20210630 - Dribblers

20210630 - up in the am and took a call on the way to work. In to the office and chatted with D and the folks in the office. Had a couple appointments with some vendors and chatted with CB and then headed home. Home and J home from work, talked to him through the bathroom door. G got ready a no we headed to basketball at Bishop Hartley. It was a free for all with no refs, but our boys did good. After the game we came home and hung out. A couple neighbors showed up for some beers on the back porch. Not up too late.

20210629 - Beauties

20210629 - Up at 5:45 to make sure J was up to go to work. Up at 6:45 to make sure G was up to go to XC. My calls started at 8:30. G stopped by the house during his run with a bunch of guys today to get them water. It’s like 100+ degrees out already! G home and took a nap I got him up to take him to pitching lesson and I did email while there. After pitching I ran G to his dentist appointment, all good. Home and changed and headed in to the office for a meeting. Home and got G and headed to Groveport for G’s basketball games. He played quite a bit and they won both games. After the games we headed across the street to Waffle House only to be met by a handwritten sign on the door that said ‘Closed until 9pm due to lack of help’. So we went to the next closest Waffle House where the staff was arguing and it was a mess. We ordered and when I asked for steak and eggs they told me ‘sorry we don’t serve that anymore’. What? That’s what they’re famous for… we ordered and ate and got out of there. I took the long way home and stopped by another Waffle House just to double check and see if some idiot at Waffle House HQ really took steak and eggs off the menu… 3rd Waffle House had steak and eggs and had no idea why the other one said it was off the menu… Home and played with Hazel for a bit and then watched college baseball World Series with G until late. L called us she is having fun. Talked to GpaW and his back is better but now there’s something wrong with his teeth. To bed late.

20210628 - Guys Night

20210628 - Up in the am and to the desk. Not many meetings today so I was able to get a lot organized. J headed out with some friends. G got home in the afternoon with Trent and Owen stopped over to hang out with them. I worked a bit late and got G as soon as I finished up and ran him to his hitting lesson. His lesson was with a teammate that needed introduced to his hitting coach, they split an hour. I stayed and chatted with the kids dad about how our season has been… lesson over and G&I ran to the Burnworth’s to pick up his hat he left there. We swung through Jet’s to pick up some pizza on the way home. Home and ChrisP was there and then DaveB, ScottH and VinnieT showed up. We just hung out on the back pork having some drinks and chatting. Everyone headed home about 11. I got things cleaned up and got J&G to bed in good time for their busy days tomorrow. And then I couldn’t sleep…

20210627 - FIRED!!!

20210627 - Up in the am and sent G and Luke to get bfast in the lobby. They took forever and I got them to the field 10min late. I dropped the boys off and headed to McD’s to get some bfast. Their lobby wasn’t opened yet so I got my food through the drive thru and drove around Tiffin a bit while I ate. Came across a car wash so pumped a bunch of quarters in and got the sticky spots off the side of my car. Got myself to the ballfield just as the game started and headed up in to the air conditioned press box to watch the mess. And what a mess it was! We lost and headed home. G and I talked about baseball plans for next year on the way. Home and G took off for the pool. L got everything packed for her trip and I hung out on the back porch getting some Booster and other work done. L’s friends showed up and she took off for a couple days in Florida. I sent J to Kroger to pick up some stuff and fired up the grill. J home and I cooked 5 pounds of hamburger and a dozen dogs to feed us tonight and have some left for the week. Terrill showed up to get Andrew and Trent and G went with him to spend the night. I hung out with Hazel and watched some old movies doing stuff on the laptop. J was in and out and we got to bed in good time. As the night went on texts started flying around about the baseball team. Apparently the young coach swore at the kids and some of the parents complained and the coach got fired! Weird stuff ALWAYS happens when L leaves with her friends...

20210626 - Lotta Ball, Good Food

20210626 - Up in the am and Luke got dropped off at our house. LG Luke and I headed to Tiffin, L drove while I got some work organized. We got to the field and didn’t have cash so had to drop the boys off and go find an atm. It was a nightmare with all of the one way streets in Tiffin… we finally got cash and paid and got settled at the game. The boys were playing on Heidelberg’s baseball field and it was really nice. The boys played pretty good and one of G’s buddies got his first homerun, well over the 330’ left field fence. Game over, we won, and I snuck in the homerun ball pic :-) the team headed to BWs for a nice lunch. We then headed to Tiffin University’s baseball field for our second game. G pitched a bunch, but we still lost. 

