071031 - Trick or Treat!

071031 - Today was a better day then yesterday for sure...
Trying to get caught up from the last 2 days. Scarfed down dinner, quick change and then out for some trick or treat fun!

071030 - Uh Oh!

071030 - Well it started out like any other day...
I was up till about 4am workinng. Got up to watch J&G while Lori took Howdy to school. Then got cleaned up and settled in at my desk for the day. Lori took J&G out for some errand and then dropped Grant off for his morning nap so her & Jack could go get groceries. That was the last moment of normal...
Some time passed and then the phone rang 'Kroger' popped up on the caller ID. I thought it might be the credit card co asking why I haven't used the card... But Lori is at Kroger, but she always uses her cell phone... Normally I let the home ph line roll over to voicemail... Not today. I answered and it was Lori. she said 'I need you to come to Kroger, I just passed out'... HOLY CRAP! I ran upstairs grabbed Grant, threw him in the blue truck and off we went.
when G & I arrived there was a huge firetuck and a couple ambulances out front and there was Lori getting wheeled out and Jack holding the hand of the store manager. Grant & I rushed up to the scene. Jack looked pretty expressionless and when he saw me it didn't change, he was in a bit of shock... Lori had made it to the checkout, paid for groceries and them felt faint so made her way to a bench, where she promptly passed out and hit her head pretty hard on the metal handrail... They checked her out and her blood pressure was 60/40, which is not so good... The took her to the hospital and the boys & I followed calling family and friends as we drove.
At the hospital we got back to see her right away, all hooked up to wires and hoses, Jack was fraked out a bit more... Soon Nicole showed up and took the boys home. Lori then told me that when she woke up, from like a dream an older man was looking at her, asked if she was ok and yelled for help. Jack said to her 'I thought you died mommy' ugh....
A bit later GmaW showed up & then Gma & paB showed up. We had been there several hours... Pastor Derric stoppped then GmaW headed home to help Nicole with the Boys and help when Howdy got home from school. Steve & I ran home, got the truck from Kroger, got Howdy started on his homework and then headed back to the hospital. Lori had a cat scan... After an hour or so more the Dr came in, said she had avery bad urinary track infection which can cause nausia, which can trigger ther brain to reduce ur blood pressure, which can make u pass out...
So with that & a couple perscriptions we headed home. I ran out to get the meds and some dinner. Let's hope the night is better than the day was...

071029 - Mr. Mom

071029 - Shortly after we dropped Jack at school Lori a Nicole headed over to see her Grandma Barker who is doing ver poorly. We received a call last night that today would not be a good day. The girls were going to head over today after work, and this morning the girls were called over early... I have been trying to work and manage the monkeys. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW LORI DOES THIS...

071029 - Dress up

071029 - Up & a very hectic morning. Howdy off to school, I went w/ L to see Jack's dress up day and all the impressive costumes. Jack is an Army guy...


071021 - Clean-up

071021 - Up, L,D&J to Sunday school & Church. Grant & I played with all his new toys he got yesterday. Then G took a nap & I got all my paperwork done for the next week. Everyone home and we had, guess what... Hot Dogs for lunch! Then we headed outside for final party clean up. After we got everything put away we played cornhole and then headed in so I could pack and we played w/ Gs ne toys until it was time for me to go. L & the boys took me to CMH and here I sit waiting for my plane thinking about the great party, of our wonderful family and friend and the great time we all had yesterday. I bet I won't have that much fun in Chihuahua...

20071020 - 2nd Annual OSU Football @ Winger's and Grant's Bday

20071020 - Grant's 1st bday and our OSU Fall party!
well we had a GREAT Fall party! All in all there were 60 people in attendance counting the 5 of us. Friends old and new joined together to celebrate Grant's 1st bday and share some great hot dogs, chilli & foods and desserts of every kind. Lots of great conversation and the 22 kids that were there had a blast too playing in the big backyard, hitting the piƱata making buckeye necklaces watching the game on one of the big screens and ending the night with the Transformers.
Wow what a day! The weather was perfect & the Buckeyes won. What more could we ask for. I think everyone had fun, I know we did, because we were all exhausted and fell asleep easily.
Thanks to everyone that came a shared a wonderful day with us'

071017 - Transformers!

071017 - Fast day, feeling better and voice almost back. Had a parent conf w/ Dylans teacher tonight: all good. 'Dylan is a joy to have in class. He is such a nice and helpful boy'. Wonder what turns him into a monster when he gets home??? Nice to hear he is good when he is away from us. After the conf L & Nicole went to church and the 3 stooged & I stayed home annd wacthed 'Transformers', WHAT AN AWESOME MOVIE!!! Grant stayed up late with us and had chocolate milk in his bottle :-D

071016 - So Big!

