20181018 - Up in the am, no alarms, L woke me. Dropped J off at school on the way in to work. He told me he has been walking home after school since XC is over. Had soap flavored coffee for the drive in to work...

20181017 +

20181017 + Up and dropped J off at school on the way into work. Expecting an exciting day, but the morning was very quiet and I was able to make some progress on many fronts. Finished the day and headed home. Got the carpet stretched out in the garage and then lined everything up in the basement that needed to go up. LJ&G helped carry the supplies up and I got the projector set up and tested. We all had left overs from last night and then I got the basement TV programmed to work without the cable box. L&I left J&G at home in an Xbox induced stupor and ran to Kevin's in Grove City to pick up a second projector for the party. On the way home we got a call from another boys dad that wanted to know if G had told us about the morning events... Apparently a kid at school shoved G and the other boy defended G by saying 'pick on someone your own size' and then a fight ensued... G's buddy got suspended :-o Finished the night shipping more ebay sales and then woke up sitting up in bed with the TV on before surrendering.


20181016 - Up in the am and G up early on his bday to get to school for Bible study. He opened some of his presents and JG&I rushed out of the house, forgetting my coffee to get the boys delivered to their schools. In to work and at the desk.Had a busy day and got some things done that popped up. Finished up the day and headed home. L ran G to baseball practice and I crashed in a chair until it was time to pick him up. LJ&I picked G up, he changed in the car and we headed to the Texas Roadhouse so G could get a steak for his bday. G got an enormous steak and we all had good meals. Full we headed home and shut down for the night. I got some ebay things shipped and then was up late doing admin stuff for the Boosters.


20181015 - Up in the morning to a gray rainy mess. J&G didn't have school today so I took my time getting into the office. I took a couple boxes of stuff from the garage to put on the free stuff table and started the morning. Had an IT meeting first thing and progress has been slow with an unexpected twist this morning. It was a gray rainy mess all day and I couldn't really get started. Managed to get some things done today and headed out a bit late. Home and sat with the fam, J&G home all day from school for whatever reason... Up and out the door for the Boosters annual coaches dinner. The dinner was nice and many coaches recognized myself and other new board members for all the improvements since we have taken over. After the meeting I ran home, got doc and headed to Bible Bangers. After the meeting I dropped Doc off and headed to Meijer to grab a couple of things for G to open in the morning.

20181014 +

20181014 + Up in the am to the sounds of J&G playing Fortnite... G's buddy got picked up. I got the furnace turned on and fired up the gas logs in the fireplace to make sure everything is working for the cold months ahead. In to the office to get some things done. Finished putting things I draft listed on ebay in to the proper places and finished organizing the office. GMa&paW down for J's choir concert. L&GmaW took J to the school and saved some seats. I finished up in the office, got ready and G, GpaW&I headed to the high school for J's concert. The concert was WAY BETTER then the things we had to sit through in middle school. J looked so big up on the stage and he did great. After the concert we headed home. J&GpaW headed out to get us some food, G got ready for basketball and I headed into the garage to clean up the wood rack and start party prep. I got a ton done, came in for dinner and then ran G to basketball tryouts. Dropped G off and ran home and had L&J help me reorganize the basement box area. Ran back to get G and we dropped somethings off at the post office and he told me all about the tryouts. Home and listed all of the drafts on ebay and have 241 items for sale now :-o  The guys stopped over for the Walking Dead.

20181013 +

20181013 + UP in the am and L had dropped J off at school for the his last XC meet and we tried to organize the weekend. D up and helped me by taking some things to Goodwill for me. I headed to Lancaster to watch J run his final XC meet for the year, he did great and it was a hilly chilly course. After the race I got J a tshirt and headed home stopping at Arby's for lunch and waiting for bus to pass, no buss, looked a phone, they went a different route :-o  Jumped in car met buss at the Hamilton Rd exit coming off 270. Got J and headed home for G's bday party. L had a nice Amazing Race party set up and the kids had fun, couple of stinkers in the crowd and G did his best to hold it together... We had hot dogs and L had made a nice cake and the boys seemed to enjoy themselves. Gma&paB and Gma&paW were here for the party. After the party one of G's buddies came back to spend the night. I set up a little TV in the garage and watched football as I continued to clean up the garage. L tried to watch with me but was too cold. Up very late getting things done and lined up for tomorrow


20181012 - Up in the am and moving slow again. Dropped J off at school and fought through traffic drinking my soap flavored coffee on the way in to the office. In to work and distributed some of the extras I had from the purge. Down to work to get the day wrapped up quick. I headed home a bit early to meet he cable guy. D home from school for a visit. he ran to get groceries with L. I ran and picked J up after his XC practice and we got back to the house just as the cable guy stopped by to install a box for the party. I started listing things and L ran and got us dinner at Arby's.
Up very late posting more things on ebay getting the garage to a manageable state.


20181011 - Up in the am tired and stiff, got J to school and made it in to work. Looks like another day at the desk. Slow day, had lunch with Kevin and Derek. Home and listing things, had dinner with L&J and the J&I swung by the store to get some new undies and pick G up from baseball. Home an back at the listing. Had Fortnite meltdowns when it went off so I have banned the game from the house... Finished listing for the night and then started going through the Eagles stuff until way too late.  Up in the middle of the night with the hard-drive of my PC making loud noises...  doubt this will be good...


20181010 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school, he has a big test today. In to work and we now have access to build a new tool on a new platform and Lonie and I dug right in. Busy day cleaning out email and organizing, left in good time. Home and started listing things right away. Took a break for dinner with J&G, L headed to McClains to work on a chair. I finished listing stuff and then JG&I headed to MSW so I could time them running the mile, but there was a football game so we went to MSE and they ran with barely any light left, J got 6min2sec, G got 7min10sec. Then we headed to Jefferson so they could do pull-ups, not pretty... Home for push-ups and sit-ups and a stretch test.  They need some work... L home, boys to bed late, I stayed up and sorted stuff out in the garage until way to late.

20181009 +

20181009 + Up in the am and don't remember sleeping... Got J to school and in to work, morning going pretty quick trying to get things done before heading out for a lunch meeting. The meeting went well and we might be able to partner with these guys in the future. Back to the office to finish the day off with some meetings. Home and ran to get J, we had dinner and then hung out for a bit before L&I headed to the gym. Home and I worked int he garage getting some things sorted out to be listed on ebay. Not up too late and have a plan to get the garage cleaned out before the party.

20181008 +

20181008 + Up in the am and carried a grumpy J to school on the way in to work. In the office and all systems appear to be working! Hold on, not so fast, we have some pretty critical systems only partially working... Spent the day inquiring and worrying about them... Headed home and stopped at Doc's for a couple of beers before L called for dinner. Had dinner with the fam and then I ran J&G to Scouts. After dropping them off I ran to Home Depot, the bank and the gas station. Back to pick up the boys and took a call waiting for them. Got J&G and swung by the post office on the way home. Home and got boys to bed. No Bible Bangers tonight, but Chris stopped over to watch some of the game and chat.

20181007 +

20181007 + UP in the am and L&J downtown to run Spirit Sprint 5k. It was a BIG DEAL with tons of area high schools, marching bands, cheerleaders, Brutus and Gahanna XC won the grand prize of $15,000!! D took off for bfast with DGF7 and G&I ran to Home Depot to get the stuff we didn't have time to get yesterday and the home to unloaded and take off the back steps leading out of the dining room and then G went to play on the Xbox for a bit while J&I went to look at a car. We took a test drive and I even had J drive a bit (it made him smile). We went back to Jerry's (a guy I work with) to return the car and made a deal. Back home to grab some stuff and L&I headed to G's baseball game. D showed up to watch G's game and it was a horrible game. The other team was rude, trash talking and driving our kids crazy...  Their catcher was the worse offender making comment to each kid while batting, dancing around and being a punk, upsetting all our boy. G went up to pitch and swiftly struck the kid out, pointed at him and then their bench and told him to 'SIT DOWN'. Not appropriate, but epic! The 8 inning game was too much for our boys but it was a good slap in the nouth to teach them not to get pulled into to a trash game. We went to Flanigan's after game for some bad food and bad service. We finally got out of there and L&I ran D to the outlet mall where he was met by roommate and buddy. Home through some thick traffic and watched second half of walking dead with J.


20181006 - Up and L had dropped J off at school to go to a XC meet and then back home doing things. I got things organized and G&I headed out on some errands. We hit 2 banks and then swung by a house to look at a car for J. We then headed to Reynoldsburgh to pick up some auction items and then headed to Cedarville to watch D's scrimmage. It was the longest baseball game in history and just as it was time for us to leave D started playing... So I made arrangements with L to get the supplies required for the cookout at the college int he PM and G&I stayed at the game. D got up several times and did well and did good in the field. I was on the phone most of the time with the migration and it was keeping me plenty nervous... G&I bailed otu before the game was over to meet L&J at the outlet mall and then head down to D's college for the cookout. We sat with D's roommate's family and had a nice visit and I met some other players fathers that spoke very highly of D. If was a nice event and D went home with us, D&J drove my car home. Home exhausted, but tried to watch some college football before heading off to bed.


20181005 - Up in the am and dropped J at school on the way in to work. In to work to a whirlwind of how are we going to do things without the proposed changes???  Changed focus as the day came to a close and folks left early so we could start the migration to the new site. The migration had some hiccups and plan A didn't work... Then Plan B didn't work... nor did C or D... After some discussion a new plan was formed and we loaded a $32M server in to the back of my car and drove it to the new building... Then things started to work. We got the copying started and then headed home for the night. Got home about 10:30 and everyone already in bed. I crashed hard and was out quick.

