20160831 - More Hunting

20160831 - Up in the am and dropped J off at his bus stop on the way in to work. I did a drive of the outside of the building this am and took a call before I got in the door. Staff meetings int he morning and visitors in the afternoon. I headed out a few minutes early to pick up some auction items and to take G to his practice but got stuck in horrible traffic and didn't get home until after 6. L took G to practice, D listed things on line, J had cross country. JD&I ate and then J&I headed to Creekside with his buddy Conor to do some Pokemon hunting and D ran and got DGF7 to come over for a bit. All back home and an early night. I stayed up looking for things on auctions and watched the original 'Oceans 11'.

20160830 + NO SWIMMING

20160830 + UP in the am and in to work. Typical day. L went to visit D's Guidance Counselor today. Home and D at GF7, J at soccer practice, L left to go to J's school's open house. G&I got something to eat, got our swimsuits on and headed out to pick J up from practice. J's practice ran long, we stopped at a local auction house to pick things up and then realized we didn't have enough time to make it to the pool... so JG&I hit Creekside to do some Pokemon hunting and catch some cool things. Home and boys cleaned up, D home, day done.

20160829 - Back on Schedule

20160829 - Up late and into work. Morning full of meetings and trying to get ahead. Headed home and was too late to get to J's cross country meet, but LD&G were there. It was REALLY HOT and J ran a bit slower at 17min and change. All home and ate quick. Then DJ&I headed to Scouts. I delivered all the merit badges and got some other business done and then sat out front of the church relaxing and chatting with some of the dads. Meeting over and we headed home. D packed up a bunch of ebay stuff and I got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers. This is the first typical school Monday since the summer.

20160828 - Back to Bases

20160828 - Up late, L&J out early to pick J up from his overnight bday party then get his soccer pictures taken, D to his baseball game, L home, dropped of J and then took Lena out for her bday, JG&I picked up DGF7 and headed to D's baseball game. It was HOT, but good to see D playing again. We had taken a cooler of stuff for lunch and had a picnic in the stands, L showed up for game 2 and witnessed the longest inning in the history of baseball. JG&I headed out, swung by home and dropped a tired J off and G&I on to G's 1st scrimmage with his new team. He got his hat and practice jersey, very cute. They did ok against a travel team a year older. Super HOT and no shade, L showed up to watch the scrimmage too. It was called due to lightening halfway through G's 2nd at-bat and he was a bit disappointed. Home and JG&I headed to Creekside to do some Pokemon hunting before swinging by the Chinese place to pick up dinner. home and ate while we watched a cute show. D home and everyone settled and to bed. Up late looking at auctions.

20160827 + Real Boy Fun

20160827 + Up in the am and all to J's xc meet. They had to run up a huge hill and it was blasted hot. J ran a 16:25. D off to help with his buddy's eagle project. L&J headed to Lena's for her bday party. G&I ran to the scout store, got hair cuts, G's first real haircut, got groceries and home for lunch on the back porch and watching the little league world series. J to a buddy's for an overnight bday party. LG&I to McClain's block party, D at DGF7. G and his buddies hooked up a clothes basket to a couple bikes and took tuns pulling each other around the court. Real boy fun!

20160826 - 17 Fast Years

20160826 - Up to work Gma&paW stopped by for a tour of the plant.  I took them all over and tried to explain all the different things we do there.  They met all the usual characters and it was nice to  have them come in and see what I do.  Finished the day and headed home. D wanted to go to  BWs for his bday dinner, Gma&paW went with us.  D, too big, left us there and met his friends at the high school football game.  D had a good time and came home and told us all about the game.

20160825 - On the Hunt

20160825 - Up in the am and in to work, tired from the quick trip but a the desk.  Had a full day and headed home.  G&I picked J up from soccer practice and swung by Creekside on  the way home to catch some Pokemon.

20160824 + Pirates Ahoy!

20160824 + Up and D&I walked down the road to have a huge bfast at DeLuca's. We headed towards the park and stopped by the Pittsburgh sports and Heinz ketchup museum. There was some cool stuff there. We then headed out for more walking and headed over the river to our great seats to watch the Houston Astros at Pittsburgh Pirates. After the 1st inning D got the ball throw in to the stands from the first-baseman. It was a good game and we got D a shirt and hat. After the game we walked to where the 3 rivers meet and caught some Pokemon. We walked through the downtown and stopped at a Brazilian restaurant for a good dinner and avoid some of the traffic. In the car and D drove me home. We got home before LJ&G from G's baseball practice. What a fun fast trip.

