20120531 - Runner

20120531 - Up and at the desk trying to get caught up, but had call on top of call... Ugh! Took a break to watch J run in the end of year field day at his school. Here he is running with a ball under his chin in one of the relay races.

Back to the desk and finished the day. D mowed and then we all went to dinner at Carsonie's. Home and L off to Zumba, D did some homework and the boys and I watch a movie. Up LATE getting prepared for tomorrow and the weekend.

I talked to GpaW today and DOES NOT LIKE being kept in bed! He sounded much better, his breathing was normal while on the phone. He is still having visitors, even with a big 'NO VISITORS PLEASE' on the door. Please send emails and cards, but let him rest...

Well the adventures of the cattle shipping yesterday were pretty well documented, I mean I could have written a whole book if I included every detail. But I intentionally left one detail out... and now the rest of the story...
During the second load we had one cow that ESCAPED. I mean GONE! She was NOT going on that truck. She made it past me, Loyal the hauler, Dave, GmaW and all that stood between here and freedom were 2 steel gate and Stu... After she got past us and made it to Stu and the gates, she stopped with her head down, then looked eye to eye with Stu, and JUMPED. I mean like a gazzel! She cleared the gates and Stu and took off down the ally. She didn't stop there: she jumped out of the corral into the woods = GONE! :-o After the load left and we got things stabilized I took the 4-wheeler looking for her. I went up through the pastures and through the fields, down by the creek and high grass, walked the trail she left, NOTHING! She was gone. We put down some fences in hopes she would try to come back overnight.
Well about 8:30pm GmaW called and saw the cow out in the field. I called Dave and Michael to come to her aide and the group chased the wild beast trying to get her in until 10pm. NO LUCK. She was on the run again... I didn't put it in the Blog because we weren't going to let GpaW know/worry and I didn't want him reading about it... (thanks to Uncle JohnW for spilling the beans ;-) Well early this morning GmaW called and we had 5 cows in the corral!? The Wild Bastard (her new name) did come back overnight and let herself in. How? We have no idea as all fences were in tact. She must have jumped back in... This animal does as she pleases... So for now we have 5 cows...

20120530 + Winger's Wild West Show

From WingerBLOG
20120530 + Up in the am and not feeling good about leaving GmaW and Dave on their own to load cows... I quickly made arrangements with work to make sure things still progressed. I got on the road and made some calls and sure enough GmaW called and her and Dave got some cows in and was standing in the overjet of the barn keeping cows in a pen. I was 15 min away and got there to provide relief and get things secured. We got another pen full and kept the cows secure until Stu got there to help and the hauler showed up. We got 10 of the twelve on the truck and made plans for one more trip in a couple hours. That is when the fun started... The remaining batch of cows were, let's say, a little less than tame... We got the gates and pens ready and started getting the animals in... And then they jumped. They jumped over gates, wire panels, anything that stood in there way. We had two that jumped out of the corral and took off towards pasture. Dave came back and helped get the final couple in and then stood guard so GmaW, Stu and I could grab some lunch with John & Mary, Paulette and Amu, and devise a plan to get the 2 from the pasture back in. The truck showed up, the plan for the wild two was underway. We had the wild pair on the run and they went right in the trailer! And then they turned around before we could lock them in and shot out like a couple horned cannonballs!
We regrouped, got Uncle John in position wavin his arms and tried again. This time it worked and the crazy black cow shook the trailer from the second she got locked in. Now to get the others in... Well we loosened some chains and they started flying out under, over and through anything in their path like bottle rockets on the 4th of July. One cow escaped and was up by the silo, another splintered a 2x6 gate like it was made of balsa wood, and the gates D and I got last weekend look like they were made of rubber.But in the end we got them loaded. It was sad to see them hauled off... We settled down, got everything secure and called it a day. I headed home and was able to catch the end of D's game.

They lost, and it is weighing heavy on D as he is the oldest boy on the team and playing his heart out every game. He is playing awesome ball! Home for an ice-cream treat, story time of crazy cows and all boys to bed.

I got cleaned up and checked in with both Gma&paW. GpaW had a rough day and wants to get up but they won't let him...