L headed home with another mom and G Luke and I got checked in to the hotel and then found GWs a little greasy spoon place to eat. When we got there the place was packed, there was a bar crawl going on in town… they found us a table pretty quick and the place cleared out pretty shortly. We all got more than we could eat: cheesy double bacon fries, steaks, mashed potatoes, fries and chocolate chip pancakes… we were stuffed and headed back to the the hotel so the boys could swim. I headed down to the pool to meet up with some of the parents and the boys wouldn’t get in because they said it was too cold, so they hung out in one of the rooms while us parents enjoyed some drinks by the pool. The boys came rushing back to tell us that the police were here…  we wrapped up the night and headed to the rooms. I made the boys get cleaned up, we watched some tv and headed to sleep.

20210625 - BEST PIZZA EVER

20210625 - Up in the am and headed in to the office. Got there and checked in with the guys and headed upstairs to the desk. The morning flew by with unscheduled things. Lonie, MattM and I headed to Dewy’s for a fantastic pizza lunch. Back to the office, took some calls, had a couple meetings and waited for someone to return so equipment before heading home. Home and had a couple beers and caught up with L on her day. We hung out around the house the rest of the night figuring out the weekend and next weekend. To bed in good time for a busy weekend ahead. 

20210624 + Headed Home

20210624 + Up in the am and in to the office for the first time in a long time. I got there and said hi to folks. D was there and I got to meet two guys I hired back in January and February, but had never actually met yet. I have a meeting with CB and then we walked to the Old Bag of Nails for lunch with Lonie and the two new Matts. It was a nice lunch and we got to know them a bit more. Back to the office and finished the day at the desk and on the phone. Home around 6 and Hazel was very happy to see me. L&I ate, G got home from the pool and ate and then L, Hazel and I headed to the pet store to get some food and treats. Home and L ran G to a friends for the night while I did some Booster stuff. I called J about 2am as I watched them driving home from Florida. He was driving so I didn't get to talk to him, but they are on their way.

20210623 + Varneys

20210623 + Up in the am and worked at home all day. In the evening our friends the Varneys came over for dinner and to chat and catch up. They are the greatest people and we love sharing our stories and laughing with them.

20210622 - Desk All Day

20210622 - Up in the am and straight to the desk and stayed there the entire day. G had CX and L ran him around and did stuff outside. G and Trent went to the pool. I wrapped up the day and LG&I headed to his basketball games.

20210621 - In Person

20210621 - Up in the am and at the desk. L busy doing things G up in his room all day. CB stopped by today to get his wife's car out of the garage. L&G headed down to Berliner for a game. After work I threw the ball to Hazel and bit and then ran to our first in person Booster meeting in 15 months. It was nice to see everyone again! Home and L&G just pulled in. G's team lost but he did really good. They had stayed a bit to watch D's game and D had hit 3 home runs and drove in 10 RBIs. UP late watching TV.

20210620 - Caveman Cut

20210620 - Up in the am and D came over and LDG&I headed up to the Farm. We swung through KFC on the way and picked up lunch. To the Farm and we had some lunch, GpaW getting around real slow, hurt his back, but didn't say much about the recent hernia surgery. We went down to the Farmhouse and and GmaW, Trixie, G and Hazel went for a walk down the road and in the creek. We chatted on the front porch a bit. Back up and D did a couple things for GpaW and we headed out. It was a beautiful day and nice to go up and relax and visit. Home and hung out on the back porch. L gave D a haircut, G retreated to the upstairs and the Xbox. We watched some baseball on TV and had a couple beers with D. D left and after a bit we grilled some steaks for dinner and ate out the porch. In and watched some TV. J called us from Florida and gave us an update. A very nice relaxing day, full of good people and food.

20210619 + Busy Then Relax

20210619 + Up in the am and LG&I headed back up north for some chilly baseball. G's team did not do well... After the game we went to Panera to get some lunch and watch D's softball game on YouTube while we ate. After lunch we stopped by a couple car places to look at fancy cars for fun. Home and L&I hung out on the back porch the rest of the day and in to the evening.

20210618 - Orange Skies

20210618 - Up too early and headed to Johnstown with L&G for G's baseball game. They did ok but lost. It started raining as soon as the game ended. L&I dropped G off at Roosters to eat with his team and we headed home. I got at the desk and L vacuumed. I worked the entire day and then some. We stayed home tonight instead of going downtown for dinner. There were all kinds of weather warning and the sky was orange. We had some rain but no tornadoes or damaging winds for us.

