20141231 - Happy New Year!

20141231 - Up in the morning and hanging out.  Made a trip to the store, it was a MAD HOUSE!  Home and we got some goodies ready and headed over to the McClain's for a New Years Eve Party.  We hung out and played games and rang in the new year!

20141230 + Slow

20141230 + Up in the am and into work.  It was a super slow day.

20141229 - Movie - Exodus

20141229 - Up in the morning and into work.  Nice slow day.  Home and the fam went to the Movie - Exodus

20141228 + Winger Family Christmas

20141228 + Up in the am. D helped GpaW wash the cars and vacuum out the dog car. Little boys to barn. I got some pictures of the barn siding in the family room for a website background.  Then everyone packed up and we headed out. The first stop was a store to get J's shoes exchanged. We ran into Dave in the store.  On to John & Mary Terry's for the Winger Christmas Party.  There were a lot of people there and it was a great time loaded with food, fun and family. We played some games and hung out, there were gifts passed out and a joke telling session. After the party we headed back to the Farm to get Lilly. The little boys wanted to stay but G had a fever and it would be too much driving for it to work out.  On the road with some sad boys...  Got home, everyone cleaned up, tried to get all the stuff we got put away, and we watched a movie.

20141227 - Halsteads @ the Farm

20141227 - Up in am, all packed up and headed to the Farm with the whole fam + Lilly.  The Halsteads came to the Farm for a holiday visit and we had good time, kids played nice.  Dinner at Chinese restaurant.  Home watching TV, trying to copy OhioOrigins website to move it.

20141226 - Smooth and Clean

20141226 - Up late, at desk getting a bunch done.  Played Telestrations with everyone, fun!  D&I shipped a box of skulls and got subs.  Watched a movie with the fam.  L getting things organized and cleaned up.

20141225 - Merry Christmas!

20141225 - Up at 6am for the present opening to begin... yawn...  We had a lovely day, only a few brother conflict interventions required...  D older, saw some feeling when brothers opening his stuff and some disappointment when opening his own...  He's at an odd age where you start to learn the older you get the less exciting gifts become...  Everyone here for lunch, nice lunch, opened more stuff.  Hung out playing with new stuff and played the Xbox.  Up late watching movies with D&J.

20141224 - Punching Santa

20141224 - Up stopped at Kroger on way to work and got some (200) candy canes.  In to work and shook everyone's hand and thanked them and wished them Merry Christmas.  We decided to let everyone leave early today if they wanted.  I went to the back and helped put stuff away.

Home and to The Cole's with the fam.  I never realized how most of the things in there house was given to them by Gma&paB, the kitchen table, the chairs all over the house, even the Christmas tree.  Had some good conversations with people, Like the missionary cousins that by the end of 2015 plans to own 20 rental properties, guess they don't need my donations to survive anymore.  We ate, we hid beer cans in the Christmas tree, We got gifts, we came home and hung out.  Little boys to bed, up late talking with Gma&paB.  Santa arrived about 1am.

20141223 - Gift Wraped

20141223 - Up in the am and into work.  I was greeted by my desk gift wrapped :-)  Another holiday day that had unexpected turns and some actual accomplishments.  Earlier in the day I texted D and had him watch for Doc to leave and then go put a couple of surprises in his yard.  D did a great job and the new additions to Doc's decorations look great!  Home and D gone to a friends, we ate and then J&I wrapped gifts while L&G made cookies.  Then the boys and I each played a round of Titanfall.  Upstairs to ice some cookies and then some LEGO time in the playroom.  L&I up watching a movie.

20141222 - Shopping

20141222 - Up in am and in to work.  Holiday time so trying to get caught up and deal with the odd stuff that happens this time of year...  Home fast and grabbed a hot dog and J&I out shopping.  We went to Kohl's first and then to Best Buy.  J was thrilled with his gifts and really puts a lot of time and thought into it.  To the theater where we met up with D&G and my only 2 min of the day to talk to L.  We met up with the Pettit boys and saw the new Hobbit movie.  It was great!  G&J talked through most of it :-)  Home and all boys to bed, I stayed up and got the ghost off the new monitor.

20141221 - Chef D

20141221 - L left early to Gma&paB;s to get the little boys.  D&I up late.  Got some paperwork done and then D and I out and shipped some packages and some Christmas shopping.  We took a break and was the movie Fury.  Then some more Christmas shopping done.  Home and D cooked dinner, John stopped over for some baseball stuff.  Up late doing things on the PC while D played xbox.

20141220 + Christmas Party

20141220 + J&G at Gma&paW's for the Polar express.  I did some paperwork and then D&I shipped some stuff and then picked Eric up to take him back to work to pic up his car and we looked around the factory a bit.  Home and I ran D to Joshes for the night.  L dressed up all pretty and we went to my companies 1st every management Christmas party.  Good time, a lot of condolences to L for putting up with me and a nomination for sainthood.  Food was OK, couple people had a bit too much.  But overall it was a great night. Home not too late.