PS - Here are the 4 luckiest cows in the world. The bloodline continues...

20120529 - Long Road

20120529 - Up in the am and right into it. Had a good update and things in line for a busy week. GmaW called and said the squad had to come and help get GpaW out of the house this morning and they were on their way in to the hospital. I had already planned on heading up and was glad to hear she had the help. Worked some more and about 2ish got another call from GmaW, not as good of a report: GpaW has blood clots in both lungs (pulmonary embolism) and is having a very hard time breathing. GmaW was upset, this was bad news, and I headed out right away. On the road I called many folks to find out what a pormanary embalistic thing is as I do not have Google installed in the car (Yet!). I learned that it is pretty common after surgeries and is not a good thing and can be really bad if not caught in time. On the road up GmaW called back and had better news from the Drs in the Cardio ICU, that GpaW made it in before things got too serious and with a week in the hospital and 6 months of blood thinner treatment, should be fine (apparently the ER Dr is not as experienced and painted a much darker picture...). So I headed to the Farm instead of the hospital. I met GmaW, Uncle JohnT, Stu and Dave there and we got the barn fixed up from the rambunctious bulls and got things lined up for more cattle handling. I gave an electric fence lesson to the guys so I have backup and then fed a couple of big round bales. Everyone took off and GmaW and I headed into town and had a nice dinner and tried to come up with a plan for the animals. We had some good conversation for two people emotionally on a tight rope, stressed and exhausted (I think I got the ability to manage situations like the one we are in from her). We made our way in to see GpaW and he is very tired and week still. His oxygen numbers looked good and they have things closely watched and under control. I told dad what all we got done and then discussed the cows with him. He loves them, all of them, as if they were a cat or a dog you had by your side for years.
They have been his companions on that farm his entire life and the link is so very deep and strong. We decided moving them out quickly would be best and we would try to sort out three of the animals with the original Farm bloodline going back to the early 1800s. A very sad and emotional decision... Knowing dad was in good hands we left to see if we could get some animals ready to go tomorrow morning, but they had already headed up the hill to the star filled pasture for a peaceful nights sleep. We made calls and plans to start the sorting in the morning. On the road home, thinking of the long recovery ahead: a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step...
We will make it!

20120528 - Water Fun

20120528 - Up and everyone (Lilly too) got in the car and we headed to Gma&paB's. We got there and had a nice big lunch, a huge water fight, played catch, hung out and talked, watched some tv, ate some more. A nice relaxing day.

We checked in on Gma&paW on the way home and GpaW had a bad day, shortness of breath. They talked to the Dr and plan to go in to the hospital tomorrow to get things checked out.

20120527 + First Dance

20120527 + Up in the am and all to church. The marriage class is over so L went back to teach Sunday school and I headed back to the group I was with before. Home and we had lunch, I was planning to head back up to the Farm as during church the bulls we put in the pen yesterday had knocked some gates down and I wanted to get things secure again do the sorting and selling could continue without a hitch, but GpaW convinced me things could easily be straightened out on my next planned visit. D took care of the bird, J&I finished cutting up the branch. DG&I put tennis balls around L's garden so we wouldn't get impaled on the fence stakes, an then we all headed to the pool. We had a good cool time at the pool playing, throwing and dunking. J and his little friend Meredith got the season off to a good start by dancing off the diving board together :-)
When the pool closed we went home, changed and headed back out. We grabbed some McD's and ate on the way to the movies. We saw The Three Stooges and laughed out loud through the whole thing! Home with a stop at the grocery for some ice cream.

20120526 - A cloud of dust, Firsts, Last, Shy

20120526 - Up early for G's tball ball game. He ran like crazy, passed one of his teammates and slid into home. Not a happier boy could there be!

After the game D&I headed up to the Farm. This time it was D's first mile as he drove, a bit faster and wilder than J did, he stayed on the road and did pretty good judging from the smile on his face ;-)

We got our instructions from GpaW and then headed tot the barn to sort out the bulls to ship out. Dave came over to help and we had them sorted and secured in no time. We got the barn all set up so loading would be a breeze. Dave and I headed to get gas and GmaW, D and Dave's son Jake and his buddy headed out to check the fences. When we all met back ate Farmhouse D had to go take a shower as he got covered with pollen on the fence check trip and his eyes swelled so much he couldn't see :-o I did some work on the pug and then D&I went to TSC to get gates for more barn security. We got the gates set up an then I took the pug out for a round of fence checking and fixing. Back in and reported everything to GpaW.

