080427 - Too Much Fun

080427 - Up and everyone out to play at the farm. We had pony & tractor rides, moved some animals, built some fence and found cool rocks. Had some lunch, packed up the car and headed home. Looks like the boys played hard for two days...

080425 - Conservation

080425 - Here Diana gives the kids at the maple syrup day a lesson on conservation.

080425 - Cow

080425 - Landed at 7am. Worked till 2pm. packed up the car and headed up to the farm. Things are looking very good and already set up. The boys are playing and playing. Here Grant is feeding Katie and he was kissed by Dusty the pony.

080425 - 2008 Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm

We had a GREAT day for the 2008 Maple Syrup Day on the Farm!

The weather made us nervous with spitting rain and clouds. But as the day went on and our friends showed up the weather lifted and the day was just perfect.
There were 67 folks in attendance: family, friends and lots of children and Scouts

People enjoyed fireside chats, playing in the barn, cats, pony, tasty treats, and fresh warm maple syrup.
Diana gave a great presentation on conservation and planting trees.

Roger gave the lesson on how the maple tree sap is collected and then boiled down.

I took the scouts on a hike up to the falls and told the stories of the area.
There are those that could not be with us today and those that have passed on. Even when not present, somehow we all meet up at the Farm on days like these. The spirit of Family and friends is what this event and the Farm are all about. Thanks to all those who help make this years event a success and to all of those that attended.

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080424 - Lunch

080424 - Here we have some interesting specimens... Hans, the Goleum looking dude, is a damn good developer w/ us. He has saved my ass many many times & loves American women. Ben, the 'hell-a-good' supporter in the middle & Lee my partner in crime. Here they are enjoying a good Chinese buffet! We have worked far too late every night this week, handing our issue off to the Almere team that has really pulled through and fixed whatever we found each night and gave us good news every morning. We are now in really great shape with probably the best organized effort I have seen thus far, and ready for whatever the customer is going to throw at us.
I have been talking to L each night and everyone is doing well. She said Howdy had a great Karate midterm and the instructors all were impressed with his progress and especially his weapons. He is exceptionally amazing w/ the nunchucks. L said she was really proud of him. Really wish I would have been there...
Now I'm in San Jose getting ready for a red-eye home, a short work day and then up to the farm to get everything set up for the maple syrup event this Saturday.

080419 - Fireside

080419 - Up in the am and off to baseball practice then ran some errends w/ Howdy. We stopped by home and then off to a camp out. Even though it was raining we had a nice dinner, a hike and saw some bats and heard some owls, smores, flash light tag, glow stick and sitting by the fire.

080418 - My Helper

080418 - Rough day at work!  Took the boys to McD's then home to play and work in the backyard. Here Jack is helping me remove the clothes line post. We then tried a bit of edging, have up and went in to play the Wii.

080416 - School

080416 - Up in am and off to school w/ Jack! We played and went to his tables and made a colorful fish and traced the number 8 and glued stuff and sang song and played and learned about ocean stuff. We had a good time!

080411 - Home

080411 - up @ 6am PST to head home from SJC. Ran to catch a 2nd flight in Phoenix and just made it. Landed in CMH @ 5pm EST. The boys were happy to see me running out and screaming. Had a quick bite then off to church for a class L signed us up for, bunch of Bible bangers... Home and watching Ben Hur. Jack fell asleep straight away and Dylan set up his stuff and played & played. It's good to be home!

080408 - Shushi

080408 - Up late, as the Dytch feel they don't need to update clocks when day light savings time occurs... Full day of work, then out for shushi.
080407 - Up too early and on a jet to CA. Got there about noon, hit a chinese buffet then worked the rest of the day.

080404 - I want to play

080404 - Up got work underway. Off to pick up taxes, get some cash & a haircut. Jeff & I met w/ a realtor today, went well. Home finished up some work. L got Burger King for dinner, then the 2 big boys went out to play. Grant watched them from inside, pretty sad fella. Everyone in and watched a superhero show.
080402 - Boys had karate

080401 - B Day!

080401 - Lori's bday!