060529 - After dinner walk at Creekside

060529 - GMA&PA Farmer & Paulette stoped for dinner @ City Bar B Que. After dinner, Low & I took the boys to the creek

060529 - McD's 4 lunch

060529 - Cleaned out the toys and then headed out for a bite, errands and some fun.

060529 - Working on our scooter

060528 - Slip n Slide

060528 - Outdoor fun on the Slip n Slide and at the neighbors.

060526 - Silly string fun

060526 - Worked all day then all packed up and went to the Curran's for dinner and silly string.

060525 - Friends at Friendship

060525 - worked all day had dinner and took the boys to meet some friends at the park. Sparky and bear went to the beautyshop today. Lori is having a very pregnant day...

060522 -Outside all night

060522 - I worked all day on DTV. we had a quick dinner and then to Howdy's game. He was a bit distracted but the still won 13-1 in the bottom of the 5th. home played in the backyard, in for bath and bed. I am heading out for coffee with the boys tonight.
060521 - Up and the boys were already at the barn. I showed dad how to use the software I built for him and then we headed home. Both the boys fell asleep in the car. Got home hung out and read the paper, then tried to fly kites, no wind, no luck. Got the boys cleaned up, read them a book and put them to bed, their eyes were rolling back they had such a fun and exhausting weekend. L&I stayed up to watch Desperate house wives.

060520 - Paintball

060520 - Lori and the boys playin at the farm, I'm out in the woods shootin my friends! Everyone having a good time! Lori and I out to see the Davinci Code, very good movie. Hearing it is getting bad reviews, well those must be coming from people that have not read the book. Very well done and if you didn't read the book I can see how you would be completely lost... Back to the farm and i stayed up almost all night building a piece of software for dad...

060519 - Up to the farm

060519 - To St. Anns in the morning. IT'S A BOY!!!! Worked rest of day then ran errands and then headed up to the farm.

060509 - I can't move in this

060509 - Howdy plays catcher... His team the Green Jackets would go on to a 23 to 2 victory over the Blue Claws. The kids play a much different game than T-Ball this year, very impressive the change in them... More game to come...

060507 -End of the weekend

060507 - L,D&J to church, I worked on the grill and got lunch ready. After lunch I took the boys out on errands. Home fixed the screen, planted some plants and then hung out in the back yard.

060506 - Baseball time!

060506 - Dylans first official game was today. They did really well, much improved over T-Ball!!! They played 'Express' ans WON, 7 to 5!!! Dylan got a hit, made it to first base and an RBI, WAY TO GO HOWDY!!!
Went shopping for flowers after the game, then home to plant them. I made L a new flower box for under the kitchen window.
Gma Farmer over and took the boys to the playground then out to eat with her friends. I built a trap-door in the play fort that has a counter balance on it so even Jack can pull the string and open the door at the top of the ladder. In for the night, watched 'Hoodwinked' and Howdy stayed up late with me watching TV and planning for the next steps in the base renovation.

060505 - Friends and Pizza

060505 - Dixon and Shupe's over for pizza and play. 7 kids and we are out numbered....