20130430 + QBR Benched

20130430 + In to work early for a QBR with a customer today; it went very well...  Home baseball game and we won.  D was benched tonight...  not hitting striking out...  Relaxing on back porch working on pc.

20130429 - ebay Trainer

20130429 - Up worked, on way home I stopped at guys house to help with ebay.  Home, Scout meeting (D appointed to order of the arrow and acknowledged for not cheating and earning the 'Master Fire Builder' title), Bible Bangers, bed.  no time to think, no time with fam...  is this what life is suppose to be????


20130428 - Up to a cold very wet morning.  J&I packed up our site and headed to the mess hall.  They saved 1 pancake for J...  We got D's stuff and headed home, D had to clean up so he was to catch a ride.  J&I made our way to civilization and found the golden arches and had a nice warm bfast.  We headed home and stopped at the new Cabella's to have a look around.  It is a good size store and we checked everything out.  Home and we got cleaned up and hung out watching TV until D home, cleaned up and then all out to J's practice and Game in the rain. J fell asleep on the way, but then J got to play QB for two plays and their team won.  After the game we stumbled upon the Westerville Restaurant for dinner.  We had a good meal and then headed home, D fell asleep this time.  We stopped at CVS to get some rubber cement for a project of D's at school and then home to clean up the camping supplies a bit.  D put air in my tires and then D&G played airsoft, I cocked the gun for G and J made a silencer for his gun.  All boys to bed, and I am trying to prepare for another busy week... L superglued her finger to D's shoe while attempting repairs LOL

20130427 - Saturday School, Baseball, Scouts

20130427 - Up in am and J went with me to deliver D to sat school.  Then J&I drove through and got bfast and McD's on the way to D's rec team baseball practice where we picked out his jersey and paid for his name on the back.  On to the bank to get checks printed and them home to pack for the campout. J&I picked D up at sat school and I spoke to the mother of the boy he got in a pencil fight with.  It was a good conversation and when the boys came out we gave them a good talking to and made them hug and make up.  We will see how it goes...  Dropped D&J off at home and I went to G's practice and met him there, he spent the night with his buddy Owen.  We had a good practice and then home for a quick change and to a camp out with D&J.  We dropped D off at the Boy Scout area and J&I went to the Cub area.  J&I then headed over to the ranges and J showed his skills with a bow and then a .22LR with sharpshooter accuracy and I got to shoot a cowboy style 30/30.  Met up with the Troop and Pack to watch D participate in a title bout for 'Master Fire Builder' for his Troop.  D WON!  he was the only Scout to not cheat :-)  With the Pack for dinner and had some spaghetti.  After dinner we got our tent set up and headed to the pond to try our pocket fisherman.  We tried until it got dark and decided we would have better luck in the morning.  We joined the pack for the campfire and it was an ad-hoc program and J told jokes, J&I led a song, DJ&I led another song and the Boy Scouts helped out a lot.  Off to bed and J&I ate a bunch of snacks and talked, "this is the best campout ever!'  sleeping with the rain pattering on the tent.

20130426 + Blazin Baseball

20130426 + Up an in to seethe principle... On to work.  Home and to a  fast baseball, shutout 21-1.  The team wen to BW's, Gma &paW were there too.  A boy from our team, Andrew, did the 'Blazin Challenge' and got the free shirt.  Home, beat, to bed.

20130425 - 2 Many Baseball

20130425 - Worked, home dinner, D to baseball field travel and his team, talked about trouble at school. Meijer supplies. Home J's friend Lucas was here for a play date, talked baseball with his dad. American Idol boys to bed talked with D about Trouble at school. Up late on PC

20130424 + SickL

20130424 + L home sick from work.  I brought tacos home for dinner then played mouse trap and a Lego game with the boys.  J read, G&I were whispering and it made J mad.  Up watching American Idol with L.

20130423 - D in Trouble @ School 4 Fighting :-(

20130423 - Work, home changed. To G's baseball practice, run get shirt, got gas, home talked to D about fight at school with pencils...

20130422 - Farmboy Baseball

2013-04-22 - Up and a fast Monday at work.  Rushed out to Pickerington where we got smashed by their baseball team.  Pretty frustrating game.  D did get to play 2nd base and Catcher, but did not get to bat.  Too much politics for my liking...  Home and had some food, took out the trash and talked with L.  Got Doc and went to Bible Bangers.  Up late signing up for benefits package.

20130421 + Mulch Pile

2013-04-21 + Up late, moving mulch, trying to get paper wrk done. To J's Practice, and game. Gma&paW here for dinner. Home clnd up movie with Fam, all to bed.

