19911229 - Farm Chicks

19911229 - This is me, Jen McMillen (now Smith) and Joe Dixon at the farm. We often had visitors come and help us milk and do chores. And when they were pretty girls we always tried to take advantage of that...

19910807 - Working on the tractor

19910807 - Not sure you can read the scanned in photo. It says August 7th 1991, Mark and I replaced water pump and head gasket 2:30 -8:30. Tractor is still running so we must not have assed it up too bad ;-)

19910709 - Painting & Jonathon

19910709 - Working on the Farm was hard work. It was always nice to have friends around to help out. In the top pic there is Michelle ?, me, Max Watson, Amy ?, Mark Ransom and Jonathon Kohler. On this day we were painting the North side of Granda Mary Winger's garage. Looks we had lots of fun. The bottom picture is Jonathon governing the ground corn as we augered it into the feed bin that runs down to the milking parlor. He looks very excited to be helping out. Jonathon would come to the farm for a week or so just to help out. i can remember the torturous times we put him through. Oh the good old days!