20160930 + Wet Zoo Trip

20160930 + Up and to zoo.  Today I took the day off to go to the zoo with J.  In our group we had J, Josh, Ibrahim and Adam.  They were good and we walked and walked while it was sprinkling.  I got in a bunch of Pokemon steps and the boy goofed off and took loads of pics.  We made it tot he shelter for lunch right before it started lightening and thundering.  With all of the students in the shelter it was incredibly loud and chaotic, so I rounded my boys up and we headed out with umbrella hats.  We saw the rest of zoo, got a bit wet, but made it back to the bus in time.  Home and L here, couple things done at desk. G&I ran to Dave's warehouse to get some stuff and pick up some.videos. Everyone home and L&D picked up DGF7 and went shopping for D's homecoming outfit. JG&I met them at Belacino's for a dinner. All home and watched 'Central Intelligence' a super funny movie.

20160929 - Dark Game

20160929 - Up in the am and in to work. Meetings right out of the gate. Tried to get title mix-up fixed with Dave and his wife Becky, turned into a bigger mess trying to reduce the miles on the wrong title... Hit an auction house on the way home, left my chair there... to J's soccer game, very dark. G&I dropped some stuff off at Dave's whs, then home to settle in for the night.

20160928 - Short Bearded Lady

20160928 - Up late in the am and in to work for a very frustrating start.  Crazy day at work.  Got a text from a friend that saw D s standing in the rain at school...  It rained all day.  Finished the day and headed to 3 different auction houses on the way home.  L&G to G's baseball conditioning.  D with DGF7, J playing the xbox at home when I got there.  J&I unloaded the car and got something to eat then I taught him how to play Othello.  We played a couple of games and L&G got home.  Everyone cleaned up, D home, and everyone off to bed after a bit of dress-up from G.

20160927 + Family Run

20160927 + Up early for a call on the way into work. This is going to be an interesting day... Busy day, built an app for one of the programs and found 1716 minutes of waste in our process per day, that is 28 hours, or 3.5 people... Headed out a bit early to J's cross country meet. J had his best time of 14:25. After the kids ran the parents were to take a lap on the course. D&I walked it and took a couple shortcuts ;-) L walked the entire thing following the rules, J ran with his buddies and G ran the whole thing, did a mile in 7:25 :-o After the meet D headed to his GF's, and the rest of us home for dinner. LG&I hung out and watched some TV, J worked on his lacrosse stick. D home and all to bed.

20160926 - Bushman

20160926 - Up in the am and in to work. took a drive around the building to make notes this morning and have the network team here on sight to check things out. Day at the desk and full of meetings. Ran past an auction house on the way home. Home and D had picked up auction items, dropped stuff off at the USPS and been to his girlfriend's before stopping home to change and go to Scouts. L picked J up from Soccer practice and he spent the rest of the night in the garage working on his lacrosse stick fabrication. G&I hung out in the backyard, digging balls out of the brush, teaching G how to play Othello and having ice cream. Off to Bible Bangers for a good meeting, no Doc tonight, he has $ on the debate. Home and listening to the review of the debate on who won, who lost. I will say the loser in this race is very clear, the American People. In the system that we have and the state our society is in the candidates presented are neither appropriate or trustworthy. There may be multiple candidates, but there is no acceptable choice.

20160925 - Busy Sunday

20160925 - Up in the am and the whole fam to church. Good to see people again, it has been a while since we have gone. Home and D rushed out to get to baseball, L&G shortly after to watch D's game. J&I hung back. I got things done on the PC and J started making a lacrosse stick. We headed out and picked up a couple auction items and stopped by the Gahanna Swim Team's car wash before heading over to D's 2nd game of the day. Home for a minute and then G&I headed to his practice. Home and sat for a minute until D back from youth group. All boys to bed. up late checking on auctions.