20181004 +

20181004 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. In to the office and messing with stuff in the am and pushed a wrong button and messed up invoicing for the quarter.... Talked to CB about the potential changes and the huge price tag $$$. Played a shuffleboard game and still remain completely defeated... Had a good transition meeting to review the plan for this coming weekend. Finished the day up and had to make a couple of calls so did that on the road on the way home. Talked to the team from India and we are going to hold off on the changes for now... Called a couple co-workers too to keep things rolling. Home for only a minute and then ran G to baseball practice and then picked J up across the road from the school and we went looking at cars. J found a couple he liked and we had some fun looking. Home and ate, G home and L&I went to workout. I left L partway through to go get a haircut. Got L and headed home , got the boys to bed, up late checking on D.


20181003 - Up in the am dragging with only 4hrs sleep in me... Dropped J at school on the way to work. In to work and getting things lined up for Bala's last day in the States with me. Finished the meeting and had sticker shock. Did my analysis and think it is too costly to move forward, even confirmed it with a couple of colleagues... Home and hung out a bit, L made us dinner and then we all played some rummy before heading off to bed. I crashed early, exhausted...


20181002 - Up and dropped J at school on the way to work. In to the office and getting things cleaned up from the several weeks of meetings. Had a very productive day. Headed out a bit late and it started raining as L dropped G off at baseball practice. I hung out on the back porch, had a couple beers, listened to the rain on the metal roof and relaxed until L made me get up and go to the gym. Tried to get my hair cut after the workout but they were booked. Home and finished my steak from last night, while J lost his mind about our wireless not working. Finished eating, got boys to bed and proceeded to be on the phone with Google support until 2:30am...


20181001 - Up in the am and dropped J off on the way to work. Had my visitor in again today to start finalizing everything. The meetings went well and I headed home. Home and ran to pick J up from XC. After a short break, L&I dropped J&G off at Scouts and headed to The Avenue in Granview for an AMAZING dinner. It was a nice place, very relaxing dinner and great to celebrate 24 years with L.  Home about 10pm and J had just made himself an iced coffee and G was making a milkshake... Got them wrapped up, caught up on their merit badge work and everyone off to bed.


20180930 - Up late and at the desk trying to get ahead of things...  Took a break to deliver the speaker to G's team at the wrong field first... then dropped it off at the right place and had to stick around for an inning because there was no one there to score... Relief showed up and I headed home to get more done. L mowing, J on Xbox and mowed the front. I ran out to get G about 6:15 and we hit the post office, gas station and brought Cane's home for dinner. G was exhausted and we wrapped up the weekend relaxing the rest of the night.

20180929 +

20180929 + Up in the am and LJ&I headed down to Wilmington to watch D play baseball. It was great to see him having a blast with his friends and actually playing baseball. He had a couple of really good hits and plays in both games. DGF7 and another friend from Gahanna showed up for the second game and it was a long day. After the games we met D's new roommate, helped them swap a couch for a futton and then headed home. Home and L&I over to the McClain's to watch the OSU game with G's team. It was an AMAZING game!


20180928 - Up in the am and J's mouth still swollen so he stayed home from school again today... I headed in later than normal and getting odds and ends done. Took a break to go out and sit in CB's new Ferrari :-) Finished up the day and headed home. Home and LJG&I went to Wendy's for dinner and then dropped G off at the church to go camping with the Scouts for the weekend and take the hunter safety course. Home and LJ&I watched 'The Invitation' a really good thriller that freaked L&J out. I had to stay up and watch another comedy movie with J so he would be able to sleep :-)


20180927 - Up in the am and J home from school as his top lip is still super swelled from the bee sting last night, like huge swollen and L needs to get him to Dr. I headed into work and hit the ground running. Bala was only here until 11 today so tried to cram as much in as possible while he was here. Now I need to finish documenting everything so when he returns on Monday all we have to do is review. Headed home in good time through the rain. Home and ate with the fam, J's mouth still swollen pretty bad... After dinner the boys retreated to the Xboxes and L&I went to work out. Home and I got cleaned up and watched Gahanna football on TV with G, they lost. G headed to bed and L&I watched some college football.


20180926 - Up in the am and dropped J at school on this rainy gray morning. In to work and trying to get things done before my visitor showed up, that didn't work.. So in to the conference room I go... And in the conference room I stayed until 7:30pm... A lot of headway and good stuff but loads more to do... Home and relaxed, G missed his baseball practice and J came home with a swollen lip from getting stung. Exhausted so a pretty low key night. To bed in good time so tomorrow can be productive.

20180925 +

20180925 + Up in the am and dropped J at school on the way to work. In to work and pounding folks for things they owe me to get the day rolling. Spent the entire day in the conference room defining changes. Headed home, L dropped G at baseball practice, I got a call from a teacher about J and the happenings @ Homecoming that were not shared with L&I... L home, no J he decided to stay at the volleyball game after XC tonight. I got ahold of J and arranged a pick up. Out, got J, had a discussion with him on the way to pick G up and let him know he's now under a microscope... Got G, home, ate, L&I to the gym. Home and boys on Xbox until bed time.


20180924 - Up in the am and dropped J at school on the rainy drive in to work. At the desk prepping things for a busy week ahead. In the conference room all day making progress forward and backward. Went out to lunch with Bala and Chiranjiv. Finished the day in the conf room with more great discussion. Headed home and sat with G as he did some homework and then ran to get J from XC. Home and had dinner with the fam. After dinner the boys and I went to Scouts. I stayed and had many discussions... Home and dropped the boys off and then ran some videos back and swung by the gas station. Home and got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a bit.


20180923 - Up late, D&DGF7 here, L made bfast for everyone and cut D's hair. LD&DGF7 went shopping for stuff for D, J transferring his room, G on the Xbox and I headed to the office to get organized. I ran J&G to help with an Eagle project, swung by and got gas, post office to ship things, Goodwill to donate things, then home to get more done. L went to get J&G about an hour later and once they got home we all headed to MOD Pizza for dinner. After dinner we dropped D&DGF7 off at the house so D could get on the road in good time. LJG&I headed up the road to get some school shoes. We found a pair for G, what a miserable experience, exactly why I don't shop... We got G to basketball practice a couple min late and then headed home. I headed to the gym and worked out. Home and got a shower, to bed, L&I started watching, L asleep in 10 min.

20180922 +

20180922 + Up in the am and LG&I headed to Pickerington to watch J run. J got a personal best of 19:44 and came in 38th out of hundreds! After the race we headed home and stopped at a little roadside stand to get a pumpkin and some corn stalks. Home and Gma&paB arrived for a cookout and watch OSU football, the Coles arrive shortly after. D home for Homecoming, he got dressed up nice and  L and GmaB & Nicole went to take pictures of D&DGF7. Shortly after J all dressed up nice for Homecoming, he's going with a group of friends. L, GmaB & Nicole went to take pictures and he's spending the night at his buddy's. Everyone took off, L&I hung out watched more football G on Xbox. D home late and we chatted a bit.


20180921 - Up in the am tired and dropped J off at school on the way to work. Chained to the desk for the day with only a couple meetings to get things organized. Had a good day of getting things done. It was interupted by a call from my buddy Ransom that had Kip call him and tell him the Farm was blocked off by the FBI, Secret Service and US Marshals looking for a fugitive! I called Gma&paW and they were out of town. Headed home and Ransom let me know they caught the guy! It was all over the news. AMAZING. Home and got L&G and we headed to Wendy's for dinner and then to the high school football game. When we arrived J showed up with his friends. There was bad weather so the game started very late. We were getting beat so left after halftime, but they came back to win it. Up late watching Unsane, a scary movie.


20180920 - Up in the am and dropped J off on the way to work. In to the office and then in to the conference room all day for some more good but slower conversations.  Home and hung out on the back porch until I ran to pick G up at practice and we dropped his buddy Trent off on the way home. L&I went tot he gym and then home and fell asleep in the chair. Up late getting the OSU Football party invite out.


20180919 - UP in the am and dropped J off at school and in to the office to get a bunch done before my guest showed up. We headed into the conference room for a fast and busy day of discussions with many guest assistants. L ran G all over town to get him a viola... I headed home and L had a bad day at school, some little kids keeps hitting other kids and L... After dinner I ran to the Home Depot, renewed some videos, got some beer and then Tom stopped over to get the baseball books in order. Inside and got everyone to bed. I stayed up and installed some cameras.

20180918 +

20180918 + Up in the am and J&I dropped G off at school early for Bible study and then I dropped J at school on the way in to work. Busy morning preparing for a visitor from India week. Spent the day with Bala and we made fantastic progress, but it was exhausting. Home and hung out for a bit before running to pick G up from baseball. Home and L&I went to the gym. Home and shipped some ebay things. To bed in good time.


20180917 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and in to the office preparing for a T-R visitor, so a very busy day. Home and ate quick and then relaxed for a couple of minutes before headed to the Booster meeting that I hosted. The meeting went well but took longer than expected. Home and got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a bit.

20180916 +

20180916 + Up in the am and got J and his buddies up. L&I having coffee and reading the paper on the porch. Gma&paW delivered G's buddy Luke to his house and then brought G home and stayed for a visit and then L went with them to a craft show. J&G veged out on the Xbox for a bit while I trimmed the ivy around the West windows and worked in the office. Around 3 I ran J&G over to help a Scout with his Eagle Project and I hit the desk again making a Team App for D's college baseball team. L&Gma&paW got home and we visited for a bit until L&GmaW went to pick up the boys. Boys home and hung out for a bit before I ran G to basketball practice and then picked up some Chinese for dinner. Ran and got G and then home to watch a movie with the boys before bed.


