060831 - Jack can Zipper

060831 - Fast day, so far behind at work it is crazy... Joe Dixon stopped by today. Howdy still likes school. Lori & Nicole to a jewlery party. I ave the boys at karate and Jack showed me he can zip his own coat!
060830 - Jack did GREAT at karate!!! We cleaned up the obstacle course and played outside. In and watched 'Sinbad & the Eye of the Tiger' it was 'So Cool'
060829 - Watched the rest of star wars w/ the boys & then watched failure to launch w/ L. up late on pc
060828 - Had interview, watched star wars 1 w/ the boys. Got Doc and headed to tim hortons for the riligious meeting...

060826 - More Bday fun!

060826 - Howdy & Jack to Howdy's friend Jack's bday bowling

060823 - Brothers & Bugs

060823 - Howdy is officially a big boy. He went off to 1st grade, all day, he did fine. Like all boys, didn't have much to say about it... Howdy & I took Jack to karate, he got white pants and a belt, very happy, but wouldn't let me out of his site... Home had dinner, then out front to play and gather bugs...

060823 - First day first grade

060815 - Horse races

060815 - Busy day at work, got lots done. Rushed Howdy to karate, J&I to the movie store. Headed home, met up with the Shupe's and then off to the races...

060814 - Crappy day at work. Watched 'Prince Valiant' and had dinner with the boys. Had Coffee with the boys, home late, exhausted...

060813 - A.W. Marion St. Park

060813 - Up L&D to church: J&I played at home. Had lunch & then headed to an Army surplus store and then to A.W. Marion St. Park. We tried our luck at fishing but had no luck, so we ended up at the playground...

060811 - Back to the grind...

060811 - Mid-day Friday, my 3rd day back at work and it feels as though I had no time off at all... The task and amount of work only got worse while I was away and I have been strugling to get back into the grove and caught up since Wednessday. Wish I didn't have to... Have Howdy's bible school presentation tonight.
060810 - Fast day of calls and things off base, seems not too much got done while I was gone... L & Howdy to go to Bible school, Jack and I played upstairs and then to Taco Bell and the movie sotre. Stayed up watching some TV to bed too late...
060809 - First day back at work, spending much of the day plowing through e-mails and the calls that were scheduled, trying to get back into the game... L & Howdy to go to Bible school, I took Jack to karate he did really well, he had an hour long class. We hit Long John Silvers for dinner, then home and played until L&D got home.. Watched 'Inside Man' with L, to bed too late.
060808 - Worked in the office this morning getting caught up on all the personal stuff that pilled up while we were gone. Spent the afternoon playing with Howdy, we found some cool online games. Jack and I to a Chicken place for dinner and the movie store. gave the dogs a bath and then brushed them. Played waiting for L&D to come home.
060807 - Long drive home today but the boys did pretty good. Got home in time for L and Howdy to go to Bible school. Jack and I ran to the bank, McDonalds and the China Express to get dinner. Came home ate and hung out in the basement waiting for L&D to get home.

060806 - One last swim...

060806 - Settled in at the hotel, watched 'Fat Albert' as we ate the pizza we orderd in. Then we headed down to the hotel pool for one last swim before vacation is officially over. Someone had put soap in the hot tub so when we turned on the jets it foamed up. Jack got a new hair do... Had a good time with the boys, Howdy really swimming all over the place. Up to the room and called it a night. One more day of driving and then back to the real world...

060806 - Driving Home

060806 - Driving Home today from our vacatoin at Myrtle Beach... Stopped at a Wendy;s and Dylan helped jack get some ketchup, nicest they have been to eachother all week... The drive was long through new towns and back roads and Lori and I enjoyed it.

060805 - Dixie Stampede

060805 - Up and out early to the pool, swam all morning, Grampy Farmer took the boys in the lazy river, lost them for a minute... then got in with them. When he got out he realized he had his palm pilot in his pocket, while he was swimming... OOPS! Had lunch at the room then GMA&PA W, Howdy and I went to a mall to look for screw drivers to take the palm apart and mill around while Jack and L rested a bit. Home and got ready for the nights event, the Dixie Stampede. IT was a good show and Jack really liked it. Howdy liked all the horses but bit into a glow stick and ruined his appetite... Headed home after the show and got a little bit of swimming in before they kicked us out due to lightening in the area. Back to the room and hit the rack early as we all have to travel tomorrow.

060804 - Beach day

060804 - Everyone up and about then packed up and headed to the ocean. We had another good day with great weather and lots of waves. I covered the boys with sand and they thought that way pretty cool. Done at the beach and headed up to the car but Grandpa was gone... Found him and headed back to the room for lunch. Dad and I returned the movie and stopped at a pawn shop. Back to the room picked up the troops and headed out for a seafood dinner. The first place we stopped had an hour and 15 min wait so we lef to try somewhere else. Well that didn't work out so great, the food was so so and the the selection was just ok... any way we hit an icecream store on the way home and all was well. Got a little bit of night swimming in too...

060803 - Ripley's Aquarium

060803 - Up late Lhad the boys down at the pool already... I joined them and we swam all morning. Lunch back at the room and then headed to Ripley's Aquarium. It is pretty cool and the kids loved it. Afterwards we attempted to go to the outlet malls but it was just too hot. We did manage to get some toys and clothes for the boys. Back to the Room and Dad and I ran to get a movie, groceries and dinner. We hung out at the room and then hit the pool again. Jack got a really cool shark at hte aquarium and loved scaring people with 'Squirt' at the pool.

060802 - Beach Boys

060802 - USS North Carolina

060802 - Up nad headed to Wilmington this morning to see the USS North Carolina and some old friends. Howdy thought the Battleship was awesome but too hot. Headed to the old apartments and looked up Kathy and JT, spent about an hour cathcing up with them, not long enough... hit the road again, toured the other sites then back on the road. Got back and GMA&PA Winger arrived. We went downtown for a nice italian dinner, then hit the beach again. The boys went crazy and got soaking wet. Stoped for icecream on the way back, Howdy had a huge cone.
060801 - Up and ready then to the beach. Had a BLAST!!! The boys absolutly loved it. Howdy and I got boggy boards and rode the waves. Jack loved the shore and danced in the waves. I took a walk with the boys and they found tons of shells... One of the best things was they got to see jet fighters taking off over the ocean, roared right past us. Back home and everyone took naps. We headed to Captian Georges for dinner, lots of good food, the boys even tried crab. Swung by Webster University and saw some of the old gang and then headed to Mayday golf, that is where 6 years ago I went on my last day of school to play put-put after driving past it for 1.5 years. It was really great to play there with my family. I got t-shirts for all of us. Home and played StarWars with Rich.