20141031 - Ostrich Roper

20141031 - UP and into work.  Today being Halloween we had all sorts of folks dressed up at work.  Went to Mexican Friday with some of the guys.  Finished the day and headed home.  Picked up the fam and went out for pizza with a stop at the video store on the way home to pick up some movies.  Home and L slept while the rest of us watched Maleficent, it is a fabulous movie.  Then the boys and I stayed up and watched Edge of Tomorrow which is easily now one of my favorite movie, D&I stayed up and drew out timelines trying to figure out how it all worked.  I played a little Titan Fall then off to bed.

20141030 - CANDY!!!

20141030 - In to work, ok day.  Got a call from L today that one of D's friends had locked himself in the thumb cuffs... Headed out a bit late but got home in time to see G in his 'Rocket' the raccoon costume as they went out Trick-or-treating.  J had taken off early to go with some buddies.  D&I stayed home and worked on his project and pass out the candy.  All back home and going through the loot.  G had hard time keeping track of his Reese Cups, YUM!  D&I finished his project and burned them to DVD, it is pretty cute.  All boys to bed, and played Titan Fall for a bit.

20141029 + Quick Shot

20141029 + Ran D to school and then back home for the day to play some catchup around the house. Appraiser stopped by for the refi and wasn't here long. Got the office cleaned out and a ton of little things done.  Boys home and G&I ran some errands, Goodwill to drop stuff off and the bank to get cookies and chocolate milk.  Home and played knock-out with the boys.  Then came in to work on Football Party invite while they played wiffle ball.  Boys in and G&J down playing Titan Fall, D to the church and video things for a project at school.

20141028 + Tryout

20141028 + Work left early and took D to Baltimore for baseball tryout.  He did really good.  I can't catch his throws, he throws too hard...  Home ate played Xbox with D. Little boys to bed. Fell asleep watching World Series with D.  Then up late playing Titan Fall.

20141027 - McRib is back!

20141027 - Work, picked up car from Dutch, home ate, DJ&I to Scouts, Den was with boy scouts.  Home got Doc and went to Bible Bangers at Mcd's.  So happy the McRib is back!

20141026 - 44 Bday

20141026 - UP in the am and to church.  J went to Sunday School and L&I met Gma&paB for service.  After church we headed home and waited for the Cole's and D&G with Gma&paW to arrive.  All here and we went to the 94th Areo Squadron for a nice lunch.  Home and D&GpaW fixed the basketball hoop and J&I put up a zip line.  Just the 5 of us left now and I got my refi paperwork done, the guns from yesterday put away and the rest of the week planned.

20141025 + Shoot'em Up

20141025 + Up in am and L out to get groceries.  I got my desk work done and then we picked up the Mallon boys and headed to the Farm.  A quick stop at Wendy's to get some lunch and allow G enough time to spill a frosty all over himself...  To the Farm and we set up some targets and blew through about 1500 shells shooting at everything.  The boys had a good safe fun time and it was a BLAST!  We then took a trip up across the Farm to the pond, where G had to #2 in the woods...  Then a stop at the cemetery and a log bridge where the boys played.  Time to go and D&G stayed at the Farm.  The rest of us headed home, grabbed some pizzas on the way to the house and the Mallon girls joined us to watch OSU just barely beat Penn State...

20141024 - Movie Star

20141024 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  It was Movie Star day and I went as Pee Wee.  It was a blast.  Home, D went to a party and the rest of us went out to dinner with Mallons and back to their place for fire.  Picked D up with ice cream music blaring :-)  Home and planning the weekend.

20141023 + Alien Flag

20141023 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work. Crazy day as usual...  J had his Halloween party at school today, you can hardly tell he has a costume on...   Home and got G for scouts.  They did flag ceremonies tonight and it was a beautiful Fall night for it.

20141022 - Captain

20141022 - Up in the am, dropped D off on the way to school.  By chance ended up behind a coworker on the drive into work and messed with him all the way to work and I parked across 3 spots :-)  Long day at the desk but very focused, didn't do email all day.  L&G to Creepside to get some candy, but way too many people... Got home, D practicing baseball, J on the xbox with no sound, not sure how that happened.  L&G home and she cooked a nice meal.  I sent a couple of mustards out on Amazon orders.  All down to the basement watching the World Series and getting D's new laptop/tablet thing working.

