20160630 - Serious Baseball

20160630 - Up in the am and headed to work. L&D to Cincinnati w/ GmaB for tournaments. D played 5 innings at 2nd base and got 8 outs, but they still lost :-( John picked G up and took him to the game in Pickerington, J out with the Mallon's to a pro lacrosse game and had a blast. I left from work and met G's team at the field in Pickerington. it was LONG GAME... We won 38-11. It was a LONG game... After the game G&I went to meet his new coach. He has a VERY impressive setup; a batting cage with a virtual stadium machine, a pool, basketball court in the basement and a full size wiffle ball field, with dirt baselines and grass infield, home run fence, and scoreboard. G was very impressed. Got home abut 11 and JG&I had some dinner. ALL to bed.

20160629 + Wrong One!

20160629 + Up in the morning and making preparations for the new countertop to show up at 11... 12... 1... Finnally the guys showed up and we were ready to go! HOLD ON A SEC... We bought a counter with NO SEAMS, why are there 3 pieces + a seam??? Hit the brakes... no counters for us today... I talked to the company and they are going to get us a new piece... in a couple of week... so the guys installed the 3 peice countertop for now so we had something to use until the new one came in... We packed up in the afternoon and headed to Powell to play in a second championship game against the team that beat us last night. We lost again :-( but D won his game! All home and settled in for a busy busy couple of days coming up on the road.

20160628 - 2 Losses

20160628 - Up in the am and in to work.  Headed out to G's game.  D had a game in Upper Arlington, they lost.  And amazingly G's team lost with a ton of errors :-(  This game was for the division championships...  All home and in bed excited to get our new counters tomorrow.

20160627 - Demolition

20160627 - Up SLOW and to work. L had a dentist appointment this morning to get her teeth cleaned. I worked a full day trying to get caught up from being out last week and on the road all weekend... I had another call from a coach about G... Home and Bill and Tom stopped over for a beer at Doc's and then over to our place to help rip out our counter in anticipation of getting a new on on Wednesday. We sat around and chatted about baseball for a bit. J at a friends house for the night. D&I up late watching baseball and doing things on the PC. Had a great sleep going then woke up at 3:30 from a dream and couldn't get back to sleep :-o YAWN...

20160626 + WINGER World Record Holders!!

20160626 + All up in and am and to the ballfield. The boys played a great game but just couldn't pull out the win. With dark skies rolling in and the AC charged we hit the road. A stop before we left town to see where the first automobile was driven and then on through the windmills and back roads to to the World's Largest Ball of Paint where we got to put on the 25, 187th layer and hold the world's record until someone else applies a new coat :-) Onward to a huge deli with more candy than food for a good lunch and snacks, with a stop at Paul Bunions statue, a metal man and an RC museum. We had to make one more stop at a dairy bar when the AC crapped out on us and then a final push to get home where D and Gary went to youth group and G&I tried out his rubber band plane we got at the RC museum. A long fun trip home!

20160625 - 2 Wins!

20160625 - Up in the am and the boys hung out at the pool for a bit.  Pretty soon it was gametime and we all headed to the field.  The boys played a great game in the heat.  D was catching, J was videoing and G was bat boy.  They won their first game and then I arranged hot dogs and drinks for the team.  After a short break it was game two for the day.  A tougher team and they won AGAIN!!!  all back to the rooms to get cleaned up and head across the street for some dinner.  It was a long hot successful day!

20160624 - Fun Trip 2 IN

20160624 - UP in the am and G and I headed to get the oil changed and the car washed for the trip to Indiana.  We loaded up the car and took another boy, Gary, with us.  We stopped halfway and found a geocache at a roadside stop, a giant indian, a giant ice cream guy and a big Garfield before reaching the questionable hotel...  Settled we headed over to the ballfield for a tie?  The boys played well and a good safe fun day of travel.

20160623 - Under the Lights

20160623 - Up in the am and in to work.  Crazy fast day.  Home and got the fam quick and headed to Powell to play the Olentangy Thunder Elite in an exhibition game where we changed pitchers every inning and have a good time under the lights.  It was a good dame and we stopped at a pizza Cucinova for dinner.  