Then GmaW, D&I headed to Ashland to check on Louise. Louise looks tired and frail, but was speaking up just fine for a nice visit. John and Mary were there and today was the last day of school for Mary she turned her keys in and retired today after many years of teaching in Shelby. CONGRATS!!!

After our visit we headed to Friendly's for dinner and had a waitress that was afraid of vampires (she smelled like garlic) and D&GmaW were repulsed by it. GpaW is doing much better on this visit than the last. We dropped GmaW off and headed home.

20120525 - Cut Down

20120525 - Up and at the desk for a flash fast and busy day with AC guys in and out working on our AC. Finished up and out to the backyard with my worker to cut up the limb I cut down yesterday. Then we scurried back to the ball field for D's game. He had a great game with some monster hits. But it wasn't enough. The boys were making errors and played pretty crappy. I did the book for the game and both L&D said they missed my voice, I usually am yelling at the kids to pay attention, get ready, watch so and so... D is pretty discouraged, but he is having a great year. Home all to bed, busy day tomorrow.

20120524 - Dare

20120524 - Up in the am and got a couple things done then headed into J's school. I knocked on his classroom door and I heard the teacher ask 'Who do you think our mystery reader is?', the class answered in unison 'Jack's dad!'. I guess the hint of 'I have giant steel horse in my backyard that kids LOVE to climb on' gave it away. I read my favorite book 'Green Eggs and Ham' from my iPad. I then stayed a bit longer and told the kids of my travels to China, Brazil and Mexico. IT WAS A BLAST!! Back home and to the desk. Finished of the day and had dinner with the fam. I cut a big limb down that hung over the grape arbor and then we headed to D's final band concert. I had an idea and went back to find D. I interrupted the teacher to give D his message . I told him I would give him $20 if he stood up and blasted out a note in the middle of the concert... I waited and waited... But a good boy (like his mom) he didn't do it. We went for ice cream afterwards and then home. All boys to bed, I stayed up and watched Ancient Aliens.

20120523 + Garden In

20120523 + Up in am and worked a full day. L&G got the garden planted today. Dinner with the fam and then DJ&I to Scout Night to recruit new scouts and then to meijer for supplies. Home, boys to bed, L watching American Idol, I got ready for a big presentation tomorrow.

20120522 - J's First Mile

20120522 - Up and at the desk for a long fast full day. Then J&I headed up to the Farm. When we got to Bowen Rd I stopped the car, shut it of and got out an told J to come around. I pulled the seat forward, put the steering wheel down and a extra pair of jeans for him to sit on. I got the passenger seat, had him start the car and drive! He was so nervous and excited!!!! He drive all the way up to Gma&paW's house. I probably could have walked faster than he drove, but he did it! We went in and checked on GpaW, he was sitting up and later waking around :-) J&I got GmaW and headed out for some chores. J&GmaW took the pug and checked the fences, while I checked the buildings and animals that were close. They returned with a good report on the fences and then J&I headed to TSC to get some feed. We got home and had dinner with Gma&paW at the table, made some plans for shipping out some cows and starting repairs on GGmaW's house. I then helped dad build up his bed cushions while J&GmaW counted change, trying to get enough for a trip to Disney :-o we got GpaW situated and have a plan for the weekend and J&I headed home.

20120521 - First Winger Ringer

20120521 - Up and out to take G's picture; today is his LAST day as a pre-school student. He has graduated to kindergarten! He was so excited.

Everyone off to school and I to the desk. Later when G came home he ran in and got me. He had to show me how high he could climb: the 4th knot! So I wen out and with a big of coaching got him all the way to the top and he rang the bell on the playset. He is only the 3rd person to do it, and the ONLY Winger boy to do it!

