20181231 - Up in the am and in through the hard rain to the office. Had meetings solid all morning. Got the rollout of the digital handbook finished up and out of my hands for final execution. Got some other critical tasks lined up and then finished the morning with a meeting. Headed to G's basketball game at Capital University and got there for the last couple min and got to see G play a bit. They  were tied most of the game but lost right at the end... Home and D gone, he went to his roommates in Sydney OH for the night. Home and relaxed a bit and then J drove LG&I through the horrible rain to Arby's for dinner. We had a good dinner and swung by the house before heading to to the McClain's. We were there only a short while before J wanted to go home so I ran him home and tried to get him to find something to do with his friends, even though he had all day to do so but chose to play video games and not make arrangements... no one responded so I headed back to the McClain
s and left J at home alone for New Year's Eve, not real happy about that... Hung out at the McClain's, J called about 11:30 and wanted to know when we would be home... we played a couple games and watched the ball drop. Didn't stay too long after midnight, home and J still on the couch where I left him. All to bed late. Happy New Year!

20181230 +

20181230 + Up in the am had some bfast and then we all got ready and headed to John & Mary's in Shelby for the Winger Christmas party. There were a ton of family there and we had a great time catching up with folks, visiting and just enjoying time with each other. There were fun games we tried to cheat on and we even played some uno on the iphone with other family members, a good time overall! We swung by the Farm on the way home to pick up Lilly, said thanks to Gma&paW for a fun weekend and all our gifts and then headed South. We got home in good time, got everything unpacked and put away and settled in to watch a A-X-L a new movie the boys wanted to see. It was a good movie and we were all tired and headed off to bed in good time.


20181229 - Up late and got things done around the house and the cars packed up. We swung by L's friend Sue's to get her new soundbar working with her TV as we headed out of town. We hit the Post office too and then headed up to the Farm. We got to he a Farm, got things unloaded, helped GpW get some food from the Farmhouse and then opened our presents. We had a fun time opening the present and we got things we loved. We then had a really good dinner followed up with some euchre before heading to bed.


20181228 - Up in the am and got to work and cleaning things up and prepping for 2019. A nice quiet day to get things done. At the end of the day I wrapped things up late and met LJ&G at Bellacino's for dinner. We had a nice dinner and then headed home to watch a movie and get to bed in good time.

20181227 +

20181227 + Up in the am and a nice slow start to the day. D left the house 5:33am, and J down early proclaiming his sickness. I headed in to work to get some more dev work done. Didn't get a lot of dev work done but got a lot of other things knocked out. Home and got ebay stuff shipped, L cooked us all dinner and then we hung out for a bit. D&I ran to the post office, gas station and gym for a bit. Home and watched some football on TV and destroyed G in a new Rubik's game. Got to bed in good time but couldn't sleep.

20181226 +

20181226 + Up late in the am and headed in to work. Reviewed my overnight ideas with Lonie, got caught up on email and routine daily activities, had a couple meetings and dove into programming. The boys (Kevin & Derek) ran to KFC and bought all the chicken they had to feed the office today, YUM! I got a lot done and had a call with the dev team for a bit of help, still not right though... Worked on it until head hurt and headed home. I shipped ebay stuff, L&G dropped it off at the post office for me on the way to pick up G's buddy Eddie to spend the night. J relinquished his Xbox to the little boys for the night and LDJ&I watched 'Await Further Instructions', not a good movie, just ehh. After the movie I beat J at a Rubik's game a couple times and headed to bed in good time.


20181225 - Up early, but not too early this year. Boys passed out gifts and we all opened our gifts. Very nice, peaceful and enjoyable morning, the boys are getting too big, but still little on days like today. It took about 2 hours to open things and everyone was content and happy with their gifts, then we got ready for the day, Garage heaters on, food cooking, everyone cleaned up. Gma&paW showed up and we got their things brought in, Cole's showed up shortly after. We had a wonderful meal in the garage on one huge table and all ate too much. There was a short break while some things got cleaned up and then we headed to the basement to open some more gifts. Things slowed down a bit as people put some of there gifts together, built gingerbread houses and hung out. We played some cards and folks left as the afternoon went on. Down to the 5 of us at home and we just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the evening and watched 'Alpha' before bed. I was up until 4am head racing with ideas of the system I am going to build.

20181224 +

20181224 + Up in the am and in to work. I wore another Christmas outfit and went around the office passing out candy canes and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. I managed to get things done and organized for return after Christmas and headed out early to go to the Cole's for Christmas Eve lunch and gift exchange. It was a nice event with L's side of the family and always fun. The 5 of us headed home and relaxed for only a minute before we headed to our church. The service was nice, a bit loud with all the kids, but a good message and traditional songs. I love singing the traditional songs, but find it hard to sing at times as they bring up memories of family member that I remember singing with as a boy and they are not here anymore... After church we headed home and Gma&paB showed up. We hung out and visited and watched some TV. Everyone to bed in good time and Santa showed up early.


20181223 - Up and all to church. Home and had a very nice relaxing day at home. I ran out to get a haircut during the day. J went to a friends for the evening. LDG&I watched another movie and got a good nights rest leading up to the busy week.

20181222 +

20181222 + Finished up $ for the 2 weeks, shipped ebay, DG&I headed out, post office, gas station, auction house in Reynoldsburg, Meijer, Gamestop, Best Buy, video store. Home and got stuff wrapped. L&D picked up food at Panda Express, to the basement for dinner and watched 'Equalizer 2'.

20181221 +

20181221 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school in to the office getting a lot done.


20181220 - Up in the middle of the night to make sure D got up and to work by 6am... Tried to go back to sleep... Up and got myself to work, no J today he has finals later and will be walking to school. In to the office and getting organized and moving forward. Had some good strategy session today and the direction is clear. Now the hard part, doing it... Home and shipped some ebay stuff, we all had dinner and then relaxed until time to go out. J drove G&I to the post office and then he dropped G off at basketball practice. J&I went the long way to get to Target where he got his Christmas shopping done. Home, J stayed and I ran to get G from practice. It was already 9pm and G has school tomorrow so we decided to not do his Christmas shopping tonight, but do it Saturday. Home and shut things down and to bed in good time.


20181219 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Got to work and blew through a ton of email in prep for another all day meeting. Meeting went very well and we made a lot of progress. Finished up the day and headed to Easton where I met LDJ&G and Gma&paB for a nice dinner at Abuelos. We then walked over to the theater and watched Mary Poppins Returns. It was a cute movie, very well done, but not sure it was as good as the original... G rode home with me and we drove around and looked at Christmas lights for a bit before heading home and closing down for the night.


20181218 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work
Had a contractor on site all day helping us learn a software product we have
G home from school again today
Took G to baseball, Tom brought him home
G skipped basketball tonight
Home, shipped ebay, J helpd for only a min, I took things to post office
Homea nd helped GpaB carry things in
Gma&paB here for a couple of nights to play Sanat and Mrs. Claus at L's school
D working at Victoria's Secret fopr his 1st day, home late, liked it, working with Jen


20181217 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Got to work and dressed up to annoy everyone for the day, it was FUN!
Holiday party
G home from School
Gma&paW took DJ&G out to eat and to a tuba concert
G called me at the Christmas party to let me know he was in the bathroom with diarrhea
home got G settled and all to bed

20181216 -

20181216 - Church, shipped with J, J drove me to far away post office and gas, home LG&I to basketball won one lost one, home

20181215 +

20181215 + UP EARLY got boys from Scout Lock-in back to bed, up shipped stuff and then headed to Granville for g's 3 basketball games

20181214 +

20181214 + Up in the morning and in to the office and getting things done.

D headed up to Northern Ohio
J&G dropped off at Scout lock-in
L&I to dinner at Winking Lizard
Home watched a couple Christmas movies and wrapped presents


20181213 - Up in the am and J moving very slow. Dropped J off at school and headed in to a quiet office this morning. Got a lot of things done today that weren't really the direction I need to be going, but still going... Headed home and got ebay things shipped as G yelled at the Xbox from the basement. Got everything shipped and ran to pick up J, get gas and deliver the packages. Home and we had dinner, D is working for a couple of hours at D-Bats, J helped me install a new modem for the house. On the phone with the cable co trying to get things working and headed to G's game, it was not pleasant with the cable co. they got my order wrong... Finally got things straightened out with the cable co, J's internet working again and scored G's game in a slippery LOUD gym. G's team got pretty much crushed and it was a very physical game and G got pretty beat up... After the game we headed home, chatted with D and headed to bed.

