20190121 - Up slow in the am and headed in to work through the 2 degree weather passing a lot of accidents on 270 this morning. Hit the desk and organized things from the testing over the weekend. Everything appears to be ok. L&G heading downtown for a basketball tournament today, I am going to try and get out of here early to watch some of the games.

20190120 +

20190120 + Up in the am we have about 6 inches of snow. I worked on the Troop 98 library and other yearly takes, adding fairs to the calendar, cleaning out folders etc... Ran to pick J up from his camping trip and he had a good time and didn't freeze to death. Got ebay things shipped and then G&I went out in the cold to the post office, gas station and grocery. We got our supplies and then headed home and I cooked the TV dinners we got. J&G playing the Xboxes and the McClains came over to watch a football game with us and chat and get caught up. It was a nice vist and some good football. I stayed up late (3am) to finish up the Scout Library job.


20190119 - Up in the am and headed in to work to do some testing on the software changes we had put in place. Everything went well and we were out of there by noon. Home and I spent the afternoon at the desk paying bills and getting things organized. G had his buddy Owen over and they beat me in the 1st game of Trouble so they were allowed to play the Xbox. They got set up in the room over the garage. L&I watched a couple of movies as I went through all our paperwork for 2018, preparing for taxes... I shut the gamers down at 2am and headed to bed.


20190118 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a bunch of meetings in the am and pushed a lot of actions out. We believe we have everything in line to test tomorrow. Headed home, no blizzard yet... Got home and we got J packed up to go on a Scout campout. We dropped J off at the church and LG&I headed to Hickory House for a really good dinner. After dinner we headed home and watched a movie.


20190117 - Up in the am, L out early for a Dr. Appointment so us boys were on our own to get out of the house today. J&I headed out, G already up so I think we are in good shape. Dropped J off at school and on in to work. Crossing t's and dotting i's  for the software upgrade this weekend. Home and had dinner with LJ&G and then ran to baseball practice. Home for a minute, L ran to a preschool advertising event and I ran J to Kroger so he could get supplies for camping this weekend and back out to pick G up. Delivered G to basketball but the doors were locked... so ran and got J, called the coach, got he door open and dropped G off. Home and sat with L for a minute and then back out to pick G up. Home and up until 2am setting up my 30 yr class reunion... I'm getting too old for all this...


20190116 - Up in the am, slept like a rock last night, took my time getting around as the boys are on a 2 hr delay this morning. Headed in to work and have no idea where there would be a 2hr delay, roads were fine... In to the office and let Derek know we are cousins, HAHA! Had a meeting with the guys in India and then at the desk developing the rest of the day. Got a ton done. Home and had dinner with LJ&G, we played some UNO after dinner, boys would rather be on the Xbox... Then the boys went to the Xbox and L&I went to the gym. Home and I headed in to the office to do some more testing. Checked email before shutting down and Kathy a friend form our days in Wilmington sent me an email, we are going to get on a call together soon to catch up. To bed LATE.


20190115 + Up a bit earlier today and dropped J off and headed into work. VERY quiet in the office this morning, have a busy day planned. Got a bunch of stuff done and had a couple calls. Headed over to the new building to chat with CB a bit. Home in good time and had some left over wings before running G out to batting practice. i stayed and worked with Tom on some baseball stuff. Home and L&I watched some TV while the boys were on the Xboxes. I set up a sit for the 15U baseball team and headed to bed.


20190114 - Up in the am and had a rough start with J and his smart mouth. May let him walk to school for a couple days and see if it changes his tune... In to work and hit the desk, getting caught up from the weekend and getting this week planned. Finished up a busy day with things looking to be on track for the week. Headed home, had dinner with LJ&G, ran G to basketball, home for only a minute before running J to Scouts and I checked in with the guys. Left Scout to get G and bring him back to Scouts. Finished the meeting and headed home to drop of J&G and get Doc. Doc and I headed to McD's and met up with the guys for the first Bible Bangers meeting of 2019. Great to see the guys again and get caught up. Home and up very late (4am) getting things done for Boosters.


20190113 - Up late, J and his friends up until 4am... ran G to baseball practice. Home and at desk for the rest of the morning. Got ebay stuff shipped and then LG&I stopped at a FedEx box, Post office and bank on way to G's game in Worthington. The boys played well, G seemed a bit off, only scored 1, but they still won. Home and worked on Wilmington College baseball site and added schedule. Worked on G's baseball team's fundraising events which put me to bed late.

20190112 +

20190112 + Up in the am and at the desk all morning. Got things ready to ship and had J drive me to the post office and then Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction items. A warning light came on in J's car about the power steering so we swung in to an auto parts place, got some power steering fluid and then couldn't find the power steering reservoir... neither could the guys at the auto parts store... headed home, stopped at Tuffy and they checked it out = electronic power steering, no reservoir.. I have never heard of such a thing... Home and L&I took G to his basketball game. The boys played well, G had one of his best games yet, they won. Home and I worked a bit more in the office and then ordered pizzas. I ran out to get the pizzas and J had a couple of friends show up to spend the night. Watched a movie with L and then we watched and old Disney movie, 'Blank Check' with G before heading to bed.


20190111 - Up in the am and dropped J at school and headed in to a quiet office. Making lists right out of the gate to get things organized for a productive and relaxing weekend. Had a long day for a Friday. Headed home and picked L up, J&G elected to stay home and play Fortnite... L&I went to PF Chang's for a very nice dinner. We then stopped at LL Bean to exchange my boots again, finally got a pair that fit very nice. Home and watched a movie with J&G.


