100429 - Dave to the Rescue

100429 - Up and had a big fight with a guy from Chase Bank early in the morning; threw my whole day off...  Worked and then Dave stopped over for a bit to chat, play with the boys and dinner.  Always great to have him stop by.  After dinner D&I went to his practice and he did some pitching :-o  Back home and stayed up late working.

100428 - X-RAYED

100428 -  Up, morning and over to the office for a meeting with Ivo and Rien.  We then went to the 'All hands meeting' to get an update on how the company is doing.  Then Cindy, Lee, Ivo and I headed out for lunch, where we were able to sample Josh's home brewed beer, very good!  Then on to the airport where I received my first full body x-ray at security :-o  I couldn't get on an earlier flight so I killed a couple of hours doing mail and a presentation.  J had a Dr. appointment today to get evaluated for OCD and ADD (wonder where he gets that???)  L and the boys picked me up at the airport in their jammies.  Got them home and to bed.  L tried to stay up and watch 'The Time Travelers Wife'.  I locked down my facebook account and watched Spartacus until late.

100427 - Up and over to the office for an all day meeting followed by a big dinner.  We tried a couple of geocaches and found one for Ivo.  Back to the room to watch LOST.

100426 + Fort Independence

100426 - Up and had a couple calls this am, all work finished up by 2. Spent some time w/ the boys and G ran to the bank with me. Said goodbye to them and L dropped me at the airport, heading to Boston. On the way in to land our jet was side by side with another jet and I got this picture of it as we passed over Fort Independence.
Got off the plane and met up w/ Cindy & Lee. We got to the rental car place and right next to it was a little league baseball game where the Boston Mets (same name as D's team) were playing (both D&J had games tonight that I would have missed, but were rained out). We got the car and headed for the resturant. We met Evan, Rien & Ivo there for a really good dinner. Then to the hotel, checked in and ready for a couple days of meetings (& hopefully some geocaching).
Location:Waterloo St,Lowell,United States

100425 - Up and everyone to church, G still not going to his own class, has to be with L...  Home and L and Nicole took off to Newcomerstown to Steve's concert and dinner. D&J building stuff (guns and rocket launchers out of misc pieces of pipe w/ the hot glue gun) in shop, G nap.  It was rainy so to get us out of the house we took a trip to Gander Mountain to look at guns.  We got dinner at Culver's, which was good, except for when G dropped his chocolate milkshake on my foot :-(  On the way home we hit a couple of geocaches and found a cool new skate-park we want to try out some day.  When the battery died we gave up on the geocaching and headed over to Joe's to check on Mary and drop off Avatar.  Home got the boys cleaned up and to bed.  I stayed up waiting on L, watching Spartacus & touching up the Winger coat of arms.

100424 + Up and fixing things that have been sitting around waiting for attention...  D&I went to his baseball practice and hung out until they canceled it because of rain.  So D&I ran some errands and had a good time together.  When we got back home DJG&I watched 'Predator', they were a bit scared, but REALLY liked it.  We got some pizza for dinner and it is still raining, so we stayed inside tonight and watched Avatar, what a great movie!  After all boys to bed L&I stayed up and putting historic info in sequence to upload to blog some day...

100423 - Coat of Arms

100423 - Up worked all day.  L did some mowing and the boys helped me pull the pump out of our well for its yearly inspection.  D went to his friends house to play.
We all got in the car, stopped by to pick up D and headed to Subway for dinner, then to Blockbuster for some entertainment, then to Once Upon a Child so L could seel off some old strollers and stuff.
Back home and Brain stopped by for a beer and to play sword fighting with the boys.  When Brian left the boys and I headed to the basement to do one of our Raising a Modern Day  Knight assignments.  Tonight we designed a family coat of arms.  The boys like surfing the web looking at examples, coloring the blank shields I printed off for them and giving me ideas.  We did this all while watching '7 Faces of Dr. Lao', a 1960's movie that had G hiding behind the couch...  I got the boys to bed and then worked on the coat of arms; below is what we ended up with.

The motto banner on top is in Latin and mean 'Five as one always"
The white shield signifies sincerity and peace.
The Helmet is of the protector design and stands guard over all.
The blue diamonds represent me (M on top of a W, makes 2 diamonds).
  -  the Blue signifies strength and loyalty
The golden chalice w/ oak leaves signifies Lori
  - the chalice is a represent the female
  - gold is for generosity
  - oak leaves represent fertility
The orange cross represents God
  - orange signifies a worthwhile ambition
The green chevron signifies the roof of a house and its protection
  - green is hope and loyalty in love
  In the chevron are my three sons:
    - symbol of the first born = shape label = Dylan, purple for regal
    - symbol for second born = crescent = Jack, gold for generosity
    - symbol for third born = star = Grant, red for warrior
The bull signifies valor and bravery, as well as out roots in the Farm
The bottom banner is our name.