20181212 +

20181212 + Up in the am, dropped J off on the way to work. In to the office for a busy morning. Took a break and headed downtown to get Scout things. Talked to a couple folks from the last job on the drive to and from the Scout Store. Back to the desk and good discussions on process mapping. Finished out the day and headed home. L had a nice dinner for us, D got up at 11:30 and didn't find a job today... J had track until late, ran another 5 miles in this cold today... G had a Dr. visit for a follow up shot. After dinner Bill & Tom stopped by and we got a bunch of admin stuff done for the baseball team and caught up a bit. When they left D&I headed to the post office and gym, apparently D did not close original gym membership correctly and his account has been sent out for collections and it will cost $107 to clear his account so he can go to the gym by himself... memberships are only $10/mo... (bang my head)... We worked out for a bit and then headed home. Little boys already in bed and I followed suit.


20181211 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and headed in to work. Discovered D was up watching movies all night and even though I pay for multiple movie on demand services that offer over 40k movies, D decided that at 3:30 am he would buy a movie to watch using the credit card attached to my Amazon account... Day went fast at work, home and ate. After dinner D took G to batting practice so he could work out a bit too. While he was there he called to let me know he broke his $400 baseball bat... I headed to the Scout Board of Review, we had one kid and discussed being the committee for a girls troop... Home and up late.


20181210 - Up in the am and got J dropped off at school and in to a quiet office this morning.  Got a bunch done in the am and headed home to talk to L about the boys and my frustration level with them. Boys home from school, we discussed some changes that need to take place at dinner. J drove us to Scouts, I checked in with the guys and then headed home for a bit. D home from school and he went to pick his brothers up. I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers for a quick catch-up session.


20181209 - 20181209 - UP in the am and we all, including J's friend, headed to church. After church we got gas and dropped Bryce off and headed home.
Home, JG&I nuclear explosion about boy scout fitness test
I shipped ebay, took G to basketball games.
1st game unfair
2nd game G did great
G lost his practice jersey
L&Gma&paW to J's concert this afternoon
Had dinner with them
Home. L got J.
I left to ship things


20181208 -
I got pretty organized this weekend.
J&I shipped stuff
J drove me to post office and bank
G 2 basketball games
Home and J had a buddy Bryce over, G played on xbox in basement, L&I watched a movie.


20181207 - Up in the morning and the remote start on the car is working again! Got J to the gas station and watched as he almost was turned into a pancake by a big box truck. In to work and honing in to get a lot of things done today.

Home got LJ&G and headed to El Vaquero for a nice dinner. Ran into Jim Ryan there and chatted about his son and D. Headed home and J&G on the Xboxes.

Up late

20181206 - Tazed!

20181206 + Up in the am and my remote start still not working so J&I froze on the to his school. I stopped at the gas station and got myself a warm croissant to eat on the way to work. In to work and into the screen getting things done. Got a pic from my buddy in the Police Academy, it was his turn as part of his training to get tazed... Had a pretty complex frustrating day with a lot going on and little getting done... Home and L made us a nice dinner. I ran G to and from basketball, J helped me ship some ebay things. Pretty quiet night.

20181205 - Sad Friends

20181205 - Up in the am and the remote start for the car won't work due to an update in their software...  great coldest day of this winter so far and my car is FREEZING! Got J to school and headed in to work. Got a text that the Andy's mother passed away. Got some things done at the desk and ran to meet L at calling hours for the father of Maria Varney, one of our dear friends. Back to work and got more done. Headed home. L ran and got roping for the front door and put it in the bathtub... J&G on the Xboxes I shipped stuff. Hung out in the living room a bit before heading to bed and worked on Booster stuff until late.

20181204 - Volunteering and Hockey

20181204 - Up in the am and dropped G off at school for his Bible study and then J on the way in to work. Got in to work and getting things done so I can get out of here half a day. Tried to get as much done as possible before heading to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank to volunteer the rest of the day. It was a bit chaotic at first but then we started getting a lot of things done. At one point I was putting food in peoples carts and gave out lots of extras. Had a good time doing it and the time went fast. Headed home through Grove City traffic, which is still horrible... Got home and L cooked us all dinner.

We ate and then L&G headed to his hitting practice and I had J drive me down Hamilton to Broad to High St. downtown and up to Nationwide Area where we took in an exciting Blue Jackets game. They lst but it was still cool to go! J drove me home the same way we went in and is getting more comfortable behind the wheel. Home, exhausted, to bed

20181203 + Level Set

20181203 + Up in the am and dropped J off and got gas on the way in to work. We had a launch of an internal web-page that kept me busier than usual on a Monday am. Worked straight through lunch in a super fast morning and trying to slow things down to get done what I need to get done today... Had a conversation with the President of the Boosters on my level of involvement... he is ok with it. Finished up the day reasonably well and headed home. Only home a second before I had to run and pick J up from his first day of indoor track. Home and we all sat down to eat. L ran G to basketball and J and I finished up and tried to clean up the kitchen. I headed into the office and L came in to help ship. Took J to Scouts and had a talk with Rob and Jason about my level of involvement there... they are ok with it. Ran to pick G up at basketball. Back to Scouts and J&G with merit badge counselor and I sold some baseball discount cards and chatted with the guys. After Scouts J drove us to the Post Office and G ran the packages in. Home and watched some TV with L, got the boys to bed and then up almost all night, couldn't sleep, last I looked at the clock was 3:45AM...

20181202 - Rear Window

20181202 - Up in the am and all to church. Home for a bit and L went to Delaware to see GGmaK. J&I shipped ebay stuff and then he drove to the Post Office, gas station and we swung through Kroger to get some nuts and dried fruit for me to take to work. We saw Bill there and chatted a second. Home and I got some more stuff done while J&G played on the Xbox until their arguing with each other through the Xbox and I could hear them from both upstairs and downstairs yelling at each other forced me to disconnect the network for my own sanity...  I made them eat and then G&I headed to Johnstown for his basketball game. G didn't shoot much today but played very well. The boys won easily and we headed home. We all ate and then JG&I sat at the table finishing up Scout stuff. When we got to a stopping point we headed in to the living room and watched a cute Christmas movie.  All to bed in good time.

20181201 - G on the Court

20181201 - Up in the am and J helped me ship stuff in ebay. We got it all packed up and J drove to deliver them to the Post Office and then headed across town to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction items. We headed back across town the back-way to hit Meijer so J could do some Christmas shopping. Home and got L&G's for his basketball game, J stayed home. G did good at his game and they boys won. The only excitement was someone barfed on the court...  no one admitted to it... Swung through KFC on the way home. Home and we ate, L did some laundry J&G played on the Xbox and I got some things done in the office until time to watch the OSU vs Northwestern Big 10 Championship game. D texted, he heard a hissing noise and found a piece of metal in his tire on his way into Buffalo Wings. Didn't get it fixed right away... had to put on his spare... It was a great game, except for the 3rd quarter, but not sure it is enough to get the Buckeyes into the playoffs.

20181130 + Leave'm @ Home

20181130 + Up in the am and J moving very slooooow this morning. Got him dropped off at school and swung through McD's to grab a sausage McMuffin on the way in to work. Got to work and dove right in. It was a productive day and I believe we have selected a direction that is best for the company. Exhausted I headed home. D texted he is not coming home this weekend. I got home and J&G were buried in the Xboxes... I wasn't going to deal with the screaming that would occur by forcing them off, so L&I went to the Rusty Bucket for a nice quiet dinner. We stopped and picked up Wendy's for boys on way home. Home and settled int eh basement to watch a movie, 'Darkest Minds'.

20181129 + 2019 Discount Cards are Here!

20181129 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school and headed towards work. Passed Bill on 270 like he was in a Flintstones peddle car, he texted me to slow down... Got to work and dove in to the day. Got a text in the middle of the day that the father of one of our dear friends has suddenly passed away... praying for the Varney family. Finished the day and headed towards home with a call from the City asking if I wanted to be on the 'Appeals Board' and a stop at the high school to pick up the 2019 version of the baseball discount cards. Home and got the social media blast out about the cards to generate some buzz. L cooked dinner and J&G joined us after being pried from the Xbox. After dinner the boys worked on Scout stuff until it was time to take G to basketball. Home and gave J his first lesson on ebay shipping. I think he liked the part of seeing home much $ he was making with each shipment and learning that, nickles, dimes and quarters all stack up to dollars... Ran to get G from practice. Home and updated my resume and sent it to the City for their records. Got the boys to bed and worked on splitting the track app into boys and girls until too late.

20181128 - Magical Night

20181128 - Up in the am and dropped J at school in good time and headed in to work. Had a meeting with CB this morning and knocked out 2 huge projects I have been working on for months. Got some things organized for forward movement before heading home. Home in good time and after G had a Fortnite meltdown we got the boys dressed and headed downtown. We parked and walked back an alley to the Ringside Bar & Grill for dinner and to see if their claim to the 'Best Burger in Columbus' was true... we each got a different kind of 1/2lb burger and yeah they may have the best burgers in town! A short windy walk between the big buildings got us to the Palace Theatre and we made our way to our box seat, you know the little half circle things that stick out of the side wall right next to the stage, I had never sat in one of those before and it was lovely, a lot of space, comfortable chairs and a perfect view (minus the huge speakers hanging in front of us). The Champions of Magic show started and it was very entertaining. Good acts and a couple different styles of magic from close up, to large dangerous props and a mind reader. It was a good show. After the show we took a quick walk down one more alley to the pre-started car and zipped home to get everyone to bed.