20130420 - Dorkapotomuses

20130420 - Up and out for a 2hr chilly baseball practice for G, D helped, J played video games.  We ran some errands on the way home and got baseballs for D's team.  Home and ate then to D's 3hr baseball practice, G helped I pitched...  L&J to friends 1st communion party.   Got pizzas on way home. L took D to bar mitzah.  Watched movie with little boys as they dressed up.  I ran and picked up D with my ice cream truck music playing from the car :-)  We got groceries, gas and a midnight snack. Home and stayed up and watched a movie with D.

Can you find the Dorkapotomuses?

20130419 + Italian Goodbye

20130419 + Work and then home to meet up with the fam and the Meijs.  We all piled in the car and headed downtown to the Spaghetti Warehouse for a HUGE Italian feast in a streetcar.  Back home to chat, have some dessert and say goodbye to our far away friends.  Such a lovely nice family, and much quieter than ours.  I hope they can recover and will come back again soon.

20130418 - Tied it up

20130418 - Up and in to work.  I changed into my baseball uniform at work and met LDJG & the Dutch at the field in Pickerington.  It was a pretty intense game as they lined up after 6 innings and we protested to play a 7th (like we have been all season).  Good thing because we tied it up in the end.  They were not to happy about it, but we were :-)

20130417 + Too Busy To Recall

20130417 + I know I went to work and came home.  Must have been a busy day because I don't have any other notes or photos of today :-o

20130416 - Rained Out Again :-(

2013-04-16 - Up and in to work.  Home at usual time and to the ball field, but we got rained out so a bunch of us went to BWs for some wings.  We had the Meij's with us, so much for showing them so good old fashion American baseball with all of this rain...  After dinner JG&I stopped at Kroger to pick up some ice cream for dessert.  We stayed up and chatted and then to bed for another busy day tomorrow...

20130415 - Grindstone Again

20130415 - Up and to work, very busy day working on an RFQ.  Home late had dinner with fam and Meij's.  Took D to scouts, Andre and I to a fellows house to help him learn ebay.  Home, and got Doc to Bible Bangers, Andre came too, I think he really liked it.  We have included him in our next project :-)

20130414 + Explorering

20130414 + Up at farm with the Dutch.  We took a hayride up to the cemetery and through the woods.  On the way back the boys had found a skull hanging from a tree and wanted to go find it.  We found it, a creek some mud and some memories.  Up to the house for lunch, I think I was still full from yesterday...  A short break and then we shot some guns.  We all left Gma&paW and headed home.  Then we split up and got ready for another week in the crazy world, not like you find on the Farm...  Boys fed, played knockout, bed, J had no duck :-(  What a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!!

20130413 - Maple Syrup Day at the Farm

20130413 - Up early and down to the fire.  Uncle Roger was there boiling down already and the steam was gently rising through the air.  The weather was not the best we have ever had, but certainly not the worst.  But really for this day it doesn't matter, it is all about being outside, running free, exploring, sharing and being with the special people in our lives.  The people started showing up ad they kept coming all day long.  Some just popped in and left and some stayed all day, either way we were happy just to see them.  We had some Scouts, baseball team friends, work friends old friends and new.  We planted trees, took a hayride, explored the barns and attic, the reconstructed basement, the falls the pines, the woods and cemetery.  There were kids everywhere and no stone was left upturned.  The food was amazing and plentiful.  Oh and the syrup was just divine.

Once again the memories we made.  Our Dutch friends met many new people and others from not so far away kindled friendships as well with total strangers.  Odd how a fire and a love filled historic location can do that; every time your visit.  If you didn't make it this year, we hope to see you next year.

Special thanks to Gma&paW for all the hard work preparing, and all the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins that help make this a Family Farm and a great annual event.

After the fire died down and the last guests drove off, we quickly cleaned up (we have it down to a science now) and ran to Ashland to grab some dinner.  Back to Gma&paW's and we collapsed for exhaustion and joy.
This year Aunt Louise and Paulette were no longer with us :-(

20130412 - Wet Fire

20130412 - Up in the morning and in to work.  Finished the day and then headed home.  D had a baseball game tonight, but it got rained out.  I did a quick change and then Andre, Nicole and Oriana followed us up to the Farm.  On the highway we noticed a red car that looked familiar, it was Robby, the Scoutmaster.  We all stopped at Arby's for a quick bite and then made it to the Farm.  We settled in and then did some prep work.  J had to retrieve something from the tanks and plunged his hand in the icy water.  After everyone was settled in, Andre D&I went down to the fire Robby and Jason had started, they were sleeping in a tent, nuts...  We got to be late, but excited for tomorrow.

