20110131 - 1/12 of 11 complete

20110131 - Pretty stressful morning...  Work... Lunch with Joe... Work... Dinner.
Scouts for DJ&I tonight.  D likes his new Boy Scout group.  J's Den had Doc in as a guest to tell them what life was like in the 'old days'.  The boys loved it and asked great question.  Doc had fun too.  Home boys to bed.  Bible Bangers movie = The Rite :-O

20110130 - Homework

20110130 - Up all to church, home for lunch, G nap, L&J shopping, D&Seth playing (chess), I working on book$.  In the evening hung out, the boys mad valentines for school and we watched a movie.  MMG group of 4 met again.

20110129 - Po Po Po Poker Face

20110129 - UP and to Baskeball game with J.  Then to the Varney's to set up their wireless printer.  Home L got groceries, then whole gang loaded up for a trip to Sharron Woods Metro Park for a hike with the scouts.  We had a nice cold hike, saw some cool stuff and then played a new game = snowball-kickball, where you had to kick the ball, run all the bases while everyone plastered you with snowballs.  It was a blast!  Home for bit and then a spaghetti dinner served by the mens gropu at church.  Back home and LDJ&G watching a movie.  I headed out to play poker until LATE.

20110128 - D's Colonial Project

20110128 - Took the red-eye home and got home about 9am.  Was completely shot until about 1pm...  Then got a couple hours of work done and then some Wii with the boys.  Off to Donatos for dinner with the fam and then LJ&G went to a movie at church while D&I headed to his basketball game.
D had a big project due at school today and they had to do it online, very cool, check it out (click on the pic to go to the LIVE version).

20110127 - Spring Day

20110127 - Up and out to bfast w/ Lee & Richard. Then off to our first customer visit. The guys was late so we hung out in front of the building in crystal blue skies and a perfect 66 degrees; like a spring day in OH. We headed in and gave our presentation and it went well. Over to a book store, joined by Steve, to kill some time and then lunch. Off to customer #2. It also was a good visit. We ended this visit by introducing the customer to geocaching!

Off to the airport and ANOTHER meal... Into the lounge to wait for the red-eye flight home. Checked in w/ L, her and the boys had a good day.

20110126 - Planes to CA

20110126 - Up and at the desk all morning for some calls. Then got a good send off from L&G. Caught my flights to SFO and met up with Richard. We headed south to San Jose and met up with Steve for a huge steak dinner. I introduced Richard to geocaching int the dark and think he's hooked. Off to the hotel.

20110125 - J on the Radio

20110125 - Busy day at work.  At the desk all day trying to make it go...  Dinner, helping D with homework.  Then JG&I to radio station as a make up for J missing the trip with his Scout Den.  J got to say the pledge with this group.  Home boys to bed, watched OSU game NOT Obama!  Working late

20110124 - Up, reading, work/calls.  Got a text from my good friend Joe, he was  layed off :-(  Finished up work, dinner with fam.  Played the Wii with boys.  DJ&I to Scouts.  D 1st night at Boy Scout!  Home bath bed, all boys to bed.  Bible Bangers and Joe over after to talk.

20110123 + Fightining at Church :-o

20110123 - Up and all to church.  I got in fight with sunday school class...  There was a question about how do you follow Jesus.  I went to some scripture, RED LETTER scripture none the less and quoted it.  One of the ladies in the group said, well that only applies to those people... HUH?  Are you kidding me... Jesus said 'DO THIS', but it only applies to those people????  Anyway... Home for a quick change and off to Newcomerstown for a visit.  Home boys to bed, MMG meeting of 4 in my card room.

20110122 - Up and L took J to his basketball game, he got 4 buckets!  D&I put patches on our scout uniforms.  We all had lunch, then DJ&I to the Hilliard Gun Show.  We saw all kinds of neat guns! but not what we were looking for.  We did get some knives ;-)   On the way home we stopped at Cousin's Army Surplus downtown and a paintball gun store.  Home for dinner and then game time: backgammon, checkers & chess.  Then down to the basement for some A-Team.

20110121 - Up at desk all day, boys home from school.  D went to a birthday party.  Dinner on the run, D basketball, home showers and chess.  Up working on a new idea...

20110120 + Up very pretty out today, snowing all day.  At desk all day, D&L shoveled driveway.  The Scout meeting got canceled so we all stayed in and played the Wii, had ice cream, and watched American Idol.  Boys to bed and I stayed up and watched a movie.

20110119 - OSU Basketball

20110119 - Jack home from school again today.  He did very well and I played some chess with him on a break.  I worked all day, then rushed out w/ DG, GmaW, Paulette, & 2 of D's buddies to the OUS vs Iowa basketball game.  We had a good time, G LOVED IT, very excited!  Home up very late working.

20110118 - 1st 1 4 Jack

20110118 - Up in am and all but J out to school, he still has a fever. He quietly occupied himself cutting out pictures, drawing pictures and doing something with a motor...??? I heard the revving of a remote control car, like the engine is straining, it must be up against a piece of furniture. Then some whimper funny sounds from J. Then the car again, then J... Then quiet. Then J was standing beside me with a GREAT BIG SMILE, and at age 7, he has lost his first tooth. Not just lost it: he took a string, tied it to his tooth and to G's remote control car and pulled it out! Here he is with his 'tools'...

After work we all had dinner and a huge nerf battle. Up watching a movie with L.

20110117 - J Sick & Radio Scouts

20110117 - Jack still sick...  all boys home today, D did go to a friends for a bit.  We had dinner and a Nerf war.  I had to take my Scout Den to the Radio Station so D went with me and we picked up J's friend to go.  It was really cool and the Scouts got to say the Pledge of Allegiance for the station to air 2/7.  Home, checked on everyone and got the boys to bed.  Then out to Bible Bangers and my cousin Jennifer was there to get some ideas for a group she is trying to start.  Home and up late planning for future Scout meetings.