20160622 - Scouted

20160622 - Up in the am and in to work. A long stressful day of meetings, Out late and stuck in traffic so I didn't get to score G's game, but that was ok I liked being only a spectator. Towards the end of the game a fellow walked up to me and let me know he was with the Ohio Elite U10 team and he had come to watch G play tonight for a possible position on his team for next year... :-o G had an awesome game with big hits each time he was up and some good pitching. LJ&G stopped by the Cole's on the way home, Nicole and Sam came to the game. I headed home and went back to the school to find D, he was working out and practicing ground balls, he left the TV on... Everyone home and we watched some TV on the new TV and it is ok. All boys to bed and I stayed up way to late working on a website.

20160621 + Not Straight

20160621 + Up very slowly in the am and drug myself into work. Had the regularly scheduled meetings. With L and the boys at Gma&paB's I had to leave work mid day to meet the TV guys that installed a new TV in the basement. It is huge, but I don't think it is as sharp as the old one :-| I got some things done on GahannaGear.com and everyone got home. J stayed in the basement playing the xbox on the new TV and the rest of us loaded up and headed to the ball field for G's game. D tried to help get things set up and did the chalk lines donw the 1st and 3rd baselines, they weren't exactly straight... It was the SLOOOOWEST game I have ever been to. 3.5 innings took 2.5 hours... The boys won 28-7... Home and boys cleaned up, we had some ice cream and watched some TV.

20160620 - Dylan Winger hits a TRIPLE

20160620 - Up in the am and dragging my butt back into the office to get caught up just enough to get out a day early again this week for more baseball.  Had the normal round of meetings and made the rounds on the floor.  During lunch I made a couple of calls and hit the Boy Scout store to pick up awards for the month and some gift cards for some folks at work that did extra stuff for me.  Headed to Zanesville after work to watch D play baseball.  Gma&paB came.  J&I compared phone cases to pick out what we were going to offer on the new site.  The game was pretty close and we were down 3-2 in the top of the last inning with the tying run on 2nd, D gets up and CRUSHES a triple!  The next batter hit Dylan in for a 4-3 lead that stood winning the game for the Grove City Post 164 Bombers!  L and the boys stayed with Gma&paB and I headed home.  I stopped and got Doc and we went to Bible Bangers.  Home and up late just because I was the only one home.

20160619 + Great Father's Day

20160619 + Up late and to the desk. I got a TON of things done. Ran to pick J up from his Scout fishing campout. he had a blast and told us all about the competitions he won, showed us his medal and all the lures and weights he made himself. It was a much better alternative than baseball for him. In the afternoon D ran to get GF#6 (I think we are #6...) and she is a lovely girl. Then we all headed to the McClain's where Gma&paW joined us for a nice cookout and games outside. We played Yard Yahtzee and then round 2 of the wiffle ball world series where the dads won AGAIN! G was not to happy about this... Then we came in to watch the historic Cavs with the NBA Championship! Awesome day all around.

20160618 + Reward for a Beating?

20160618 + P in the am and everyone to G's baseball game. It started of ok, Then D&L headed back to Xenia for D's game. Things sort of fell apart after the first inning... G's team got the beating of their careers... 24-4... G's last at bat he put one over the fence, but it was just foul :-( After the game the boys got a huge trophy, I don't understand how we got anything after a beating like that, but we had lost only to Elite teams, that can pull players for anywhere, while we are a Select team that only pulls from our local community... The boys played their hearts outs but it just wasn't enough... D's team had another loss and L&D stayed with Russ & Nancy again so they didn't have to make the long drive. G&I headed over to the McClain's for dinner. We stopped to take pictures of the Gahanna Varsity home plate and pizzas. We hung out a bit and then us dads took on the boys in a Wiffle Ball World Series game. We were down in the last inning and then Bill hit a walk off double! The boys were furious :-) Home and G&I hung out in bed and watched a movie before turning in for the night.

20160617 - 2 Triples

20160617 - Up in the am and getting things done. JG&I headed out with a stop at the post office and then on to Dick's in Grove City to get G some 'high pants' . We found a pair of XXS that fit him around the waist and came just below his knees, perfect. We showed up at the field and everyone loved his pants :-) He loved them too and answered by getting 2 triples! D's team lost and D was exhausted from trying to catch wild pitches. They showed up at G's game just in time to see his second triple. G's team won so they get to play tomorrow.  I ran J to the church where he headed out with the Scouts for a fishing weekend.  Everyone home and some of the coaches stopped by for beers and to discuss the game.  