20160924 - A Lot of Running

20160924 - Up in the am and LG&I headed to J's cross country meet. J ran a 14:28. After the meet we all headed home for a quick break. D home and cleaned up, then we all headed to J's soccer game. J played the whole game... They won 3-1. This means J ran 2 mile at cross country and god knows how much during the soccer game. Needless to say he was pretty grumpy the rest of the day... After the soccer game, GpaW & I headed to Lancaster to pick up some auction items. It was a long drive for the few things we got, but it took us past a TSC where I got a new belt for L's mower. Nice driv and good conversations. Home and we all hung out a bit. D umping a game at Academy, Gma&paW took J&G out for dinner and L&I went to a bday party for a friend of ours for a bit. It was a surprise party and she had no clue, especially since her bday is in Nov... After the party we went home and relieved Gma&paW and took J&G with us to the McClain's for a visit. J was a mess, but it is always fun and relaxing when we are with them.

20160923 + Jogging Bums

20160923 + Up in the am and back to Jefferson Elementary with L to watch G take his first lap in the Jog for Jefferson fund raising event.  The Gahanna Lion and a couple cheerleaders lead the event, no band this year.  In to work and gathering paper clips for D's project at school to gather six million paperclips to build a memorial to the Jews murdered during WWII.  Today is the company picnic and Beach Bum Day.

Finished the day at work and headed home through horrible traffic, took an hour to get home...  Home and LJG&I headed to the high school football game. We saw a lot of people w knew and the other team ran the field on us...  D over to a friends for the night, the rest of us home.and to bed.

20160922 - Quick Sale

20160922 - Up in the am and in to work.  Had a pretty productive day.  Headed home, D reluctantly picked up some auction items, L&G to J's soccer game, they won.  I got home and D listed a huge LEGO Star Wars Tie Fighter for $111.11 and had his first bid in 35 min!  D cooked dinner for the 2 of us and he got his homework done and listed some more things.  The rest of the gang home and we hung out a bit before heading off to bed.  Up late looking at auctions.

20160921 + Fast Mowing

20160921 + Up in the am and in to work.  Glued to the desk today knocking things out like crazy.  Left a couple minutes early to pick up auction items.  Home and L&G at G's practice.  J home from xc practice, made himself dinner, did his homework then mowed the front yard.  I got Doc's big mower and mowed the back.  D got home, ate and started his homework.  L&G home, all cleaned up and to bed.  I was up late with D helping him with his homework.

20160920 - Sick Boy & Proposal

20160920 - Up in the am and everyone gone but G&I. We hung out and watched TV in bed until I got up and ready and did some emails and took a couple calls. G&I then looked through some old pics of him on the PC. I then made him some lunch, medicated him up and put him down for a nap. I got some more work done and then D got home. D&G headed outside and discovered that the neighbors had captured Lilly's friend the skunk! D headed out with his homemade softball rose bouquet for a homecoming proposal. L home for a min before heading out to J's xc meet. 

I under-cooked dinner before Lori got home, so she recooked it...  LJG&I ate.  D reported in, DGF7 accepted the proposal to go to homecoming :-)  D home and listed some things, G&I returned a movie and got candy at the gas station.  Home, little boys to bed, D purchasing parking permit, up late checking on auctions.

20160919 - Fog Ahead

20160919 - UP in the am and G was in my bed. I got ready and headed out to work through thick fog. L home for the day with G. I had a busy day at work and stayed late to get things done so I could stay at home with G tomorrow. Headed to the athletics Boosters meeting and then a quick atop at home to pick up awards for the Scouts. I delivered the awards, hung out for a bit and headed home to pick up Doc and go to Bible Bangers. It was a good discussion night. Home and crashed.

20160918 - First @ 3rd

20160918 - Up G real sick, L staying with him. DJ&I to Grove City for D's double header, that got moved to Westland High School. Pretty day for baseball, D's team was way outgunned and lost both games. It was fun for the boys, once it was obvious that it was going to be blowouts the teams just had fun with it and were talking and joking back and forth. L took G to the Dr. when his fever hit 104 and the constant pain in his lower back. G got his first set of x-rays. Home and we stopped at Dave's warehouse to get an update on the candy making process and to pick up inventory for OhiOOddities.com In the house quick to get G and ran to the local league's field-house to get G suited up in catchers gear. He got all the fixins for $40 and it raised his spirits a bit. Home and L to school to do whatever, D off to see DGF7, J in the basement playing xbox, G crashed on the couch, I reviewing online auctions and relisting stuff.