I checked in with GpaW and he is still very sore and not getting much rest. He has had some problems sliding off the bed and couch, and not being able to use his arms to help himself up been stuck in some positions until help arrives. But he is walking a lot and moving around good. Finished up my day and then dinner and back to D's baseball game. G has been flyin high all day and when he was permitted to be the bat boy the glow from the boy made him shine like the sun. D's team got all pumped up at the beginning of the game, instead of the 3rd inning and took off like a rocket... D had 2 doubles and in one inning the boys batted around the order! They won their first game, 10-2. All back home, cleaned up and to bed. I hot Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers.

20120520 - 2nd and Heavy Avengers

20120520 - Up in the am and everyone to church. It was our last Sunday of the 'Marriage Class'. We had to leave a couple of minutes early because J had to get his team football picture taken. I dropped of L&J for the pictures and DG&I ran some quick errands; gas, Meijer for sun shade thingy and Gatorade, McD's for half a billion McNuggets, Giant Eagle for game snacks. We finally got to the first game about half way through, just in time to see J catch an interception! We had to move to a different field so we got to try out the sun shade, very cool. J had another really good game, they won both games!

Home for a rest minute and then D&I headed out to spread the last of the mulch. We checked in and GpaW and he is moving around more and got his staples pulled out today. They seem to be doing ok, we will head up and check on the in a couple days. We had dinner and then DJ&I ran over to a friends house to help carry in a curio cabinet and a piano, but the piano was light compared to the 30x30 solid hardwood chop block table :-s After the gut buster we met L&G at the theater to see 'The Avengers'. WOW! What a GREAT movie! Home, all boys to bed. Heading there myself...

20120519 - HOME!

20120519 - L up early and downtown to walk with her mom, a survivor, in 'The Race for a Cure' 5k. D got bfast for his brothers and we managed to get to G tball game on time. G had a good game and slid into a bunch of times :-) home and a quick lunch, L home and took J to bday party #1. G played while sprayed the weed around the yard an D back to warm up for his game. L to pick up J and drop him off for bday party #2. Back to D's game and POW he hit that ball to the far left fence for a natural dbl and later scored 1 of their 2 points: not enough to offset the 15 the other team got... He played catcher 4 of the 5 innings and was wiped out.
Home and I got a call from GmaW that GpaW was coming HOME from the hospital, a day early :-o She insisted she did not need help... I finished spraying the weeds and then we loaded up the car and headed to Delaware to pick up J from the party. We went to Steak-n-Shake for dinner with a grumpy (tired) J. We ate and then checked in on GpaW on the way home. He is home resting, still very sore and getting settled in. I hear he had a sign made and posted it at the bottom of the lane 'NO VISITORS PLEASE'. I will let you know when the ban is lifted... Home and watched a movie with the tired boys.

20120518 - 'Perfect Day'

20120518 - Up and to the desk working straight through the day. Finally caught up from the travel and Dad's heart attack last week. After work I grabbed J and we headed up to the Farm. I talked to dad on the way up an got my instructions. He had another rough day, said they pulled hoses right out of his side :-o OUCH! J and I got to the Farm, got the tractor started and then got to work. We moved 2 racks, fed a big round bale, J drove me around the perimeter of the fences on the pug to find the cows an check the fence. We then checked on the horses and pet cows, made sure the water was running and checked out the gates in the barn to start thinking about loading up some animals. Mom got home and Michael and Diane stopped for a quick visit on their way to check on Louise. Then GmaW, J&I headed over to Paulette's to help her with her iPad, she is doing great. After we got Paulette loaded up with a bunch of new ebooks we headed to Subway to grab dinner. J wanted to eat back at the Farm so we headed back and GpaW called for an update and a request for lotto tickets. He reported a rough day and evening and more visitors: he is worn out... We stopped and got the lotto tickets and them on to the Farm to eat. We ate and got on the road. On the way home J said 'This was a perfect day. I had a sugar doughnut for breakfast, left over orange chicken in my thermos for lunch, Subway for dinner, and I got to go to the Farm!'. Sounds like a perfect day to me too :-)

20120517 - Marching

20120517 - Up and at the desk getting things done and lined up to be caught up soon. Dad called today and we talked for a short time. He is in an incredible amount if pain, I guess you would be after being sawed open... Finished up and went out and threw the football with J&G. We ate a quick dinner and then headed to the final Pack meeting on the season where my Wolfs graduated to Bear Scouts. LD&G went with us and D helped with the ceremonies and G played on the play ground as we had the meeting out back in the open air sanctuary. After the meeting we went to Blockbuster and the bank. Home and all boys to bed. I says up and watched the new Underworld movie.