071016 - 1 year ago today #3 rough & tumble Grant joined our family. Here his big brother Jack is measuring him on the desk where they all get mesured on their birthdays.

070925 - Ninja war

070925 - Up slow,

071015 - Jack in the box

071015 - Up slow after a very painful Sunday. My throat hurt so bad yesterday I couldn't swallow, but I had a couple extra cow pills and am feeling much better today! I didn't talk much today but got a lot done. After dinner we headed outside to put Grants bday present together. The boys seemed to have more fun with the box...

071013 - Bust

071013 - After Jack's party we headed home to watch OSU tromp Kent state. Jack & I planted so grasses at half time. After the game we ran some errands. Then home for a quick change and L & the boys headed to a b-day party & I headed out for poker. I won the first round and came in 3rd the second. Then Brian's friend's friend headed home at 10:15... Huh? So with 3 people we didn't know what to do... So we played 3 way solitare... Gettin old...

071013 - Jack's last game

071013 - Everyone up and out to Jacks game. He did get a goal and had a good time. Here he sits with his team mates at the end of season party.

071012 - Hellava week!

071012 - Had a fast week: 2 sick boys, I got sick and now Dylan is starting to be sick. Work was a fast rat wheel, lots going on, but goin no where... Dropped the boys off at karate for a nun-chuck seminar, Lori, G & I headed out for party supplies and a horse ride. Then home for a show and bed.

071007 - Relaxing a bit

071007 - Doc, Jack, Dylan & I finished coating the drive and Lori took Grant to the Dr for his ears. He still has a bad ear infection... Dylan has been extremely bored the last couple days with all the sick brothers around, so him and I went to Friendship park and de-stressed a bit. We walked along the crick, threw rocks and got our feet wet. Then we got some grocerys and brought dinner home. Everyone got a bath, medicine and off to bed. L & I up getting ready for the week...

070929 - Doors

090729 - After Jack's game we all headed back to the house. Dad & I put together the doors for the garage cabinets. The boys played w/ GmaW and Grant took a nap. We had some lunch then Gma & paW went home. Jack helped me finish the cabnet doors and L & D went to the store. We all regrouped for dinner and waiting for our froinds to arrive to watch the OSU game.

071007 - Sick boys

071007 - Up and everyone around. L & D to church. J, G & I cleaned up the driveway and made a couple trips to the pharmacy to get Jacks perscription. Doc showed up, Jack got us beers and Grant found one when we wern't looking....

071006 - Spider

071006 - Jack was up @ 4 & I have been up ever since... D, J & I ran to McDs for berakfast. The the mail came and Grant got his squeakers, so now every step he takes he makes a sound. It is like he has dog toys straped to his feet & he LOVES it!
Lori & G to a picnic w/ Nicole & Rich. The big boys & I made a scooter for Grant & fixed the kid picnic table. Then a quick break to the playground.

071005 - Haircuts

071005 - Didn't stay up to late last night so got some rest. Up and into the office for quick not very productive day... Then the entire fam went to the mailing store to ship back my "Tom's shoes". Then we hit Skyline chili for some dogs. Meijers was next where the Skyline cinamon chili caught up with L & I and we spent more time in the bathroom than the store... No more Skyline for this family... Then to Home Depot for weekend project supplies. Home & got out the clipers! Next is baths & a movie, we got 'Fantastic 4, Rise of the Silver Surfer': the boys are all excited!

071004 - Drawing

071004 - Up late as I worked til 2:30am... then Jack was up at 5 with a fever... Full day at work, quick dinner and then we all played in the back yard a bit, monkey in the middle. Off to karate and then home for baths and some fun drawing in the playroom. Here we backed jack up against the whiteboard and traced him. We had fun coloring it in and then Howdy threw his suction cup throwing star at it...

071003 - Stress

071003 - Up last night till 2am going through my 1200+ emails... Then up & back on the phone by 9... And on for 6 hours straight, last call ending at 7pm. Then off to church... Oh and Jack had a game in between. He got at least one goal while I watched with my ear to the phone.

071001 - 13

071001 - Up and another insane day at work. Aunt Nicole came over to watch the little creeps so Lori & I could have a dinner with out sippy cups and bibs. We had a nice dinner and reviewed the year past and our plans for the coming year. Home and waiting for us were the 3 stooges, a wound up.
Here, 13 years after the day we got married, are the reasons I still smile every morning. I am a lucky guy! :-D