20160823 - D&ME TO PA

20160823 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a full morning of meetings and updating actions. Home a bit early to get D and he drove me to Pittsburgh. J had a xc meet this evening and ran a 16:45. D&I drove and drove, making a couple stops for some of the World's Largest things and Pokemon. We came to the tunnel and POW, I love how the city explodes right in front of you and you are right in the middle of it. We got the hotel, checked in and walked to the famous Primanti Brothers for huge sandwich, #2 best seller. The sandwiches come with coleslaw and fries on them, it was a new experience for D. We walked a bit further for Pokemon and ice cream. Back to hotel, we could see the stadium from the room, and watched the game taking place there on TV.

20160822 + Ready to Go

20160822 + UP in the am dragging and into work.  A pretty busy and productive day.  Home and had dinner with LJ&G, D was umping a game and then went to DGF7's.  LG&I dropped J of at Scouts and I checked in with the guys on advancements.  LG&I then headed to the High School to walk around and meet D's teachers, they all love him...  We ran into a ton of parents we knew and both commented that it is strange that we always run into the same people at these events.  Home and dropped off L&G, J got himself a ride home.  I got Doc and we went to Bible Bangers.  Home after Bible Bangers and L&I gave D his card with the tickets to the Pittsburgh Pirates game Wednesday and told him to let his teachers know he wont be in school Wednesday :-)

20160821 - Catching On

20160821 - Up and sent D off to Mansfield to go up to an Indians game with one of his buddies and Gma&paW, his first trip up 71 alone :-o  Up late and chained to the desk most of the Day.  J&G at each others throats most of the day...  They rode to Subway to get lunch and we could hear them arguing on their way back.  J had some friends come over and they all went to Creekside to hunt Pokemon.  L ran to school to get some stuff done.  I took G to baseball practice in Granville this evening.  Home and L&J watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.  D home and told us all about his trip, he had a blast.  Up VERY LATE balancing the numbers.

20160820 - Exotic Vehicles

20160820 - D&I put a new belt on the mower, trimmed the vines on the west side of the house, finished installing the barn siding under new countertop and cleaned the garage wood rack.  We ran to get power steering fluid and gas for D's car.  Then D headed to DGF7 while LJG&I headed to Gary & Marlene's hog roast to hand out, get a bit wet, visit and drive exotic vehicles.

20160819 - Paying Off

20160819 - UP in the am and lackadaisical J left the house late, not worried about the bus as 'it always comes late'. On my way to work I see jack sprinting to the bus stop as the bus pulls up. Looks like his cross country training is paying off. Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza Pokemon Hunting With J&G

20160818 - Junior Year!

20160818 - Up in the am and saw D off to school, first day of his Junior year :-o  Big boy drove himself to school for the first day.  Off to work and meetings and org charts day.  Got a lot done, headed home a bit late.  Home and ate with the fam. D&I went out to fix the mower and found the blade was severely bent :-o  G&I headed out for some Pokemon hunting and stopped by his old baseball team's practice to drop off a phone case.  We then headed to Home Depot to get a new mower blade.  Home and D&I replaced the mower blade and got the mower running, but it was then to dark to see where he was mowing.  D&G went out to hit some balls and I hung out and drunk a beer.  All in and watched some of the Olympics while I got Pittsburgh Pirates tickets for D&I for next Wednesday before heading to bed.

20160817 + Day at the Clippers

20160817 + Up in the am and day 1 of school for J&G.  We got the boys up and got them ready for school, pictures by the mailbox and off they went.  D doesn't start until to morrow so L and him had a nice day at home and lunch together.  I got some things done at work and then Dave and I took 4 employees to a Clippers game for a day of fun.  After the game we headed back to work and I stayed to get some past due things done.  Home and L&J at his cross country and soccer practices, D out bowling and put-putting with DGF7 and G&I got some food and when L&J got home and cleaned up we headed to the McClain's to hang out.  Good time at the McClain's, home and boys to bed, D home, shipping things and getting ready for his first day of school.

20160816 - Spooky Movie

20160816 - Up in the am and in to work.  A day full of meetings and watching the rain come down.  I headed home late and D was going to ump tonight but it was rained out so he hung out with some friends and DGF7.  L&G watched the Olympics while J&I watched 'Mothman Prophecies' that tied in nicely to our Dad and Me day.  He liked the movie even though it was a little spooky.