20210617 + SO BIG

20210617 + Up in the am and J at work and L&G headed out to Newark for baseball. I got right on calls and was on ALL DAY. I watched G's games and sort of glad I wasn't there... J come home and shoed me his paycheck $$$$$ and then complained about the taxes taken out :-)  L&G home and I chatted with them about the day. G did meet up with some of his buddies at the fields and they got a picture taken, they are SO BIG. L&I hung out on the back porch and caught up and threw the ball to Hazel. I got online and tired to figure out vacation for this summer...

Brady, Trent, Zach, Grant, Cade, Landon, Andrew

20210616 + 300,000

20210616 + Up in the am and had a busy day. L was doing work in the yard and G had a buddy over to hit with and then head to the pool. G home by 5 and we got the white car and headed to Ed's Odds & Ends and to pick up our auction wins. G was unaware of the overall plan... Ed G and I set up a chute in his warehouse and then positioned G up there. Soon some old friends I used to work with at D1 showed up and G had to throw down 159 penguin cookie jars down or chute and they loaded them up.  NOT DONE YET!!! Then the Scouts showed up and G had to throw another 150 penguin cookie jars! we moved 329 cookie jars in total. I was ready to go but G and Ed started walking around looking at baseball cards... Ed was ready to make deals and G was ready to buy. G and Ed made deals for another hour and G spent another $300 on about 300,000 baseball cards! we got everything loaded up and headed to waffle house for dinner. G ate his 'All American' dinner right up, every bite. We headed home and L yelled at G for bringing so many cards in to the house :-)  I stayed up late looking at auctions. 

20210615 - Azkaban

20210615 - Up in the am and in to the office. L out in the yard and she got her pressure washer she got for her 50th bday out and SHE LOVES IT! she was outside all day cleaning things off with her sprayer. She got G to help for a minute and he thought it was cool too. While working I got a strange text today... 'Why does your kid look like he escaped from Azkaban?". Well that's an easy answer; because he hasn't gotten his hair cut in the last 2 years... Hung out around the house for the evening.

20210614 - Wood Bat

20210614 - Up in the am and G at XC and J at work. I had my doughnut from the North Market for bfast and headed in to the office. L found a mulberry tree in our backyard and then mowed. I headed out of the busy office a bit early to sit on the back porch and discuss Booster stuff with Andy that stopped over. I then ran G to a hitting lesson. I wanted him to get some pointers with a wood bat before this weeks games. Home and hung out, up late watching TV

20210613 + Cookout

20210613 - Up late and LG&I headed to downtown Columbus to the North Market for lunch. I had never been there before and it is pretty cool. We got some food and went up top to eat, watch people and pick out the places we want to go back to. After we ate we checked out a couple more places and left with a box of big fresh doughnuts! We walked around downtown a bit looking for a sport card place G found on his phone, but couldn't find the actual store. We met a homeless guy and then headed home. Home and I put some fresh water in Hazel's pool and threw the ball to her a bit, returned some phone calls and updated the blog. After a bit I ran G to basketball and then back to the porch to finish the blog update and get some work done. Back tot he school to get G and we swung through Kroger to pick up some stuff on the way home. Home and I cooked up the brats and dogs we got and L cut up the watermelon and set out the other stuff we got. D and his friend Mason came over and we had a nice dinner with boys on the back porch. We stayed out there a chatted a bit and then D left. L&I headed in, watched a bit of TV and then headed to bed, waiting for J to show up, he was in Delaware with JGF6 and got home too late. I stayed up way too late getting more work done before the week kicks off.

20210612 - Fun Evening

20210612 - Up late and L has already done all of the watering and dusting, seems I didn't miss much. I sat on the back porch and had coffee and coffeecake with her while she went through old pictures and baby book stuff. In to the office to do a couple of work things. Done with work and Hazel and I headed to the dog park for a bit. We stopped at Wendy's on the way home to get Frostys and see J at work, he was just finishing up. Home and had our treats on the back porch and then L&I headed over to the Pettit's to pick up Chris & Karen and head to the concert at Headley Park. There weren't that many folks at the concert, of course it was 90 out, but we had our tent and made some shade and listened to the music and chatted. After the concert we headed to Flanagan's for some pizza, wings, beer, more music and conversation. It was a lovely afternoon and evening activities and we got home about 9:30. We saw G for the first time today and he was RED from being at the pool all day. J stayed with a buddy and I stayed up too late watching tv.

