20110531 - HOT BALL

20110531 - Up, HOT, and tired, at the desk.  AC guy came and charged it back up so it is cooling down in here a bit.  L&D out for the morning.  Before I knew it the boys were home and D was heading back to his ball game.  LJG&I ate and headed back for the game.  It was a close game against a very good team that usually run-rules everyone.  But not tonight!  We got beat, but only by 4.  That is pretty good for us.  D up twice, walked and struck out looking.  To Rita's for after game treat, home and all boys to bed.  Up late working on new house purchase/rehab plan.

20110530 + Old Fashion Ice-Cream Party

20110530 + Up in the am and L to the grocery store. The boys and hung out watching Army Guy movies and helping the cable guy get our Internet and phone working again. L home and D&I made our list and headed to town. We went to the Home Depot and got loads of stuff. We got back home and ate with the fam and then distributed the mulch and sand. It was HOT outside so we found a stopping point and all hit the pool. It was a nice refreshing break. G is swimming a lot on his own this year and J still loves jumping off the diving board. Home, dropped off LJ&G and D&I ran out for some dinner. We ate and then tried to cool the house off...

In the evening we had some of our friends come over for a dessert party. L&I made ice-cream and everyone else brought stuff to share. The yard was full and kids everyplace :-) tomorrow is a school night so people left kind of early. We got the party and boys cleaned up and off to bed in good time. How lucky are we to have such great friends.

20110529 - Slip n Bricks

20110529 - All up and out to church. Home, grabbed a quick bite and then out to work on the patio bricks. One of the neighbor kids came over and all the boys hit the slip-n-slide. D&I ran and got more bricks and dinner. We finished up the patio about 8pm, all exhausted. All cleaned up and a bit of Wii. About 11:15pm we lost Internet and phone..???

Then I noticed it was a bit warm upstairs; the AC was all frozen up (not enough freon...). It was a hot night.

20110528 - Working in the heat

20110528 - Up in am and all over to watch D's baseball game.  It was a good game, D hit 2 times (pop fly out, line drive out) and got walked once.  After the game one of the boys parents went a little bit off.  I sort of hung around to make sure nothing major happened but had G with me so had to stay just far enough away G wouldn't get interested...  It ended up to be quite a fight :-o

Home and boys did their Spring fire drill and started working on the yard/patio.  Some neighborhood kids stopped by to see DJ&G and I put them all to work. 

Then Bill, Doc and Jeff stopped over and things got out of control. 
We played some flag football and drank some beer, but not much else got done.  Too hot...

20110527 - More Ball

20110527 - Up and worked all day.  Syncd up with Lee as he is taking next week off.  Tom called and I can skip the June Ops meeting trip :-)  After work headed back for a baseball game against D's old coach that was not the nicest to him.  D did pretty good and after the game the coach said to me that D had improved a lot since last year.  Some of our friends and their kids were still playing so we stayed and watched the next game under the lights.  Home and all boys to bed.

20110526 - Stats

L last day of work
G baseball game cancelled
D school play
J soccer game and ice cream
M too long to get home, sick of it

20110525 - Long Flame

20110525 - Up in the am and out on a couple of sales calls with Richard and Steve, couple good fellas they are.  Had a crap time in ORD, imagine that, me being stuck in the Chicago airport AGAIN!!!!  Once I did get on a plan that had already been delayed 3 hours I was stuck on the runway for 2 more.  We did not reach Houston 1am...

20110524 - G's Last Day

20110524 - Up and boys off to school, I got to take G to Preschool today. Dropped G off, got myself a haircut then back to the desk. Ran back to G's school to see him singing and go to his room for a graduation ceremony. He got a diploma but wouldn't wear the big square hat.

After graduation G&I went to McD's to have lunch and celebrate. Back home and finished the day off behind the desk. Out and trying to help D with math, he doesn't know division!?!?!?!? Had dinner then a quick stop at J's soccer game before heading to the airport and off for Chicago tonight.

Met up with Richard and Steve at ORD and had a couple beers.

20110523 - Duc Dat Geeses

20110523 - MORE RAIN!!! SERIOUSLY???? Gloomy day and way too many meetings today... Did clear up for lunch and G&I rode our bike to Creekside, where he had to run from the hissing 'gooses' :-)

Home finished my day, had dinner on the porch. Played soccer with the boys then D&I to Boy Scouts. D got his 'Scout' rank tonight and had to come home and put the new patch on right away. About this time a horrible violent storm front blew through and more RAIN!!!! ARGH!!!! Made it to Bible Bangers, then stopped by Joe's to drop off some books. Home getting ready to fly out for 2 days.

20110522 + Camping and Baseball

20110522 + Up in the morning refreshed for a great night camping out. The weather overnight was perfect. We got up and made breakfast and started packing up. The boys put on a church service that was very nice.