20110116 - Up and Jack is sick.  L ran him to Children's hospital ER, where they checked him out and gave him some IV antibiotics :-S  DG&I hung out at home and D practiced basketball in the Garage.  We had not heard from L&J so we headed to lunch at Big Boy and got some groceries.  Home and L&J home shortly after.  J camped out on the couch and we took it easy rest of day for J,watching movies.

20110115 - J BB Game

20110115 - Up and every man for himself for breakfast.  GmaW down for J's basketball game and lunch.  J did really good in his game.  He likes to dribble and only passes to his buddy Donovan.  Then DJ&I went to the scouts bowling day.  Home doing some chores and watching movies.

20110114 - D On Point

20110114 - Up and boys off to school. Pretty typical day at the desk. Got loads done and lined up. J off the a friends for a bday party and the res of us to D's basketball game. He was real aggressive and did really well tonight. We dropped L off at home and went to pick up a couple videos. Home and J home shortly after. To the basement to watch the first half of the A-Team.

20110113 - Lost a Day and new stuff

20110113 - Up and fixed gas leak on the new furnace install...  Chained to desk.  We had bfast for dinner.  The boys playing nice.  Lucia over, work on here wireless network, no luck...  Up late looking for an online database tool.

20110112 - Up slow and zoned out.  Furnace guys here in the morning, shut the furnace off to install a new one, freezing in here.  Furnace done, Aquatics Committee meeting, gas station, drop book off at Jeff's, home and some dinner.  Played with the boys and to bed early.

20110111 - Woke up SICK!  Spent entire day in bed.

20110110 - Fire Station

20110110 - Up and boys off to school. At the desk for calls. Had the Garage door repair guy out$. Had the furnace guy out$ Had dinner with the fam. Then J&I met the Scouts At the local Fire Station. The firemen were really great with the boys and showed them all over the station, all the knobs and compartments on all the trucks and let them climb around a bit. The boys really liked it! Home and boys to bed and down to watch the game. Grant up barfing...  :-o

20110109 - Alarms, Chaos & Mysteries

20110109 - 3:15 AM - CO detector goes off.  I check on everyone, open some windows, check the furnace and water heater, everything looks good.  Reading about CO on the couch...
3:30 AM - CO detector goes off, a different one in another room...  Got the boys up and we all went over to Nicole's.
In the AM I went back to our house to close things down and check things out.  All ok that I can see.  In the afternoon I met Scott S at the house and he had a CO sniffer.  We checked all the vents in every room, the furnace exhaust and water heater.  All ok...???
I went to Home depot, got 1 new CO detector for each floor, CO is heaver than air, they need to be low and the detectors only last about 4 years.  I also got new smoke detectors.  The new smoke detectors are of 2 varieties: 1 = Flash/hot fires, 2 = Smoldering fires. Make sure when you get new smoke detectors that you get ones that DO BOTH.  Over to Nicole's, picked up the troops and headed back home. 
Got the new detectors installed.
The Garage door has now broken...  the cables have come undone on the spring bar and I can not get the door up or down....
DJ&I to Lucia's to try and get her wireless network working.  No use, brought her PC home and it works fine on my network....???
We picked up Chinese on the way home.
Finished putting together a puzzle with L.

20110108 + Bed Theater

20110108 + Up and L&J out to basketball practice.  DG&I put white board on the garage doors and cleaned the garage.  Everyone home and one of D's friends, and one of J's friend came over to play.  After dinner we put together a really hard puzzle and started watching Avatar.  All boys to bed, then the MasterMind Garage held a session.

20110107 - Basketball

20110107 - Up and boys off to school.  Catching up at desk and calls.  working on a PMP class.  All to dinner at Long John's for dinner, then home depot and straight to D's basketball game.  Gma&paW met us for the game, another loss :-(  Home and boys to bed, sorting 2010 photos.

20110106 - Up to office, had my 10 minuets of the meeting, done, to airport
flying home, seal popped in the jet door so we flew at 10k ft and low speed to get to CMH :-S  D had scouts tonight, I got home and watched some TV.

20110105 - 1st BOS 4 11

20010105 - Up and saw the boys off to school.  Then off to the airport heading to Boston for meetings.  Had an interesting dinner with Richard and Josh and a very loud foul mouthed lady in a booth behind us :-o  Back to the hotel and checked in.  D had basketball practice, J really tired, G just OK.

20110104 - G to school. I had a chat w/ Jeff.  Got gas, a hair cut, lotto tickets and chained to the desk. G home w/ me in the afternoon and L&J to last blood appointment :-)  We had to scramble around and go to the closing of the last miserable rental house we are in default on.  Now if the buyers show up on Friday and do their part the Short Sale will be done :-S   Home, network systems are acting up, working on them until 9:30pm.  We watched OSU in the Sugar bowl, very close ending.  Very good game.

20110103 - Up and boys off to school.  I am working hard to get caught up at work...  Dinner with J&G, L&D finished and got groceries.  J&I to scouts, good time with maps and games.  Home, puzzle with all, boys to bed.  Bible Bangers

20110102 + 2011 Preparations

20110102 + All up late from our busy day yesterday.  We finishing up the house clean out and played games.  We even put the tent up in the garage.  D helped me finish the install of my new air-hose real.  We played 'Mouse Trap' and finished up our vacation.

20110101 - First day Last Christmas

20110101 - Up and the whole fam headed up to Uncle John & Aunt Mary's in Shelby for the Winger Christmas party.  We had good food, conversations and puzzle races.  Always great to be with this group.  We headed home to get ready for the dreaded school to start up again.  The first day of 2011 and our last Christmas party for 2010.