20210611 - Clean Wet Dog

20210611 - Up in the am and right on a call. L and Hazel took a walk and then she gave her a bath. The boys eventually got up. I was in the office all day. L outside doing things, J running around getting sushi for lunch, G and a buddy went to the pool for the day and Hazel played in her pool in the backyard. I finished my day and L&I walked down to the brewery at Creekside for a drink and some dinner. We walked back home past the baseball fields and stopped to say hi to some folks we hadn't seen in a while. Home and hung out in the backyard throwing the ball and talking. We headed in and watched 'Washington Heights'. J home from work and we headed to bed.

20210610 + BLOW OUT!

20210610 + Up in the am and J already at work. I got around, had some coffee cake and then headed in to the office. Was a long busy day. At the end of the day L ran me to pick up the car. The guy showed me the tire and it was dangerously close to blowing out! Good thing we replaced all the tires. Home and the car drove very smooth again. L cooked us some dinner. I threw the ball to Hazel a bit. J up in Delaware with JGF6 and G has been at the pool all day with his buddies. After we ate L&I went on a little drive on the highway up to Whit's in New Albany so I could feel the new tires and alignment at high speeds, all good. We got there had a nice snack and then headed home. Home and we started a new series /Tidelands' and watched a couple of episodes before heading to bed and waiting up for J to get home.

20210609 + In to the Office

20210609 + Up in the am and CB from work stopped by and dropped off a present for his wife he wants me to hide. I carried him in to the office and had a couple of meetings onsite today. The meetings were good and moved forward on a couple of projects. I took a couple of calls and then D showed up as I was packing up. I headed home and took my last 2hr training call from home. After work L followed me to Tuffy to drop off the car. Home and I threw the ball to Hazel a bit, cooked some chops for L and then LJG&I had dinner together. Back outside to throw the ball a bit and then in and we watched some Family Feud and then the new 'Conjuring' movie, it was pretty creepy. 

20210608 - Not Affraid

20210608 - Up in the am, G running 4 miles with the XC team, and I headed up to the Farm. I swung by the post office, then Wendy's to get bfast and see J, his manager paid for my bfast. As I was pulling out of Wendy's I almost hit a bunch of boys running down the sidewalk, G was in that group so I blew the horn. I got on the highway and talked to Lonnie for a bit on the way up and saw the Goodyear blimp on the drive. Made it to the Farm, checked on GpaW and got set up for the day. I hosted a call and got some email done. Uncle Johnny showed up and he and dad headed to Haysville to get some lunch. L took G to get his 2nd covid shot today. I had another call and GpaW and Johnny came back and brought me some lunch. Aunt Mary showed up with treats and they all got to talking. I love hearing their stories but had to get on another call. Not long after the call GmaW got home. I checked in with her and then packed up to try and beat rush hour and make it home in time for my next call. On the road and it was raining like crazy. Home for a bit and then L drove to Groveport while I was on a Civil Service call. We got G there in time and I finished my call and then headed in to the gym to watch G play some pretty intense basketball with some other kids trying out for the freshman team. They did pretty good for never playing together before and lost the first game and won the second. We headed out and got home about 9:30. Home and D and some of his friends stopped by to chat and hang out.

20210607 - Mop of a Dog

20210607 - Up in the rainy am, G already to Cross Country. When he got home he was excited to announce that he and Owen had been added to the Varsity Team Chat. I got to the desk and got the day rolling. L headed out to pick up groceries and J still sleeping. I cooked some pork chops on the grill and threw the ball to our mop of a dog.

20210606 - Mystery Fix

20210606 - Up WAY to early, J already at Wendy's, L drove G&I to Licking Valley HS out past Newark for G's baseball game. It was too early, and the boys couldn't get it in gear to stop the errors. We were run ruled in 4 and on our way home. Home around 12 and I took a nap. Up and dropped G off basketball practice at the HS and I went on to get a hair cut and pick up a couple of things at Kroger. Home and realized the AC wasn't working. I checked everything out inside and headed outside to the unit that wasn't running. I went in to check it out but got pricked by the bush hanging over it. Turned the power off to all of it and started trimming the pricker bush. It decided to RAIN, like buckets, Took a break and waited for the rain to die down. L ran and got G. Rain stopped and I got the power to the AC back on and finished trimming the bush. L cooking out on the grill. AC started working, we did have a power outage early this morning. Maybe it just needed shut off for a couple minutes to reset...??? D over to have dinner with us. I finished cleaning up the trimming mess and had dinner with LD&G. I picked up the PC and spent the next 4 hours working... D left, J home, shutting down for the night.

