts = Den Meeting: Present Artist Notebook.  Sportsman Badge

100113 - Trying a new karate school tonight.  D&J loved it, G screamed and hit Lori...  Stopped at Logan's for dinner. Then hit Target to get some birthday gifts.  One last stop at Jeff's, then home and  vegetated... 

100111 + Scope it out

100111 - worked/testing all day.  took break to play wii/avitar with Jack.  helped D with his homework/story.  J&I to scope out a new karate school, he fell asleep on the way there...  then hit blockbuster on the way home.  D out to bb practice.  all back home, G got a karate outfit, he starts this week.  bible bangers, finished genesis.

100110 + LD&J to church.  G&I set up pirate castle and went out looking for a new sledding hill.  all met up at home and then to Mcd's for lunch and then sledding down a huge hill and ramps, g running to his sled.  home nap for G, Wii for DJ&I.  dinner and watching TV.

100109 - Start of Basketball

100109 - Basketball practice for Jack, each boy got a new ball, played Wii.  Dylan basketball game, first 2 points for his team in the first game for the season!  dinner with the Brandt's after the game.
home for Wii and movie.

100108 - boys home for snow day.

100107 + Spinning fast

100107 - I feel I'm not getting a lot done...
feel like I am spinning my wheels...
Grant fell down steps...
cut out snow flakes with boys, that was fun!
G bath, boys cleaned up the playroom, watched Sandlot
Worked on Google Apps Wingermail migration.

100106 + D frustrated, J trying hard to read, G WAY TOO LOUD, watched BCS bowl game  and OSU basketball. 

100105 - D&J to dentist, all good.  We played legos.
100104 - D - basketball practice. JG&I played legos.

100103 - Shifting Boys

100103 - L&D to Church, JG&I put dresser in the closet of their room, reattached the closet doors, put little bed in crawl space.  All went to lunch, ran into Grossl's.  Did some shopping.  Home finished D's room up, videoed house. Dinner, watched '9' (sucked), all boys to bed.  L&I watched movie.  Up late working on Google migration.

100101 + NAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

100101 + Up and over to the Wolf's (Lori's Aunt & Uncle's) and their family for a New Year's Day dinner.  They have a big house and the boys were all over the place (hiding in the loft during the prayer...).  We watched some games while there and then headed home to meet Gma&paW to have dinner and watch the Buckeyes win the Rose Bowl!