20160616 - 4 Ls for the Winger Boys

20160616 - Up in the am and L&D headed to Xenia OH for D's ballgames. JG&I got everything ready and headed to the field for G's games at Berliner Park. G's first game was a beating. We played an Elite team from Twinsburg that was REALLY Good. D lost his first game as well, but caught the whole game. Inbetween games JG&I ran to my work to drop off some parts for J's phone and G's ipod. We then stopped at Lilly's for a fantastic lunch. Back to the ballfield to for G to take another beating, not as bad this time... J helped with the music and it was a hard lose. D reported another loss as well :-( 4 Ls for the Winger boys today. After the games JG&I hit DQ for dinner and a treat. We then headed home for the evening. L&D stayed with Russ & Nancy close to the ball fields for the night.

20160615 - Not a Walk

20160615 - Up in the am and into work for a day full of meetings.  Headed out a bit late and down to Chillicothe to watch D play some baseball.  It was a close game with some humor; D was up to bat and thought he got his 4th ball, pretty funny.  The boys won the first game and then it started pouring so the 2nd game was suspended.  D&I drove home in the rain and got home late.

20160614 + A Cloud of Dust

20160614 - Up in the am and in to work. A busy day in the conference room with the corporate IT team. Head out at the end of the day and to the ball field for G's game. G had a good game, one little hit and a couple really good defensive plays. They run ruled them and then LJG&I went to DQ to celebrate. Home and D home from his game in Jackson OH, they got run ruled. He only played for 3 outs and didn't bat... A long way to go to sit on your butt...

20160613 - World Series of Trouble

20160613 - UP in the am and in to work. Walked the floor first thing and then back to the desk for calls, email catch up and organizing things so I can get a couple of days out of office this week. Stayed a bit late to etch some phone cases. Home and D&J heading out the door to scouts, D had alternate clothes on under his scout uniform to change into... thinks he is way to sly and cool... G&I stole a jar of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and had a world series of Trouble event, I beat the tar out of him. Out to the yard for some Frisbee with L&G. In and to Bible Bangers with Doc.

20160612 + Day with D

20160612 + Up in the am and getting things done at the desk. The house is quiet with G being away this morning. L&J got ready to head out to the pool and D&I headed out for errands. D got his car back so he drove. We went to the bank, get some gas for him, to an auction house and then to the guy's house in Canal Winchester that is printing stuff for us. We were at their house for several hours, longer than we expected, but we learned a ton and loved his mini factory he had set up in the basement. Totally cool! D&I went to a little local place for dinner, Shade's and it was really good. We headed home and stopped at a couple of Best Buy stores to see what was available for our trade and at Dick's to get a wooden bat for D. It was an expensive impulse buy... Home and we checked in with the fam, L&J had fun at the pool and G was back and had a great time with his buddy Brady. D&I stayed up to watch '13 Hours' and looked for a cheaper bat and ordered one.

20160611 - Crazy Parents

20160611 - L&D up and out QUICK for a not communicated baseball game change super early. JG&I headed to G's baseball game where G got 3 doubles in 3 at bats! What a great game. L&D showed up at the end, the boys won 21-9! D only played a couple innings in the outfield for his team and then got stomped. After G's game DG&I headed to an auction house to pick up some stuff and then back home where some of the other coaches and their kids stopped by to hang out between games. It was fun and relaxing, we didn't want the boys wearing themselves out. Back to the field for a complete butt kicking by a rec team :-o Parents were pissed, it was a pretty stressful ending... Most everyone came back to our house to regurgitate the game.

20160610 - 3 Games & a Closing

20160610 - Up in the am and L&D already gone to get to his games. JG&I stumbled out of the house and made it to his G's game just in time. We had our tarp and strung it up over the team, good thing it was HOT! G had an ok game, no hits for G, but they won 18-4. G&I stopped and got pizza on way to D's game. To D's game and it had just started. D played catcher the first game and had a couple of really nice hits that were unfortunately fielded perfectly... They lost game 1 and D sat the entire second game and they lost. J&I bailed out when we found out D was not playing and hit a couple of auction houses and got the Gilroy nightmare rental property closing docs signed off, and picked up the new cook top at Lowe's. Home and hung out on the back porch a bit.