20141219 - Ugly Sweeters

20141219 - Up d to school, in to work for ugly sweeter day and our holiday give away and lunch.  I ate and ate and walked around and talked to everyone.  Good times.  had a managers meeting the resssst of the day.  Home picked up dinner for L&D, J&G went home with Gma&paB for a couple of days.  Installed a bigger screen in the office and got 3 monitors working.  Up late watching D play xbox.

20141218 + 100!

20141218 + Up, D to school and in to work.  Home and picked up boys for a Pack meeting.

20141217 - Straight Ahead

20141217 - Up in the am and had bfast with Eric as he was on calls.  A chaotic drive to the airport and then sitting for 8 hours to get home.  Jack had a Dr. appointment and got 4 shots!  :-o  Got to Columbus and grabbed a cab and had him drive me through McD's to get some food. Home and talked to L for a couple min before crashing.

20141216 - Onsite

20141216 - Up in the am and to MSFT. Long day of meetings on  the xbox floor.  Out to dinner and then back to the hotel up late trying to convert to a windows phone :-S

20141215 - Big Hill

20141215 - Up in the an and ran D to school. Home and saw J&G off to school as well. L got her stuff together and headed to school too. I hung out and got a couple last min things done before my buddy Penn picked me up to take me to the airport. Caught all mt flights ok through Detroit to Seatle. The scenery coming in is fantastic!  My Rainier is huge and covered with snow.

I met up with Eric and we got a conference room and prepped for tomorrow's meeting. Then went to a cute over proved Italian joint for dinner. Checked in with L and D is working real hard this last week of the grading period, doing some cool projects. J had scouts and Vinnie sent me a video of the boys singing Jingle Bells in Chinese in preparation for Thursday nights Pavk meeting. Back to the room and crashing for the night.

20141214 - All about the $

20141214 - baseball parent meeting this evening, all about $$$$$$$$$$$$

20141213 - Pick up and Drop Off

20141213 - L up early and got D.  Up in the am and plenty tired, all of us are.  L went to bfast with her friends.  I ran and got J from his lock-in at the church.  Home and we hung out until L got home and then took G to a bday party.  D finally up and doing homework and I got stuff done at the desk.  D&I picked G up from the bday party.  Home got a couple more things done and then out to run some errands: WOW to drop off a cable box, Steak-n-Shake and GFS for fortune cookies.  We dropped D off to see a movie about himself and his friends (Dumb and Dumber to).  Home and watching a movie with little boys.

20141212 - Graph

20141212 - Up D to school, in to work, out to shop floor, blew a gasket, wireless, wired, main program, nutting working, backlog in sight, furious.  Home friends over for dinner, J to a lock-in at the church, D to a lock-in with the Scouts.  Friends stayed late, had a blast, laughed so herd we nearly peed ourselves.

20141211 - Checked Off

20141211 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school.  While we were crossing the intersection to where I drop him off there was a noticeably very attractive girl on the very empty corner.  I said 'who is that?', he said 'Oh she is the prettiest girl in school'.  When D got out of the car I whistled as loud as I could at her, she spun and looked right at D, mission complete...  In to work, really long frustrating day.  Home, ran G to Scouts, and then home to just relaxed a bit, cleaned up and played Titanfall till late.

20141210 + Hanging Out

20141210 + UP in the am and a normal day. Home and hung out with G around the Christmas tree.

20141209 - Something on his Nose

20141209 - worked, home, ate, signed refi paperwork, guys car dead in front of house, bob barnette's cousin, board of review, home late, up late working on computer.

20141208 - Mondays are Crazy

20141208 - UP and a slow start in am and dropped D off on the way to work.  Had a busy day of unplanned events...  Home late, L already gone to the school to hear about the new testing J's class will have to do... I took DJ&G to Scouts.  The boys practiced the trust fall tonight.  Home and got doc and off to Bible Bangers for a good discussion.  Jeff and I discussed CREI.  Home and attempting to catch up...

20141207 + Sam's Bday

20141207 + UP and all to church. J went home with Mallonns, D doing homework.  J cooked dinner (Mac & Cheese)  Cub Scout planning meeting with Vinnie, not a lot of talk about cub master...  Worked on pc when had time all day.  D to youth group at church.  Watched Librarian.  To Sam's bday party, bowling.  Grant took a big nap

20141206 - Not a Tech

20141206 - Woke up on the couch at 4:45am.  Oddly enough got a text at about 5am that the power was out at work and everyone was locked out of the building.  Took care of that and then got a little bit of sleep.  LD&J to the toy drive at church.  G&I out for lunch, some Christmas shopping, bought a computer and to the scout store for presents and Blue and Gold gifts.  Finally made it home and started working on the PC.  Jack over to Mallonn's to make candy.  D to a friends for the game, Bill, Brady and Amaya can over to watch the game.  WHAT A GAME!  Up late configuring the PC.  G took my old PC apart, not sure I would hire him as a PC tech...

