20220626 - Up late and got around. Did a couple things on the PC and then took Hazel to the dog park for a bit, not many dogs there, but she likes just running around and sniffing everything. We stopped at Wendy's for frosty's on the way home. Home and Hazel and I got set up on the back porch, L came out to read a book and Hazel knocked a bike over on her... I spent the day cleaning out email and getting things done and planned. Took a break in the afternoon to run my car over to Bowman's so he could look at the paint job. He said I need to stop trying to fix it and give it to someone that knows what they are doing. I AGREE! Home and doing more stuff on the laptop and throwing the ball to Hazel. In and had a snack and watched some TV with L before heading to bed and staying up to late.