070930 - Drilling

070930 - Up in am, L not feeling well so we all skipped church. I took D&J out to find a bday gift for one of D's friends, and then to lunch @ Steak & Shake. Home, D made a card and I ran him to his party, then hit Meijer for some dog food. Home and got Jack set up to drill holes through buckeyes so he can make some necklaces.

070929 - Jack's Game

070929 - Everyone up and to Jack's game, even Gma&paW are here. Jack has 2 goals so far!

070928 - Cowboy, Indian & Chunk-o-rama

070928 - Cowboy, Indian & Chunk-o-rama

070928 - Ramp jumpin

070928 - CiCi's

070928 - Fast day on the phone and in front of the PC. Took the fam out to Jack's favorit resturant for as much pizza & noodles as he can eat!

070927 - Busy Night

070927 - Up early and to it. Really fast day. Then we ate and Howdy a I headed to math night at his school. Then we rushed over to Scouts for our first meeting this year.

070923 - B-day party

070923 - After a long day of work we headed to a bday party. Lori is busy keeping Grant from eating acorns. Jack played the party games & big Dylan & I played cornhole.

070923 - Leaves

070923 - Jac & I ran to Homr Depot for window supplies & Mommy & Grant are raking leaves.

070923 - Window

070923 - Everyone up and L,D&J went to Sunday school. Grant & I started tearing out the garage window. Group got home, Grant took a nap a& Howdy headed to b-day party & Jack stayed and helped me with the window.

070922 -

070922 - OSU won and we had a quick dinner. Then off to the skate park so the boys could blow off some more energy. Home got the boys baths and they played nice and had a snack b4 bed.

070922 - Half-time

070922 - After Jack's game D,J & I ran to the gas station and then home to put the chair-rail up in the game room. We finished that then dumped out all the legos on the floor to play with and built all kinds of stuff while watching the OSU football game. For halftime we went out and played some starwars.

070922 - Jack gets 3!

070922 - Up to Jack screams in the living room for no reason... Pure chaos until the soccer game. Nicole and GmaB came and Jack got 3 goals!
Home to finish the basement.

070921 - Home

070921 - Up before the sun and got my usual cabbie to the airport, he speaks no english, I speak no spanish and we laugh the entire way trying to talk to eachother. Had 2 good flights home and the family picked me up! Home took care of a bit of business and the out to eat: a bit chaotic but fun, then got some videos to take hoe and watch. GOOD TO BE HOME!

070920 - Thunderstorms

070920 - Up and had a bit of stamach pain this morning... God please let me make it through this day and to that plane tomorrow morning is all I could think of. In to work, very consistent good paced day. Back to the Hampton & then Applebee's for a light dinner. A thunderstorm broke out while I was finishing but lightened up before my walk. Walking back to the hotel I could only think of the cleansing this rain was doing to the huge dusty city. The infrastucture is not equipt for these big storms and tomorrow morning I will hear of the flooding that took place. Amazing the poverty all around, yet in the distance you can sort of make out the 'Home Depot' sign in this mini American section I come to. Often the tips I give are more then their usual days wage, and they are so close to us...

070919 - Applebee's again...

070919 - Up early and into the plant. Pretty useless day, nothing happened I couldn't have supported from home... probably could have given better support from home!
Anyway, made it back to the hotel and hit Applebee's again. Sitting here I notice something very odd... All of the people have black hair. Every single person in the resturant. Thinking more, every single person at the plant (except the obvious dye job...) has black hair as well. No browns, no Blonds, no Reds... ALL BLACK... So I ask myself... Is this visible evolution? The mexican culture has been around hundreds of years longer than US. Europeans have only been in this hemisphere for 2 maybe 3 hundred years. So, has there popualtion gotten to the point where the dominate genes are everywhere, and everyone has black hair? sort of like the Asians... INTERESTING. I will start to observe eye color. Stand by...

070918 - Home away from home...