20180915 - Up in the am and L had already dropped J off to catch the buss for XC at 6:30... I got around and LG, Luke & I headed to Westerville to watch J run. J fell on the first lap, got kicked in the face and still managed to get a person best time of 19:50! After the race we left J there and headed North to transfer G & Luke to Gma&paW so they could go up and watch the Indians game today. L&I headed home, too late in the day to swing down and D's scrimmage, so we swung by the gym for a work out and then to Kroger to get some groceries. Home and J has the house full of boys, G called while we were eating lunch to tell me he got an MLB ball already during batting practice. L did some cleaning and I got into the office. I eventually finished up in the office after getting LOADS done and L&I headed out leaving J and his 2 friends at the house. We swung by the post office, gas station and the Gigler's to drop off a jersey and chat for a minute before getting to the McClain's to watch the first half of the OSU game. We had fun there and headed home at halftime arriving home to find J attempting to make a fire on the brick patio with no fire ring... OMG... Got J and his friends under control and L&I watched the rest of a super exciting football game, with only one interruption of L spilling a drink all over the kitchen, what a Win against a ranked team. To bed late.


20180914 - I did NOT want to get up today, neither did the sun... Up and drove J to school through thick fog and it was foggy all the way to work. In and at the desk trying to prep for the upcoming visit next week. TOok a break mid day to take a couple of the guys over to the new building and check out the progress. After work I headed home and hung out for a bit. G got picked up by a buddy to go to the high school football game and LJ&I headed out to. We dropped J off at his XC dinner and L&I went on to eat at Nazareth. After dinner we swung by and picked up J, headed to the movie store and then on to the Varney's to see about an Apple Watch, but couldn't get it to work. We hung out there for a while and laughed our heads off! Home and G and his buddy Luke here for the night, up late playing on the Xbox and I watched 'Winchester' a scary movie based on the Winchester Mansion.

20180913 + Turd Grade

20180913 + Up late in the am as J is sick and not going to school. In to the conference room all morning to make headway on the internal website, then got my butt kicked at shuffleboard again... Finished the day strong and headed home. J was still miserable and G was dressed for baseball practice, L&I headed to Reynoldsburg to pick up auction items. on the way L told stories of her day and that today one of her tiny students left a turd on the floor for her :-o hahahaha! Makes my days sound pretty good. We picked up the fantastic purchases and and headed home swinging through Arby's to pick up dinner. Home and ate with J and then rushed to the baseball field only to be 30 min early to pick G up which gave me plenty of time to frustrate Tom & Bill. Got G and home to settle in for the night watching some game shows until bed.


20180912 - J&I up and moving very slow today. Dropped him off at the BP at the last possible moment. In to work through some heavy traffic and trying to get rolling... Had a pretty good day, but participated in a shuffleboard tournament and got beat in the first round... Home and G doing homework before heading to the Xbox, J at XC and then wanted to go running around with friends again but we made him stay home and mow the yard. L&I headed to the gym and I met with a trainer that told me what I already knew... Home and then watched some TV with the fam until we all headed to bed.

20180911 + Special Track Help

20180911 + Up in the am and dropped J at school and headed in to work. VERY quiet morning in the office and I got a lot lined up and ready to tackle when folks get in. Day was pretty productive, but not as fruitful as I had hoped. Looks like the project I am working on is going to be 2-4x the original anticipated cost. Home and teaching L how to ship ebay stuff... she's doing pretty good. L cooked some dinner and I ran to pick J up at the DQ after his extended practice where the XC team helped some local kids train for the Special Olympics. 

Home and J&I joined L&G at their in progress fish dinner that was pretty yummy. Immediately after dinner J had some friends pick him up and he went to a Bible study. G headed to the basement for a Fortnite coma and L&I headed to the gym to work out. It was a nice workout and we grabbed some dried fruit and nuts for my lunches at Kroger after and got some gas. Home and J home and we turned off electronics and headed to bed.


20180910 - Up in  the am and dropped J at school. I headed on in to work and went around starting things as planed from over the weekend, going to be a busy day... It was a busy day and I got a ton done. Headed out a couple min behind but traffic not as bad as expected so home in good time. Hung out at home shipping some ebay stuff, ran to pick J up and then L had us sit down for dinner. JG&L told of their days and it was nice. After dinner L gave J&G haircuts and looked up their grades, so far, so good... The boys got cleaned up and played the Xbox for a bit and then we all watched the season finale of American Ninja Warrior. No Bible Bangers tonight so I got to hang out. Boys to bed and I was up late doing work emails and looking at auction items.


20180909 - Up in the am and JG&I to church. After the circular sermon with no connecting message I woke up and we headed home. J plugged into his Xbox and L&I dropped G off at baseball practice and then continued on to the gym to try out our new membership. We were there for an hour, L on the treadmill and I did a couple different things that apparently didn't kill me. We swung by and picked up G and headed home. We hung out around the house until late afternoon when D should up with DGF7 and we headed to Steak 'n Shake for dinner. After dinner we dropped G off at open gym for basketball. Home and watch some of the Jack Ryan series. I ran to pick G up and his nighttime illnesses set in. Got the boys to bed and L&I finished watching the Jack Ryan series, really good.

20180908 -

20180908 - Up late to a rainy day, L cleaning everything and G in the basement yelling at the Xbox. I headed in to the office and shipped some things and got caught up. Out to watch some of the OSU football game (blowout) and in and out of the office. Had a couple bowls of chili and then L&I headed out to run some errands. The first stop was Planet Fitness where we got a tour and signed up for a membership :-o  After that we browsed the Goodwill next door and L found some treasures... we swung through the bank on the way home. Home and watched some more football until bedtime.

20180907 +

20180907 + Up in the am and dropped J at school a bit early so he could get to the XC locker room to drop his stuff off for the overnighter. On to work and had a super busy day making good advances in many areas. Headed out through the pouring rain and took the backway as the roads were a mess. Took an hour and 10 min to get home... G was home as the Scout campout at Lake Erie was cancelled due to bad weather heading in to the area. Headed over to Doc's to set up his garage door openers and then home for a bit before LG&I headed to the McClain's. We got there and then headed out. We dropped the kids at a gym and then we all went out for a nice dinner. Picked the kids up after dinner and went back to their house for a bit and then home and to bed, dead tired.

20180906 +

20180906 + Up in the am and dropped J at school and headed into to work. Had a brief discussion with an employee on the way in and he let me know they are all hopeful I can solve their system problem... Gave some of my auction purchases to the ladies in the office and then at the desk getting things done. Had a busy day and got a lot done. Headed to Pickerington to meet L&G at a baseball game. It was our first game with the new boys and they did really well together. G took the mound for the last 3 innings and killed it, I LOVE watching him pitch. They boys won 10-4 and G&I headed home and it started pouring. We swung through Arby's to get some dinner and then headed home. Home and ate and then finished the night up in good time, pried J off his Xbox and everyone to bed.


20180905 - Up in the am and J&I are dragging today. Got J to school with no time to spare and he forgot his water in the car. On to work, Jason is in town today and I am at the desk knocking things out. Had a busy day with an epiphany at the end and stayed to get it out of my head and make it happen. Traffic was a nightmare so I swung by the new office on the way home to check progress. Home and L made me some dinner and then we went to pick J up at a friends house. Home and the boys on their Xboxes and Lori and I watched 'Delirium' that was pretty scary and I knew once L started watching it she wouldn't be able to stop hahahahah! All to bed in good time. I stayed up looking through auctions watching TV and playing on the phone.

20180904 +

20180904 + Up and dropped J at school and in to the office. It is Tuesday but really feels like a Monday. Had a couple early day meetings that shot the morning. Finished the day at the desk getting things organized and done. Headed home in good time and L&I ran to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction items and chat about the weekend without kids around. We got our stuff and got home, J had a friend over and then they went out scottering a bit. I changed into a ridiculous Hawaiian shirt and argyle socks outfit and went to pick G up at baseball. The outfit didn't phase G and we headed home after checking in with the guys. Home and did some admin stuff for G's baseball team and then dug into email. Got boys to bed in good time. I stayed up and watched a HORRIFYING movie 'Lights Out'


20180903 - Up and ready to get J from his run and he called letting me know another parent was going to take them home. Good thing as I was just getting ready to leave on the 25min drive to pick them up and they were already done... I got into the kitchen and cooked up some eggs and bacon for G and his buddy Trent. Trent left and G helped me clean up the kitchen, basement and his room. D did some laundry and ran to pick J up. I posted and shipped ebay things. G headed out to do some bowling with his buddy Owen. In to the desk to get things caught up, D ran and got DGF7. Lilly and I waited on the front porch for L. L got home safe and sound and had a good trip. L&I caught up with D&DGF7 and I finished things up in the office for the night. L&I ran to get some KFC for dinner and ate with J&G, D bailed... Hung out at home chatting and watching some TV. D ran in and ran out headed back to school. L&I not happy he is taking a car and watched his progress to make sure he made it safe. Ll to bed in good time.


20180902 - Up in the am to G's screams at the Xbox... Happened again and the Xbox went off for the day... G received a correction for his screaming and slamming things around in his room... D headed out with DGF7. JG&I headed to Johnstown for the 'Swappers Day' and met up with Gma&paW and J's buddy Conor. We walked around and looked at all the stuff. Everyone getting something, I got a snow-cone as everything is priced retail...  Boys all got cool stuff they were happy with. Home and we swung by to pickup G's buddy Trent. All the boys headed to Subway to get us dinner. I then ran Conor home and J to his buddy's so he had a ride to a super early run in the morning, I am going to be their return trip. Home and played Trouble with G and Trent, beat them bad until they finally won and got the Xbox turned back on. D went to dinner with a couple of his high school buddies and spent the evening in his room.


20180901 - Up WAY TO EARLY to drive J to XC bus. Home and slept for another hr and then got D&G up and we went to watch J run. J did great, he ran 3.1 miles in 20:04! DG&I swung through a Waffle House for a feast on the way home. Home and D&G played some wiffle ball for a bit, then G to the basement screaming at his game, D&I did some things on the back porch (pay his school bill, ck his Gahanna retirement account...) and then he gave his car a once over while I did some work while watching the OSU game. Later D ran to get J and get some things for his car maintenance. I stayed on the porch as it started pouring and D ran to get DGF7, J got cleaned up and plugged into the Xbox and G ran to Goodwill with Gma&paW. Gma&paW back and got J and they all headed to the Lazer Tag place, D&DGF7 met them there. I hung back and got some more work done. D&DGF7 picked me up agout 6:30 to go to Massy's Pizza for a family get together after the Lazer Tag. It was a nice event to mingle with folks. Home and watched some TV with J&G.


