20220601 - Up in the am and headed to the Worthington office. Only 2 or 3 people in today. At the desk getting things done. Had a short meeting with CB and then we headed out to his house. I helped him carry some stuff over to the house next to his that he just bought and took a tour. Headed home and stopped at the awards place to pick up stuff for tonight's ceremony. Home and hung out on the back porch with Hazel throwing her ball and having a beer while reviewing a contract. L&G home from his baseball practice. L&I ate and J & JGF6 showed up, they are working on her house to get ready for her grad party this weekend. G got himself ready and we headed to the Baseball Awards. We got there, got things set up, checked in with the coaches and then hung out for things to start. The coaches gave out the awards and Andy and I gave out some as well. I presented Coach Shade with a bobble head to commemorate his 30 years and 500 wins to end the ceremony. We had some cake and headed home to relax the rest of the evening.