20150530 - Ran Delay

20150530 - UP WAY TOO EARLY FOR A SATURDAY!!!! and back to Grove City... Of all the places on this earth... why do the tournaments need to be in Grove City???? We got there, half asleep and got our butts kicked by a team we have beat like 3 times already...??? Second game we killed it. 3rd game got rained out :-( Home and L&I went out to dinner with the McClains for an awesome time! Home late.

20150529 - White Boy Barbecue

20150529 - Up in am to a quiet lonely house :-( Everyone is on Summer break except for me :-( In to work and had a super full day with customers on site and prep for the owners to arrive tomorrow :-(   Pretty stressed out :-(

Swung by Doc's 'White Boy Barbecue' on the way home. Doc, Fletch and Chris were there. Fletch cooked up some wicked ribs! I brought some home to L. Home and hung out.

20150528 - G Bath

20150528 - Not sure what happened all day, but it looks like at least G got a bath today.

20150527 - Awards!

20150527 - In to work for first part of day.  Left before lunch and ran to J&G's school for there last day ceremonies.  J got a perfect attendance award and G got 'The One' award!  Awesome day for the Winger boys!  After the ceremony I headed back to work :-(  Finished the day and then headed home.

20150526 + Unsure

20150526 +

20150525 + Yard Working

20150525 + Up in the am L getting groceries and JG&I tried to get one of Docs rototillers working...  Doc showed up and had one ready to go. D&I tilled the garden it was rough work. We had some lunch and the I got D the keys to the black car and had him drive it from Doc's to our front yard and gave him instructions on washing and cleaning out. LJG&I headed to Home Depot for Supplies. We got our stuff home and distributed the dirt and mulch and got our jobs done. D had the car smelling nice and sparkling clean and drove it back to Doc's. I cooked the meat on the grill and helped J build some sort of scooter contraption. We had a nice dinner and then back outside to make some ice cream that didn't freeze :-(  All boys to bed for a busy week ahead.

20150524 - How did that Happen?

20150524 - Up in the am way to early and headed to Grove City for another day of baseball.  We beat the #1 team in the state for the second time and then got seeded for the tournament.  We got beat in the first round... wtf is going on???  Over to McClains for a relaxing fun night!

20150523 + String Phone

20150523 + Up and a full day full of baseball. Home with friends and hung out on the back porch and had some dinner. The kids were bored so I gave them some cups and string to make some pones. They worked hard and had lines all over the yard. Such Fun!

20150522 + ATTENTION!

20150522 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. He was up super late doing extra credit :-)  on to Waffle House to meet with Dave, then in to work for a full day of confusion and meetings. Jack had pool party , froze.  Towards the end of the day GpaW contacted me and said he was at the eye Dr. W/ GmaW...  she was carrying branches to that she had trimmed and one sprang loose and hit her in the eye :-o   I had to run to the bank to get cash for an employee that didn't get paid... Then finished up a class I have been taking online. Off to meet the fam at the ballfield. G's team pictures below at attention during the National Anthem (also at this time #1 in the state...) beat the pants off the Ohio Sharks in 4 innings...  We headed to some friends for the evening. I checked in with GmaW and she went to a second Dr and has a procedure in the morning. :-s

20150521 - D Field Day

20150521 - UP in the am and in to work.  G had a field day at school today that L got to go to.  Then in the evening G&I went to his scout crossing over ceremony where he became a Bear Scout!

20150520 - J Field Day

20150520 - Worked, G had a game, they won! Jhad a field day at school. L went and said he had a blast.

20150519 - Orientation

20150519 - Lori went to middle school orientation for J today

20150518 - No Doc

20150518 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  A slow depressing day...  Swung past the Scout store on the way home and had dinner with LJ&G and then ran out to pick D up at a baseball game to get him and J to Scouts.  I ran to the Athletic Boosters meeting and then back to Scouts to delivery awards.  Home and J&I stripped down a screen door we found along the road.  Out to Bible Bangers without Doc for the rest of the evening.

20150517 - Bowling

20150517 - Up all to church, had tough conversation with D about going to Appalachian Service Project camp for a week in the middle of the summer... Took D to get his hair cut, home worked on PC (lost email and had to recover it) Then took DJ&G bowling with the McClain boys, it was a lot of fun. Home and the McClain clan over for a cook out and play time. Nice relaxing afternoon and evening.

20150516 + Mad Max Fury Road

20150516 + Up in the am and DG&I to the pool to help do some chore before opening weekend: G scrubbed chairs, D painted picnic tables and I hung blinds in the office. Then the 3 of us went to meet L&J at J playing in the championship soccer game for his age division. It sputtered rain off an on during the game and they lost, but got 2nd place for their age group :-) J said "I didn't even know it was the championship"... Home and relaxing before G's game the boys and I watched 'The Road Warrior' in the basement. The rain continued and G's games were cancelled, so we texted some friends and met them at the theater to see the new Mad Max Fury Road. What an awesome movie! Action from beginning to end. We headed to Panda Express for dinner. Home and watch some Transformers 2 on TV. A pretty good D for J's 12th bday!

20150515 - J's 12

20150515 - Up and ready to go, but not into work today. L got home from work and we walked back to the school to have lunch with J at his 5th grade picnic. G ran over and said hi to us. After we ate I went over and watched the kids play soccer and got hit in the gut with a stray ball :-) In for the play and it was a cute little musical and J was a knigh. Both Gma&paB&W were there. We all walked home and then GmaW&B&paW went to a local shop while GpaB&I went to the Scout shop. Home and got things ready for J's bday party. 