100422 - Picnic Lunch

100422 - Up and got a couple calls out of the way. Then L had to take J to Children's Hospital for blood work. It was to be a short visit so I agreed to watch G. G&I played kickball, then baseball, then this and that... Several hours had passed and no sign of L&J... So G&I had lunch on the back porch and then I got a movie going for him so I could get some stuff done.  Aunt Nicole and her crew showed up to help watch G so I could get back to work (Thank you!!!).
L got home and got our boys under control and watched Sam & Lena for a bit. She reported on the hospital visit. Jack's blood is still the same (low white counts) and the hemotologist wants to wait 6 months to see him again. This visit involved a new Dr., a Physcologist... J has gotten into the habit of washing his hand dozens of times a day and his hands and forearms are severly chapped. The psycologist was not surprised and said it is quite common for young children coming into the hemotology labs to get this, because the hear over and over how they can't have any germs or get sick, this makes them want to wash their hands all the time, over and over...
I finished up my day, we had dinner, L mowed the rest of the yard.  G&I fixed some things and pulled the pump out so we could fix it.  D&I to his baseball practice and I got a walk/run in.  Home and got the boys to bed.  Watched a couple movies, to bed.

100421 - New Mower

100421 - Worked all day then out for dinner. After dinner L&J headed to soccer practice. DG&I cleaned out the shed and got the mower out so we could get it running.

After some lessons and sweat we got it running and my new mower was ready to go. D is the new mower! He is doing pretty good and for now, thinks it is cool. We will see how long that lasts...
Well the mower had a gasket missing and soon it was covered with oil and smoking....  I finished the back section of the yard as quickly as possible and the boys played.  L&J home and they joined in the playing.
After I got everyone to bed I tore the mower apart again and started reconstructive surgery.  I found the problem fixed it and put everything back together, hope it starts next time we try to use it...  :-o
My buddy Joe called tonight.  Today his wife underwent breast cancer surgery and it was found that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes.  So the surgery was much more invasive than originally planned and the recovery time and pain will be much more intense.  Joe said he has learned one thing for sure, "cancer sucks!"  Please keep Mary Dixon in your prayers for a good and speedy recovery.

100420 - Fire Practice

100420 - Up and at the desk all day testing. Jack over to a little girlfriends for a play date and them they came back here. They are very much alike and enjoy little Playmobil guys and tiny pieces. They even went to the bathroom together :-o jack said, 'well she had to go too'. No big deal to them... L took dinner to a family and backed over Jack's bike. I had the boys lay in their beds, pressed the fire alarm, had them feel the door and then practice climbing out their windows. L home and We had dinner. J&I then took pieces from his mangled bike and D's old bike and made him a good one. I then fixed the bow staff D&G broke. Then fixed the pitching machine so everyone could take a turn hitting. J took off with Jim buddy to get some ice cream and the rest of is had a snack at home and got ready for bed and LOST.

100419 - Dig It

100419 - Up and working. @ lunch Lilly found a chipmunk hole and dug in burying her whole head. After work and a super fast supper we all headed to the park. D had baseball practice, LJ&G hung out atthe play ground and Lilly & I went for a walk/run (C25K). All home, cleand up and all boys to bed. Off to meet with the Bible-bangers. Doc came home with me after the meeting and we ordered him some more business cards and signs.

100418 + Pack-up

100418 + Up way too early for some cold eggs and no coffee...

D wanted to go shooting so we headed to the range and some of his friends and their dads joined us. He was doing really shooting and respected the gun and taught the other scouts how to handle it properly.

D helped tear down the campsite and get everything loaded up. The remaining scouts took a really nice hike to a cave, pond and covered bridge.

After the hike we headed home and grabbed lunch on the way. We got cleaned up, our stuff unloaded and DJ&I went out while L&G took a nap.

We met up with then for dinner and then headed home to watch a movie and finish the day with a double header of TLCs hoarding show.

100417 - Cold Camp

100417 - Up in the freezing morning and met Gma&paW at the soccer field. The typhon like winds drove Gma&pa, D&G back to the house while L&I stayed and froze. J did really good at his game despite the cold.