20120516 + Dad's Big Day, J's9

20120516:0600 + Up at the crack of dawn and in to the hospital to see dad. He was a bit drugged up and gave us the detailed plan he had conceived to escape using the lighting rod cables. We kissed him goodbye, they wheeled him out and we headed to the waiting room. Mom and I worked while Lori chatted with a friend that came up.

0800 We received the update call that everything was going as planned.

0900 We received the call that things were well ahead of schedule and they would be finishing up soon.

1019 Dr. Brown in and gave us a quick update  that everything went well, very easy and as planned. They only had to do a single bypass and he should be good to go home this weekend.  I sent out a blast email with the message:

  Dad is out of surgery

1115 We got to go in and see dad. He was asleep with tons of stuff hooked up to him. The nurse described everything to us and everything looks good!  She mentioned it may be another hour or six before he wakes up and that visiting is now VERY RESTRICTED, even for immediate family, only 5 min/hr and only immediate family...  With nothing else we could do L&I headed back to the Farm.  We stopped at Stewart's Rootbeer stand for lunch and ate in the car with the tray hanging off the window.  We got to the Farm and checked the fences and I sent out an important email for work.

1252 We checked in with mom before we headed back home and she reported that he is awake and responding to commands from the nurses, but still on the vent:  it would probably be 7pmishbefore he was off the vent.
1400 We arrived home and settled a bit.  J home from school and GmaB went home.  I fell asleep but was up for J's opening of his bday presents.  Then JG&I went out back to throw the football.  D got home and we all headed back to his game where we had to work the concession stand.

1425 Dad was taken off the vent.

1830 Mom called and said dad was off the vent at 1425, well ahead of schedule and that he was in a lot of pain but everything else was good.  He even gave her instructions to go home and take the dog for a walk.

After D's game we took J to Panda Express for a bday dinner and then picked up doughnuts for tomorrows bfast.  Home around 10pm we got the boys to bed and collapsed.

FEAR - I didn't originally have this in this post, it is a late addition... I was sitting here playing solitaire tonight and was think over the last week; all the events, the emotions and the fear. When sitting in the waiting room while dad was in surgery I occupied myself with a presentation I had to have done for work, but every nerve was tense and anxious. Hearing footsteps coming down the hall, or when people walked in to get a cup of coffee, or the phone rang, all I could think was 'Oh God, are they coming in to deliver bad news?'. I was scared that I would never see my dad again...

This was one of the scariest days of my life...

...But it turned out to be one of the best.

20120515 - WARP Speed

20120515 - UP and to the desk all day working like CRAZY to get as much done as possible before tomorrow. I was head down until 6:30pm when I ran out to scarf down a plate of spaghetti. GmaB is here to watch the boys and L&I jumped in the car and headed up. Dad is good today, getting more nervous for tomorrow. We did not go into see him, he was very tired from too many visitors today. So we headed straight up to the farm and checked the fences. We could not see the cows so we jumped on the pug and head out to the pasture where L spotted a section of fence that was down. We found the cows, fixed the fence and then met mom back at the house. We had some dinner and then Dad called a couple of times for last minute items. I stayed up late trying to relax. Today went REALLY FAST.

20120514 - Auto Pilot

20120514 - Up chained to the desk all day trying to get things organized from a busy fri-sun and a busy week coming up. L&G went to a retirement party after her work. Everyone home for dinner. I went out and threw the football with J&G a bit, had a phone call come in. D&I to Scouts then to get signatures on the playset blueprints for J's bday present. Home dropped off D, got Doc, to Bible Bangers. Home sent out update on dad. to bed.

Dad had a good day.

Ok so here is an update...