Soon a bunch of his buddies were here and they played in the backyard, had pizza and hung out and watch J open his present; lots of gift certificates to the magic shop and an iPhone! Some had to go because they had sports the next morning, but a handful stayed and were up nearly all night watching movies and hanging out in the basement. A nice little party for J.

20150514 - To the Finals!

20150514 - Stayed late at work, sad day, missed J's soccer game, they won and are in the finals this weekend.

20150513 - UGH!

20150513 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work. Got to work and stuffed envelopes to be handed out...  Had a Managers meeting at 12:30 to let the Managers know what was going on and then had an all hands meeting where we let everyone else in the facility know what was happening.  A VERY SAD DEPRESSING day at work...  Read all about it HERE.

Home and got he fam, we headed to G's baseball game.  It was a really good game and won.  Home for a minute for ice cream and then went back out to meet some of the management team downtown to chat about the day.

20150512 - Project Presentation

20150512 - Home, L took J to his soccer practice, and D&I went to G's baseball practice.  We ran home after practice and D&I went to a Scout Board of Review where he presented his Eagle Project.  Home and up late worrying about tomorrow.

20150511 - Goofball

20150511 - Horrible storms today. L too k D&J to scouts and then played some basketball out back with G.  She's not very good and it was making G laugh hysterically.  I got a great photo of her antics.   I stopped by scouts to get D&J and then took Doc to Bible Bangers.

20150510 + Mother's Day Game

20150510 + Up in the am and we headed to Reynoldsburg for a Mother's Day Baseball game.  It the boys all gave their mothers a flower and buttons of themselves.  It was a good game and the boys won.  HOmea nd relaxed the rest of the day.

20150509 - 9th Grade Team

20150509 - L to D's baseball games, they lost one and won one. Gma&paW down to help with Logistics and took J&G to J's soccer game, they lost. I went to the neighbors auction with Doc and Jim and we met new neighbors and had a good time at the sale and bought a ton of stuff. Home with all our purchases, G helped buy and carry. D set up a last minute Freshman Baseball party and we had 8 of the boys show up and some families. It was a good time and the boys stayed late telling jokes on the back porch. J spent the night at a birthday party.

20150508 + Dunk Tank

20150508 + Jack went to Middles School East for a tour today. He thought it was no big deal... Left work a bit early to go see Dylan play right field in Groveport.  In the evening they had the carnival back at the school and J had to do w turn in the dunk tank.  L knocked the poor boy in :-)

20150507 - Cute

20150507 - Lori went to G's school today for a Mother's day tea and had to sit in a huge fuzzy hot pink chair. Grant had a game tonight in Olentangy. Long drive there in hellish traffic. They played on turf which was a new experience and threw the boys off for the first 4 innings as they were behind. But they pulled through in the end and won!

20150506 - 3 Winners

20150506 - All 3 boys had games tonight.

All 3 boys WON tonight!

A good evening at the Winger house!

20150505 + Full Count

20150505 + Up in the am and dropped D off on the way in to work. Headed to the VW dealership to drop the car off for service, Dave picked me up and took me to work. A busy day at work and the work on the car didn't go as planned... Dave took me to get a big rental truck. L took G to baseball practice, I headed to D's baseball game to watch and he did ok and they won. Back to the school to pick D up and then home for dinner. The night went fast, was on the back porch on the phone for work. In and to bed.

20150504 - Wet Mact

20150504 - Up in the am and dropped D off on the way into work. Fast day at work and then straight to J's soccer game. I sat up in the shelter and had a good overview of the game. It started raining and they kept playing. J's team won and J was SOAKED down to his underwear :-) Home and we got something to eat. L&G home from D's game and we all got cleaned up, warmed up and fed. I headed out to Bible Bangers with Doc.

20150503 - Waffles & Mowing

20150503 - Up in the morning and we got some chow.  We then headed back to the lake for some more fishing.  We were the last ones to pack up and leave.  G got 8 fish in total.  On the way home we stopped at Waffle House for lunch and G got a HUGE meal and ate almost all of it.  Home and Dgf2 here.  We unpacked and hung out.  L edging beds and working in the yard.  We took a break to watch Donovan's baseball game, J and his buddy Conor went to youth group at church,  and D & Dgf2 walked to Subway to get us dinner.  Donovan's team lost so we headed home and L&I mowed the back yard.  I then played some kickball with D, Dgf2 &G.  G&I won, all in and boys cleaned up and to bed early.  L fell asleep with the TV on which woke me up at 11 and I was up until 4...

20150502 - Fisherman G

20150502 - Up in am getting things done at desk, G paying xbox. L took J to his soccer game, I got D up. All home for lunch and L&J to D's baseball game, G&I to a Scout camp out at Madison Lake State Park. We got there and got things set up and then went fishing. There was a family there that obviously knew more about fishing than I would ever dream was possible to know that helped us out. G caught some fish... We took a break for dinner and then more fishing... We hung out at the camp fire for just a bit before going to bed. Nice evening, perfect weather.

20150501 - Sidewalk!

20150501 - Work, Mexican Friday, Went to Kevin's got bats, to Play it again sports got G a blue bat.  Home and the sidewalk is in!