20181127 - 70

20181127 - Up in the am and got J to school later than usual today, he was dragging... In to a very quiet work this morning and cleaning some things out. Got some things done and headed home the back-way through some snow. Gave GmaW a call on the way home for her 70th bday! She went out for lunch and has plans to go out for dinner to celebrate! Home and got L and we ran to pick up the white car from Tuffy, no charge for fixing out tire. Back home and L made dinner and then I had J drive in the snow to take G to his batting practice. We got G delivered and J did ok in the snow, a bit more timid than usual. Home and I shipped ebay things and then back out in the snow to pick up G and drop him off at basketball practice. Back home for a bit and watched some TV with L and then back out to pick G up. All back home and settled in for the night.

20181126 - Piping

20181126 - Up in the am and dropped J at school and headed to work through heavy cold rain. In to the office and getting 4 days of catch-up done. Had a pretty busy day and had some big pushes on a couple big tasks for the day. Home and L&I ran her car to Tuffy to have the tire looked at. Home and L cooked dinner and I shipped a ton of ebay stuff. LJG&I had dinner and then L&I ran J&G to Scouts where I dropped off the wreath money and pin receipts. L&I on to the Home Depot to get some pipe. We then did our Cyber Monday shopping and I ran to get J&G with J's car so he could drive in the snowy mess, but he didn't have his billfold so I drove them home, G&I took out the trash while J got his permit and then he drove me to the post office to ship stuff and back home. I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers for a short meeting. Worried about Chris, he's been sick a couple days and Scott H announced he received papers he is getting laid-off 12/12... Home and installed new drain pipes for the humidifier, furnace, AC and water heater.

20181125 - Decorating

20181125 - Up in the am and everyone to church. Home and D got the Christmas lights on the house for L with some help from J&G. J went way up on the ladder and cleaned the ivy off the eaves. J&I then jumped in the car and headed way out to L's friend Steph's house to deliver a wreath. It was J's first day drive and he did really good, still a bit jerky, but getting better. Home and D headed out for dinner with his buddy Drew and J&I did some work in the basement, looking for the source of water...  After we narrowed down the water options we all settled int he living room and watched a Christmas show while L finished up the tree. 

D swung by the house on his way to Springfield to pick up a baseball buddy that had a broken down car and hung an ornament before heading out. After the movie I tried to get J&G to finish up some Scout stuff, horrible problems with listening... Vinnie over and J&I to the basement to watch the mid season finale of The Walking Dead. The show was good and I was up until 2 finishing off the week and getting ready for the new one...

20181124 + Big OSU Win!

20181124 + Up in the am and trying to get caught up on ebay shipments with L's help. Tried to get D&J to help finish some things up but they are in non-responsive electro-induced coma }:-|  We headed over to the Pettit's for the annual OSU vs _ichigan game, D&J did drop off the packages on the way. To the party and I hid some Lime-o-rita cans around the house. What a Game!!! WOW!!! We were pleasantly surprised with the Buckeyes! WHAT A WIN! Home and I rested a bit and L did a ton of laundry. We headed out in the evening to Drew's, one of D's long time friends, to wish him well as he leaves for the Navy tomorrow. We swung by the McClain's on the way home and hung out for a bit before heading home and finishing up the night with some more football, a 7OT game with the highest score for a football game ever.

20181123 - Black Friday w/ L

20181123 - Up in the am and D&I looked at some bats online, then L&I headed out to do some shopping. Not as many places to go as the boys are getting bigger and harder to shop for...  We hit all the usual spots, but Toys R Us is gone and several of the places we went in and didn't get anything as shopping online is cheaper and easier. We stopped at O' Charley's for lunch and then hit an auto parts place to pick up a couple more items before heading back to the Farm. Everyone gathered back at the Farm, we packed up and left G there and the rest of us headed home. Home and unpacked, D's college buddies showed up and they headed to St' John's arena to watch the Buckeyes. L&I hung out in the living room, watched some of the game and relaxed with J on the Xbox. I headed out to get some supplies for tomorrow, the aisles are bear at Kroger... Swung through Burger King for a late night dinner. Not up too late.

20181122 - Thanksgiving @ the Farm

20181122 - Up in the am and DJ&I and for the first time with a gun G went hunting. We had about 8 of us and it was a different experience without a dog but we did pretty well scaring up about 10 pheasants, G shot at a couple of them but didn't get one. The group only got 3 in total but it was a good morning and good experience for the boys. Up to the house and DJG&I got cleaned up and headed to the Farmhouse. Roger gave grace this year and we had a full house with a huge meal with tons of family around from all over. It was a very nice time and we got to visit with lots of folks. L took a hike up to the falls, I tried an impossible puzzle and had no idea where the boys went. After everyone left we headed up to Gma&paW's where we for some reason ate more and played some fun Christmas games. Not up too late, very tired from a long day.

20181121 + Setting of the Pheasants

20181121 + Up in the am and L prepared the dip for me to take to work. In to work, no J this am and traffic was surprisingly light... In to a quiet workplace and getting things done. As it got closer to noon the place got louder and food was set out and we had a feast! It is a nice group of folks and there were some good and interesting dishes. After lunch I packed up and headed home. We got ont he road and made good time to the Farm. We met up with Gma&paW and the Halsteads at the Farmhouse and chatted for a long time. Roger showed up with pheasants and we all went out to release them. The Halstead girls were a bit shay at first about the process but gave it a try and had a good time. Back to the Farmhouse and we all chatted until they had to leave, great to see them. Up to Gma&paW's house where we got the guns ready for tomorrow and GpaW got us Chinese for dinner. We had a big dinner and then hung out a bit watching TV and looking through ads. To bed in good time.

20181120 - Dark Miles

20181120 - UP in the am and L dressed like an Indian this morning. I dropped J off at school on the way in to work. At the desk and got a couple of things done before heading into a security training meeting. Had an afternoon filled with a call with a potential software solution vendor. Headed home on the phone talking to Mary Ellen and fixing her software issue from my last job. Home and D home updating us on all the goings on. I shipped some ebay items while J made some mac and cheese and then we loaded up a bunch of wreaths and J&I hit the road. We covered over 70 miles in the dark and I only drove a small portion of that on the highway, J is doing great. Home and made myself a bowl to smoked pork and then fell asleep on the couch with L while J&G watched a movie.

20181119 - Rainy

20181119 - Up in the am and dropped J at school and drove slowly to work through the downpour. Had a morning meeting and then trying to jam a weeks worth of work into 1.5 days. Had a pretty busy day and moved some things forward. Home late and had dinner with the fam. L rode with J, he drove himself to Scouts and L drove his car home. G vanished into the internet and I headed to a Booster meeting. After the meeting I headed home and then took J's car to pick him up so he could drive me home. Shipped a couple things then picked Doc up and headed to Bible Bangers for a quick meeting. Home and finished shipping.

20181118 - Hoops and Night Drive

20181118 - L got G&I up super early to head to Powell for G's four basketball games. We were one of the very first cars in the parking lot... Finally more folks showed up and we headed in for our games. G and his team did well and they won 3 out of 4. Talked to D in between games and walked him through getting a new battery for his car. It was a long day and we got home and J was home, cleaned up and on the Xbox. We had some time so I shipped some things and then LJ&I headed to J's Cross Country Banquet. It was a nice event and the seniors got to throw their training shoes into a tree by the football field. It was the first year for this so it was pretty cool. 

Back in and we went tot he boys ceremony, we took off just as folks started eating. I wanted to go get the wreaths and J was not to keen on that idea... Eventually J&G went with me to get the wreaths, didn't take us long. We then sorted and bagged them and then J drove me around in the dark to deliver some. his first time on the roads ever and he did pretty good. We ended up on the east side of town so I had him go Broad to 270 to get us back to Gahanna and we survived... Home and G in a bit of trouble for leaving his brand new winter coat at the basketball event... J&I watched The Walking Dead, not great this week. Up late shipping ebay things and Webelos neckerchief for kid in Africa.