20160609 + Gromets and Tarps

20160609 + Up in the am and L&D out early for D's game. JG&I headed to the game and stopped to get gas and run through the car wash (I love putting the windows down on them as we go through ;-) We then met Jeff at the Waffle House to review an SOW and then into the factory for a quick walk through and for the boys to help a bit and put grommets in a tarp. We headed to D's game with a quick stop at the candy outlet at the end of the road. When we got tot he game it was BLAZING HOT! J&I ran to Meijer and got a tarp, some clips and a rope. Back to the game and presto we had the players covered and out of the sun. D caught the entire first game and they won that one. We all broke for lunch and then back to the field for more baseball. D sat the entire second game and they lost. Home and hung out on the back porch a bit.

20160608 - Coneys and Slushies

20160608 - Up in the am, still upset about last night... and into work. D had gob interview, L took him, it was fast and the guy said he would like to have D work there. Only problem is the store doesn't open until 7/13... Courtland came and took me out to lunch in his fancy new car today. It was good to chat and share frustrating teenager stories. After work headed to to D's game. Stopped a little dairy spot close to the field and got foot longs coneys and a slushie yum! J&I home together.

20160607 - Late Night Escalation

20160607 - Up in the am and into work. L bought some cheap off brand coffee so not such a great start to my day. Dave back from vacation and we spent some time getting caught up. Left work in a hurry to get to G's game. Tom and I had a run in with a guy about us playing our music... We wont the game and got home. D home from his game and wanted to run out to a friends. D got home 40 min late, was being a punk when L&I tried to talk to him and it escalated... D lost his car and phone...

20160606 - All the Colors

20160606 - Up in the am and in to work. I had a list to burn through and made great progress through it today. After work I ran by an auction house on the way to D's game. I met up with one of the other dads that has a printing business and we discussed opportunities while the game got started. Then lightning entered and we all went to our cars to wait... and wait... and game suspended... J&I headed back to town with a stop at scouts to get advancements and for J to sign up for a fishing weekend coming up. Home and got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers. Up late looking through online auctions.

20160605 + Plant Waterer

20160605 + UP in the am and all to church. G sat with us and it was a loooong service. D&I dropped his car off to get the oil changed and the tires all re-balanced. Home and getting some things done. L&D headed to D's game in Sunbury. J and his buddy Conor were hanging out. G&I went to Meijer to get some stuff on the way to the game and by the time we got there it s POURING and the game was called. Gma&paW were there and we made the best of a wet day by hitting some antique stores and an early dinner in Centerburg. Headed home and G&I stopped to look at a motorhome for a minute and then went to his practice for a couple minutes. D headed to youth group and L got J. Bill ran me to pick up D's car and then G&L helped me fix D's speaker. In for the night watching the Cavs get beat bad and doing a couple things on the PC.

20160604 - Fix-a-Flat

20160604 - Up in the am and to the desk getting things done. D headed out to his game and we all followed shortly after. D played catcher the entire 1st game and turned a single into a triple! D didn't play the second game and the team won both games. After the games LJG&I headed out to pick up some auction stuff. D called before we got on the highway and said he had a flat tire... Back to the field, we tried fix-a-flat... nothing... There was a Midas still open so we threw the spare on and limped to Midas. The guys made us a great deal and told us about the guy that just left, that got his finger cut off while he was there :-o New tire on and on the road. It was a shaky ride home, they didn't balance it very well... Home and buttoning things up for the evening.

20160603 - White Boy BBQ

20160603 - Up in the am and I'm to work. Slow day, but got a lot done. Headed out early to go to Doc's annual White Boy BBQ. Hung out with the guys in the hood for about an hour and had some beer and slow cooked ribs GOOD FOOD! Headed to D's game in Baltimore and they were losing pretty bad... J&I headed home, stopped for cash and then the house to get poker chips and beer. On to Vinnie's for a night of hanging out with the guys.

20160602 - Walk Off Double

20160602 - Up in the am and in to work. Long day of meetings and getting things done. Barely made it to G's game on time. It was a close game and we were down by 2 in the last inning. G's buddy Landon crushed a double that tied the game and left him on 2nd base. G got up and crushed a double to the fence scoring Landon for the winning run and the walk off win!  Awesome ending!

20160601 - Scoot Back

20160601 - UP and a slow start. Stopped for gas and a car wash this am. In to the office and in meetings and on the phone all day. Headed out from work straight to D's game in Baltimore. They got beat real bad 😥 home and watched some basketball on tv.