20180110 - Up in the am, new bed not nearly as soft and comfortable as the old one in my opinion, L loved it.  Drove through some flurries to drop J off and get to work. To the desk and lining things up for a very busy day of meetings, testing and calls. Had good progress today and testing started. Finished off the day and headed home. Home and found some food, fell asleep in the chair, sent to pick G up from baseball and take him to basketball. Home had no idea J had been home the whole time, up in his room coupled with the Xbox... Ran to pick G up from basketball. Home and headed to bed in good time.


20190109 - Up in the am and drove through some light flurries to get J to school. In to work with all the folks driving like it was a blizzard... Got to desk and organized for a busy meeting day. Pretty stressful day... Headed to City Hall in Gahanna and got sworn in to the Landscape Board for another term. Home and ate, D left for school this afternoon. I beat G at a new baseball pinball game he got for Christmas and Mastermind, we had a blast. Everyone headed to bed and L and I got our new mattress today, we'll see how sleep goes on it.


20190108 - Up in the am and time for the boys to go back to school. I dropped J off and headed in to work. Have new software changes to test today. Had a busy day at work and then headed home. Home and L&I disassembled our bed, expecting a new mattress tomorrow afternoon while D&G were at the baseball place and J was running 4 miles... I ran to pick J up and then L&I headed to Westerville to an Eagle Scout Board of Review for Cameron Varney; HE DID! Cameron is now an Eagle Scout! Congrats! After the BOR L&I met DJ&G at O'Chaley's for a farewell dinner for D, he is heading back to school tomorrow. We had a nice dinner and them headed home to relax. G&I played a couple rounds of 'Mastermind' and then everyone to bed, L&I camped out on the floor for the night.

20190107 +

20190107 + Up in the am and in to work. Had a busy day getting a lot of things done. Headed home late through traffic. L ran G to basketball, LJD DGF8 and I had dinner and then I relaxed a bit before taking J to Scouts where I delivered awards and begged for a Merit Badge list... Ran to pick up G from basketball and back to Scouts. J proclaimed he liked being the Scribe for the Troop, he has some control over things... Home and watched the NCAA Football Championship game. Clemson played an amazing game! Up late.

20190106 -

20190106 - Everyone up late in the am. I attached myself to the desk and got things done and lined up for the next couple of weeks. In the afternoon We all headed to Marion where we met up with Gma&paW, Roger and Jeane and Greg and Debbie for G's basketball game. G had one of his bet games this year and the boys won. After the game we headed to Ralphies for a nice dinner. A nice quiet long drive home and all to bed in good time.


20190105 - Up in the am later than I wanted but J&Trent kept me up most of the night... I got a couple of things done and helped J install a cell phone holder in his car, backup camera wouldn't work, too big of a screen. In the afternoon LG&I swung by the post office and to get gas on the way to Granville for G's basketball game. We ran into the Christian and Becket Long at the game and we got beat BAD! Home and D and DGF8 were there, J's buddy Bryce showed up too and we all played UNO for bit. J&Bryce up late...


20190104 - Up in the am and in to the office a bit late. Focusing on year end, email clean up and scheduling new projects. Finished up work and headed home. L made a big steak dinner for us and we all sat down together and ate. After dinner G's buddy Trent came over to spend the night and I got to beat them in Trouble before they headed down to yell and scream at the Xbox until 4am...


20190103 - Up in the am and in to work. Had an easier day on the discussion front and spent some time developing a CRM system. I headed home and had a couple calls on the way. Got home only for a min before Gma&paW arrived. LJG, Gma&paW and I then headed to Cane's for dinner, D was at a movie with DGF8. We had a good dinner, I headed to the car a few min early to make another cal, about Boosters this time. We then headed over to the theater and saw the new Aquaman, it was awesome! After the movie we all headed home. Home and caught up with D for a bit and everyone to bed in good time.


20190102 - Up slow in the am and in to work to an inbox full of 2019 systems issues... Spent a LOT of time dealing with last minute changes to the project I have been working on... Headed home after a frustrating day... Had some dinner, G got home from basketball practice and we all headed to the basement to watch 'Peppermint'. It was a great action movie. Everyone to bed in good time.

20190101 +

20190101 + Up in the am and got some ebay things shipped and L got J&G around and we all headed to Delaware for a Kraft Family New Year's Day lunch. We had to ring D's phone to get him moving... When we arrived I had to pick the lock on the HVAC system to shut off the blasting heat so we all didn't bake and then we had a nice lunch and got to visit with folks. D showed up and ate and then LDJG&I walked down to GGmaK's apartment and shouted at here for a couple of minutes, she is doing ok considering her age. We head back to the party for just a bit and then headed home, J rode with D and LG&I swung by the post office and the McClain's on the way home to ship things and pick up L's purse. Home and D&I ran to LL Bean to exchange our boots Gma W got us and it took fooorrreevvveeerrr... Finally got the boots, Not sure mine are still the right size, will have to wait and see... We swung through Buffalo Wings and placed and order and then home to try and catch up on the OSU Rose Bowl game. D ran back and picked up our food and we all settled in the basement to watch the game. The Buckeyes made us very nervous towards the end but pulled off the win. L&J headed to bed and DG&I stayed up watching more football and playing UNO on our phones with Thomas. D eventually went to bed and G&I stayed up to finish the Sugar Bowl. To bed and could not sleep. Last glance at the clock 3:30am....