20181117 ‡ Lucky Win and Great Dinner

20181117 ‡ L up and out early, dropped off Scout Class A shirts for J&G and then out with friends for bfast and to see a movie. D staying at school this weekend, he and DGF7 broke up... J&G at Webelos Day all day and will be cooking side dishes over a fire for tonight's Scout Thanksgiving dinner. I got up and around, watched the 1st half of the Buckeyes horrible performance... At halftime I ran over to Bill's to help him put on his new backboard, took J's car, it ran good. L home and we restarted watching the OSU game; she was mortified and I had to relive the agony... We packed up and headed out to the Scout's Thanksgiving Dinner and Court of Honor. We ate with J&G, no D this time. It was a GREAT meal, probably the best we've had there and they had the room sealed up and we did not freeze! After dinner Rob hosted the Court of Honor and it was a very nice program. We took G with us when we left, as he has basketball games early tomorrow. Home and G cleaned up and we sat down to watch the rest of the OSU game, we did NOT deserve to win...

20181116 - Crazy Hats & New Driver!

20181116 - Up in the morning to a tension in the house so got to work and dove in for the day. it was crazy hat day... I ran to Scout store at lunch and talked to Mary Ellen from my last job on the way, it was good to catch up. I got my pins for the Court of Honor Sat PM and headed back and finished out the day at work. L picked J up from school and took him to the BMV to take his permit test... he was in there for a LONG TIME...  HE PASSED!!! They got in another line and got his permit, so he can now drive on the streets.  Home and got the boys packed up and delivered to the church for the Scout Thanksgiving campout. L&I headed out, got gas, had a  great dinner at Barrel and Boar, swung by the post office, grocery, home and printed 120 programs, L folded them all.

20181115 - Scout Cakes

20181115 - Up late in the am, Schools pushed back 2 hours and power out... Got to work late but dug right in. Busy day but felt I got nowhere. Home and met with Jason about retirement accounts, L made dinner, got to see the 2 boys for 2 minutes while they ate as fast as possible to get back to their game. I headed our solo to the Scout Cake Auction. there were some good cakes and I ended up with 3 of them. Home and had a piece of cake and then L helped ship some ebay items. Up late cleaning up the books.

20181114 + Scout Shopping

20181114 + Up slow this am, J too. We got out of the house and managed to get him to school and me to work without being late. Had an interesting conversation with some of the guys on the way to my office about records when I offered up the original Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas song on a record from 1959. I filled in my tic-tac-toe X's and headed in to get the day underway. At the desk most of the day except for a couple con calls in the conf room. Finished the day and headed home, ate a quick bite with L, J on the Xbox, G at a school fun night. I headed out to a Landscape Board meeting, Longer than expected and we really didn't do anything except get updated on the status of other projects from other boards that are actually doing things... Ran over to Kroger after the meeting and got a coffee, J&G showed up to go shopping with their Scout Patrol for this weekend. It didn't take them long and we headed home. Home and Bill and Tom showed up to do some 2019 baseball registration and planning. L helped me ship ebay stuff and then everyone to bed. Up late thinking on TV and cable future.


20181113 - Up in the am and had a hair floating around in my good eye, excruciating pain trying to get it out... Eye all bloodshot and out the door to get the dead squirrel int eh trash. Dropped J at school and headed in to work. Had a nice chat with Keith this am and then dug in. Had a nice chat with CB this morning. Finished the day at the desk working on whatever came across it. Headed out a bit late. Home and L tried an experiment on us, it had bacon in it so it was pretty good (especially with queso poured over the top ;-) L&G got ready and headed to his orchestra concert, I installed an OBiTalk, now the home phone is on a totally free service, I opted to pay the $25/year for the E911, just in case. J&I headed to the Scout Board of Review, enough adults showed up so I bailed and headed to G concert. I had to park on the other side of the football field entrance and hiked forever to get tot he auditorium and walked in the door the second they were done playing... Headed home, finished up phone transfer, shipped ebay things, chatted with J when he got home, he earned his Star Rank. Sat with the fam in the living room for only a couple of minutes before everyone headed off to bed. i stayed up and investigated cable replacement options until late.


20181112 - Up in the am dropped J off at school on the way in to work. In to work and knocking tasks out, trying to get out early to go see G at school as part of the honor guard today. Headed out early, got home, Gma&paB here, I got something to eat quick and then we all headed to G's school. The school had a nice ceremony, G lead the Pledge Of Allegiance, introduced GpaB and was part of the Flag folding ceremony. They

20181111 +

20181111 + Up in the am and LJ&I headed to church. Interesting service today about prison ministry with some visiting speakers. Home and L ran to pick G up and D&J helped me take down the antenna and remount it in the attic: still get all the channels we did when it was outside on the chimney! I headed into the office for a bit then D ran me to the post office, an auction way east of town and to Lowe’s to get some supplies. It was nice to be with him one on one and I think he’s doing ok on all fronts. Home and D&J helped L rake up the leaves in the front yard, J on the Xbox and I worked on getting the home ph number moved. Chad, a coach showed up for a quick lesson on Team App. After that LDJ&I ran to MOD Pizza for dinner, G hung back and played the Xbox. It was a nice dinner and we got D a full belly before he headed down to school. LJ&I headed to some parking lots and J drove L&I around, L not a very good passenger... After a bit we headed home and J&G played on the Xboxes until Walking Dead time.

One thing I didn’t do today (or last night) is send out my 11/11 letters. It is a lot of work and I was up too late experimenting with the TVs. I may send a couple tonight if I have the energy.


20181110 - Up and shipped a bunch of eBay stuff. L&G our backnraking leaves. I get ready, J nowhere to be seen so far this am so I headed out to the post office and to get my hair cut. Home, D home :-) and watched the OSU game and tried to figure out what internet TV service to use. Bill game and picked up G to play. At halftime D&I got the mowers running for L and then finished up the game. After the game L&I dropped G off at a buddy’s house to spend the night  we then stopped for gas, exchanges some things at Stienmart and picked up dinner at Panda Express. Home and ate watching football and making a final decision on the TVs. Started setting up the TVs and was up late figuring out how to get all this internet TV stuff working easy on all our TVs. Up too late already to start writing 11/11 letters: maybe tomorrow...


20181109 - Up in the am and somehow magically the boys do not have school again... In to work, swung by McD's for a McMuffin on the way in. Wore my umbrella hat in carrying another load of stuff from auctions to give to the kids. Chatted with Jason for a bit and Kevin presented me with a Natty Light airplane for my office. IT IS COOL!! J&G home, no school today, playing the Xbox all day... I had a couple good meetings and made some progress on closing some big projects out soon. Headed home, D not real sure what he’s doing this week.  Got home and got LJ&G and we headed to Nazareth for a good dinner. We headed home and settled in the basement to watch the new Winnie the Poo movie, Christopher Robin. It was a super cute show. After the movie L went to bed and JG&I watched a couple episodes of Hogin’s Heroes before heading to bed.  


20181108 - Up in the am and J still not feeling well enough to go to school... I headed in to the office and had an early morning meeting that went over by 1hr and 45 min... Finally got back to the desk to get the day rolling. Had a busy day and got a bunch done. Headed home a bit late and L had dinner started when I walked in. J feeling a bit better and helped me ship some things. We had dinner, boys started playing Xboxes, I feel asleep in a chair sitting up. L woke me up to take G to basketball practice and so we could go to the gym. Took it pretty easy at the gym tonight, shoulder is killing me. Ran L home, dropped things off at post office, picked up G, home, shipped more stuff and did a couple things on the computer.

20181107 +

20181107 + Up in the am J not going to school again... I took my time, stopped at gas station, deposited a check at the bank and got to work and got rolling. Did a lot today but don't feel like I got a lot done... Headed out late, hung around to chat with Jason that showed up, got home and L got her ring back, all fixed now. We all had dinner together and then I finished shipping ebay stuff and then headed out to the living room where we all watched some Survivor and then played a couple rounds of rummy before heading to bed. I made a call to TracFone to get an update on porting our landline.


20181106 - Up in the am and J not feeling well so he stayed home from school today. I headed out but went to vote on the way to work. Voted and in to work getting some things done. Got some things done + set up a OSU vs _ichigan Squares for G's baseball team (get your squares at Squares.GahannaLions.2025Baseball.com). L took J to the Dr. and they took a bunch of blood, not sure what is up with him... I finished up the day strong and headed out a bit early. Home and picked up a tired, grumpy, sick J and headed to the BMV. Got to the BMV and we got the title for J's car in a flash! I then stood in a line for 45 minutes to get his plates... J feeling worse but we pressed on towards Reynoldsburg through tons of traffic and several phone calls to ebay and the USPS. We made a quick stop at an auction house to pick up some items and then on to the insurance guys to review stuff. We sat down with the insurance guys just as the USPS took me off hold and wanted to talk... so I set J and the guy up on the right path to talk about J car insurance and had him explain it to J and then go over the available discounts. I eventually got off the phone and talked life ins. Tried to figure out why G's was different than D&J's, they had no clue even though they are the ones that sold it to me 12 years ago... Then we looked at my ins... this all took WAY longer than we planned and J was miserable. We finished up and headed home, J fell asleep in the car. Home and L cooked some bfast for J&I. J&G on the Xboxs for a bit, L helped me ship stuff and I got everything reposted. Not up too late tonight, exhausted.