GpaW,D&I went to the store and got some camping supplies. We came home and started packing up. Soon D&I headed out, picked up the Grossl boys and made our way to the campsite.

We soon had things set up and were ready. We shot Ds BB gun and had a pretty horrible dinner. The boys took a hike and I got the chickens ready. When the boys returned we sat around the campfire, told stories, turned the chicken and had a good time. When the chicken was taken off the fire the guys ate it up lickity split, it was delicious! Soon to bed for a VERY COLD NIGHT.

100416 + Mulch

100416 + The boys had a 'Late Arrival' day at school today. I worked and the mulch arrived. The boys played on the mulch, not realizing how heavy it will be for them soon... ;-)
Out to dinner where they had an indoor play place. Poor D was too big to go in, and he wanted to so bad. On the way home I let him call one of his buddys to join us in watching 'Clash of the Titans', the old 1980's version. All the boys loved it.

100415 - Climbing Base

100415 - Up in tha am and the extension for my contribution to the Obama help everyone out plan has been submitted: as I continue the short sales on two investment properties that are not eligible for any of the new Obama Programs. :-D

After a long day of working for the 'man' I take D to baseball and run my C2 5K, leg HURT!!! LJ&G join us and D did some catching. Home and watched some movies.

100414 - School Squirrels

100414 - Up bright and early and walking the boys to school. They took me to the office and signed me in. Than Jack & I headed to his class. I got to meet his teachers and all his friends. We then all loaded a bus and went on a field trip to the local supermarket. The kids were all talking and and it sounded like a buss full of screaming squirrles. It was a lot of fun and pretty cool. When we got back we walked home and our fun morning was over too soon.
I worked the rest of the day and then we all headed out for a soccer game, groceries and then Netflix on the Wii. And LOST on the uPas.

100413 - Globtrotting

100413 - Up and a very busy day right up to walking out to scarf down dinner. I had a surprise for them. I gave them hints as we ate, basketball, whistling 'Sweet Georgia Brown'; what else would it take? They had no clue. We got to Nationwide Arena and and the action started. The Globtrotters put on a show and the boys watched in total amazement. It was a fantastic night and they loved it, we loved it!

100412 - Worked all day then had a sword fight with G.  L&J took off for soccer practice.  DG&I hit the gas station, then realized D's baseball stuff was in the white car with L&J so we had to find them and get his stuff.  DG&I got to D's baseball practice late and D did lots of hitting tonight, G pitched to me until L showed up and she took J&G home.  I stayed at the park and did the first of the 'C25K' (iPhone app that trains you to run 5k in 9 weeks) walk/run sessions... Man am I sore!  D's practice got done early and I found him sitting by the car waiting for me.  Then had a meeting with the Bible-Bangers.

100411 + Flying Kites

100411 + Up early and finished cleaning up after the big event.  GpaW ran and got some food and had the great idea of going up on top of the farm for a picnic.  We all loaded up on the tractor and head up to Lunar fields where we ate and tried to fly some kites; 
Grant was the only one with success, and I think it is because of his constant motion/self created wind...  
We ate our lunch and had a good time.  We even set off a rocket a couple of times. 

A bumpy ride back to the Farm and all had to depart; Jonathon had to catch a plane and we had to go home and get ready for the week.  All the boys feel asleep on the way home, which is good, but meant that when we got home and L&I that were exhausted wanted to rest, the boys were wide awake :-| argh...

So we loaded up , went to Trader Joe's and then home for a relaxing backyard plan and early bed for all.

2010 Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm

100410 - Up before the sun with 3 boys playing light-sabers with glow sticks at 6am.  We got some breakfast and could see Uncle Roger had the fire lit as the soft smoke rose above the spring house.  Soon we were bundled up an ready to go out for a fun filled day.
Roger had some bacon and the sap already boiling by the time we reached him.  D had to put the plug in the tank and the family members trickled in to put the final touches on preparations for the day.  The sun was up, the clouds vanished and the day was going to be great.

Soon cars started arriving filled with family and friends from far and near.  Children running & playing, food cooking, people talking; all gathered around the central activity of boiling down sap to make maple syrup, as it has been done here for almost two hundred years.
The day was perfect, see for yourself...

No matter where you travel from.
When you get to the Farm, 
you know your home.

Thanks to all who helped prepare, those who came to share, those that came to play.  Because of all of you, it was a wonderful day.  See you next year!

