20131130 - FOOTBALL Monster FOOTBALL

20131130 - Up and working on black car getting it cleaned out and smell free. I found Doc's garage door opener and had some fun messing with him :-) Car ready and the whole family to Pettit's for OSU vs Michigan football game. WHAT A GAME. and we won just barely :-s LJ&G home to put up the Christmas Tree, D&I stayed at Pettit's for more football, Grossl's dropped us off home at half of the Alabama Auburn game. To Sam's monster party and watched the end of the Alabama loss to Auburn :-o AWESOME FINISH!!! I was a monster up in the jungle gym for Sam and his buddies. Home watched some more football.

20131129 + Shop Away

20131129 + Up in the am and the boys with Gma&paW today.  L&I out shopping, relaxing getting what we could, had a nice lunch. Back to farm for a quick nice dinner and then drove home.

20131128 - Farm Thanksgiving

20131128 - Up hunting with D, Roger Johnny, John 3, John Christian. I'm not a very good shot, one flew right over my head. D got one, and a couple of the other men too.  We cleaned the birds up and then ran up to house to cleaned up.

Down to farm house for nice dinner, a lot of family and friends around. Took walk to falls, target shooting down by the creek. In the evening D&GpaW played chess GmaW LJG&I played some cards, J melted quickly, G soon to follow, little boys in bed. Stayed up to watch Red 2.

20131127 - GmaW 65!

20131127 - Up To Farm D&I led in Gma&paW's car we had used while the black car got fixed.  Uncle Roger and Brad showed up with pheasants and D&J helped put them out, it was REALLY COLD.

All back in and we had a Chinese dinner and celebrated GmaW's 65th bday!  We opened presents and played cards.

20131126 + Snowy Branches

20131126 + Up and to work, greeted by one of my favorite sites, snow on the branches. D went to see 'Hunger Games' again tonight with friends.  Watched 'Shield' with J&G.

20131125 - Mapping it out

20131125 - Up and to work.  Home for a quick eat and then to Scouts with J where Jim,one of the dads ran the meeting.  Home and D&J to to see the new 'Hunger Games' movie with the Bible Bangers.

20131124 - Frozen Wreaths

20131124 - This is what a frozen and thawed Scout looks like.  D left at 6pm on Friday and was outdoors until Sunday at 2pm... He was outdoors the entire time, with a low of 15...  He's pretty tough!

The day: Up and to church, home for lunch and then J back to church for practice and then staying with Mallonns. I got some work at the desk done and ran to get D home.  We thawed him out, fed him, he got a hot shower and then we immediately headed back out to get wreaths. D&I delivered wreaths all over town, picked J up at one stop and dropped him off as we flew past the house.  Back out delivering more wreaths, we stopped by BWs to get wings for dinner and sat at the bar with D watching some football while waiting for order. Home ate, Pettits over to watch walking dead. To bed in good time.

20131123 - A Scout Thanksgiving

20131123 - J&I up to the chill of a beautiful frost covered morning. We had a biscuit and sausage gravy bfast with the Old Crow patrol and then helped the boy's patrols get ready for there Webelos Day. Soon about 30 younger Webelos Scouts (including J) showed up to spend the morning with the Boy Scouts to learn how a Troop works and go through some stations to learn some skills.  The Scouts started with a very professional and impressive flag ceremony.

J started out wanting to go home, but soon turned that into 'I'm not cold, I want to stay!'.  So we stayed and he had a great time.  Home after a great camp cooked chili and cornbread lunch.  J&I got cleaned up and finished up pamphlets and got things together we needed to take to dinner. L&G home from shopping and we all sat down to watch some OSU Football.  Back out in the cold, bundled up for a Scout Thanksgiving dinner.  The food was great, the presentation was not too long and we didn't freeze to death.  It is really nice to see all the families there together, there were over 100 people there.

D wanted to come home with us, but he is a Patrol leader and needs to stay and lead the little ones...
The rest of us home and turned on the fireplace and relaxed while watching college football.  To bed in good time.

20131122 - Cold Night

20131122 - Up and into work, had my favorite meal (#171) for Fiesta Friday lunch!  Home and ate with the fam, L took D to church to meet up with the Scouts at 6.  J&I changed, packed and headed to the campsite.  We got our tent up in the dark and ready for a cold night.
When the scouts showed up D directed his patrol, and J&I helped the Old Crows get the pavilion set up.  J then went with a senior scout and got a lesson in lashing and helped build the entrance to camp.  IT was really cool.