20181105 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. At the desk getting things done right out of the gate. Had a very busy productive day. Headed home and J installed an antenna on the chimney so we can test over the air TV, G was doing homework. In and we had dinner. I ran G to basketball and then home to grab J and we ran to Scouts. I hung out there for a bit doing advancement stuff and then ran back to get G. We had to swing by home to pick up his Scout stuff and headed to Scouts. J&G had a Merit Badge Counselor there that helped them with the big 3 they were working on and they got a ton done. I hung out and talked to the guys. After Scouts we ran home, took the trash out and then I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers. It was a good meeting especially with the McRib! Doc and swung through Kroger so I could get some paper bags for L and something she is doing at school. Home and shipped ebay things and investigated streaming TV until late.

20181104 +

20181104 + Up in the am L dropped G off for his trip to Indiana. L&I headed to church and then picked J up afterward. Home and L headed over to the McClains to work on covering a chair, J went to bed and I got a TON of stuff done in the office. I got J up and he came down to do some Scout stuff. L home, J left with some friends, I installed an over the air antenna as an experiment to get rid of cable, so far so good... Ran to pick G up and got him home. He told us all about the trip and how cool the gym was. He fell asleep shortly after on the couch. I ran to the post office and then home as guys were showing up to watch the Walking Dead. A good last episode for Rick Grimes. Up late shipping and getting things ready for the week.


20181103 - Up in the am and J&I headed out. We went to the phone store, that didn't work then we stopped at the Barnett's to show them J's new car and got a lesson on how to get the scratches out. We then swung by Chipolte for an application, have to be 17, then Kroger where we got a SIM card kit and J got info to apply for a job. We then headed to an area that has a bunch of office buildings that are empty on the weekends with large parking lots. J took over the wheel and did a bunch of driving all over the place and even up and down the side street. He did pretty good, a bit jerky still, but getting it. Home and Gma&paW down for a follow up on her eye surgery from yesterday. They stopped by with some presents for me and one was a cool bobble head of me! Hahahaha, super cool! They headed out and G had Trent over and they headed downtown to hang out. I got the SIM card account set up and started the process to port the home phone off the landline. Watched some football with L, think we both feel asleep.. Up and had some dinner, played trouble with G and his buddy, Dropped J off at a friends for the night. Up late doing things on the PC trying to get organized.


20181102 - J&I up slow and headed out. We agreed we need to get to bed earlier next week... In to the office and at the desk trying to get things done and organized to keep ahead of the curve. Finished out the day and took the back way home. Home and helped L finish setting up the garage. Before long G's basketball team started showing up. The coach showed up with pizzas and the boys ate and watched 'Hoosiers'. It was a good movie and the boys watched most of it, a lot of energy in that garage. After the movie everyone headed out and I was up late cleaning up and then on ebay.

20181101 +

20181101 + Up in the am and J&I running slow today. Got him to the BP and dropped off and pulled over to call ebay about getting selling limits raised and talked to Tony in Ireland for a good part of the drive into the office. Traffic was horrible so got in to work way later than usual. Had a busy day getting several big things done. Finished the day and headed home. L&I dropped the car back off at Tuffy to have them look at the brakes one more time... Back home and I shipped some things wheil J&G were on the Xboxs and we all joined for dinner. After dinner I shipped a couple more things and J&I headed out. L hung back with G to run him back and forth to basketball practice. J&I hit the post office and pizza shop to get boxes to ship records. We then headed across town to Micro Center so I could get a new video card. J was now happy that I forced him to go as he LOVED the store and said he could spend days there... L called us while we were there and wanted to unroll the carpet in the garage, knock yourself out. J&I completed our purchase and headed home. We stopped for gas and I went in and got J his own UDF points card, he liked that... On to Kroger to search high and low for some specific Mexican cookies he needs for class tomorrow, found them and headed home. Home and installed the video card, presto, worked right out of the box. G then helped me set up the projector and test out the setup for the movie night tomorrow. I stayed up WAY too late trying to sort out a mis-delivered shipment.

20181031 +

20181031 + Up in the am and dropped J  off at school on the way to work. In to the office and dropped some salt and pepper shakers off in the center area and put up a new saying in before heading in to the office. Had to make a couple of last minute corrections to the massive number of listings I put up on ebay last night as I was getting all kinds of low-ball offers on things. Dug in to work to make it a quick day. Had a couple of calls, one good, one ehh... Finished the day and headed home. Picked up the car and the parking brakes are no better, but the oil is changed and everything is ready to roll... Home and then immediately took J to his friends to help pass out candy. L&I headed out to end of drive to pass out candy, G decided he is not going this year... We didn't have too many kids stop, maybe 2 dozen. G walked down to the Barnette's, they had a bag of candy for him. He got back and L went down to see their new kitchen. G&I hung out at home, He did some Scout stuff and I did ebay shipping. L home, she ran to get J and took G, G melted down, upset he didn't go our to get candy tonight... All home and settling in for the night. Up LATE working on ebay inventory and watching Halloween.


20181030 - UP in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. At the desk and getting things lined up for a busy day. Had a busy day and a vendor that came in for a 2hr meeting to discover how we do things. Finished the day strong, home the back way and exhausted. Shipped a couple of ebay sales, L&I out to ship things and pick up dinner at Burger King. We swung through Tuffy on the way home and J's car is done, so we will pick it up tomorrow. Home and we all ate together. The boys played on the Xboxs a bit and then we all headed to the basement to watch the latest Jurassic World.


20181029 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Had my weekly IT meeting this morning and CB dropped in to provide an update. Back to the desk for the rest of the day to get things done. Had a good day with a bit of theatrics in it. Home and sent G to the neighbors to get 1 more wreath order. L made dinner and we all ate together. I finished up shipping stuff while L ran G to basketball practice. J&I then took off for Scouts where I did some data cleanup and planning for the Thanksgiving dinner. I hung out at Scouts and L picked G up. After Scouts J&I ran home and I got Doc for Bible Bangers. Doc and I swung by the Post Office to ship some stuff on the way and when we got there we had 2 McRib meals waiting for us YUM! I LOVE THE MCRIB! We had a nice short meeting where we all got caught up and headed home a bit early. Home and I listed the rest of the stuff on ebay. To bed late and finished up an old horror movie that was on TV.


20181028 - Up late and in to the office. L&G headed out to return some of G's bday gifts and do some shopping. D headed out with DGF7. J helped me clean up some of the wires in the basement, ran to the neighbors to get their wreath finalized and returned Jim's speakers before playing the Xbox. I got things squared away and ran to the auto parts store to get a bulb and then G took a break from the Xbox to help me put a new taillight in L's car. I dropped G off at practice, and then home and listed things on ebay, J helped a bit. I ran to pick G up and we headed home. The boys got cleaned up, we got something to eat, listed more things on ebay. Took a break to watch The Walking Dead with J and Mr. Pettit. Back into the office to ship ebay stuff and list more things until very late.


20181027 - Up in the am and Mr. Pettit picked J&I up and we headed to Jere's. Chris managed the transaction and notary duties and preso we now have another car! J&I got in the new car (2008 Pontiac G6) and headed to the BMV where we didn't have to wait too long and got the title work done and a temporary tag. We then went down to the auto parts store and looked up and down each isle at the things you can buy for your car, J has big plans... I made sure he had jumper cables and an emergency kit and a rubber floor mat and a new headlight. Home and we pulled the car into the garage and he got the headlight changed, tag on and cleaned the inside up a bit :-) I headed into the office to get caught up. Took a break to run G to baseball practice and then met L&J at Tuffy where we left his car for a full inspection and oil change. Home and doing more in the office. I got things wrapped up in the office and took a little nap. D came home and then vanished with DGF7. L&I got all dressed up and headed out to a costume party with some work folks, L was Cat Woman and I was the Riddler. It was a neat party in a cool old house. J&G were home entrenched in the Xboxs. We didn't stay too late and got home and watched some of the World Series and then D&G headed to the basement to watch it and J&I watched the end of Friday the 13th 2 and all of part 3 before heading to bed.


20181026 - Up in the am and L&J wished me happy bday. I dropped J off at school got some gas and swung through McD's to get myself a birthday sausage McMuffin :-) Got to work and it is loud in the office today as it is the Halloween dress up pizza party with pies for dessert. We had our costume competition and some of the girls really went all out with elaborate costumes and makeup. We had a nice pizza and pie lunch and then I finished the day up and headed out. Home through hard rain and crappy traffic. Picked up LJ&G and we headed to Easton, a 30 min drive due to traffic... We got our seats ordered our food and had dinner while we watched 'The House with a Clock in the Walls'. It was a cute show and we walked around Easton for a bit afterwards. home and J&I watched a couple of the Hellraiser movies while G watched the World Series. After J fell asleep and headed up to bed I joined G in the basement to watch some of the WS and of course it ended up being 18 innings and the longest WS game ever..