070918 - Up WAY too early. Joe took me to the airport because he has my truck. First flight way delayed an hour because a 'light was on in the cockpit'... better safe than sorry I say! Made it to DFW and caught my connecting flight to CUU.
Got to the factory safe in Chihuahua and did pretty much nothing the rest of the day... Glad I'm here for no reason... Off to the hotel and then across the street to my usual eats, Applebee's!
Lori had a good day w/ the boys, 2 play dates and karate. They were all pretty much screaming when I called, but that was just from being tired froma fun day. Hopefully tomorrow won't be so busy...

070917 - Jack Scores!

070914 - Up in am, on top of stuff. Quick, busy day. We ate fast and off to Jack's soccer game, where he scored a goal! the Barnette's came to see the game to. Home worked in the garage a bit and then had to work all evening...
In and played horsey w/ the boys and did some coloring w/ Jack. Got the boys clned up and off to coffee w/ the idiots.

070916 - Chaos

070916 - Up way to early and everyone to church, then L,D&J stay and I & screaming Grant went home for 1 hour of screamin... Back to church picked up the troops, G finnaly fell asleep... I worked on the basement windows and then D&I took J to get his soccer pics & then heading to Home Depot.

070915 - Riden

070915 - Up in am, clnd up & to Jacks game. It was pretty cold & the grass was wet but he still had fun.
Home and we dug a hole next to the house, knocked out a couple cement blocks and then installed a new window in the Game Room. Jack helped me a lot.
Afterwards we hung from trees in the backyard and Grant got a ride. Next the OSU game!


070912 - Soccer practice

070912 - FAST day, doin tons of stuff but standing still... D&J had school, I was on calls through most of soccer practice. Here Dylan and a friend play eachother (Star Wars) wirelessly while Jack was practicing. AMAZING!

070911 - Clean-up

070911 - Had a LONG day. L, J&G went out most of the day. After dinner I finally got a chance to get out of the office, so we headed outside to pick up the yard.

070910 - Winding

070910 - Jack had GREAT DAY AT SSCHOOL!!! L,J,G & GmaB went out for lunch and then picked D up from school and ran to Dairy Queen. I finished up my day then GmaW stopped over for dinner and playing. The boys and Gma went out to play in the backyard and I replaced one of the poker room windows with glass block. Howdy and Jacked helped a little... Up for a quick bath, jammys and play in the playroom.

070910 - Jack's off 2 school

070910 - Everyone up early and GmaB over to wish big Jack well on his first day of school this year. GOOD LUCK JACKY!!

070909 - Sunday

070909 - Everyone up and out to church. D&J went early to Sunday School w/ L as she is now teaching it or doing crafts, palm reading or something like that... Church was good and then we went for lunch w/ Nicole and Rich, we went to different Bob Evans as there are 2 on the same road... But eventually we all sat at the same table. Here Dylan has parsley on his head without his knowledge :-)
Got gas and headed home. Watched 'The Princess Bride', played games & outside with a bucket (boys made a pulley thing). After dinner Howdy and I ran to Home Depot where I bought trim for the basement. When I got home and went to put the trim away I noticed that I had previously bought the exact same qty and type of trim for the job: and it was still sitting where I wanted to stack the new trim.... Not so handy, now I need to take the trim I bought tonight back... Got the boys to bed after some playroom fun and watched 'Children of Men' (C-) with L.

070908 - Poker

070908 - After dinner went to get milk, then home for baths. Got the boys cleaned up and headed out for a night of poker at John's. I picked Rich up and met Jim there. Mark and Harry were there too. I WON THE FIRST GAME! Then was the first out in the next round. But fun, fun, fun!

070908 - Gpts over to play

070908 - Ran some errands after Jack's game, then to Rich & Nicole's to watch the OSU win the game against Akron. Home and started working in the basement again. Gma & pa W stopped after the game and played with the boys. The leaves are starting to change, and the boys ran around in the back yard trying to catch then. Off to dinner with everyone.


Jack got a goal!!!!

070908 - Jack's 1st game

070908 - Up early all out to Jack's first game. He is doing a GREAT job!

070907 - What a crap day! Up late because I was up working till 3am... But should have stayed in bed today! Hard day at work. Was in the office from 9-8... Lori had a pretty good day, ran errands and kept the boys busy ending their day with a movie at the church. I was up again till 4am...