20130411 - NL Visits

20130411 - Up in to work.  FULL day and home.  The Meij's (Andre, Nicole & Oriana) are here to stay with us and go to the Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm :-)  L made a nice dinner and the kids got a long real well.  Oriana speaks limited English and my boys even less Dutch, but it is not stopping them from figuring things out and having a good time.  After dinner DJ&I took Andre to a Cub Scout Pack meeting; good American eye opener for him :-)  Home, boys to bed and the adults got to stay up and chat a bit.

20130410 - Rainy Out

20130410 - Up in the am and in to work.  Had meetings all day and some good ones.  I got some direction and freedom to make changes and plans :-)  I rushed out early and flew home.  Got the fam in the car and headed to Big Walnut baseball fields, changing in the car.  We had a great start to what was looking to be a close battle, then the lightening started.  We postponed the game 3 times and restarted before finally calling it.  Good thing we did because the rain POURED down shortly after.  Home and boys to bed.  L&I decompressing to American Idol and chit chat.

20130409 - 109 Flavors

20130409 - Up and to work and another very busy day.  This must have been my first 'Official' day of work because I received 109 emails...  Home and quick eat and change.  Gma&paW down for a visit and a trip to DQ.  D&I had to eat our treat fast and then headed to a Boy Scout Board of Review.  Home and all boys to bed.  L&I up chatting about the frustrations of running a baseball team and a teenager struggling in school...

20130408 - Batter Up

20130408 - Up and in to work. Met my new boss and a bunch of higher ups from corporate. Had a bunch of meetings all day... Bugged out a few early to get to D's first 7th grade baseball game. G was instructed by ump and D did a good job fielding and at bat. It was a really good game and the boys played really hard and won! Home and got some food, boys cleaned up and off to bed. L&I up watching the NCAA basketball championship.

20130407 - Kickoff

20130407 - UP, cleaned up for the week, J&I ran a couple errands, got him some cleats and a hair cut and OJ for me.  Home and got some desk work done and then lunch and off to J's first football game of the season.  They got beat, but still had a good time.  Home and coaches over scrambling to find umpires for tomorrow :-o  We had dinner and then went outside to have some batting practice for G&J and then some football.  All went well until G broke D's new sunglasses...  Played some more with J&G and then in for the night.  G read me a book and all boys to bed.  Trying to get ready for the busy couple weeks coming down the pipe...

20130406 - Fire Drillin

20130406 - Up and out with the boys for bfast at McD's.  Then JG&I dropped D off at a Scout clean up day and we headed to G's baseball practice.  G's team, the Mets, look pretty good this year ;-)  After practice we checked on D and then J&G practiced climbing out the window for the Spring fire drill.  We did some stuff around the house, I returned some unsold things to a guy I did some ebay consignment work for, L washed G's mouth put with soap :-o and D got a ride home from scouts.  Later in the afternoon J had a buddy over, G went to a friends bday party and D&I went to their final practice before their first game on Monday.  It was a good practice and they actually look like a team.  Home hanging out watching the final 4 and fell asleep on the couch, woke up at 4am.

20130405 + G.I. Geocaching

20130405 + Up and in to work. It was a fast day and not too cold so I grabbed a couple co-workers, Steven and Dianne and headed outside to introduce them to Geocaching. This was their first find! I think they are hooked. Finished the day and got home in good time to grab a bite to eat and then the fam went to see the new G.I. Joe. Home and all boys to bed, ready for a busy weekend.

20130404 - 3 in a row

20130404 - Up in am and in to work. Worked a full day. Ran home and changed and ate fast and to the ball field for a good practice. Home and all the boys cleaned up and off to bed. D having a hard time with homework/school. Up late.

20130403 - Rare Relaxing Moment

20130403 - Up in am and off to work. Home and had some leftovers in an empty house. L had dropped D off at baseball practice and taken J&G to J's first football practice. I then ran to the city landscape board meeting. Home and D was there, soon LJ&G got home and we had a moment to relax together. I was up late contacting folks about the upcoming Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm.

20130402 + zoom

20130402 + Up, to work, home, changed, baseball practice, home, bills, bed.

20130401 - Fast Bday

20130401 - Up, work, home, changed, Cub Scout meeting where boys earned video game badge, then upstairs to Boy Scouts. Dropped off boys, got Doc to Bible Bangers. Oh yeah it was L's bday too. Didn't get to see her much, but couldn't tell she's a day older then when I met her :-)