20181025 +

20181025 + Up in the dark chilly am and barely got J to school on time (J's fault, not mine ;-) In tot he office and lining things up for a busy productive day. Got a bunch done today and headed home in good time. Home and we all had dinner together and then I helped G with some of his merit badge stuff. L&I then went through the costumes we have in the basement. We then got G off the Xbox and dropped him off at basketball practice, swung by the cable service center to drop off the extra cable box we got for the party and then on to the Halloween costume store to finalize our outfits for Sat pm. We found more than we needed so headed back towards home with a stop at Kroger to get 12 pies for me to take into work tomorrow. A quick stop to pick up G and then home to slow down for the night.


20181024 - Up in the am and in to the office heads down getting things done. Got a lot done but didn't get far. Had a couple of calls and ended the work day in Pataskala at an IT company we are trying to drum up some business with as partners. I headed home after that meeting and got J&G and we quickly made it to the BMV where J got 'STUDENT DRIVER' bumper stickers and a rules of the road book to study. We then headed over to MSW where J&G did their running section of the Personal Fitness merit badge, running a timed mile. After that we swung by Jefferson Elementary so they could do pull-ups... how embarrassing... weaklings... Home for push-ups, sit-ups and a stretch test, amazed at how not flexible G is. L made us some dinner and we sat and ate together. I headed into the office to ship and work on ebay. Got called back to Jefferson for a uniform fitting for G and swing past the post office. Home and watched some of the worlds series, got the boys to bed and shipped some more stuff and worked in ebay until late.

20181023 +

20181023 + Up in the am and J&I barely moving but got out the door. I dropped J off at school and headed to work. To the desk to get ahead of the wave for the day. Focused on getting email cleaned out today and having meetings with software companies. Had a couple of calls and finished the day strong. Headed home, made myself a snack and then ran G to baseball practice. Home and L&I went to the gym. Home and cleaned up ebay, G home and LJG&I to the basement to watch Ant-Man and the Wasp. It was a good movie and a nice way to finish the day. Boys got to bed slowly.


20181022 - Up later in the am as the boys did not have school. Headed in to the office and getting things organized. Headed over to the new building and learned some processes with Lonie. Back to the office to finish off the day. Headed home the back way through thick traffic, passing L&G on the way to his basketball practice. I got home and J helped me clean up the trash and get it to the curb and load up the Scout tent to return it. We got a quick bite and then headed to Scouts. We delivered the tent and then went to the meeting and I checked in with the guys. Bailed out to pick up G and he came running over with a HUGE shiner on cheek... We headed back towards Scouts with quick stops at the gas station and post office. G joined the Scout circle that went on and on... We got home, started slowing down a bit, I said goodnight to the boys and then headed to Bible Bangers with Doc. Not home to late.


20181021 - Up late, L had most everything cleaned up. Got D, Kyle, J&G up to help. We got the tents down and outside things wrapped up in good time. Kyle headed back, D ran G to his baseball game and came home with a nearly flat tire. L&I wrapped some things up and headed to G's game. I scored and it was NOT a good game; lots and lots of errors. We got spanked... Home and G changed quick and we ran to his basketball parent meeting. I left him there for practice and headed home to start shipping ebay things. Ran back to pick G up and them back home to ship some more. J had a friend over. Mr Pettit came over and J, his buddy, Mr. Pettit and I watched the Walking Dead. It is getting a bit more interesting... After the show I started shipping and shipped until 2am...


20181020 - Up in the am and setting things up. L&I took a break and ran to the store to get last minute supplies. Back to the house and I had J&G unplug and come out to help. Jim from next door came over and helped the boys install some big flood lights on the shed. We then got all of the projectors out and other electronics hooked up and ready to roll. L got the food on at the right time and we got everything done with 20 minutes to spare before folks started showing up.
J&G used I don't even know how many cans of paint to create a football field and it looked pretty cool and they were happy with themselves. D and his roommate showed up and played with the boys in the backyard. Gma&paW showed up with more supplies and we were ready to roll. Soon friends and family started showing up despite the dropping temperature. We had a house full and some used the tents but we seemed to have plenty of room for the 68 folks in attendance. The food was great, the conversations and catching up were awesome, but we should have watched a different games as the Buckeyes played their worse game in probably the last half dozen years... As the gap in the score widened and the temperature dropped folks bailed out after halftime and with each Purdue score more gave up. We finished watching the game with only a handful of folks. A bad game, but a great night!


20181019 - Up in the am and this is the first morning this season I used the remote start on the car, very cold. Dropped J off at school on the way in to work. We had a talk in the car about reactions this morning... In to work and getting things running right out of the gate so I can be done and get out of here in good time to finish getting things ready for Saturday's wet freeze fest. I headed out a bit early and got home to L getting things ready. She had a huge chunk of stuff done so I could focus on the tents and electronics. I had J&G helping with our tent and then Robby called and G&I ran to pick up the Scout tent. Back to the house and and Jim brought over his heater and speakers and hung around to help us set up the Scout tent and test the projector and speaker set up. L ran to Wendy's to get us some dinner and we finished up and made a  short list of things to get and do for tomorrow am.


20181018 - Up in the am, no alarms, L woke me. Dropped J off at school on the way in to work. He told me he has been walking home after school since XC is over. Had soap flavored coffee for the drive in to work... In to work and a very busy day. Headed out and hit some rough traffic on way home. Got some ebay stuff done and then Jason came over to finalize 401k roll over stuff and review Team App stuff for basketball team. J hiding in his room, Tom picked G up and took him to baseball .L&I headed out to GFS to get supplies for the party. Home and J&G out of sorts because they had to get off the Xbox for 3 minutes to help carry stuff in... I went into the office and heads down getting things done to avoid the boys and reacting to them... Up very late getting things listed and office cleaned out.

20181017 +

20181017 + Up and dropped J off at school on the way into work. Expecting an exciting day, but the morning was very quiet and I was able to make some progress on many fronts. Finished the day and headed home. Got the carpet stretched out in the garage and then lined everything up in the basement that needed to go up. LJ&G helped carry the supplies up and I got the projector set up and tested. We all had left overs from last night and then I got the basement TV programmed to work without the cable box. L&I left J&G at home in an Xbox induced stupor and ran to Kevin's in Grove City to pick up a second projector for the party. On the way home we got a call from another boys dad that wanted to know if G had told us about the morning events... Apparently a kid at school shoved G and the other boy defended G by saying 'pick on someone your own size' and then a fight ensued... G's buddy got suspended :-o Finished the night shipping more ebay sales and then woke up sitting up in bed with the TV on before surrendering.


20181016 - Up in the am and G up early on his bday to get to school for Bible study. He opened some of his presents and JG&I rushed out of the house, forgetting my coffee to get the boys delivered to their schools. In to work and at the desk.Had a busy day and got some things done that popped up. Finished up the day and headed home. L ran G to baseball practice and I crashed in a chair until it was time to pick him up. LJ&I picked G up, he changed in the car and we headed to the Texas Roadhouse so G could get a steak for his bday. G got an enormous steak and we all had good meals. Full we headed home and shut down for the night. I got some ebay things shipped and then was up late doing admin stuff for the Boosters.


20181015 - Up in the morning to a gray rainy mess. J&G didn't have school today so I took my time getting into the office. I took a couple boxes of stuff from the garage to put on the free stuff table and started the morning. Had an IT meeting first thing and progress has been slow with an unexpected twist this morning. It was a gray rainy mess all day and I couldn't really get started. Managed to get some things done today and headed out a bit late. Home and sat with the fam, J&G home all day from school for whatever reason... Up and out the door for the Boosters annual coaches dinner. The dinner was nice and many coaches recognized myself and other new board members for all the improvements since we have taken over. After the meeting I ran home, got doc and headed to Bible Bangers. After the meeting I dropped Doc off and headed to Meijer to grab a couple of things for G to open in the morning.

20181014 +

20181014 + Up in the am to the sounds of J&G playing Fortnite... G's buddy got picked up. I got the furnace turned on and fired up the gas logs in the fireplace to make sure everything is working for the cold months ahead. In to the office to get some things done. Finished putting things I draft listed on ebay in to the proper places and finished organizing the office. GMa&paW down for J's choir concert. L&GmaW took J to the school and saved some seats. I finished up in the office, got ready and G, GpaW&I headed to the high school for J's concert. The concert was WAY BETTER then the things we had to sit through in middle school. J looked so big up on the stage and he did great. After the concert we headed home. J&GpaW headed out to get us some food, G got ready for basketball and I headed into the garage to clean up the wood rack and start party prep. I got a ton done, came in for dinner and then ran G to basketball tryouts. Dropped G off and ran home and had L&J help me reorganize the basement box area. Ran back to get G and we dropped somethings off at the post office and he told me all about the tryouts. Home and listed all of the drafts on ebay and have 241 items for sale now :-o  The guys stopped over for the Walking Dead.