02180831 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and in to work. Getting things done at the desk and only slightly sidetracked by Scout emails this morning. Got the day back on track and took on a new project. Everyone headed out early today, I hung back to help the IT guy, but got home before L headed out for her FL trip with her girlfriends. G had his 6th grade adventure day today and had a blast.  DGF7 went to pick up D and we got to see him before JG&I headed to the high school football game. J headed off to a freshman tailgate party and G&I hooked up with the baseball team at a tailgate. In to the game to watch Gahanna get best pretty bad. All home and to bed in good time ready for an early morning tomorrow.

20180830 +

20180830 + Up in the am, don't remember sleeping... Dropped J off at school and drove in to work. To the desk and ready for a heads down get'er done day. Got a lot done, just not the right stuff... Finished the day and headed home. Home only for a minute then ran to puck J up from XC. Home and we had dinner and then L packed, the boys split up to play the Xbox, and I hung out on the back porch. Had a Booster stop by to pick up some PayPal card readers and get some instructions. Finished the night and to bed in good time, but to sleep late.


20180829 - Up in the am and dropped J at school and in to the office and ready quick for an early meeting. At the desk getting things done. L took Lilly tot he vet today to have her looked at as she can barely walk... I made some good progress and headed home through a downpour. Took that back-way home as visibility was 0 and traffic was a nightmare. Got home and L was dropping G off at baseball practice and J not home yet so I hung out on porch. L home and told me about vet vi$it, Lilly ok, nothing broken, got some shot$ and pill$. J walked himself home after running today and ran straight up to the Xbox... I ran to pick G up from practice, gave Tom a lesson in Team App. G&I swung by the varsity baseball field on the way home so G could see D's brick. Home and G on the Xbox screaming around. I did some things on the PC until late.

20180828 +

20180828 + Up in the am and know why I was feeling so sore yesterday... because I played catch with G int he pool Sunday...  Up still a bit stiff but J&I up and slowly ready, Lilly getting around a bit better today. I dropped J off at school and headed in to work for a full day of face in the PC planning. Headed home and got there just as G was leaving for baseball and J was mowing Doc's yard. I hung out on the back porch until time to pick G up from practice. Got to G's practice right at the end and helped with the base running race and to push a mower into a truck. G&I swung by DQ on the way home and G had a fan, a little girl, that wanted to know all about his uniform and what sport it was and where he went to school... We had a nice treat and then swung through the post office on the way home. Home and wound down, a nice calm night.

20180827 -

20180827 - Up in the am and got J to school and in to work. Got the day started. Headed home in good time and hung out on the porch until L called for dinner. After dinner I got J&G delivered to Scouts, then a stop at the post office to mail stuff and on to get my hear cut. After the hair cut I headed to Kroger to get some supplies and did the 'Scan and Go' thing for the first time where I scanned my groceries as I put them in the cart. It was pretty cool and made checking out easy too. Across the parking lot to get gas for the mowers and then home to unload and sit for 12 seconds before running to pick the boys up. Home and hung out for a bit watching Ninja Warrior before grabbing Doc and heading to Bible Bangers. Had a good meeting over Proverbs 1&2 and then home and up late watching TV and playing golf.

20180826 +

20180826 + Up in the am and the tree guys showed up. We talked to Jodi from next door and decided to only cut the dead out instead of taking the whole thing out. I got a bunch of stuff done in the office while L&J watched the tree removal. Lilly not doing well, can barely get around today... After the tree guys left Jodi the neighbor called me over and we looked at the tree and she told me she was mad at me...  The tree guy told her I was going to pay the bill and she wanted to pay her half. I explained I would pay it and she could pay me back just to keep it simpler for the tree guy, then she was happy.  I was in the office all morning and in the afternoon LJG&I headed to the pool to cool off. We had some fun and got caught in a rainstorm. We swung past Jet's Pizza on the way home to pick up dinner. We called D on the way home and wished him happy bday, it sounds like he is having a good day and was on his way to a baseball meeting. Home and settled in the basement to watch Paddington 2 and then the original Stargate. All to bed in good time.

20180825 +

20180825 + Up in the am and J already gone, on the bus to a XC meet. LG&I got around and headed to Pickerington to watch the race. J was running with 523 other kids from 47 schools :-o He did great coming in 168th out of that whole herd. Pretty awesome for a freshman... We then jumped in the car and headed to Wilmington to see D. We got there and had lunch with him and some of his friends in the cafateria, and then went back to his room for a bit so the boys could see it. DGF7 was there too and we all went to Walmart to get D some more things he needed for school. We then swung by a clothing store to get D some shorts for his internship and then back to the room to put things away. DGF7 needed a nap so the rest of us went out and D showed J&G where his classes were and met us with some friends and they played some basketball until time for dinner. We tried 2 places that had 45min+ waits before finding a hole in the wall BBQ place that was AWESOME. A couple of D's friends went with us and it was an enjoyable. After dinner we headed home and I did some things on the PC and J&G spent some time on the Xbox.


20180824 - Up in the am and J had to dress up today so I tied his tie for him. Dropped J off at school and headed into work for a busy morning of ad hoc conversations to move things forward. It was a good day at work, got a bunch of things done. Home through bad traffic and LG&I dropped J off at a XC dinner and then went to the local greek place for dinner. We got a couple of videos and then headed home. L ran to get J and then home and J&G got on the Xbox while L and I watched 'Kidnaped' a good suspense flick that had L all balled up. Up late doing things for the Boosters.


20180823 - Up in the am and dropped J as school on the way in to work. To work and reducing mail before headed offsite to a meeting. Meeting was good and it ended in another Indian restaurant that was very good. Headed home and into the office to ship the $60 worth of ebay stuff that sold in the last day. Came out to have a nice dinner with LJ&G and then L&I headed to the middle school to walk G's classes and meet his teachers. I was a good tour and L&I saw tons of folks we knew and had a good time. Home and up late getting things done on the PC.


20180822 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Had an 8am meeting and then a call with my boss midday and knocking things out the rest of the afternoon. Headed home and L&G were at the batting cages, J was walking home from XC. All home and hung out on the back porch for a bit. L made some dinner, we ate and then L&I headed to the high school to walk through J's schedule and meet his teachers. We ran into tons of folks we know and then swung by DQ for a treat before heading home. Home and relaxed, got everyone off to bed.

20180821 +

20180821 + Up in the am and dropped J at school and on in to work. Had a meeting in the morning and getting things lined up and done at the desk. Had a very busy and productive day. Headed home and hung out on the back porch with L until we had to run and get J from XC. We headed to get J and L dropped me at Tuffy to pick up my car. I got in it and it was DEAD... They came out and jumped it and I got home and let it run. L&J home, L made us dinner, I did some ebay and Amazon shipping and then we hung out on the back porch playing on our phones and watching TV until time for bed. D had a good second day.


20180820 - Up in the am and stopped at BP to let J out and get some gas. In to work and getting ready for a busy week. Today is D's 1st day of classes. Had a heated call with AT&T about our wireless service... Finished the day discussing increases with the 2 outside my door. Headed home, relaxed on the back porch a bit and then L cooked us dinner and then she mowed the backyard. I packed up and headed to the Booster meeting. It was a long meeting as lots of folks were upset about the elimination of fundraising assistance by participant... L ran the boys to and from Scout tonight. I got home for a bit, got Doc and headed to McD's for a sparse Bible Bangers crowd. Home and watched some TV while got a couple of things done on the PC. Tried to text D but it was late and no response.

20180819 +

20180819 + Up in the am and LJ&I to church. We sat with the Mallonns between us. Home and cleaned up ebay and finished up work in the office and checked in on D, he is doing fine and having a good time; classes start tomorrow... I ran to pick up G from his canoeing trip. The adults and several kids that went on the trip reported G having a great time and dancing and... When G got in the car he 'hated' it, so 'boring and stupid...'. I ran G through Wendy's to get him some food and then home where he got cleaned up, talked to his mom for about 3.7 minutes before running to the basement to plug himself in and start screaming at his friends. L&I headed to Reynoldsburg and picked up some auction items and then stopped at Meijer to get school supplies for the oblivious student, I mean J. we swung through Sonic to get slushies on the way home. Home and I retired to the back porch so I did not have to hear the Xbox screaming. L joined for a bit and then I got the grill out and cooked up some brats for us. We ate on the back porch and then hung out a bit before heading, electronics away and we played Rummikub, it was very pleasant and the boys had their snack. We face-timed with D for a bit and then everyone headed to bed.

20180818 +

20180818 + Up in the am L&J already up and out to J's practice run across town. I got up and into the office to get some things done. L&J home for a bit. L headed to school and J played on Xbox until he and I ran some errands and hit up some local businesses for ad space in the high school program. We went all over town and ended up at Rita's for a sweet treat before heading back home. Home and I got more done in the office, L home and we all headed to Moe's for a nice dinner. We then went to see the new Mission Impossible movie, it was great! Home and it's quiet around here... All to bed in good time.


20180817 - Up in the am and really tired... Dropped J off on the corner on the way in to work. Got to the office and got moving, but everything is moving in slow motion today... Checked in with D, he was up and out for more orientation stuff.

