20220620 - Up in the am, L and hazel on a walk and I got ready for work. L home, moved her car and I headed to the Worthington office, I LOVE driving the Mercedes! To the desk in an almost empty office and getting things done and rearranged so I can take the next 2 days off with L&J to head to Kent St. Cory and I walked down to Jet's to get some lunch and hung out watching the pawn store show for lunch. Back on the PC for a call and then to finish out the day. Home and worked on the car a bit. Got some things done at the desk and got packed up. L&G dropped G's car off at the Amos' so it could get detailed and I picked them up. I dropped them back off at home and then got $108 worth of gas :-o Went through the car wash and then headed home. We hung out the rest of the night, ready for a couple busy days ahead.