We got everything cleaned up, encouraged them to do one more activity that would count towards a badge and then headed home with a stop for lunch. Home and D had to rush in to change and then back to the baseball fields to make up the game that was called off for wet fields yesterday. LJ&G went to church and then J was at a friends bday party and L&J had a play date. I worked the score book for the game and D's team won against his buddy Seth's team, but Seth got the only point for his team. D got 1 point and thrown out stealing home :-o
All back home and DJG&I rode our bikes to Subway to get dinner. It started raining again... but this time brought with it a double rainbow that amazed us all. All boys in and to bed.

20110521 - Soccer, No Baseball, first Camp

20110521 - Up in the am and L&J to J's soccer game. Gma&paW met them at the game. DG&I started getting things ready for D's scout campout and then headed over to D's baseball game. D's game was cancelled because the fields were too wet, on this glorious sunny day.... ???? So we headed back home and went to lunch with the fam and Gma&paW.

After lunch D&I headed to Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation for the night. We got there, got set up and had a nice time. This is a bit different from the Cub Scouts as the 'Old Crows' (Dads and leaders) don't control the campout. It is up to the boys what activities they do, badges they work on, meals they cook... Pretty hard to sit back and just watch. But pretty cool too. I cooked 2 chickens over the fire YUM!

20110520 - 5th grade cook out

20110520 - Up and in to work; calls on top of calls today.  I did take a break to go back t the boy's school for lunch, the 5th grade 'cook out'.  It was fun to eat with D and his buddies and embarrass him just a bit in front of the girl he likes :-)
Back to the desk and finished up the week.  When the boys got home we headed out to see the premiere of the new 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie = VERY GOOD!!!  After the movie we picked up D's friend and went looking for his brother.  We found him and then we went shopping for backpacks with D&G.  All back home watched movie with L sleeping.

20110519 + RARE photo of a Dorkupine

20110519 - Up in the am with the boys and got this rare photo of a Dorkupine ;-)  Ran out at lunch with Jeff to look at a house.  J&I all dressed up and to his Scout graduation, he became a Wolf Scout tonight with the rest of his Den.  DJ&I ran out and got coffee and cocoa after the meeting.  Home, up really late watching 'American Gangster' and looking for an online accounting tool.

20110518 + Up to another grey and crappy day.  To the desk getting things knocked down.  After work had dinner and then outside while the sun was shinning for a bit.  Got some grasses planted and some hostas transplanted.   In to finish watching 'Green Hornet' with the boys.

20110517 - UP and at the desk but exhausted.  Maybe it is because it has been raining again for days an no sunshine.  Did get myself rolling and got my tasks done for the day.  Had dinner with the fam and then J&I out to get gas, milk, guitar strings and movies.  Home and the boys all got haircuts and we watched part of a movie.  L and I up late watched movie 'Town'.

20110516 - Jack's 8

20110516 - Up and saw the boys off to school. Slow start. Did some paperwork. Called some friends to wish them happy birthday. Out of the office when J got home and gave him his BBgun. Helped him put some LEGOs together and then out to shoot his new gun. He is a dead eye shoot, but when he sliced off the top of his finger he didn't like the gun so much... UGH!!! Out to Max & Erma's for J's bday dinner. Home, D&I to his Scout meeting getting ready for his summer camp. Home got boys to bed, picked up Doc and headed to the 'Church of the Golden Arches'.

20110515 - All up and to Church, we had a GREAT discussion in Sunday school.
I took off early, picked up Scott and we headed to Scout Rangemaster training.
L took D&G to J's wet soccer game, then to one of J's friends bday party.  All home for pizza and movie.  Out to the CrossEyedChurch.

20110514 - J's 8th Bday Party!

20110514 - Up early and to a J's soccer game.  Home and working in the yard setting up games and leveling patio bricks.  Soon about 15 of J's friends showed up for his 'Sports' bday party.  We had 8 different sports that the kids had to participate in and a pinata, cake and presents.
It was another great party and the weather amazingly enough cooperated.

All the kids gone, things cleaned up and the Mastermind Garage guys started showing up.  We had a small group tonight and it was a really good meeting.  Bed Late.

20110513 - Patio Blocks

20110513 - Up early, fast start, worked hard all morning.  Headed out and mowed and worked on new patio blocks.  Everyone home and out to help Jeff take the top off his car, Home Depot and Longhorn Steakhouse.  Home and did some more work on the patio.  Bed LATE.

20110512 - G's 1st Game

20110512 - Up working, slow morning had a 3 hour call...  D went to OSU for a field trip today, Energy Club celebration luncheon, and stayed late after school for play practice.  All home together for a couple min them back out.  L&D to D's baseball game; he had a great game, first to bat and got a hit, walked next 2 times up, he played catcher, first and caught a pop fly in the outfield. After the first couple innings, L went to D's Middle School orientation.  JG&I to G's first game of the season.  G was in top form showin all the 'little kids' how the games played! 