20160917 - Day with Jack

20160917 - Up in the and to J's cross country meet to watch him run.  The boys started off and I talked to Mr. Antrim a bit and then moved along the path to cheer J on.  He got a 14:56 on this run.  I then waited and cheered for Conor.  It is nice to see this really is a team and they all rallied around Conor to bring him in.  Home and J&I hit the road.  We went to Carroll OH to pick up an auction win, then to Worthington for more auction stuff and to the Boy Scout Store to exchange a patch.  From there we stopped at Goodale Park in downtown Columbus and got some really rare Pokemon and found an interesting sport, bicycle polo.  We drove around downtown a bit more and picked up a few more rare Pokemon and then headed home to get some things done.  I fixed Shelly, the mermaid, and the McClains came over to watch the OSU Football game, it was delayed so we filled the time with other football and good conversation.  The game finally came on and we watched OSU win a big game against Oklahoma.

20160916 - Low Angle

20160916 - Up in the am and took my time getting into work today. Super stress right as I hit the door. Finished up the day late, checked in with the shipping guys and headed to pick up an auction item. Home and DG&I headed to the movie store and to pick up some Panda Express for dinner. Down to the basement to watch the new Captain America, Civil War movie.

20160915 + Unplanned Twins

20160915 - Up in the am and drug myself into work. At the desk most of the day organizing and knocking things out. Headed out early to get Boy Scout awards and head to J's soccer game. Got my errands done and swung by the house to pick up D and head to J's game. J's team won, 3-1 and he was on the ball a lot to night. After the game DG&I headed to Magic Mountain for some batting practice. Home and went through today's auction items and to bed.

20160914 - 2nd Day of Fun

20160914 - Up in the morning and in to work. We had two customers on site today. It was a much easier day today and I got a lot of things done. After work I headed home and got something to eat, L&G at his baseball conditioning, D was shipping ebay sales, J had a friend over. J&I then headed to Westerville to pick up some auction items. Home with the goods and L&I had a talk w/ D about grades and other school related things (FUN!) D finished shipping and started studying, the rest of us to bed.

20160913 - Trim Fixer

20160913 - UP in the am and in to work for a busy day with a customer on site. It was NOT a fun day, very long and stressful. home and attempted to fix the riding mower. Had leftovers for dinner. Mower didn't work, D fixed the belt, when testing it he slammed the engaging level down and it severed the new $50 belt... L gave J a hair cut. D&I to Scouts Board of Review. Home, checking auctions, up late.

20160912 - Win & Ice Cream

20160912 - Up in the am and in to work. Forgot my PC at home so had to drive in rush hour 3 times this morning... Finally at work and preparing for the customers visits tomorrow in my freezing cold office... At one point I got so cold that I gave up, went and got the facilities guy and had him climb a ladder and block off the ducts in my office... Left the office late and went straight to J's soccer game. He was running his butt off and playing really hard. They won 2-1! After the game G&I headed to the Mallonn's to help them fix their stove drawer that was stuck and then stopped at Scouts to get advancements. Home and chatted with Doc for a bit then in the house to watch some American Ninja Warrior and have ice cream with J&G before heading into the office for a late night of meeting prep.

20160911 + Back to Baseball

20160911 + UP in the am and D to his game. L&G followed to D's game shortly and J&I hung out and got some things done at the house. We then ran to an auction house to pick up some items on the way to D's game. Gma&paW came to the games, L&I hung out on the bleachers, I searched upcoming auctions for treasures, J headed to a soccer field to practice, G was the bat boy. The games were not that good, but the team is getting better... After the games we all headed home. J&I took G to his baseball practice in Granville where I finished up some stuff and J practiced more soccer. Home and watched a bit of Miss America, all boys to bed.