20180816 +

20180816 + Up way to early and LD&I headed to Wilmington College. We got there and they have quite a system to get the students checked in and then off to their dorm. We got D checked in, he got his ID and room key and then were directed to Pickett Hall. We pulled up to Pickett and a swarm of kids covered the car and carried everything up in what seemed like seconds. We went up to D's room and started arranging. I ran down to move the car and then back up to the room. We switched beds and cabinets several times until D got situated the way he liked. We then went down to the TOP (cafeteria) for a nice lunch, I have a little bit of everything :-)  After lunch we walked through the rain to the tents in on the lawn and visited some of the vendors. We dropped some stuff off int he room and then headed to Walmart and D got a text from his roommate stating that he would not be moving in today... So we added a fridge to the cart of goodies. Back to the dorm and the kids grabbed the new stuff and headed up. Back int he room and we put the new stuff in it's place. The TV cable wasn't long enough and D needed some tools so I headed to the hardware store to get some items and picked up some fun stuff I saw while I was in there (wiffle ball set, spinners, solar dancing flower...). back to the room and helped L&D finalize his room just in time to head back to the TOP for an ice cream social. They introduced a bunch of people and then started dismissing the kids. Time to say goodbye... L teared up a little bit and I held it together. Off we went, D stayed.

We drove home and G was at baseball practice. I sat on the porch and went through some mail. Went in and had a moment with L and we cried it out... Off to pick up J from XC and then G. We headed to Steak n' Shake for dinner and catch up with the boys on their first real day of school. Over to Best Buy to get L&I a new TV for our bedroom. Home and set up the TV, to bed in good time. I checked in with D and he had a good evening, had to introduce himself to the student-body with the other baseball players.

20180815 -

20180815 - Up in the am and J up with L&I all ready for his first day of high school. He is so big his head is hitting the branches of the front tree as he stood to get his picture taken. J&I headed out and I dropped him off at the BP and off he went. I headed in to work and L sent me pics of G on his first day of middle school. In to work and at the desk knocking things out and getting a plan.

20180814 +

20180814 + Barely up this am and got myself around and in to work. I have a feeling it is going to be a long slow day.... It was but I still got a bunch of stuff done. Headed home in good time and L and I caught up on the back porch, D&DGF7 packing D's stuff for college, J at XC and G playing the Xbox. L ran to get J, he stayed home and the rest of us went to On The Boarder for a nice dinner and then Target to get some school stuff for the boys. Home and I had bobble head syndrome on the back porch while L got a bunch of things done. Boys a little snappy tonight as I think they are all nervous about tomorrow... L&I watched a movie, not up late.

20180813 +

20180813 + Up in the am and walking around half asleep. Somehow made it to work, Talked to CB a bit about our kids and the events of this upcoming week... In my office catching up and organizing. Made some good moves and implementation steps today on a couple of things. Day gone before I knew it. Left a bit later than usual and got home and L had finally sat down from a busy day, D was up in his room he had an eye exam in the morning and then worked. J at XC and G at a buddies. J&G home and we all had dinner. D took off with DGF7, I ran J&G to Scouts and signed G up for a bunch of camping trips (he's not so happy about that...). Picked up with boys after Scouts and ran some movie back, dropped them off at home, got Doc and headed to McD's for Bible Bangers, super light crowd, everyone busy, was trying to plan a back to school event, guess I'll miss it for 2 years in a row... Home not to late, but up WAY TOO LATE doing Booster stuff.


20180812 - L got us all up in the am and we headed to church. It was good to see some folks at church and people were happy to see us. Home and I headed to the backyard to get things set up for G's travel team that is coming over for a cookout. DJ&G helped set up the big tent, move tables, set up games and ready before we knew it. Soon folks started showing up, 3 new families joined us this year; it was nice to meet them and they seemed to fit in well. The boys played and played, I cooked 40 burgers and 40 hot dogs and everyone got their fill. The main events in the afternoon were pear hitting and some corn-hole between watching Tiger Woods ALMOST win a big golf game. Party over, LDDGF7J&I got the backyard cleaned up in a jiffy and everything, including the big tent put away. D &DGF7 went out, J headed to the Mallonn's for a game night, D to the basement on the Xbox and L&I had leftovers for dinner and watched 'Life of the Party' and L laughed so hard a couple of times I thought she was going to pee her pants... D home and cleaned up, he ran to get J for us. All boys home and up to bed. I stayed up watching the movie 'Blockers' until very late.

20180811 +

20180811 + Up in the am and L&J long gone and at J's XC scrimmage. L got home and had left J with the team for the traditional start of season bfast. D up and soon Jason stopped by to talk to us about potentially investing D's $ he had from graduation. It was a great visit and I hope D learned something from it... I then headed into the office and knocked stuff out. L took a nap from having to get up at 5am, and then headed out in the yard. DJ&G tried to set things up so all 3 of them could play the Xbox together. D left with DGF7 and J&G played more Xbox. G eventually out to help L. I finished up an then headed out and G&I cleaned out the sandbox. G&I then head out on some errands; gas, bank, grocery, video store and Cane's for some dinner. Home and LJG&I headed to the basement to watch Rampage, it was pretty good. D got home and L&G headed up and DJ&I watched 12 Strong about the horse soldiers, it was awesome. Everyone up to bed.


20180810 - Another slow start to the day, just dragging... but up and out to work. Met with some guys to get directions defined and then settled into the office for a meeting free get-it-done day. Ended up having some meetings but got a lot done. Headed home, had a couple beers on the back porch and Gma&paW showed up and we headed out through the rain to PF Chang's for a nice dinner. After dinner we headed home and played JG&I some euchre w/ GamW until G reneged... We then had sand happy bday to GpaW and had some cupcakes and ice cream. Everyone to bed in good time.


20180809 - Barely up in the am, got ready and stumbled out the door. Got to work and dove in reviewing best practices for Change Control. Had a couple really good meetings on getting the process defined and documented. Played a couple more games of shuffleboard and lost... had lunch in the break room and then did some config on the new handbook site before heading out late. Home and hung out on the back porch while L grilled some dinner. We ate and then L&I ran to Home Depot to get some stuff to fix the kitchen sink, then to Meijer for some supplies and then home. The Mallonns stopped over and Penn helped with the sink repair. G&I hung out on the back porch playing on our phones and watching syfy. To bed and up late doing booster stuff, L up most of the night coughing.


20180808 - Work, a bit discouraged today as things are not as done as I wished when I went on vacation. So I talked through it with some of the owners, played 2 games of shuffle board and headed home. Home and D was at work, J not feeling well so in his robe in his den for the night. G with Gma&paW doing soccer golf with his buddy Eddie. I hung out on the back porch with L for a bit before heading to a Landscape Board meeting. It was a short meeting and I swung by Jersey Mike's Subs to get dinner for LJ&I. Home and ate on the back porch. Gma&paW, G and Eddie showed up. We sat on the porch and chatted a bit. Eddie is spending the night so I ran him home to get his stuff. Home and into the office to finally get caught up from vacation. D swung through on the way to a friends and got a couple of things done for me. I was on the pc and catching up until 3am...


20180807 - Up before the sun even thought about coming up... LD&I headed to Wilmington for D's orientation. When we got there D was greeted with smiles and hugs from the baseball coaches...
We spent the day walking the campus, sitting in lectures about what to expect and how they do things, helpful tips, a good lunch... D met a couple more baseball players and seems to fit in very well. We got his schedule, bought his books and headed home. In the evening LJG*I headed to J's Cross Country (XC) meet the team pool night. We ran into a lot of families we knew and J got himself some new shoes. Home and crashed from a busy day.


20180806 - Up in the am, too early, needed a day to recover, and in to work. Getting caught up on email and setting direction for the next several weeks.

20180805 +

20180805 + Up in the am and down to the lobby for bfast. I met the Meijs and ate with them. We chatted for a bit, said goodbye until next time and then loaded up our stuff and hit the road. Five hours later, no traffic issues, no stops we swung through our McD's to get lunch. home and Ashley was waiting for D's in his room, it was their 2 year anniversary last Monday while we were on vacation. I ran J to the high school to get his XC jersey but he has to wait until Monday... Home and we ate and I helped put some stuff away while the boys picked up the bug bombs, L cleaned everything and headed to the back porch to watch some pickers, do a logic puzzle and get caught up on email. L came out to mow and then hung out o the porch with me. We ordered pizzas from Pizza Hut that was a disaster... After dinner G didn't feel well so we hung out watching some TV and taking it easy for the rest of the evening.

20180804 +

20180804 + Up in the am and LJ&I headed out to stick our feet in the ocean one last time before heading home. We took our chair, umbrella and 2 boogie boards with us and found families that just got there for vacation and gave it to them. Back to the room and got things packed. I got the car and we got things packed up in good time. We hit McD's and a tiny church on the way out of town and then drove straight to the World's Largest Strawberry for an ice cream treat before the second leg of our journey to Wytheville VA. We made it to our hotel, I had to make a couple of calls about the tree removal happening tomorrow and relaxed for a couple of minutes. We then headed downstairs and met the Meijs, Andre, Nicole and Oriana from the Netherlands. oriana was at an English Camp for the last 2 weeks. We chatted for a bit and then headed to the same Chinese restaurant we always go to for a fantastic meal. After some great conversation we headed to get some gas and then back to the hotel where we hung out in the lounge chatting until the wee hours of the morning about everything under the sun to get caught up. It was great to see them!


20180803 - Up in the am and L on the beach for an hour already. I got the boys up ad we ate and headed down. We only got to stay on the beach a short time before a monsoon blew in and we made it to the room only seconds before the downpour hit. We hung out in the room for a bit and then DJ&I headed to Best Buy to look for a laptop for D as the one I got him from Amazon was DOA with many of the keys not working... We walked in, got some help, evaluated the couple we narrowed it down to and picked an awesome laptop! back to the room and D started getting things set up, I helped him a bit and it was flying. After a bit DG&I ran across the road and played putt putt on the course that was partially flooded for fun. t was a good time. After golf G&I headed to a Hilton property to see if we could find a new timeshare. They were all full so we didn't get a tour so we headed back to the room. We all got ready and headed to North Myrtle Beach and my favorite putt putt place, Mayday Golf. We played a quick round and of course I won :-) I got myself a tshirt and we got back on the road towards our final destination with a quick stop at a pawn shop. We made it to the Pirate Voyage dinner show and had a ball. It was a great show. After the show we got back to the room and DJG&I were up until 2 playing euchre, having fun and G laughed so hard he peed his pants. A good last day!