THE MAIN EVENT:  Double Bypass Surgery, Wednesday 7:30am
Dad is in good spirits and acts and looks fine, except for the goofy robe...
He is growing increasingly nervous about the surgery...

I probably will not send out another update until late Wed or Thursday.  Things are becoming a bit hectic...
Please keep the prayers and emails coming, it is helping keep his mind occupied.
Thank you!

PS - please pass this along to other you know that know my dad

20120513 + Preperations

20120513 + Up to a rainy Mother's Day.  We all headed into church for Sunday School.  In our class they went around the room and said nice things about each person; I was first and shut off my ears, I couldn't listen to nice things today about myself with all the emotions I am holding inside to get through the current events...  But what I did hear was very nice...  Home got things in order and then headed to the Farm.  We stopped in at the hospital and saw Mary, John and Martha John on way in, they had a good time at the party last night.  We went up and had a nice visit with dad and then Russ, Nancy and mom arrived shortly after.  We all chatted a bit and then everyone but me left.  Dad and I talked about what needed done, where things were, made plans, covered our bases and talked about God a bit.  Michael stopped in and gave us an update on Louise, she is in a lot of pain and they will move here to hospice soon to get the pain under control.  When dad's supper came I headed out to the Farm to get some things done.  He was in good spirits and looks good and acts like himself.  Getting more anxious each day about the surgery (we all are).  We all jumped on the pug and checked the fences.  I turned off the water to the spring, looked for dad's glasses and then we went up to the house to get the family room ready for dad's arrival home.  Once things were situated we headed out looking for a place to eat and ended up at Denny's and everyone ate a ton.  Home trying to prep for the week...

20120512 - Hit Hit Party

20120512 - Up in the am and everyone out to G's first official Tballgame.  G had a blast and hit and fielded and slid headfirst into home and really had a blast!.

After the game we headed home and worked on getting ready for J's party.  I set up the challenge course and J&G tested it out over and over.

The next event was D's first baseball game of the spring and MAN WHAT A GAME!!!  D got two hug hits  HE STOLE HOME (I LOVE IT WHEN HE DOES THAT!!!) and did a fantastic job catching.  We played the toughest team in the league and the game was a real nail biter.  We thought we had it won, but the other team had another chance and pulled off a last second victory they certainly didn't deserve :-(

Back home putting the finishing touches on the place for J's party.  We had some family show up to help and it was a welcomed boost.  Mary, John, Martha and Lucia pitched in and we were ready in no time.  Pretty soon kids started showing up.  The 'Survivor' party was loaded with fun games, and the kids all had a great time.  They stayed way past the end time of the party and played until they couldn't see in the dark.

We cleaned up the party in time and went in for J to open his presents.  We were all exhausted and collapsed for the night.

The report for dad today was good today.  He had LOTS of visitors and is doing fine except for the anxiety of knowing his surgery is next Wednesday...

20120511 - ...other plans...

20120511 - Up in the am, same old same old. Then GmaW called and in her usual calm voice '... Well your father had a heart attack last night and I am in the hospital with him. You don't need to come up, there is nothing you can do...'. Yeah right...
I made a dozen quick calls and got in the car and made a dozen more on the road. I got to the room and checked in and dad was getting some tests done and still in a medicated fog. Many people were in and out throughout the day and L brought the boys up and they were very good. What we learned from the Dr. was that dad had a 99% blockage in his left anterior descending artery that he ballooned this morning. This kind of blockage is often called the 'widow maker'. But luckily dad spoke up last night and at 1am got mom up to take him to the hospital. She was pulled over by the police on the way in and jumped out of the car, told the officer her husband was having chest pains and he said 'follow me!' and called the ER and escorted them right to the door. After the main Dr. stopped I headed to the farm with a list of instructions and met up with L and the boys. LJ&G headed home and D&I got the pug and 4wheeler and headed out to get the fence working, bales fed, check on the dog and get books for dad to read. We headed back to the hospital, stopped to get some food and then checked on dad. He had many visitors since we were last there and some cousins were there wen we arrived. We got him settled into his new room and then help mom get to her car and on her way home. We headed south and stuck n a traffic jam, got to walk around on 71 a bit.. Life happened today, despite our other plans... Make each day count.

