20220710 +

20220710 + Up very late and not wanting to do much, but knew I had to get some things done. The internet was down again so I headed outside to look at the underground connections and cleaned them up a bit. Back in to the kitchen where I took the dishwasher out, first time it has been out in about 10 years, and laid it on its side and replaced the motor. L ran to get a hose for me, I got G up and he listed 1 thing (took 3 hours) on ebay. L home, hose didn't fit so I cleaned out the old one and put it back on. A car detail guy stopped by the house to look at the paint on the Mercedes. He said I need to take it to a body shop... Got the dishwasher back in and it is whisper quiet again. Out to the back yard and threw the ball to Hazel a bit. Worked on replacing the lights in the front of the Mercedes and now my headlights blink on and off... somethings not right... Got the old bulbs back in and then cleaned the rims between ball throws. Hung out in the backyard texting and talking to folks about baseball for next year. In and got something to eat. J home from work and then back out again. L&I watched some more 'Making a Murderer' and got to bed late.