20160910 - Cloudy Skies over the 'Shoe

20160910 - Up late, L getting ready and running errands, D listing and running errands, J watching TV, G back to the park with a buddy. John & Mary swung by for a visit and to drop off an OSU Football ticket.  Everyone back home and then headed to the OSU Football game with the whole clan.  We got to the stadium in good time and got to watch the band come in and do a double 'Script Ohio'.  The game was good until about halftime when the clouds rolled in and opened up a torrential downpour...  They cancelled the halftime show and delayed the game.  We hung out the the Terry's and weathered the storm until they restarted.  We stayed through the 3rd quarter and then all completely soaked and the victory a sure things we headed home. Home, cleaned up and fed, D headed out and G&I headed over the the McClain's for a visit.  Wet day, but still a favorite!

20160909 + Bad Parking

20160909 + Up late in the am and into work, it is Hawaiian shirt day. When I arrived there was some funky parking going on... Extremely busy for a Friday. Left work about 6:30 and headed home. L&G ran and picked up a couple pizzas and movies and D went out with DGF7 and J headed to the football game with some buds. LG&I watched the Angry Birds Movie. Everyone trickled home and to bed.

20160908 - Last Minute Loss

20160908 - Up very late and in to the office, got gas on the way. Hit the door and steady meetings all morning into the afternoon. After work I headed straight to J's soccer game. I sat with L and friends and D&G played catch on the sidelines and hunted some Pokemon during the game. It was a good game until the very last minute when the other team scored for the win :-( Home (I made a full loop around 270 today) and everyone settled and to bed. I was up late looking at auctions.

20160907 - 2 Oldest

20160907 - Slow start to the AM, sore all over. In to work and meetings all morning. Finished the day and headed home, trying to make it in time to take G to baseball practice... That didn't happen... L&G to baseball practice, DJ&I got some dinner, D worked on ebay and Scouts, J did laundry. We headed out to the AT&T store = CLOSED, pizza shop to get a box to ship a record D sold, then a couple parks to hunt Pokemon. Home and L&G there. Hung out with G for a bit, got boys to bed, up late checking auctions.

20160906 - Bats & Shakes

20160906 - Up in the am and in to work with a mountain of catching up in front of me on all fronts... Left work a bit late and missed J's CC meet; he ran a 15:24 today, getting faster. Home and D&I worked on some ebay stuff before he bailed out to go to DGF7's. LJ&G home and we got something to eat. JG&I then headed to Magic Mountain so G could do some batting practice. Uncle Johnny, Jennifer's husband Thomas and Max & Sam our cousins from Germany were there playing putt-putt. We all met us and the boys did some batting practice together. We then headed out for dessert with them to Steak & Shake and had a good time. Home and all boys to bed. I was up late looking at things on auctions.

20160905 ‡ Junkfest

20160905 ‡ Up in the am and trying to pull pics off the iPhones. Everyone ready and we swung by to pick up DGF7 and headed to the Johnstown Swappers Day to walk around and look at all the stuff. Not as many treasures as in years past but still good for some trinkets and to make us feel better about ourselves... Gma&paW showed up and walked around with us for a while, then we headed home and had a yummy cookout. Gma&paW headed home, J&G headed to the Xbox in the basement, L&I sat on the back steps with Lilly listening to quietness.

20160904 - 1st Time and 2nd Place

20160904 - Up in the am and LG&I headed to day 2 of baseball. G finannly relaxed, got to play some infield, had a couple of hits and had a good game! Gma&paW down to watch too. After.the win LG and Gma&paW headed out to get some lunch. I stayed and scouted the team we were to play next. Game 2 and the boys were not in it... John & Betty stopped for the game and it was not.impressive. They lost in 4 with lots of errors... It was second place, which is actually pretty impressive seeing that these are the first 4 games they have ever.played together... D left the field and graded to DGF7 to play putt-putt, J went with Gma&paW to get soccer cleats and LG&I headed home hot and exhausted. J, Gma&paW brought home Chinese for dinner. D home late and him and I stayed up and watched Texas beat Notre Dame.