20180802 -

20180802 - Up in the am, L already down at the beach. The boys and I got up and around and headed down to join L. We spent some tie in the ocean and then the pool. We headed up to the room to get cleaned up and made some lunch. We then headed South on the beachfront road looking at all the sights all the way to our destination 'Shipwreck Island' for another round of putt putt. It was a good course and L won! We then headed North to Barefoot Landing where we walked around in all the shops and everyone looked around and found something they loved. We ended up in a little pub where G hung out in the courtyard watching a street performer until the food came. It was a good meal and we hit an ice cream place on the way to the car. We stopped at the Tanger Outlets on the way back where L&J got some shoes and then we headed back to the resort. It was late when we got back and we just hung out in front of the TV and I searched for laptops for D.

20180801 +

20180801 + Up late in the am. L&G down to the beach first. DJ&I got ourselves around and headed down. We built a sandcastle fort thing and then DJ&G headed to the pool whil L&I guarded the castle and sat at the edge of the surf. I went to join the boys in the pool and played for a bit until the boys got out of hand and D vanished back to the room. L joined JG&I for a bit at the pool then we all headed up to get ready for another round of putt putt. The golf place was a bit busy and the boys a bit touchy, so it was a quick round, L&I tied for the win. We then headed to Capitain George’s to gorge ourselves on crab legs. We had our fill and stopped at a CVS on the way back to the resort. Back to the resort and L&I had a little chat with the boys about their constant fighting. Down to the beach where the boys played a paddle ball tournament in the sand and then a bit of time at the noisy not so lazy river... LD&G up to the room, J&I shortly after and I took a walk to get some poke-balls. Back to the room and L had made us Caipirinhas. We all stayed up around the table and played Hearts and laughed and laughed, especially at J's lactation!


20180731 - Up late, L up for 3 hrs already... got myself around and some bfast and headed down to join her. People staring at the amazing geometric design burned, or rather the contorted pure white splotch in the center of my torso where sunscreen was present yesterday. L and I got in the water for a bit and then I headed out to the deep and caught some waves. Resting under our umbrella L attempted to call the boys and wake them up before 1. Boys finally down and we hung out at the beach a bit and then we all went to the pool for a while. Back to the room the get ready to head out. We hit another putt putt place and played a good round. G in the lead so far for the week with D&J only a couple strokes off. J caught a lizard during the game and kept it in a water bottle playing most of his holes one handed, and still did really good. On the road towards dinner and we stopped at a couple beach places to find a cage for J’s lizard and a stop at CVS for my sunburn lotions.... we made it to Sandlappers Grill for dinner, a local diner and we had a pretty good meal. A quick stop at Food Lion for some supplies and then we hit the mail boardwalk to see what was up. We did some Pok√©mon hunting during our walk and saw some sights. On the way back to the room we ran into the HOT sigh at a Kristy Kreme and got a couple dozen doughnuts. Back to the room and we played some euchre and ate a dozen doughnuts!  To bed late...

20180730 -

20180730 - Up in the am and everyone had bfast and in the room hanging out as it is raining like crazy. D&I worked on his laptop and Asus support told us it would have to be sent in for repair... It cleared up a bit around lunchtime and we headed out for a nice cloud covered beach visit. The boys and I were way out trying to catch waves and splashin around. We swan for a couple hours and as the sky darkened we headed in, got cleaned up and headed to Captain Hooks mini golf. It was an ok round, D out of joint and D&J hanging up on everything spaz G did or said didn’t help... we made it through with 7 hole in ones and started the second course when G melted down so we left and as we got in the car it started raining. On to Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse for an AWESOME stuff yourself meal. We stayed and ate and ate. After dinner we swung by McD’s to get some sausage McMuffins for bfast. Back to the resort and then down ro the pool. Then back up due to “lighteninged” as G would say. So we played some Uno and euchre. We then headed back to the pool lazy river area and the boys played, G left out so bummed... back up to the room, rinsed off and playing on our iPhones and watching Harry Potter until very late. 


20180729 - Up in the am and it is raining like crazy! We hung out in the room and pretty soon the sun came out and we headed down to the beach. The boys and I headed out as far as we could and took turns riding the waves in on the boogie boards.  More rain came rolling in so we headed in. We got cleaned up and headed to Broadway at the Beach to play putt putt and it was a good game, G won. We walked around in and out of a bunch of shops, a magic shop where G got some stuff and a bunch of other stores where J&D found treasures too. I got beef jerky :-)  we went in to a sports bar and after waiting 10 min with no one helping us we went to Senior Froggy’s where we had a good meal and got balloon hats! We walked the rest of he loop, stopping at the aquarium looking for a shark for J and then headed back to the resort. We went back out to the beach for a bit but got rained out so back to the room where we played some Uno. 

20170728 +

20180728 + Up early, we got the car packed and hit the road. We drove straight to Wytheville VA with only one quick pit stop. We went to Seeter’s for some Skeeter Dogs for lunch. We walked down to the World’s Largest Pencil for a quick pic and then back on the road. We had only one more stop for gas before reaching Myrtle Beach at 6pm. We got our keys and headed to the resort. We got everything unpacked and headed out to get something to eat. While we waited for our table at Cheeseburger in Paradise, G&I checked out the next door putt putt place and got recommendations for eating from an older guy that was working the booth. We had a good dinner and then swung through a Food Lion to get supplies. Back to the room and a quick visit to the beach. We settled in for the night tired from all the driving and ready for vacation to start in the morning. 


20180727 - Up in the am and in to work getting things done. We had a fire drill that broke up the morning. Back to the desk, very quiet office today that is good so I can focus and get things lined up to go on vacation. Home and J&G glued to the Xbox and L&I headed out for dinner, D and DGF7 joined us. We had a nice dinner and then L&I swing through the Home Depot to get a couple things and then get the car gassed up. Home and got some things done on the computer and we all got to bed in good time. I couldn’t sleep...

20180726 -

20180726  - Up in the am and in to work. Need to have everything lined up and planed out by end of today. Made good progress on plans and had a good meeting with CB. Finished out the day and headed home. L&G were in transit dropping Lilly off with Gma&paB for her vacation and D&J were in their rooms. I got changed, grabbed my laptop and some beers and headed to the back porch. Tom and the McClains stopped so we could get a budget made for the team for next year and get our new Team App set up. After everyone left I hung out on the back porch tweaking the Team App and watching scifi until it started pouring. In and got everything shut down for the night. Woke up sitting up in bed with my laptop on my lap in the middle of the night...

20180725 +

20180725 + Up slowly in the am. I drove D's car in to work today as he is borrowing mine to drive to Cleveland with DGF7 to see an Indians game today. The drive in was good, not too many sounds coming from the car. In the office with a clear list of things yet to do before heading out on vacation. Had a very busy morning and got a lot of things done. Took a break for some table shuffleboard with Shane. Finished the day on the internal website. Headed home the back way to avoid traffic. Home and L on the porch waiting for me. We hung out, watched TV, Jim came over and we chatted, I worked on Booster stuff. We ate on the porch and went in when it got too buggy. D home, he had a good day, stopped at the Farm on the way and drove the pug a bit, on to the Indians game, they had good seats and they won. They stopped at the Farm on the way home, helped GmaW with her network and then they all went out to eat. D got home, told L&I of his day. Up late looking at hotels for a stop on the way home from vacation.


20180724 - Up in the am and in to quiet office. Was at the desk all day getting things lined up, documented and organized. Talked tot he HR girl from yesterday and put her at ease. Headed home in good time. Went over and talked to Jodi, our neighbor about the tree. I had never talked with her before and it was a very nice conversation, she even recited a poem about trees to me that she had learned in 3rd grade. Back home and my buddy John showed up to pick up his son O that was hanging out with G today. We had a beer on the back porch and chatted for a while. L made a good dinner and then I struggled to to keep my head falling from side to side as exhaustion overtook me. In and watched some TV with the fam. D home from work and we got some more of his college papers filled out. By now I am wide awake again so stayed up til 2 working on Booster stuff...

20180723 +

20180723 + Up in the am and in to work. Starting the process of lining things up so being out next week won't cause any disruption on progress. Was at the desk all day cleaning out email, made the HR girl cry (not sure why I'll talk to her tomorrow). Got good and organized. CB rolled out a nice new break room today. Home in good time. Helped G as he melted down with the Xbox a bit and discussed the need for him to grow up and stop melting down, take the time to assess the situation and find a fix. Talked to Jim from next door about our cable for a bit. L made a nice dinner and then I headed into the office to pay the bills for the past 3 weeks and the next 2. Picked Doc up and headed to Bible Bangers, He's very wobbly and has stitches over his eye from falling out of bed. Chris told us of his adventures in Europe with the fam and showed us some pics. We all then caught up with each other a bit before heading home. Doc and I stopped for gas, I got his trash out and then buckled down at the desk until 2am finishing things up.


20180722 - Up late and in to the office. Spent most of the day in there getting the floor cleaned off and the shelves in order so the chaos is not so apparent. L worked on her chair covers and ran to the store to get dinner ingredients, D did a couple of things for me, J set up the new phone charging pads and cleaned up the pile of electronics in the office, G on the Xbox. J&G took a ride downtown to hunt Pokemon, G's first time on his own device. The boys did take an electronics break to play wiffleball for a couple minutes. L made us a nice dinner, D ran and picked up DGF7 and L ran J to a friends for the night. Night wound down and still in and out of the office as pictures download from cameras and phones, Found out that G went the UDF on the Pokemon hunt, bought $40 gift card with $ left over from camp and spent it ALL on Fortnight, clothes for his character... OMG I lost my mind... Sent him to bed. Up late finishing transfer of pics and prep for a busy week.