20110511 - Up and at it, another beautiful day, in the 80's :-o
After work I headed to Meijer to get more pavers.  L took D to his baseball practice.  I had a guy with a big box truck meet me there and we got a whole pallet.  Home and moved 240 pavers, OH MY BACK.  J&G 'helped' and Doc came over to lend a hand too.  We got all but the last 20 laid down tonight.  all boys to bed, up and watched a movie.

20110510 - A pretty morning.  Up and boys off to school, chained to the desk and getting things done. D had play practice after school and J did not get home on time so I had to go looking for him.  D&I to the apple store to get a cover for L's new iPad2 and then Staples for some ink.  We attempted to go to batting practice but the coach didn't show... so I threw some balls to D and I was frightened because he was hitting them right at me :-o  D&I over the soccer fields and met up with the fam and watched J's soccer game.  For some reason J decided he did not know how to kick the ball any more....  but they still won.  Home and I made J practice kicking the ball through a V in one of our big trees in the backyard.  All boys in, cleaned up and off to bed. D&I finished 'The Magician's Nephew', the first book in 'The Chronicles of Narnia' and have started 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'.  I stayed up late messing with my new iPad (L's old one).

20110509 - Up and dragging today...  Had some calls and it was an ok work day.  Fantastic sunshine outside for the couple minutes I was in it.  They say another 9 days of rain is heading out way :-(  After work had dinner with the fam, then LD&G went to D's baseball practice and J&I headed to our final meeting as a Tiger Den.  We did magic tricks and the boys really had a good time.  We picked up D from Boy Scouts, home, cleaned them up and off to bed.  I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers.

20110508 - Up in the am and all to church.  D ran the sound-board for the kids church today.  After church we tried to go to the 94th Areo Squadrin, but today they are reservations only...  so home and we started working, mowing and laying bricks.  The boys were being pretty bad today so it wasn't the greatest Mothers Day ever...  We got things cleaned up and headed to the movie$.  We saw 'African Cats' and it was a really cool movie.  Home, boys cleaned up and to bed.  I headed out to meet with Joe.

20110507 + Family and 1st Baseball

20110507 + Up and L&J went with Nicole to GGmaK's to see her and Gma&paB.  DG&I ran errands, bank, meijers, birthday stuff for Jack, gas and lunch.  Home and cut some bricks for the patio.  D had his first game tonight, he played catcher for the whole game.  He was first to bat and conected a couple times but fouled out and then walked.  It was a rainy game and Gma&paW were there.  After the game we all headed back to the house and had dinner and played and talked.

20110506 - Friends Carnival

 20110506 - Exhausted from the long day yesterday, slow start, worked at desk. Took a break and had lunch with my buddy Dave and did some catching up. Back home and Dave did some sword flighted with G. Back at desk until time to head back to the school for the carnival. I got all dressed up in my Scout garb and passed out scout stuff while L&boys ran nuts. D upset he did not get to be in the dunk tank. I stayed up late reading.

20110505 - Up and over to the office, had our meeting, had some laughs and serious discussions. Richard and I to the airport, really bad traffic. Caught our flights, just barely in WDC and made it home about 11pm. D got to go see his middle school today. L&I get to go next week. LJ&G went back to the playground while D had baseball practice.

20110504 - Fighters and a Rainbow

20110504 - Up did some work, had some lunch with L&G and then off to the airport.  Took me 10.5 hours to get to the hotel... pretty tired.   On the trip I was stuck in DC for a bit and while there I got to see a gropu of WWII vet on an 'Honor Flight'.  Wow that was cool; thanks guys!  I saw this rainbow in Washington DC; maybe the rain will stop now...  L&Boys had a pretty good night, G feeling a bit better. 
20110503 - Up and MORE RAIN...  G still sick and home from school and 'helping me'... Sitting at desk getting ready for trip tomorrow.  Lunch with Courtland and Jeff.  Voted. Back to desk to finish out the day.  G coughing like crazy, so L took him to the Dr., second day in the row...  Home had a nice dinner with the fam, got boys cleaned up and watched another Bond film in the basement.  All boys to bed, up and getting ready for the trip tomorrow and Thursday.

20110502 - Up and at the desk for another rainy day...  Got caught up from being on the road last week.  Talked to Cindy today, she is doing well.  G stayed home today and I made him 2 pieces of cinnamon toast at his request. Dinner with the fam and then DJ&I to Scouts.  Home, all boys to bed, G is very sick and on the couch for the night.  Back out for Bible Bangers.

20110501 - Up and all to church.  Home for lunch and then D had practice, playing and working in the yard while the sun was out.  Grilled dinner outside, slow evening and I worked at the desk until late.