100409 & 08 - Preparations

100409 - Up early, had a fast day and got my list pretty much done, finished up on the road to the Farm.  We got to the Farm and worked until 7pm to get everything ready for tomorrow.  GpaW went and got some pizzas for dinner and the Loughmans stopped over for a visit.  All boys to bed in good time and GmaW & L stayed up as long as they could, hoping to welcome Jonathon but couldn't make it.  Jonathon arrive late and we chatted for a while, but got to bed in decent time so we would have rest enough for the big day tomorrow.

100408 - WORKED my butt off today...  Then ran to scouts...  Home doing more work in the basement w/ L as we watched 'Food Inc.', it has changed our perception of what we eat... It is a MUST SEE movie!!!

100407 + Two Ways

100407 - Up and a good day at work. Loaded up the family and 'click'... L left the key on in the car and it was not going to start... Hooked up the charger and we were off about 30 min later :-| first stop was Pakmail to ship a couple iPads to friends overseas. Then to Toys R Us for some 'Caution Children Playing' signs and various othe LEGO products...
A stop at Wendy's and then home to drop off L&D so they could go to baseball practice while JG&I headed to J's soccer practice. After all the practices we met up at home for snacks and bed. Up tonight updating the blog.

100406 + Up too early from the late night. The project we were working on last night works like a charm and the work day was a success! After work DJ&I headed to baseball practice. L&G met us there. Home, cleaned up and boys to bed.

100405 - Back Kickin

100405 - Up and the boys off to school and me back to work with no phones or internet :-o Seems that I hadn't used my Internet in so long I lost my static IP... Plus my not so reliable router and unsecured wireless network, it was time for change. I limped through the day and made it to dinner.
After dinner we rushed to Jack's first soccer game. He did really well and even got a goal (even if it was in his own goal :-o ).

After the game we headed to MicroCenter to pick up a new router and wireless access point. Home, boys cleaned and to bed. Then I started the home network rebuild nightmare! I got everything organized, installed and working by 3am!
This worked out perfect as it was them the perfect time to talk to my partners in the Netherlands on a project we have to deliver tomorrow. So to bed by 4:00 am (yawn)...

100404 - Hunting

100404 - Up and everyone ready and out to church. The boys and I bailed out a bit early to do some treasure hunting. Our first stop took us to a graveyard where we found our geocache and some cool headstones like this one shaped like a tree.

We met up with the rest of the fam and had a good big lunch before the boys were released to hunt for Easter eggs. They had a good time and got lots of chocolate for me }:-)

Then time for play in the backyard before loading up for the trip home. On the way home we hit a bunch more geocaches and found lots of cool stuff and places.

So our trip home took twice as long as usual... But it was worth it. We made it home and finished up homework, got baths a snack and to bed. A good week of vacation, too fast gone :-( but with great people :-)

100403 - iPad & Eggs

100403 - Up in the am with the excitment of Christmas: the iPads are coming today...!!! The anticipation and hope that they arrive before the trip to Newcomerstown makes me nervous because L said we are leaving at 12:30, iPad or not, we are leaving...

9:30am and 'ding dong'! UPS guy is here!!! The iPad has arrived, and it is WAY COOL RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!!!

D had baseball practice, but I just couldn't go... I HAD TO PLAY WITH IT. I HAD TO GET IT SET UP!!!! L took D to baseball so I could mess with the new toy. I spent the next 1.5 hours getting the iPad set up with L's mail, calendars etc. Afterall it is a birthday present for L ;-). Oh I have no idea where or what J&G were up to for that 1.5 hours :-o

L&D home and we packed up and headed East. Once we got to Newcomerstown we set up a wireless network for GpaB so we could play with our iPad... Then we played outside, hit the local hardware store and colored some eggs.

100402 + Getting Ready

100402 + Everyone up early and down to the barn. The boys helped me finish cleaning up and safetifying (yes I just made up that word) the barn. We them headed the the spring house area and got the boiling and cooking areas ready. John, Mary & Martha stopped in to lend a hand and observe the chaos 3 boys can provide...

We had a late lunch, and I got to pick where we went: So we went to Porky's! It was a good meal and G slept through the whole thing.
Back to the Farm and finished up what we could do today and took a quick hike with GmaW into woods. Then home we went for dinner, movie and bed.

100401 - 39 Today

100401 - Up and got some paperwork done this morning. The boys played until I gave the call that it was time to load up and head to the Farm. We got up the the Farm and worked in the the barn, cleaning it up for the upcoming Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm. D actually is starting to help, and the barn looked really nice by the time we were done.
Up to the house for L's bday dinner, Weezer joined us and GpaW cooked ribs and we had a huge spread of food topped off by a birthday cake.
Happy bday L, ALL your boys love you!