20141021 - Scout Start Up

20141021 - Up to work, home took J to scouts, it was our first meeting of the year and it was a rowdy ADD mess, but a lot of fun!  Home and watched the world series and practiced my iScore entry.  Played Titan Fall, to bed late.

20141020 + Another Busy Monday

20141020 + In to work, stayed late for a meeting, rushed home, got brownies, to a meet the coach dinner at the high school.  Home for a minute, and then to Bible Bangers. Home and played 1 round of Titan Fall, then exhausted to bed.

20141019 - Bday Party 4G

20141019 - Up in the am and working on putting together all the paperwork needed for a refi on the house.  L getting ready for the party.  Dropped the Rodeo off at Dutch's to get fixed.  Home for the party and a bunch of G's buddies showed up and had a grand time playing games and having a blast.  They had cake and sang and played some more.  Party over and we went out to eat with Gma&paW.  Home and L gave the boys haircuts.  G played with some of his gifts.  Guys over to watch Walking Dead.

20141018 - Sign Language

20141018 - Up in the am and to the ball field for a very cold day of baseball.  G's team had a double header against the East Side Irish.  the first game G's team played very well and won easily.  We had a short lunch break and then played the second game where the Irish beat us easily???  G used his bat and had a good day.  Home and L getting things done for G's party tomorrow.  No sitter so we had to skip a Halloween Party :-(  Stayed home, G built a LEGO thing he got for his bday, D&J took turns playing on the xbox.  I did some Scout Planning then played some Titan Fall.  Some of my friends sent me a pic from the party :-)

20141017 + Tie Dye Day

20141017 + Tie Dye Day, very busy day trying to catch up from yesterday.  home D mowed, G&I ran and got food.  Hung out around the house and played video games.

20141016 - G8! Slide & Carve

20141016 - Up into work, G is 8!!! looong day.  Ran home changed to fields for baseball practice and then to pack pumpkin carving meeting, g's friend Landon went.

20141015 + Almost 8

20141015 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  In to work and had a very busy day.  I headed out a couple min early and got home to pick up the fam to take them out for G's Bday dinner (Tomorrow night we are too busy to celebrate...).  We went to Stake n' Shake for dinner, same place we took G for his 5th bday.  We ate and then we headed to a couple of sports stores to find G a new glove, wooden bat and some pine tar.  He was a happy boy!  We took a walk through the new Field and Stream store before heading home.  Home and boys to bed.  L and I blew up some balloons, argued with D about homework not turned in that could still help his final grades and decorate for G's bday tomorrow.  Up late doing laundry and playing Titan Fall.

Almost 8                                               5 Years Old

20141014 - Hanging Out

20141014 - UP and left a bit late, D home by himself for the day.  He had a bunch of friend over and hung out all day.  I had a very busy productive rainy day.  Got home and LD&I headed North to meet Gma&paW to pick up J&G and have dinner.  We met at Cracker Barrel and G was a mess.  The little boys had a great time and the meal was nice to chat and catch up.  Home in the rain and boys to bed.

20141013 + Lunar Hills

20141013 + Up in am and into work. J stayed home by himself and G went into work with L. Quiet day at work, but very busy.  L took J&G halfway to the farm to meet GmaW and go for an overnight. Home and L&I to PF Chang's for dinner. Home for a few min before I ran and picked D up from his confirmation retreat. D had a good weekend and said he learned a lot. D&I downstairs to watch walking dead. I fell asleep.

20141012 - Tile Roll

20141012 - Up in the am and all into early church.  We left D there as he is heading out for a confirmation retreat with some kids his age for the next couple of days.  Home and working at the desk paying bills and getting caught up.  L&G out shopping and getting groceries.  J upstairs hanging out and practicing piano.  Everyone home and we jumped in the car for an adventure. We  ran some errands and headed to Pigeon Farm to get some pumpkins and have some fun. We did a corn maze, saw some animals, shot some hoops, threw some tennis balls and were human gerbils in some great big tiles. It was a lot of fun. We got a couple pumpkins and headed home. Home and we had some dinner. G&I played on xbox and then a couple of friends came over to watch the premier of the Walking Dead.