20180721 + Got my Boys

20180721 + Up in the am an swung through Mcd's to pick up some bfast and headed NE on 62 up through Amish country to get the boys. I passed 24 buggies on the way through the twisty windy backroads to get to the camp. I pulled in a couple min after the boys got to the parking lot and they got loaded up right away. G was hobbling a bit from an ankle injury... but was proud to show me his Pipestone! I checked in with the leaders and the Wingers headed out ahead of everyone to the Dutch Kitchen in Dalton to make sure they were ready for the Troop. On the way D read off his notes he took because he knew I would ask for details of the week. J&G chimed in with there side stories and tales of a fun week at camp. They told of D going up to the final campfire and calling his  brothers up and told them 'this is the first time we have all been here together, and it won't be the last. That he loved them...' and they all hugged and cried. He gave another speech that made everyone else cry too and Robby told him he is no longer allowed to talk during campfires because he always makes everyone cry. We got the restaurant and  made sure they were ready and soon the Troop started pouring in. About 40 of us had lunch together and chatted bout the week. People had nice things to say about the boys and there was plenty of food.

 After dinner I finally got my 4th of July picture in the corn!  As we got in the car G asked 'Did you bring my iTouch?' = no, J 'Did you bring my iPhone?' = no, D 'Did you bring my iPhone?' = no, but I did get you all new cases and filled them with brand new iPhone 8s! The boys were THRILLED! Especially G as this is his fist real phone. They dug into their new devices and were pretty quiet the rest of the way to the Farm. We stopped for a minute and chatted with Gma&paW and they told of their adventures and made plans for Indians games. Back on the road, G asleep before we made it to the schoolhouse, J before Bellville, D soon after. A quiet ride home and then greeted by a hard tail wagging girl and their mom. They went through their stories again and got things unloaded and put away. D came out to the back porch to tell me about his adult duties at camp this year and it was pretty cool, he got to be an Indian for the Friday night ceremonies and had a blast. He then got out the laptop we got him for school and got it all set up.

20180720 - Dinner and Shopping

20180720 - Up in the am and in to work early. Hit the white board for the first couple hours and then called AT&T to get phones straightened out. Everything documented and phones in good shape, busy day, a lot done. Headed home and swapped some sim cards and stated setting phones up.  L&I took a break and went to O'Charley's for a super good dinner. We then went to Giant Eagle to pick up some supplies and headed home. Home and programing more phones and down to the basement where we watched 'A Quiet Place' a good suspenseful movie. I stayed up after the movie programing and setting up the phones until 2, but everything is ready for the pickup of the boys tomorrow.

20180719 + Hat Shopping

20180719 + Up in the am and in to work. Started off researching some new software to see if it would be useful to the team. Spent the day cleaning out emails and driving tasks. Left in good time and had a short drive home. Got some things shipped and picked for an order and then L&I headed over to Easton. I took way too long to find a couple new OSU hats and then we had dinner at a Mexican place where we could watch people. We had a nice dinner and then headed home. I got some more ebay stuff done and tried to call AT&T but they closed at 9... Worked on some Booster emails and not up too late.

20180718 + Special Deliveries

20180718 + Up in the am and in to work. Got a good start, had a very full day of meetings and getting things done and the day was over before I knew it. Home in good time tonight and got the car loaded up with Eagles and 76ers stuff to deliver. L&I headed out to Reynoldsburg for our 1st delivery at DuJuan's house and then on to Groveport area to deliver stuff to Laci's. We then stopped at the Texas Roadhouse for an awesome dinner. Home and L watched some TV while I got caught up on Booster stuff. To bed and then back up and into the office to get caught up on eBay stuff. Up late looking at auctions.

20180717 - Double Dorks

20180717 - Up in the am and in to work. Got a couple things done right away and then called AT&T back to make sure the order last night was right, it wasn't so got that cleared up... Had a busy day at work making some good progress. Headed home and it only took 45 minutes tonight... Home and checked in with Doc and then L and GmaB showed me the new chairs they purchased today. I headed to the back porch and Tom and Bill showed up to discuss next season and have a couple beers. headed in when the bugs got to bad, watched some TV with the girls and then went to schedule our vacation and one of the places I had picked was taken and L didn't like the other so I started all over again. Knowing it had to be done I picked a place by 2am...

20180716 - Red Roads

20180716 - Up in the am and in to work. Dug right into evaluating the system to prepare for a meeting with the vendor. Had a good meeting and then worked through lunch and then had a big concept meeting for most of the remainder of the day. Called AT&T and that call lasted until the drive home. Drive home was a mess, 270 parking lot so went the same alternate route everyone else took... I took 1.45 min to get home... Still on the phone with AT&T ordering new phones for everyone in the house... Home talked to L for 15 min and saw all the crap she is throwing away after cleaning the boy's rooms out today :-o  Headed to the Booster meeting at the high school and had to find away in again. Had the meeting, it was pretty good but low attendance. Stayed and talked to a lady about using Team App and then Andy. Home and started shipping things, had 12 orders to get out, L helped. To bed and we looked for vacation rentals until way too late...

20180715 + 1st Time for All 3

20180715 + Up early and boys got everything packed into the white car. We all headed over to the school behind the house to check in with the Troop and then DG&I headed off to get gas and snacks. Back to the school and picked up L&J and we headed to Scout camp. We got to the Dalton Dari-ette and had lunch with the Troop. Back on the road for another hour to arrive at camp. Boys got unloaded, pictures taken, health forms reviewed and ready to hike back to camp in good quick fashion. G stuck pretty tight to D and when D left to go do some adult things he stuck to J. He got himself a nice new tent with mosquito netting, got changed and headed to the waterfront. G was the smallest in his group, but was the 2nd to be done and pass the BSA Swim Test. L&I said goodbye to J&G (D already off doing other things) and we headed back to the car. We swung by the Scout Store to get a couple slushies to cool the blistering heat. Back on the road and we stopped at the Farm and went to Applebee's for a nice dinner and to catch up a bit. Back on the road and home to a sad dog. I got the boys devices backed up and cleaned up and to bed in good time. A lot of time on the road today and sort of sad to take and leave G at camp.

20180714 -

20180714 - Up in the am and we all piled into the car and headed to Dublin to watch D play baseball. J&I dropped L&G off and headed back to McD's to get some bfast. Back to the game and it was not the prettiest game. The boys ended up losing the game which knocked them out of the tournament and was the last game for the season. It was the last game ever for 4 of the boys and I am guessing the last Summer game for D as well. After the game we headed North to Delaware State Park with a stop to gas up D's car. We got to the park and met up with L's extended family for a late 4th of July picnic. It was good to see folks, catch up, try once again to fly a kite. We stayed for a bit and then D&J headed home. J met with his merit badge counselor and finally finished his cooking merit badge! LG&I headed out shortly after. LG&I headed to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins and look around the store. We then headed to the Government Surplus store to look for a hammock, failed, so we hit Meijer and got D a backpack for school, a hammock for G for camp and some snacks for the campers. We got home and unpacked, and then had the boys pack their packs and double check everything to make sure they were ready for camp, J suddenly has no shoes... D&DGF7 ran and got us pizzas. Hung out on the back porch until I couldn't take the bugs anymore.

20180713 +

20180713 + Up in the am and in to work. Had to take an alternate route as traffic was at a standstill on 270 this morning. In and started off writing policies and procedures right out of the gate. Worked all day and headed out a couple min early to get to the high school down the road to watch D play for a bit. The boys won and D headed home and L&I headed into Worthington to meet up with Courtland and Missy so we could see her new car and get a tour of the new building. Lori loved the building and it was good to see CB and Missy again, it has been a long time. We got a tour and ride in Missy's new Range Rover, super nice and then L&I headed to the Old Bag of Nails for a good dinner. Home and tried to get the boys a little organized for upcoming camp.


20180712 - Up in the am and in to work. Back into the conference room to keep digging in to the issues. Worked all day on policies and procedures. Took a break for lunch to go watch some of D's baseball game that was close and sit with L for a minute. Headed back and finished the day. Home and Doc called me over to program his garage door opener. I had a beer with him and J and a whole gaggle of his friends showed up and littered the front yard with bikes. I hung out with L on the back porch and D&G played wiffle ball and J and his buddies took off to terrorize the town. Got changed and headed to Granville for bourbon and bonfire night. Hung out with the guys, tried some new bourbons and chatted until late. Home, locked out, got in and straight to bed.

20180711 -

20180711 - Up in the am and in to work. Started off changing more things right out of the gate. We had an all day meeting in the big conference room focusing on our biggest problem. After that I headed home, got changed and G&I headed to Academy Park for night 2 of tryouts. There were more kids there tonight and it went pretty good. After tryouts we headed home and a couple of G's buddies came with us. The dad's came too and headed to the back porch to chat about the team while I changed the back brakes on L's car. I wrapped things up, they all left and I headed inside to start on Booster emails until very late.

20180710 +

20180710 + Up in the am and in to work. Started with a call from Jason and publishing the summary findings from an internal survey and a product demo. Had a good day sitting with some of the guys on the floor learning what they do. Finished off the day and headed to the baseball field through heavy rain and on the back roads due to a big accident on 270. I got to the field and the rain cleared up. D&G showed up and we had tryouts for the Gahanna 12U baseball teams. The weather held off and there were a lot of kids there, only 3 new ones. After tryouts DG&I headed to Wendy's for dinner and a couple of G's buddies met us there. After dinner we headed home and joined L watching a documentary on how they got the 12 kids out of the cave in Taiwan while i sent out emails for the boosters until way too late.


