20220416 - Up in the am and G&I headed across town so he could take his driving permit test. He passed! And I was able to get him a compliant driver's permit, the kind needed to get on airplanes. We walked out of the testing site and I headed tot he passenger's side of the car and G was NOT happy about that, saying 'I'm not driving home!' I said "Well lets go back in and give them the permit back then. Isn't this what you got it for?" Nervously he got behind the wheel, I took a Xanax and mapped out a backroad route all the way home. G took off and he did really good. It took us about 45 min to get from Morse Rd to Hamilton Rd., but he did it and we did it safely. We stopped at the bank to see if we could get a student checking set up for him but there were no bankers available... He drove the rest of the way home and L celebrated when he gave her the news. G then drove to Trent's to help spread some more mulch. 

I headed home, got a couple things done and then DaveB picked me up and we headed to the car lot and test drove the Mercedes. Mercedes is the only kind of car Dave has ever owned so he knows them and really drove the crap out of it. We stopped and climbed around under it and and looked it over real good. We drove it back to the dealership where they had the other Mercedes pulled out for me to test but I didn't have to. I like the big blue V8 one and told him I would take it.

Dave ran me home and L&I cleaned out the big old white car we've had for the last 15 years, I gathered up the title and my checkbook and headed back to the lot. They were closing in only a couple of minutes, but the guy stayed with me, we struck a deal and we got all the paperwork done and filed. I jumped in my new car, 2010 Mercedes E550 and headed to the gas station to fill it up. Then I took it through the car wash. When I pulled out of the car wash G called to see if I could pick him up and if he could drive home. I said I would get him but not sure if he could drive. I pulled in to Trent's and blew the horn. G and Trent came around the corner and G lots his mind seeing the new car. Trent's dad came out to check it out too. Home and I had to take L on a ride. when we got home J and JFG6 were there and they wanted a ride. As we were pulling out Conor and Vaiden Mallonn were driving by so we followed them to their house and showed Penn the new car. Home and rides over for the night. We had some dinner and then I went out and programmed the garage door opener, set up my phone to work with it and learn some of the features. Pulled it in the garage and headed in to watch some TV with L.  A busy transportation day!