070905 - Jack starts soccer

070905 - woken up early by the dogs... Gave me a good start, got a lot done. Ate dinner on a con call then ran out to Jack's first soccer practice. He did great, not affraid, participated and having a good time!
070904 - Up, sluggish day. Didn't get much done it seemed. L cooked me chopped steak w/ mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy (I must have done somethin good, not sure what...). Ran the whole family to karate and the movie store. Home watched 'Blood Diamond'.

070902 - Making fog

070902 - ATL to DFW

070902 - Had lunch at Stone Mountain w/ Gma & paW, then the multi-stop trip to the airport (hotel to warm up the water, Walmart to get a long sleeve shirt 4 Grant). To Avis and they dropped us off at the door! Through security and into the Admirals Club waiting for our flight. Jack got to shake the hand of a soldier on his way to Iraq, Dylan & Grant played.

070901 - Playin around

070901 - Quite a morning. Lori & Jack were up hours b4 the rest of us and were dressed and had breakfast long before Dylan, Grant or I even thought of opening our eyes. Eventually we all were up,dressed, fed and packed.
Gma & pa W arrived & we all headed to Stone Mountian. But the car wouldn't start... The maintenance guy came and tightened or cables and we were off to the playground...

070901 - Perfect ending...

070901 - So we had lunch and headed to the wedding. Jack fell asleep on the way there and woke up on the wrong side of the bread... He didn't want his picture taken so he is not in any of the wedding photos and we were quite nervous he would not walk down the isle. I traded off with Lori and just had fun with Jack, laughing burping and being goofy. Everyone headed down the isle, and I pushed him out, said you follow her... and away he went down the isle with a sweet smile and a wave at the end.
I got to see part of the weeding, they told me it was great. Grant and I waited in the side hall as John & Lauren said their 'I dos', and we got to greet them as they came out of the church together, the first time as Mr & Mrs John Terry.
Shorthly after that splendid event: Grant decided to take several steps!!!
Holy amazing, what a day: Jack did his job, John did his, Grant walks... As if that was not enough...
We headed to the reception where we had splendid conversations with family, old and new, and folks from all over. It truly is a small world. But the amazing event at the reception was that our boys didn't kill each other! We were there for long time, and Grant stayed awake and was mostly plesant being passed around, Dylan ate too much cake but for the most part kept his hands to himself, and Jack did great too. After cake we thanked everyone we could find and headed back to the hotel. Jack sang the entire way back...
At the hotel we did a quick change. L got Grant a bottle and I took the boys to Stone Mountian to see the laser show and fireworks.. Well this is a holiday weekend... I of course didn't think of that and the other 30,000 people that would be there... We parked some 20 miles away and walked through the dark up hill to join the masses. Well it was worth the trip. The boys really liked it and Jack fell asleep a bit, but woke up for the finally. We walked back up hill 30 miles to the car and then back to the room. There we watched the end of 'The Sound of Music' and lori and I sang the boys to sleep as the Van Traps headed over the Alps.
What a wonderful day.
Thanks to John and Lauren for giving me this extra time with my family, and best of luck to you both in your new adventure...


070901 - They're MARRIED!!

070901 s here comes the bride!

070901 - pre wedding jitters

070901 - Stone Mountian

070901 - Stone Mountian, the largest exposed piece of granite on earth. Up and everyone cleaned up for the wedding. Jack is a bit nervous... We headed to Stone Mountian, WOW!

070831 - Trip to Atlanta

070831 - Up and to the airport. We got to ORD with no major events. Jack REALLY thought it was cool. In ORD we were able to get an earlier flight but had to sit pretty far apart. Jack & Grant slept the whole way to atlanta, thank goodness! Got there had 1 bag lost. Got to the rental car place and it was raining about as hard as it did in some of the hurricanes we went through in Willminton NC, we got SOAKED getting into the car. We made it to the rehersal just in time for Jack to walk down the isle... Then still dripping wet we headed to the hotel and grabbed a bite to eat. About 10 I went back to the airport to get the lost bag and some supplies for Grant. Back to the hotel about 12...