Here are the events the best I have gathered for the last 24hrs:

5/10 Thursday
11pm - Dad had a pain in chest, thought it was heart burn, took aspirin and drank a pop 

5/11 Friday
12am - Pain in chest still there getting worse, more aspirin, laid down
 1am - Dad woke mom up said take me to hospital
     - Police escort to hospital ER
 5am - Confirmed it was a heart attack, stabilized and in room
 9am - Heart cathetrization, ballooned a 99% block in the left anterior descending artery
10am - Mom calls me
12pm - I get to hospital, many friends and family were in and out throughout the day
 2pm - Johny and I check on Louise, 1 floor up
 3pm - Lori and boys arrive
 5pm - Dr. that did the cathetrization stopped in, said he saw 1 blockage that was about 60%
       the 99% block is the one he worked on and could see others further down, they will 
       keep him there for several days before doing the heart surgery.
 6pm - Dylan and I check the fence feed a couple bales bales of hay
 7pm - Back to the hospital, dad in new room in cardio icu where he will be until the surgery
 8pm - Mom, D&I headed out.

20120510 - Home Early

20120510 - Up and a quick bfast with Richard and Steve. In to the customer and gave our presentation and had good conversation and feedback. Got to the airport early and hopped and early flight to MDW where I was able to catch another earlier flight and got home at 7 instead of 9 :-) I had dinner with the fam, we watched a show about the ocean and then I got to put them to bed and read them a book. A quick trip, but there's no place like home.

20120509 - Holy Sole!

20120509 - Up and saw everyone off to school, except G, he got to skip today because he went with L to see D read poetry at school.  Later L got to go into J's school and have lunch with him as one of his 'Star Student' activities this week.  I got on a plane and headed to St. Louis where I met up with Richard and Steve.  We got our work done and had a fantastic dinner, one of my top 10 steaks EVER, and then I convinced them to take me to the World's Largest Shoe made out of shoes :-)  We drove through some really nice areas and awed at the mansions.  Back to the room, did some more work and off to bed.  Checked in with L and she had a good night at home, except for backing over Jack bike :-o  and GpaW bought a 4-wheeler that makes him sick :-s

20120508 - G is Loaded

20120508 - Up at the desk, trying to keep head above water.  got caught up, ran out for a hair cut.  L&G to visit GpaB, he is doing well and will get to go home today!  G&I helped Doc load a tiller, then back to the desk for a speedy afternoon.  Out of the office for dinner and to make some adjustments to the playset.  L off to zumba, D to baseball practice.  After D's practice we all went back to the school to play and chat with friends around the diamonds.  Home, snack, all boys to bed.  L&I watched some home videos.

20120507 - J Bars

20120507 - Up still sore and to the desk.  Took a break and picked up G form school and ran to the bank and got us some lunch.  When we got home G cut his foot on a sliver of glass and bleed like crazy.  L was a the Dr. with GpaB for his knee replacement and G was hysterical.  I got him settled, we ate and he played his iTouch until L got home.  I had calls then walked out for some air and to make a couple calls and J was playing on his new playset, he loves it but his hands are too sweaty to make it all the way across the monkey bars :-)   Back in to finish my day, then dinner with the fam.  D&I did trash and J&G fed Lilly and then went with L back to see GpaB.  D&I to Scouts.  Home afterwards and out fast to Bible Bangers.

20120506 - J Approves!

20120506 - Up in the am and L ran to pick up D from his overnight bday party. We headed to church for Sunday school. After church we stopped at the Home Depot to get a couple supplies and ran into some friends that didn't have room in there car for one of the three toilets they got, so we put it in our ginormous car and delivered it. Home and started building. Soon a couple guys showed up and we stared the last work on the playset. L&J headed to J's football game and D mowed while we knocked out the rest of the build and got things cleaned up. L got home an Gma&paW after J's game. He had a great game and they won again. He said he got to carry the ball 3 times and pulled 7 flags! I think we have found his sport :-) J came out to see the finished playset addition and really liked it and appreciated it, I could see it on his face. I took a moment with his as everyone else went to the house to eat and told him that I was happy to do it for him and that some day, when his little boy wanted a huge playset, no matter how busy or tired he was, he needed to stop and take the time to do it, because that is what we do for the people we love.