We had enough of the cold so off to bed at a decent hour.  We tied our cots together and zipped our sleeping bags into one big one.  I held on to J most of the night and he was toasty warm, but we did wake up a couple of times chilly.  Not bad for 29 degrees...

20131121 - Able-to-bid?

20131121 - Up in the am and in to work. A very full fast day. Home for dinner and a quick change and to the Scout Pack meeting. It was our annual Fellars Cake Bake and Auction, always a good time. We had some awesome cakes and raised $1344 for GRIN, our local charity.  D helped carry the cakes and J&G were happy bidding. Home and up late getting ready for a big Scout weekend.

20131120 + Cake Bosses

20131120 + Up in the am and into work. Apparently I dressed like Captain Kirk today...

Stopped at the auction house on the way home and then picked up D for a trip to Kroger so he could buy food for the camp out this weekend. Home and J over to a friends to play flashlight tag while I helped G decorate his NFL Football cake. J home and I helped him decorate his Cardinal cake while D&G played double solitaire. The cakes look GREAT!

Little boys to bed and I played double solitaire with D, then all to bed in good time.

20131119 - Bakers

20131119 - Up in the am and in to work for a fast meeting filled day. Stopped by the auction house on the way home and they were closed. Got home, had dinner and then started cooking cakes with J&G. This was G's first cake and he was all into it. J wanted to be very independent this year. They both didngreat and we enjoyed licking the beaters. We played some cards while watching some tv. Up late.

20131118 + Late

20131118 + Up and into work. A pretty stressful long day, not home until 7pm :-( Pulled into driveway, D ran out an took h to Scouts and checked on advancements. He and played cards with G. Picked D up, home, got Doc and to Bible Bangers.

20131117 - Spinning Schlitz

20131117 - Up and to church, lunch with Mallonn's. J back to church, rest of us home.  D&I cleaned the black car and we put together a new rotating beer sign and hung it in the garage. Paperwork and desk in line for the coming week.

20131116 - Dem R Fish Legs

20131116 - Up a bit late, J&I got the black car from Doc and then to the scout store to get awards for the Boy & Cub Scouts meetings this coming week. D took off with some friends to go shooting and play airsoft. Home and we settled in to watch the Buckeyes play a shaky game, but win. I worked on putting together the flyer for the Boy Scout Court of Honor. We took a break after the game and LJG&I went out to run some errands; post office, library, hobby store, and then Cici's Pizza (absolute friggin zoo!). On to Kroger to get cake mixes for the boys and G found 'Dad, those things you like, Fish Legs!'.  A visit to the Home Depot for L and Staples for me and then home to put all the awards in bags and ready to present while we watched football and J&G played with their toy cars and ramp they made. D home and had a great time with his friends.

20131115 - Up Late Scare

20131115 - Up and into work. Another busy day but took a break for Mexican Friday. Finished up the day and then picked up Taco Bell for dinner. Grant and I played rummy and he beat me. Up until 5am cleaning out work email and watching movies. D joined me at the start and watched the first half of 'Pet Semetary' :-)

20131114 + Handmade Dog

20131114 + Up and to work.  L took J&G to to the Dr for their yearly check-up.  Home and quick bite and then G&I to scouts where he made a book of the people in our family.  He forgot a pic of Lilly so we sketched one out real quick.  Home and all boys to bed.

20131113 - Crunch and Munch

20131113 - In to work, stuck in HORRIBLE traffic, but not as bad as this poor guy (photo of truck). Made it there, conferences all morning... Meetings all afternoon. Met the family at Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse for a nice dinner. Home and played some Uno J&G to bed, D stayed up and watched 'Olympus Has Fallen'. Up late trying to catch up.

20131112 - BMOC

20131112 - UP and in to work, late for a meeting :-o Set off the alarm in back and then joined the group. The ret of the day was consumed in meetings. Home and ate quick and then in to see G's classroom and he showed us all around. Down to the gym where the 1st & 2nd Graders gave us a concert, G was surrounded by Amazon women. good concert, home and out to a Scout Board of Review. Home and to bed, couldn't sleep...