20141011 + Solo Homecoming

20141011 + Up in the am and LD&J to J's soccer game and then D's JV practice he was invited to.  G&I up and out to his semifinal game.  We only had 8 players and a younger boy we has called up and the cold morning was too much for our team to get started.  LD&J showed up to watch, D's practice was cancelled.  We lost and are now done with rec baseball for the fall :-(  :-)   Home and the boys played in the yard, L mowed and I cleaned out the garage.  We got dinner at home and then D reluctantly got all cleaned up and I took him to the dance.  I encouraged him to find some of his friends and have a good time, and leave the girl alone as he will only get a handful of opportunities to do fun things like this at school.  I gave him the out to call me at anytime and I would come get him.  Home and played Titan Fall and watched football with the boys.  11pm rolled around and no rescue call had been made.  I went to DQ to pick D up.  As he was walking to the car in his dress clothes and tie he tied himself I really didn't recognize the man waling towards me.  He got in the car and yes it was my son, a big hansom fellow that reported he has a BLAST at the dance with his friends :-)

20141010 - ...anie

20141010 - Up in am and into work for 'Opposite Day', I wore one of Lori's skirts, it made all the employees laugh :-)  Got home and took fam to Smashburger for dinner.  Dropped D off at football game.  LJG&I to see Alexander's horrible day movie, it was hilarious!  Home and hung out.  D called at halftime from the football game for me to come and get him...  Apparently Stephanie is breaking up with him, the night before the Homecoming dance...  We read in a text he sent to her later that he cried himself to sleep :-(  Oh the life of a teenage boy.  I guess that is the end of Stephanie...

20141009 - Brewing

20141009 - Up and worked from home in the am.  To the dentist for this bump on my gums that came back, he is sending me to an oral surgeon...  Headed in to work, stopped and picked up lunch for the team.  Finished the day with meetings.  Home and ate dinner with the family, still raining so no baseball.  G&I to his den meeting, he is so big.  Home and played Titan Fall.

20141008 - Pitcher

20141008 - Up in am and in to work.  Long fast day of meetings.  To G's baseball game, we played Tom's team and beat them, D umped the game.  L&J to his soccer game, they lost.  Home and ate quick, and to a baseball league board meeting.  Home and played Titan Fall.

20141007 - No Clue

20141007 - Up and into work.  Long rainy day.  Baseball was cancelled.  Played Clue with the family, not the game for Grant :-)

20141006 - No Clue

20141006 - Up in the am and took D to school.  Into work for a full day of meetings watching the rain pour down.  All baseball and soccer cancelled for tonight, so a nice dinner and evening at home.  I ran D to Scouts and then home to play Clue with LJ&G, hahaha it was a mess, they don't have a clue :-)  Picked D up and ran past the store so he could get a present for Steph to 'officially' ask her to Homecoming.  Home and to Bible Bangers.  Home and played Titan Fall until late.

20141005 - Kickoff

20141005 - UP in the am and all to church.  I stayed for Sunday school and L and the boys headed home.  L came and picked my up and we headed home for a nice lunch.  L&D then went to Steph's choir concert while JG&I played Titan Fall and got some work done.  L home and boys playing outside, I played a little bit of football with them before heading to a Scout Leader meeting.  Home and watched a movie with the fam in the basement.

20141004 - New Threads

20141004 - Up and G&I to J's soccer game while L&D went shopping for homecoming clothes.  G&I FROZE watching J run around in the sleet, rain and strong wind BRRRRRR...  We stopped by KFC on the way home for some food and L&D joined us.  We all hung out in the basement for the remainder of the day watching the Buckeye game that we DVRd, our first DVR experience, it is awesome.  We were in the basement all night and watched football and baseball.  It was a record breaking sports day and we were all in the same room all day without killing each other :-)

20141003 - Super Dork

20141003 - Up and to work, it is Super Hero Day.  L called from J's piano lesson and the car was completely dead...  Bob from down the road came and rescued them and helped get a new battery in the car.  Home D ice skating with Steph, LJG&I to McClain's for dinner.  Nice relaxing night.

20141002 - Still In and Last Game

20141002 - Fast day of work and then straight to the ball field.  We played my buddy Bill's Indians, they were top seed in our league and we somehow beat them :-o  Over to D's game and helped coach 1st base.  They lost and are now done for the season.  Home and all boys to bed.  L gave a good report from the parent teacher conferences she had for the little 2.  Up late playing Titan Fall.

20141001 + 20 Years!

20141001 + up in am, took to school and then on to Grove City for some anniversary shopping. I had a list just no previous time to get the stuff. So I got my shopping done and a haircut and made it into the office for my first meeting. D went to the orthodontist today, things look good. Fast day and home to take L to the Melting Pot for dinner. It was a really nice dinner and really nice just to be with L and relax. 20 years and counting.