20150131 + Plans

20150131 + Up to G's basketball game. Gma&paW came down. We all went to lunch afterwards.  Home for a bit playing Titanfall and then ran D to baseball.  Home for a couple more min then ran G to baseball.  Home for only a min and then ran to Worthington to have an offsite meeting about one of my programs at work.  Picked D's girlfriend up on the way home.  Home and we had dinner and then watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  Ran D's Girlfriend home.

20150130 - Twins

20150130 - Twin day at work, Lamont and I could be twins for sure!  Home to J's basketball game.  D to Batter's Box this afternoon.  My best bud Dave stopped over in the evening for a visit and sword fight with the boys :-)

20150129 - Drinks

20150129 - Grant had 100 day fashion show at school.  I had a couple beers after work.

20150128 - Running Cold

20150128 - Up to work.  Home and ate with the fam.  Play trouble with G then some karate fighting game with J on the xbox.  Ran D to baseball, watched American idol with l and little boys.  Ran and got D.

20150127 - Titanfall

20150127 - Work, then straight to baseball for G.  Home played with boys.  Played Titanfall until L yelled at me :-)

20150126 - Igloo

20150126 - L up early and took the boys to the dentist.  Work.  Boys home from school.  J to friends, D&G made a huge igloo!  D to batting practice, Played trouble and had fun :-)

20150125 + Bridge

20150125 + Up and all to church, J still at Mallonn's.  Home and G worked on a puzzle while L&D went over all his missing assignments for school...  Getting calendar organized and planning for next week.

20150124 + Sellers

20150124 + D taught J how to post on ebay.  L took G to get his basketball pictures and then his game, he had a great game and they won by 1 point.  Had some lunch, L took D&G to baseball clinics at the high school, I worked on work stuff.  Watched movies.  J spending the night at his buddy Conor's.

20150123 - TITANFALL

20150123 - UP took D to school and then to work.  Held an all hands meeting at work, Dave's bday, glow stick day, went to lunch with everyone, Courtland bought lunch.  Dylan had baseball at batter's box.  Went and picked up D's girlfriend, missed J's basketball game...  Gma&paW down for J's game, then we went to dinner.  Home and D played the guitar for everyone on the xbox.  I stayed up and played TITANFALL

20150122 - Carnival

20150122 - Work, ran to scout store, L took D to a baseball lesson.  Long day, home, ate quick, then L&J to basketball practice, G&I to carnival pack meeting.

20150121 - Ice Cream

20150121 - MSFT Here.  D had baseball at the high school.  We went to dinner downtown after work and ended up at Jeni's Ice Cream.  Stayed up late and played Titanfall.

20150120 - Down Time

20150120 - Had 2 interviews at work today.  Home and nothing scheduled, played games with the fam.

20150119 - Prep Day

20150119 - Boys no school, L took them to a movie.  I worked late getting the place ready for customer visit.  Out late at Bible Bangers.

20150118 - GOOSER!

20150118 - Up all to church.  Home and in the office.  Had some lunch.  Hailey showed up and hung out with D.  They all went to the school to play basketball, didn't last long, too cold.  I worked on scout stuff most of the day.  Learned a magic trick.  Watched a movie with everyone.  Had some dinner.  L took D&J to youth group.  Watched Pitch perfect with L&G.  Picked D&J from youth group.  Played Titanfall, GOT A GOOSER!!!!!

20150117 + BBall Day

20150117 + UP in the am and to G's basketball game.  They won.  Home and G&I headed out with a stack of papers to get sponsorship for G's baseball team.  G walked in to the 14 places we went to and asked for the Manager. He would then explain what he was doing and what he wanted.  The Managers all were very nice to him and one from Cane's even gave him a free kids meal.  G had a good time doing it, I think he will be a salesman :-)  Home and ran D to baseball clinics, then ran G there.  I watched J play some xbox and then got G.  G&I played on the xbox for a bit between paperwork.  Ran and got D and then had dinner with G's baseball team at Buffalo Wild Wings.

20150116 - A Tie?

20150116 - Up and into work, it was Tie day.  D to batters box, dinner at home, d to friends, LG&I to J's basketball game, J did good, tall and skinny.  Home Titanfall with J&G, up late on bills.

20150115 - Skins

20150115 - Work, home LJ&G at conferences, ate, stayed home with D&G played Titanfall, L&J to basketball practice, shirts and skins, J mortified shirt off in public.  Quite the opposite of G...

20150114 + No Shame

20150114 + Fast day at work, J had piano lessons.  Home got G and headed to baseball practice with G poop in basement in front of everyone...  Picked d up from baseball, he talks and talks about it...  Up late playing Titanfall.

20150113 - Goofy

20150113 - L took D to school this morning and got pulled over on the way home in my car for not having a license plate on the front of the car :-)  I got up late and in to work for a crazy day.  I ran out and got gas and lunch for everyone, had 2 people interview, and had other meetings most of the day.  left work late and got home to a quiet house, the boys were doing their reading, D doing math.  I ate and then hung out with the boys and watched some OSU basketball.

20150112 - BEST GAME EVER!!!

20150112 - Up into work. D to batters box for practice today.  Home and ready for big game.  Eric, and the McClains came over to watch it with us.  WHAT A GAME!  My 2 favorite teams and OSU WON THE BIG SHOW!!!  had too much to drink, up late...

20150111 - Little Cooks

20150111 - Lori home, boys and I to church, home and worked in the office a bit, then ran to grocery with j&g got stuff they made the entire lunch.  D's new girlfriend over.  worked in office, went out and played in snow with G.  had dinner.  played cards. worked on puzzle

20150110 + Took...

20150110 + UP, JG&I
took food to workers at d1, dropped J off at home,
took G to baseball shirt fitting
took G to basketball practice
took D to baseball clinic, he is working it this year
took G to baseball clinic,
took G to pants, helmet, shirt, hat fitting

20150108 + Put Him to Work!

20150108 + Jack to work with me, he took down Christmas decorations and did a couple of odd jobs back in the factory.  Home took D to baseball lesson.  L home from visiting her dad, he is still in hospital.  Took J to basketball practice.  Home and watched American Idol.

20150106 - Snow Buds

20150106 - D had an orthodontist apt, GpaB in hospital, L went to see him. the boys and I are on our own.

20150104 + Electrician

20150104 + Up and LD&I to church.  Home and doing some work in office.  Took D to pickup his new girl and bring he to the house for a bit.  Gma&paW brought J&G home J was a bit homesick...  House exploded with NOISE!!! D worked on taking down the Christmas lights.

20150103 - Gunsmith

20150103 - D worked on a gun reattaching the barrel to the stock and filing off the screw head so the bolt would fit in.

20150102 + Noodles in my Soup

20150102 + Apparently at some point in the day we went to Max & Erma's for some tortilla soup.  Yum!

20150101 - New Year!

20150101 - Up in the morning and everyone ready to head out for a family event.  We headed over to Becky & Vic's for a New Year dinner and to catch up with family.  Back home and the McClains over for some football.