20160815 + Wet Game

20160815 + UP in the am very sore and slow...  Got to work and spent most of the day cleaning up and getting organized.  At the end of the day I rushed home and ate, D filled out some baseball forms and ran some errands for me, L was with J at cross country and soccer.  I ate fast and then LDJG & DGF7 headed to the Clippers game.  It was raining a bit but we got some good seats and enjoyed watching the game and catching Pokemon with Daniel and his girlfriend, Dave's son from work.  The Clippers won and we headed home with some very tired, anxious, grumpy boys: School starts in 2 days :-o

20160814 - Day 3 J's Dad & Me Day

20160814 - UP and packed, a bit stiff and stopped down at the main office and because more than 3 people bought videos of the trip and got a bit of a refund and a fancy little camping cup for J. We hit the road for some Pokemon hunting and stopped at a great little restaurant for bfast.  On to Charleston to find some Pokemon at the State Capital building.  Then we ventured on toward the Ohio River where we stopped for a couple weenies at Hillbilly Hot Dogs, it was awesome!  Hit more famous spots and Pokemon. drove through the southern most point in OH and worked our way over to Portsmouth where we caught some rare Pokemon and saw the cool murals on the flood walls.  Our last stop was a steakhouse in Chillicothe where we had an awesome meal.  Home late, but another great weekend with one of my favorite people in the world.  I love you Jack!

20160813 - Day 2 J's Dad & Me Day = Whitewater Adventure!

20160813 - Up in the am and J&I down to the lodge for some bfast.  We ate and had plenty of time to relax and watch some swimmers before we headed up to the meeting point where we met Jimbo our raft guide, who would later same our lives...  We got all suited up and took a very bumpy ride to the Lower New River.  Jack intently listened to all of the safety instructions (good thing, it would come in handy...)  We got tot he launch point and carried our boat to the water for the adventure to begin.  On the river we hit our first couple of rapids, everything went great, until we tried to 'surf' on on of the hydraulics.  It was at this point I was sucked out of the boat (for the 1st time of the day).  Back in the boat and down the river through some bigger and bigger rapids.  We did our first class 5 of the day and it was amazing, J seemed to be enjoying himself.  We stopped for lunch and chilled out by the river.  Back in the boat and we came to the jump rock, where J&I took a 30 foot leap off a cliff into the river (2nd time I almost died...)   From there we came to a HUG class 5 called 'Double Z'  a very dangerous rapid.  Here we went WAY UP, then WAY DOWN, then J&I were sucked out of the boat at the most dangerous point of our trip.  I fought to get J back in the boat and got sucked down when I went over 'Table Rock', pretty scary stuff.   I stretched out my legs and arms in the weightlessness of getting thrashed about by the water and then the safety talk kicked in and I balled up and shot to the surface.  What seemed a long time takes only a couple of seconds in the video...  (3rd and final time I almost died...)  J got back in the boat first, we were pretty shaken up and beat from getting dumped out in the rough water. On down the river through some calmer rapids and finished the trip

We took the bouncy ride back to the resort and J wanted to head straight to the water park again.  I put on the life vest and just floated around the lake, exhausted from the days rafting.  J did all of the obstacles including the zip line.  I don't know where he gets his energy.  After our swim we ate in the lodge, they had a whole pig on the counter and we picked at that until we were full.  Back to the campsite and we dried off , changed and had a little fire.  What a fantastic day with a fantastic boy.  When I asked if he liked it he replied, 'It was WAY BETTER than any roller coaster I have ever been on.  Can we do this again next year?"  NO!

20160812 - Day 1 J's Dad & Me Day

20160812 - Up in the am and Jack and I headed south through an obscure route towards WV.  We took this route to maximize our Pokemon hunting, World's Largest finds, and so we would pass through Point Pleasant to learn about the Mothman Prophecies.  We toured the Monthman museum and walked along the river front to see where the actual bridge that collapsed was.  J was all into it and wants to watch the movie when we get home.  On through the hills of WV stopping at various World's Largest hot spots along the way.  We got stopped for hours in Charleston in traffic, but finally worked our way around it until we arrived at ACE Adventures, deep in the woods.  We got checked in and I paid an addition couple hundred of $s to make sure we had a video guy on the trip tomorrow...  We got set up in our tent cabin, changed and then hit the water park.  It is sort of a Wipe Out course with tons of things to climb on, a zip line and a huge pillow thing that one person sits on the end and the other jumps off a platform launching the one sitting.  Jack was sitting, I jumped and J was LAUNCHED about 40 feet into the air.  The dude said it was the highest one he had seen today.  J &I swam around and tried everything out.  It was a hoot!  Out of the water and we got some dinner in the bar and then hunkered down for the night.  

20160811 - 7th GradEARs

20160811 - UP in the am and in to work.  Nothing exciting today.  J went and picked up his schedule for 7th grade.  So big.  His ears I mean  ;-)

20160810 +Pokedorks

20160810 + Up in the am and dragging in to work...  GmaB was in town today so the rest of the fam spent some time with her.  D got himself a new pair of cleats and J had Cross Country (XC) today and ran and ran a blister right onto his heel.  So when I got home I made him walk some more.  JG&I walked to the CVS through Creekside so we could catch a bunch of Pokemon.  We walked and walked and didn't get home until it got dark.