20180709 - Up in the am and in to work. Outlining things for the next couple weeks to plan the rest of our Summer and make sure it all lines up with work. Had a very busy day and got a lot of things in order for a productive week. Finished up the day and headed home. Home and L was cooking dinner, D was lifeguarding, J was at the pool and G was playing the Xbox. I listed a couple of things, J got home, L served us dinner. After dinner the boys got ready and I loaded up the car with some Eagles stuff to deliver. JG&I then headed to Scouts. J worked with his merit badge counselors and got 1 of the 2 required merit badges done... (my head exploding here...). D showed up at Scouts to check in with his camp bunk-mate and make plans. After Scouts I dropped J off and G&I ran to the gas station where he got chocolate milk and then on to a friends house to drop off the Eagles stuff. Home and I joined L on the back porch and worked on some Booster stuff. It got to buggy so we headed inside to watch 'The Proposal' where a guy I used to hang out with was on the show. He only made it to the second round before being eliminated, but it was super fun to watch. All boys to bed and I was up late working on Booster stuff.

20180708 +

20180708 + Up late after a good nights sleep and into the garage. D helped a little before running of to his game. I worked a bit more until we left to watch him. J&G were forced off the Xbox and to go to the game with us, not pleasant getting them out of the house and in the car, but for the most part after we started rolling and the Xbox was no longer an option things went pretty smooth. We got to D's game and they were down 7-0. We watched as the boys tried to catch up but they just couldn't. D had a couple hits, one dribbler and one really nice hit over short that was caught by an amazing dive bu the left fielder. The boys lost and we headed home. Home and J&G took some of my cash and disappeared to Creekside to play Pokemon. D home and helped me in the garage getting things sorted and loaded and moved about, trying to make sense of it all and listing the big ticket items when we ran across them. DGF7 showed up and they took Lilly for a walk to Creekside. J&G home, they stopped and picked up our Subway order on the way and we had dinner still sorting things. L came out and broke down some boxes and helped pack some stuff up. Amazing that by 10pm L&D's cars are packed to the brim with things to donate, the garage is clean enough to pull the car in and the items are sorted by the 4 Philadelphia sport team. In, cleaned up and to bed exhausted.


20180707 - Up early and LG&I to D's 1st day of the game in Big Walnut. It was a good game and the boys won 14-2. We headed home before the second game and I dug into the stuff in the garage and started sorting. Before I knew it it was time to go to D's 2nd game of the day. it was a great game for our boys winning 21-0 but it took forever... at least it was a pretty day and Gma&paW came down to watch the game. After the game L went shopping with Gma&paW and D&I headed home. I dug in and sorted more until L and Gma&paW got to our house. We all headed down to the Old Bag of Nails for dinner. G, GmaW and I took a quick walk so G could do some Pokemon hunting before we ate. We ate and then D&I split off to pick up some more stuff from Dave's warehouse for the final load. LJ&G hung out with Gma&paW and got some ice cream. All back home and we watched 'Downsizing' (I watched it last night...) with fam, I went through a bunch of stuff from Dave's and listed them. Everyone to bed and I stayed up and watched another movie on Amazon while listing more items.


20180706 - Up in the am and in to work. Dove straight into dissecting a database and worked on it with a couple of folks ALL DAY... Headed home and got LJ&G and we headed out to drop G off at a bday party. We made a quick stop at Auto Zone and got brake pads for the Denali before delivering G to his party at Lazer Craze. We then headed halfway across town to drop J off at a buddy's house for the night with all his Xbox gear. L&I headed back towards G and stopped to eat at Nazareth for a good meal and then got a couple of videos to watch over the weekend. The party was over so we picked G up headed home. I made a trip to Dave's warehouse and got another load. Home and went through the stuff I just got, sorted it and listed it in the basement while we watched 'The Commuter, a really good movie. I stayed up and watched another movie while getting some Booster things done.

20180705 +

20180705 + Up in the am and getting ready for the day with L, got J up to run, he was not happy about it... In to work and got the day rolling. Had a demo of some software functionality and a good discussion with the lead Engineers. Headed out for an awesome lunch wit CB and talked about the state of things and plans. Back to the office and finished the day. Home and on the back porch searching for vacation spots as D listed a couple things on eBay. L cooked us a nice dinner and then I took J&G to Panera to meet with Mr. Sampson about the cooking merit badge. I took L’s car to check out her brakes, the back drivers side is grinding... ran to Dave’s warehouse and picked up another load of stuff. Home, unloaded the stuff, picked up J’s blue cards and headed back to Panera. I sat and chatted with the Gahanna City Council President (his son is a Scout too) and he told me about the huge vacation he has planned. After the cooking conversation was over JG&I headed home. Home and watched some TV with L and reviewed what J had left to do before the upcoming camp. 

20180704 -

20180704 - Up in the am and D at the pool for work, LJG&I headed downtown to watch the 4th of July parade and wave to all the folks we know marching. It was a nice parade, longer than previous years and blasted HOT! After the parade we headed home. G put some time in to cleaning a Sno Kone maker we recently got while I worked on getting the mower adjusted so the belt stopped flying off. G got the machine cleaned up and we all tested it out. It make awesome sno kones!!!! After our treat J&I cut up our extra long picnic table into a more normal size and then took the left overs and made a bench. D came in to help me finish flattening the eating surface of our new shorter table and we got got poured on. D went to pick up DGF7 and I hung out on the porch listing things on eBay until D returned and the rain let up and we finished the table and got everything put away. I got some more listing done, rinsed off and then we all headed to the McClain's for a cookout and Bill's bday dinner. We took the sno kone machine with us and it was a hit! We had a good meal and conversations and headed home, swinging by a party to pick J up and then LJG&I sat on the sidewalk in front of the house and watched the Gahanna fireworks to finish off the night.


20180703 - Up in the am and found D had spent the night on the couch, must have been too hot in his room. Ready and in to work. Started the morning with some research and then a 3 hours of meetings. Spent the day focused on FMLA process and recording. Finished the day off and headed home. LJ&G at the pool, D&DGF7 went with me to Dave's warehouse to get more stuff including a Sno Kone machine. We loaded up my car, D's and DGF7's cars with stuff and headed home. The garage is getting quite full... In to the AC and trying to figure out what to do, L wanted to go see the new Jurassic Park movie, but J&G voted it down, L&I were then going to go to a movie but everything started too late... so we all ended up watching (except L, she fell asleep instantly) Logan Lucky in the basement to finish up the night and headed to bed.

20180702 +

20180702 + Up in the am and in to work. Quiet morning getting caught up on some things and lining up direction for advancement. Had a good busy day, storming outside. Home and G&I on the porch rolling up his pipestone. LJG&I had dinner together. I ran J&G to scouts and then J&I ran to another Troop to get his merit badge card signed off, but the person was not there... Back to our troop and dropped J off. I headed home and D&I went to Dave's warehouse, he is getting kicked out, so he loaded us up with stuff D can sell on ebay. D loaded up his car and mine and we headed home and unloaded everything into the garage. L had picked the boys up and they were playing on the Xbox. I watched a bit of TV with L and then headed to the office to get some things done before heading to bed.

20180701 -

20180701 - Up in the am and got a couple of things, not enough, before packing up and heading over to G's game. It was against the other 11U Gahanna team and our boys played fantastic and run ruled them. Everyone split up after the game, too long of a span between games and too hot to be together outside. I got a couple of more things organized and then all of us went to the Gahanna Grill for a nice lunch. Home and J&I got the AC out of the crawl space, L helped us clean it and we got it installed in his bedroom and he rearranged all of his furniture. G was resting and J eventually headed to the pool. D&I then ran to Colin's Eagle Court of Honor. It was a nice short presentation and we hung out for some cake afterward. We swung by a friends house on the way home and dropped off the air fryer that cracked our counter so I never have to see it again. Home and the coaches and some friends were at our house getting ready for the next game. We headed back to the field and our boys were out of juice and got shutout for their final game of the season. It was a great season 27-15-1. LD&I headed home and G and his buddies hung out to watch some of their friends play. We got the tents taken down and hung out relaxing on the porch with people coming and going until late. in and got everyone cleaned up and to bed, ready for a not so busy week coming up.

20180630 +

20180630 + Everyone up and out early, D left first for his game in Carol Oh and G was next out heading back to his game. J&I put up some tents and then L&I headed back to G's game. J hung out at home on the Xbox. I scored and it somehow got messed up and the feed showed the other team winning on the feed, but my screen was fine. The boys played great and easily won the game. After the game the team came back to our house for a picnic lunch and hang out for a bit before our next game. D reported wining his 1st game of the day. G's game 2 and another nice win! Folks came back to our hose for a bit to hang out. D arrived and reported they lost their second game. Everyone left so we all had some leftovers for dinner and headed to the cool basement to watch Pacific Rim: Uprising before heading to bed.


20180629 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a full day at the desk organizing and publishing policies and procedures. Interviewed a couple of the folks for info and had a good day. L went to D's games and texted me throughout the day to let me know how it was going, they won both games. J went to a buddy's for the day and G went to the pool with some friends. After work I headed to a poker game with the guys from work. We took a tour of the new building that is looking better and better and got some pizza before settling in for some poker. We played one round of Texas Hold'em using their rules, which were crazy, but it was a lot of fun and a good time. I beat L home as she was with some of our friends for a 50th bday party.


20180628 - Up in the am and in to work. Talked with my boss for a bit to make sure we are heading in the right direction before digging in for the day. Had a vendor come in today for a meeting and discussion on the future direction. It was a busy productive day. Headed home through crappy traffic. Got home and had a couple beers on the back porch while the boys and a friend of J's that is spending the night played wiffle ball. L cooked dinner and Doc came to get me to look at a wire that fell down in his backyard. It was his TV cable and it will be ok until his son can get over and help him. The McClains showed up for a couple beers and to hang out on the porch for a bit. Nice relaxing night.