20131111 - A Day Well Spent

20131111 - L&D to orthodontist, JG&I to gas station, McD's and Goodwill Home and did a couple things then headed to the Farm. We picked up GpaW and headed to Thor the movie, it was really good. Home and GmaW joined us. Down to the barn for some swing time and Dad & I looked some things over. Boys trying to kill each other on the Pug. In to the house and Chinese for dinner and we played Rummy & Eucher, it was a lot of fun (between being the referee). Home and all boys to bed, It was a GOOD Day! Up late preparing for tomorrow and back to work.

20131110 - Old Dude

20131110 UP in the am and to church.  Lunch with the Mallonns and then left J there for Christmas program practice.  DG&I headed to Roger Wright's surprise bday party, L&J joined us there later.  Home and played Wii Baseball with G. Tried Call of Duty Ghost with D, I am not good at it and got killed many times.  Not ready for work tomorrow :-(

20131109 - J Saturday School

20131109 - Up tired and got ready or the day. Spent some time at the desk, G glued to the TV, D at the AT&T store getting L's iPhone 4 set up and L&J getting groceries. D home and doing odd jobs for me an I finished transferring L's data to her new phone. J&I to church where J took a class on the Bible and his bud Conor was there too. It was a good class. After the class I took the boys on a couple errands on the way to drop Conor off and to home.  L cooked a pizza and we headed to the basement for some college footbal and the boys drew pics of what they want their scout cakes to look like.

20131108 - Full House

20131108 - Up in to work, day full of meetings. Went to restaurant to meet LDJ&G, Gma&paB, Rich, Sam & Lena for dinner. They were in town for the Veteran's Day events at the boy's schools. D took place in the flag ceremony n his Scout uniform. Place took too long and D&I had to leave to pick up a couple of his buddies to take them to a dance. Home and shipped an Amazon order. Everyone showed up only a couple min later and then took off for home. G&I played some rummy, it is so funny to watch his little face as he thinks about which cards to keep; he's pretty darn good for 7. G&I to pick the boys up at the dance, we played the ice cream truck music as we picked them up :-)  All the boys to our house for some ice cream and to played Call of Duty for HOURS.... they are spending the night. and up all nigh.

20131107 - O No :-o

20131107 - Frustrating day at work. Home and dinner with the family.  G&I to cub scouts, it was fun.  Home and D&I watched the Oregon vs Stanford game, Oregon got beat :-o Was on the PC till late.

20131106 - Game Night

20131106 - Work, meetings all day in back. Stopped at auction house on way home. Then on to Gahanna Landscape Board meeting. Finally home and ate, then played the game 'Cat Eye' I got from the auction with LJ&G. JG&I finished up the night playing rummy. Boys to bed and up late starting Christmas shopping.

20131105 + Sunset

20131105 + Worked in back all day.  Had an awesome sunset on the way home.  Home dinner played cards, watched D play ghost while L cut J&G's hair.  Played more cards w/ G.  Up late working on flows.

20131104 - Gyser

20131104 - Up and into work.  Home for a quick eat and then to a scout meeting.  One of the dads was teaching tonight and took us all out to the parking lot and did a mentos gyser with the boys.  Home and then to Bible Bangers with Dc.

20131103 + D's Day of the Dead Bread

20131103 + Up D&I out returning things, getting supplies and other errands. Home and L had a bunch of the cleanup done. Helped D with his 'Day of the Dead' bread. Got thing wrapped up ran and got taco bell for dinner, played cards with J&G. Watched walking dead and ate dead bread D had made, it was good.

20131102 - 8TH Annual OSU FOOTBALL PARTY

20131102 - Up in the am and the final touches on the homestead for our 8th annual OSU Football Party.  We had 92 friends and family, 25 pounds of chilli, 1 tough pinata, 1 lost crown to 'dots' candy and 1 busted big screen TV.  There was a mountain of food and kids everywhere.  What a good time and family and friends were all around.  I love this day!  And the Buckeyes didn't disappoint!

After the party the kids went our for Trick or Treat.  D was Michael Jackson and one of his buddies was a werewolf, what as pair, people were taking pictures of together all night.  J was a mime, and a good one, but ran ahead of the fam.  The Coles came over to join us.  D did not participate this year :-(  GmaW walked along, she had never done this before and GpaW passed out candy to the kids that came to our door.  After all were home we counted the candy and stayed up watching football until late.  A GREAT DAY!

20131101 - Party Prep

20131101 - Up to work and then home to pick up the fam and head out for dinner at Bellacino's.  L&G made a last run for groceries and DJ&I pick up TVs.  All home and the boys helped get the garage ready.