20141205 - Baseball Party

20141205 - Up in the am, dropped D off at school and on to work.  Had a crazy day moving people around and had some pretty frank discussions with people about their jobs.  Continued throughout the day, max stress...  Home and picked up G and to his baseball party.  Hung out there and then home to finish wacthing the Oregon football game.

20141204 + Slim Sailling

20141204 + Worked late, home, scouts with grant, boat races, home shipped stuff on dying pc, bed exhausted.

20141203 - Phamily Foto

20141203 - Up in the am and dropped D off on the way to work.  Fast and furious day at work, got a lot done.  Home and we all got dressed up and headed to the church for a family photo.  It went pretty smooth and the picture look nice.  Home and my buddy Vinnie stopped over to discuss Boy Scouts.  He sees all the chaos at the meetings and is a bit worried about the organization.  LD&I walked him through how it all works and he relaxed and 'got it': mission accomplished :-)  Vinnie stayed until late and we discussed everything under the sun.

20141202 - Tree Up

20141202 - Up in the am and dropped D off on the way to work.  Had a busy day and then home late for a bite to eat and then back out to deliver a wreath and get my hair cut.  Up late trying to get my desk PC working. L&G got the tree up tonight.

20141201 - Trifecta

20141201 - Work, whirligig day.  Home ate and took D&J to Scouts.  Home, got Doc headed to Bible Bangers.  New guy Greg is bringing order and freshness to the group.  Good Stuff!  Grant's class said pledge of allegiance on radio this morning.  J's Den working on trust exercises with Boy Scouts.

20141130 + November Ends

20141130 + Up in am, D left with Steph to go to Wooster for her family's Thanksgiving.  LJ&I to Church.  J went home with the Mallonns.  L&I went to Goodwill and got me some clothes and then had lunch at Panera.  Home and teaching L how to do bills.  Gma&paW brought G home. J and Conor to our house to play for a bit. Ha some dinner L ran Conor home little boys cleaned up and we all sat on the couch and watched Lassie Come Home. Little boys to bed, Pettit's over to watch Walking Dead, Beth died, what a horrible ending :-(  L ran and got D from his day on the road. Up watching Clark Griswald ring in the new year! :-)

20141129 + Double Diamond Party Lights

20141129 + Up in the am and LDJ&I headed to the Pettit's for a OSU Michigan game party.  It was a good time and OSU won!  Home after the game and we put lights out front.  Then D went to a party and J&I played some Titanfall while L made a wreath for the front door.  D back home and we ate and watched some more football.

20141128 - Cone Haed

20141128 - UP in the am and L&I out shopping.  Gma&paW did some things around the Farm and then headed to a movie.  We didn't get as much in years past because everything is cheaper online and we just held off.  But we did put a serious dent in our list.  We met up with the boys and Gma&paW at BWs for dinner and then headed back to the Farm to pack up.  On the road in good time and we left G there far a couple of days as an only child.

Home and car cleaned out, we all settled in.  DJ&I stayed up late playing Titanfall, J got me a gooser!  L&I stayed up and got almost the rest of our shopping done at Amazon.

20141127 - Thanks for a Great Day

20141127 - UP in the am and D&I out hunting with the guys.  I stepped on one and missed, thought I had the safety on, and had another fly right in front of me, pulled the trigger and nuttin....  I had an empty shell in the chamber... D thought this was hilarious.  Well with a shell in the gun te next bird to pass didn't stand a chance, BLAM got him!  D got one today too!  In all we got 6!  Back to the spring house to clean them and then up to the house to get cleaned up.

Down the Farm House for a Thanksgiving feast and to celebrate GmaW's bday.  It was a much smaller crowd this year, but the food and family were great.  Good conversations and no real melt downs by the boys.  We had a nice relaxing afternoon. playing games and talking with everyone.

We got the Farm House cleaned up and back up to the house for more food, conversation and a movie.

20141126 - Set them 'Free'

20141126 - UP in the am and getting things ready to roll.  L drove all of us up to the Farm.  We got there in good time and I set up to get some work done.  I got a ton of email done while D helped GpaW with some chores and the little boys played and hung out.  Roger and Mary soon showed up with a car full of pheasants.  We suited up and went out to help 'seed' the fields for the hunt tomorrow. D has it down pat, J is really good at it and doing it all on his own this year, G is still a bit frighted and just watches.  Mary dd it for the first time, and GmaW came out to watch for the first time.  We let 20 of the out.  Back in from the cold and we had a Chinese feast.  Up watching a movie and then to bed in pretty good time.