20181013 +

20181013 + UP in the am and L had dropped J off at school for the his last XC meet and we tried to organize the weekend. D up and helped me by taking some things to Goodwill for me. I headed to Lancaster to watch J run his final XC meet for the year, he did great and it was a hilly chilly course. After the race I got J a tshirt and headed home stopping at Arby's for lunch and waiting for bus to pass, no buss, looked a phone, they went a different route :-o  Jumped in car met buss at the Hamilton Rd exit coming off 270. Got J and headed home for G's bday party. L had a nice Amazing Race party set up and the kids had fun, couple of stinkers in the crowd and G did his best to hold it together... We had hot dogs and L had made a nice cake and the boys seemed to enjoy themselves. Gma&paB and Gma&paW were here for the party. After the party one of G's buddies came back to spend the night. I set up a little TV in the garage and watched football as I continued to clean up the garage. L tried to watch with me but was too cold. Up very late getting things done and lined up for tomorrow


20181012 - Up in the am and moving slow again. Dropped J off at school and fought through traffic drinking my soap flavored coffee on the way in to the office. In to work and distributed some of the extras I had from the purge. Down to work to get the day wrapped up quick. I headed home a bit early to meet he cable guy. D home from school for a visit. he ran to get groceries with L. I ran and picked J up after his XC practice and we got back to the house just as the cable guy stopped by to install a box for the party. I started listing things and L ran and got us dinner at Arby's.
Up very late posting more things on ebay getting the garage to a manageable state.


20181011 - Up in the am tired and stiff, got J to school and made it in to work. Looks like another day at the desk. Slow day, had lunch with Kevin and Derek. Home and listing things, had dinner with L&J and the J&I swung by the store to get some new undies and pick G up from baseball. Home an back at the listing. Had Fortnite meltdowns when it went off so I have banned the game from the house... Finished listing for the night and then started going through the Eagles stuff until way too late.  Up in the middle of the night with the hard-drive of my PC making loud noises...  doubt this will be good...


20181010 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school, he has a big test today. In to work and we now have access to build a new tool on a new platform and Lonie and I dug right in. Busy day cleaning out email and organizing, left in good time. Home and started listing things right away. Took a break for dinner with J&G, L headed to McClains to work on a chair. I finished listing stuff and then JG&I headed to MSW so I could time them running the mile, but there was a football game so we went to MSE and they ran with barely any light left, J got 6min2sec, G got 7min10sec. Then we headed to Jefferson so they could do pull-ups, not pretty... Home for push-ups and sit-ups and a stretch test.  They need some work... L home, boys to bed late, I stayed up and sorted stuff out in the garage until way to late.

20181009 +

20181009 + Up in the am and don't remember sleeping... Got J to school and in to work, morning going pretty quick trying to get things done before heading out for a lunch meeting. The meeting went well and we might be able to partner with these guys in the future. Back to the office to finish the day off with some meetings. Home and ran to get J, we had dinner and then hung out for a bit before L&I headed to the gym. Home and I worked int he garage getting some things sorted out to be listed on ebay. Not up too late and have a plan to get the garage cleaned out before the party.

20181008 +

20181008 + Up in the am and carried a grumpy J to school on the way in to work. In the office and all systems appear to be working! Hold on, not so fast, we have some pretty critical systems only partially working... Spent the day inquiring and worrying about them... Headed home and stopped at Doc's for a couple of beers before L called for dinner. Had dinner with the fam and then I ran J&G to Scouts. After dropping them off I ran to Home Depot, the bank and the gas station. Back to pick up the boys and took a call waiting for them. Got J&G and swung by the post office on the way home. Home and got boys to bed. No Bible Bangers tonight, but Chris stopped over to watch some of the game and chat.

20181007 +

20181007 + UP in the am and L&J downtown to run Spirit Sprint 5k. It was a BIG DEAL with tons of area high schools, marching bands, cheerleaders, Brutus and Gahanna XC won the grand prize of $15,000!! D took off for bfast with DGF7 and G&I ran to Home Depot to get the stuff we didn't have time to get yesterday and the home to unloaded and take off the back steps leading out of the dining room and then G went to play on the Xbox for a bit while J&I went to look at a car. We took a test drive and I even had J drive a bit (it made him smile). We went back to Jerry's (a guy I work with) to return the car and made a deal. Back home to grab some stuff and L&I headed to G's baseball game. D showed up to watch G's game and it was a horrible game. The other team was rude, trash talking and driving our kids crazy...  Their catcher was the worse offender making comment to each kid while batting, dancing around and being a punk, upsetting all our boy. G went up to pitch and swiftly struck the kid out, pointed at him and then their bench and told him to 'SIT DOWN'. Not appropriate, but epic! The 8 inning game was too much for our boys but it was a good slap in the nouth to teach them not to get pulled into to a trash game. We went to Flanigan's after game for some bad food and bad service. We finally got out of there and L&I ran D to the outlet mall where he was met by roommate and buddy. Home through some thick traffic and watched second half of walking dead with J.


20181006 - Up and L had dropped J off at school to go to a XC meet and then back home doing things. I got things organized and G&I headed out on some errands. We hit 2 banks and then swung by a house to look at a car for J. We then headed to Reynoldsburgh to pick up some auction items and then headed to Cedarville to watch D's scrimmage. It was the longest baseball game in history and just as it was time for us to leave D started playing... So I made arrangements with L to get the supplies required for the cookout at the college int he PM and G&I stayed at the game. D got up several times and did well and did good in the field. I was on the phone most of the time with the migration and it was keeping me plenty nervous... G&I bailed otu before the game was over to meet L&J at the outlet mall and then head down to D's college for the cookout. We sat with D's roommate's family and had a nice visit and I met some other players fathers that spoke very highly of D. If was a nice event and D went home with us, D&J drove my car home. Home exhausted, but tried to watch some college football before heading off to bed.


20181005 - Up in the am and dropped J at school on the way in to work. In to work to a whirlwind of how are we going to do things without the proposed changes???  Changed focus as the day came to a close and folks left early so we could start the migration to the new site. The migration had some hiccups and plan A didn't work... Then Plan B didn't work... nor did C or D... After some discussion a new plan was formed and we loaded a $32M server in to the back of my car and drove it to the new building... Then things started to work. We got the copying started and then headed home for the night. Got home about 10:30 and everyone already in bed. I crashed hard and was out quick.

20181004 +

20181004 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. In to the office and messing with stuff in the am and pushed a wrong button and messed up invoicing for the quarter.... Talked to CB about the potential changes and the huge price tag $$$. Played a shuffleboard game and still remain completely defeated... Had a good transition meeting to review the plan for this coming weekend. Finished the day up and had to make a couple of calls so did that on the road on the way home. Talked to the team from India and we are going to hold off on the changes for now... Called a couple co-workers too to keep things rolling. Home for only a minute and then ran G to baseball practice and then picked J up across the road from the school and we went looking at cars. J found a couple he liked and we had some fun looking. Home and ate, G home and L&I went to workout. I left L partway through to go get a haircut. Got L and headed home , got the boys to bed, up late checking on D.


20181003 - Up in the am dragging with only 4hrs sleep in me... Dropped J at school on the way to work. In to work and getting things lined up for Bala's last day in the States with me. Finished the meeting and had sticker shock. Did my analysis and think it is too costly to move forward, even confirmed it with a couple of colleagues... Home and hung out a bit, L made us dinner and then we all played some rummy before heading off to bed. I crashed early, exhausted...


20181002 - Up and dropped J at school on the way to work. In to the office and getting things cleaned up from the several weeks of meetings. Had a very productive day. Headed out a bit late and it started raining as L dropped G off at baseball practice. I hung out on the back porch, had a couple beers, listened to the rain on the metal roof and relaxed until L made me get up and go to the gym. Tried to get my hair cut after the workout but they were booked. Home and finished my steak from last night, while J lost his mind about our wireless not working. Finished eating, got boys to bed and proceeded to be on the phone with Google support until 2:30am...


20181001 - Up in the am and dropped J off on the way to work. Had my visitor in again today to start finalizing everything. The meetings went well and I headed home. Home and ran to pick J up from XC. After a short break, L&I dropped J&G off at Scouts and headed to The Avenue in Granview for an AMAZING dinner. It was a nice place, very relaxing dinner and great to celebrate 24 years with L.  Home about 10pm and J had just made himself an iced coffee and G was making a milkshake... Got them wrapped up, caught up on their merit badge work and everyone off to bed.