20210605 - Baseball Day

20210605 - Up too early in the am and LG&I headed to his game in Utica. It was on a field D used to play on long ago and G was the bat boy. G was the starting pitcher and had an amazing game. Here is an excerpt from the GameChanger recap:

Arsenal USA (OHIO) Dennis 14U stole the lead late and defeated Licking Valley Dirtbags 14U 13-4 on Saturday.
Arsenal USA (OHIO) Dennis 14U tallied six runs in the sixth inning. The offensive onslaught came from a single by Trent Bowman, a sacrifice fly by Zach Akers, and a double by Grant Winger.
Winger took the win for Arsenal USA (OHIO) Dennis 14U. The righty lasted six innings, allowing four hits and four runs while striking out five.
Arsenal USA (OHIO) Dennis 14U had ten hits in the game. Winger, #10, and Cade Schreck all collected multiple hits for Arsenal USA (OHIO) Dennis 14U. Winger went 3-for-3 at the plate to lead Arsenal USA (OHIO) Dennis 14U in hits.

After the game we headed home and swung through Cane's to get some lunch. Home and ate on the back porch. After a bit a couple of other families from the team that live in Grove city came over to hang out with us so they didn't have to drive all the way home between games. After a bit G&I headed to Licking Valley HS for his second game of the day, L stayed home as her girlfriends and their husbands were coming over to go to dinner for Marlene's 50th bday party. The second game was a bit closer, but they won! G&I stopped by Texas Roadhouse on the way home and I got the boy a steak, winners get steak! We had a nice meal and then got home. L's friends were still there and we hung out on the back porch chatting for a bit. before everyone headed out and we got to bed for more baseball early tomorrow.

20210604 - Won 1 Lost 1

20210604 - Up in the am and on a call. L got G up later nd got him ready for his game and then took off to Newark while I stayed home to work. No sign of J. I worked and listened to G's games on GameChanger. G's team won the first game! I wrapped up my day, my buddy Dave stopped over to chat on the porch and I had gamechanger on. G's team lost the 2nd game. J home for a bit. L dropped off another player on the way home and picked up an order from Jimmy John's. L&G home and we ate dinner on the back porch and then got things ready for tomorrow and hung out. Checked in on GpaW and he's doing ok.

20210603 + 40 Directions

20210603 + Up in the am and J already at work, he's working the 6am to 2 slot today. L cleaning and running errands. I'm being pulled in 40 directions this morning and trying to get organized. Trent showed up and G took off to meet up with some girls and bring them back here. J home and pretty tired. Had a very busy day but got a lot done. L cooked us dinner and we all ate together. J went back to bed, I ran to a GLHS XC parent meeting. First meeting I've been to without a mask! Stopped at the gas station to get some stuff on the way home. Home and put stuff away and watched some TV and did stuff on the PC. Woke J up so he could go stay at his buddy Larson's. Called GpaW to check on him and he had a good day.

20210602 + Surgery & Girls

20210602 + Up in the am and headed to the Farm to be there to help out. I got set up in the farmhouse and jumped on my calls. I got updates from GmaW that they got there, everything ok and he was out of surgery. Around 1pm Gma&paW showed up. We headed up to their house and got GpaW in through the backdoor and settled in. I headed back down and took my last call of the day and ate some lunch GmaW made me. Back up to the house and helped get GpaW up and around, he's moving around better than I expected, walking up and down the hall. I got his ne transponder working and replaced some lightbulbs for them. Hung a bit and then headed home. G and Trent had some girls over today... Home and the part for the microwave came in so I worked on that and then tested it by heating up some dinner. L&I watched some TV as J&G came and went. Got to bed in good time.

20210601 - Lots Kids Around

20210601 - Up in the am and J headed to work and L to buy flowers. I got to the desk and got the day rolling. L home and I drug G out of bed. L planted some flowers and then took G to the orthodontist. L&G home and Trent came over to hang with G. I finished the day and went out and threw the ball with Hazel while L finished up in the yard. G and Trent home with Haden from being at the pool all day. Haden left and Trent spent the night. J home from work and headed to Larson's for the night. L&I watched some America's Got Talent and checked in with GpaW before his surgery tomorrow. To bed in good time but couldn't sleep...