Soon the Cole's stopped by with food and we ate. Everyone left and L took the boys swimming at Gma&paB's hotel, GpaB is getting his other knee replaced tomorrow. I stayed home and clears up the tools and garage. The fam made it home before I was done, but I finished up in time to tuck them in.

20120505 + Jacks BIG Birthday Present

20120505 + Up in the am and tried to bribe J out of building an addition to the playset saying he could have anything he wanted. He asked for a lizard, so on with the building plans... L took D&G to get their baseball pictures taken, while J&I got in Docs truck and headed to Giant Eagle for beer and hot dog and Home Depot for supplies. Home by 11 and got everything unloaded and carried back. I had one fella and his son helping, plus DJ&G dig the holes for the uprights. J guided the first beam into the hole and the build was underway... Soon L&D headed back to his scrimmage and the troops started showing up, 2, 4, 3, 2 - soon the backyard was full of kids and men playing an building.

We had laughing, playing, building, hot dogs and beer. We worked until we couldn't see anymore and cleaned up with just a bit more work for tomorrow. Inside sore and slow. Boys to bed and cleaned up and to bed myself.

20120504 - Separate Ways

20120504 - Up in the am and at the desk like a mad man all day. Out after work and L took J&G back to the school for their year end carnival. D&I headed in to town and hit the Hometown Buffet, YUM! We had a good meal and he revealed to me that his girlfriend dumped him on Wednesday :-( We chatted about some more stuff an left. I had to give the waiter my winning lotto ticket because I didn't have cash for a tip (his lucky day, it was a $13 winner :-) Over to Best Buy and we got a new printer. To the pet store where we found some golden doodles and seed for Pety. Home and we hooked up
The new hpeprinter, that just 'works' with all our iDevices... L and the boys home an we talked to J about what he wants for his birthday. He has his mind set on an addition to the playset... After the boys went to bed I tried to figure out how I could do this in 2 days, as his bday party is NEXT WEEKEND :-o I got the tape out and laid it out on the kitchen floor. When I finally figured out it was possible I started texting everyone I know that cod help (11:55). By 2:00am I had the blueprints and materials list finalized. Off for a bit of rest before a huge weekend...

20120503 - Down and Out

20120503 - Up, sluggish and drugged from this cold thing that kept me up most of the night. Just making through the day. Did run out for a meeting a lunch with a warehouse guy. Home and finished the day, got the main things done. Had dinner and L off to Zumba, D in his room trying to get caught up on school work, JG&I out back. I threw 2 buckets of balls to G and he hit them well. Then J&I took on G in a game of kickball. It was a good, slow, calm game. Getting dark, all in, L home. Little boys to bed. L&I up helping D with homework. Bed early, still beat down.

20120502 - I've been SOLD (AGAIN!)

20120502 - Up and to the desk. The first order of business was to find out that the company I work for has been sold... Ugh! Worked all day. Ha dinner with the fam: beef short ribs that D&J thought tasted funny... I fixed D's catching gear while G danced to Michael Jackson... Then J&I went to his football practice and did great, he's a runner. Home and J&I back to D's baseball practice where G got to run the bases. Home and relaxing, still feeling crappy, bed early.

20120501 - Happiest Boy in the World!

20120501 - UP in the am and G home with me for the day. He hung out and watched TV, played his touch and had lots of snacks. I was stuck in the office and he did great taking care of himself. I worked a solid fast day and got a ton done, mostly on the phone all day. Everyone home for dinner and then out we go. L to Zumba, D to base ball practice and JG&I to G's baseball practice. G did AMAZING at practice. All the parents were like 'look at that kid, he has to be the coach's son'. NOPE he is mine :-) he hustles on ever move, very serious and very good actions and spot on throws. After practice we went to Home Depot to get air filters and then to Dick's to get G some grey baseball pants. We stopped at Sonic to get slushes and then to pick up D. D was in full catchers gear doing a great job. Home and all boys to bed. I fell like I have been hit by a truck so relaxed and watched a movie and to bed early.=