20180930 - Up late and at the desk trying to get ahead of things...  Took a break to deliver the speaker to G's team at the wrong field first... then dropped it off at the right place and had to stick around for an inning because there was no one there to score... Relief showed up and I headed home to get more done. L mowing, J on Xbox and mowed the front. I ran out to get G about 6:15 and we hit the post office, gas station and brought Cane's home for dinner. G was exhausted and we wrapped up the weekend relaxing the rest of the night.

20180929 +

20180929 + Up in the am and LJ&I headed down to Wilmington to watch D play baseball. It was great to see him having a blast with his friends and actually playing baseball. He had a couple of really good hits and plays in both games. DGF7 and another friend from Gahanna showed up for the second game and it was a long day. After the games we met D's new roommate, helped them swap a couch for a futton and then headed home. Home and L&I over to the McClain's to watch the OSU game with G's team. It was an AMAZING game!


20180928 - Up in the am and J's mouth still swollen so he stayed home from school again today... I headed in later than normal and getting odds and ends done. Took a break to go out and sit in CB's new Ferrari :-) Finished up the day and headed home. Home and LJG&I went to Wendy's for dinner and then dropped G off at the church to go camping with the Scouts for the weekend and take the hunter safety course. Home and LJ&I watched 'The Invitation' a really good thriller that freaked L&J out. I had to stay up and watch another comedy movie with J so he would be able to sleep :-)


20180927 - Up in the am and J home from school as his top lip is still super swelled from the bee sting last night, like huge swollen and L needs to get him to Dr. I headed into work and hit the ground running. Bala was only here until 11 today so tried to cram as much in as possible while he was here. Now I need to finish documenting everything so when he returns on Monday all we have to do is review. Headed home in good time through the rain. Home and ate with the fam, J's mouth still swollen pretty bad... After dinner the boys retreated to the Xboxes and L&I went to work out. Home and I got cleaned up and watched Gahanna football on TV with G, they lost. G headed to bed and L&I watched some college football.


20180926 - Up in the am and dropped J at school on this rainy gray morning. In to work and trying to get things done before my visitor showed up, that didn't work.. So in to the conference room I go... And in the conference room I stayed until 7:30pm... A lot of headway and good stuff but loads more to do... Home and relaxed, G missed his baseball practice and J came home with a swollen lip from getting stung. Exhausted so a pretty low key night. To bed in good time so tomorrow can be productive.

20180925 +

20180925 + Up in the am and dropped J at school on the way to work. In to work and pounding folks for things they owe me to get the day rolling. Spent the entire day in the conference room defining changes. Headed home, L dropped G at baseball practice, I got a call from a teacher about J and the happenings @ Homecoming that were not shared with L&I... L home, no J he decided to stay at the volleyball game after XC tonight. I got ahold of J and arranged a pick up. Out, got J, had a discussion with him on the way to pick G up and let him know he's now under a microscope... Got G, home, ate, L&I to the gym. Home and boys on Xbox until bed time.


20180924 - Up in the am and dropped J at school on the rainy drive in to work. At the desk prepping things for a busy week ahead. In the conference room all day making progress forward and backward. Went out to lunch with Bala and Chiranjiv. Finished the day in the conf room with more great discussion. Headed home and sat with G as he did some homework and then ran to get J from XC. Home and had dinner with the fam. After dinner the boys and I went to Scouts. I stayed and had many discussions... Home and dropped the boys off and then ran some videos back and swung by the gas station. Home and got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a bit.


20180923 - Up late, D&DGF7 here, L made bfast for everyone and cut D's hair. LD&DGF7 went shopping for stuff for D, J transferring his room, G on the Xbox and I headed to the office to get organized. I ran J&G to help with an Eagle project, swung by and got gas, post office to ship things, Goodwill to donate things, then home to get more done. L went to get J&G about an hour later and once they got home we all headed to MOD Pizza for dinner. After dinner we dropped D&DGF7 off at the house so D could get on the road in good time. LJG&I headed up the road to get some school shoes. We found a pair for G, what a miserable experience, exactly why I don't shop... We got G to basketball practice a couple min late and then headed home. I headed to the gym and worked out. Home and got a shower, to bed, L&I started watching, L asleep in 10 min.

20180922 +

20180922 + Up in the am and LG&I headed to Pickerington to watch J run. J got a personal best of 19:44 and came in 38th out of hundreds! After the race we headed home and stopped at a little roadside stand to get a pumpkin and some corn stalks. Home and Gma&paB arrived for a cookout and watch OSU football, the Coles arrive shortly after. D home for Homecoming, he got dressed up nice and  L and GmaB & Nicole went to take pictures of D&DGF7. Shortly after J all dressed up nice for Homecoming, he's going with a group of friends. L, GmaB & Nicole went to take pictures and he's spending the night at his buddy's. Everyone took off, L&I hung out watched more football G on Xbox. D home late and we chatted a bit.


20180921 - Up in the am tired and dropped J off at school on the way to work. Chained to the desk for the day with only a couple meetings to get things organized. Had a good day of getting things done. It was interupted by a call from my buddy Ransom that had Kip call him and tell him the Farm was blocked off by the FBI, Secret Service and US Marshals looking for a fugitive! I called Gma&paW and they were out of town. Headed home and Ransom let me know they caught the guy! It was all over the news. AMAZING. Home and got L&G and we headed to Wendy's for dinner and then to the high school football game. When we arrived J showed up with his friends. There was bad weather so the game started very late. We were getting beat so left after halftime, but they came back to win it. Up late watching Unsane, a scary movie.


20180920 - Up in the am and dropped J off on the way to work. In to the office and then in to the conference room all day for some more good but slower conversations.  Home and hung out on the back porch until I ran to pick G up at practice and we dropped his buddy Trent off on the way home. L&I went tot he gym and then home and fell asleep in the chair. Up late getting the OSU Football party invite out.


20180919 - UP in the am and dropped J off at school and in to the office to get a bunch done before my guest showed up. We headed into the conference room for a fast and busy day of discussions with many guest assistants. L ran G all over town to get him a viola... I headed home and L had a bad day at school, some little kids keeps hitting other kids and L... After dinner I ran to the Home Depot, renewed some videos, got some beer and then Tom stopped over to get the baseball books in order. Inside and got everyone to bed. I stayed up and installed some cameras.

20180918 +

20180918 + Up in the am and J&I dropped G off at school early for Bible study and then I dropped J at school on the way in to work. Busy morning preparing for a visitor from India week. Spent the day with Bala and we made fantastic progress, but it was exhausting. Home and hung out for a bit before running to pick G up from baseball. Home and L&I went to the gym. Home and shipped some ebay things. To bed in good time.


20180917 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and in to the office preparing for a T-R visitor, so a very busy day. Home and ate quick and then relaxed for a couple of minutes before headed to the Booster meeting that I hosted. The meeting went well but took longer than expected. Home and got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a bit.

20180916 +

20180916 + Up in the am and got J and his buddies up. L&I having coffee and reading the paper on the porch. Gma&paW delivered G's buddy Luke to his house and then brought G home and stayed for a visit and then L went with them to a craft show. J&G veged out on the Xbox for a bit while I trimmed the ivy around the West windows and worked in the office. Around 3 I ran J&G over to help a Scout with his Eagle Project and I hit the desk again making a Team App for D's college baseball team. L&Gma&paW got home and we visited for a bit until L&GmaW went to pick up the boys. Boys home and hung out for a bit before I ran G to basketball practice and then picked up some Chinese for dinner. Ran and got G and then home to watch a movie with the boys before bed.


20180915 - Up in the am and L had already dropped J off to catch the buss for XC at 6:30... I got around and LG, Luke & I headed to Westerville to watch J run. J fell on the first lap, got kicked in the face and still managed to get a person best time of 19:50! After the race we left J there and headed North to transfer G & Luke to Gma&paW so they could go up and watch the Indians game today. L&I headed home, too late in the day to swing down and D's scrimmage, so we swung by the gym for a work out and then to Kroger to get some groceries. Home and J has the house full of boys, G called while we were eating lunch to tell me he got an MLB ball already during batting practice. L did some cleaning and I got into the office. I eventually finished up in the office after getting LOADS done and L&I headed out leaving J and his 2 friends at the house. We swung by the post office, gas station and the Gigler's to drop off a jersey and chat for a minute before getting to the McClain's to watch the first half of the OSU game. We had fun there and headed home at halftime arriving home to find J attempting to make a fire on the brick patio with no fire ring... OMG... Got J and his friends under control and L&I watched the rest of a super exciting football game, with only one interruption of L spilling a drink all over the kitchen, what a Win against a ranked team. To bed late.