20140731 + Mid-Air

20140731 + Work. DJ&G  went to the pool for the day.  Home and dinner with Mallons 2x32oz beers :-)

20140730 - Get Up There!

20140730 - Up to work, home and had dinner on the back porch.  Boys had ramp done for Lilly and we got her on the trampoline.  She did not like it very much...  Nice relaxing evening at home.

20140729 - Construction

20140729 - In to work, stuck updating tickets all day long.  Home late and ate on the back porch then watched the boys try to build a ramp so Lilly can get up on the trampoline...  In and watched some TV and then talked to Renee on the phone about work until late.

20140728 + Barely Bouncing

20140728 + In to work exhausted. Plowed through the day. Stopped by ballfields on way home to make sure D is playing up a league and learn a bit about their IT system. Home and ate. Then out back and watched boys jump on trampoline. Fell asleep for a few min then G&I to Bible bangers. Home boys to bed, tired and to bed myself. 

20140727 + SOAKED x2

20140727 + Up baseball with G early, lost.  Stayed and scouted for D's game.  Gma&paW down for games.  D lost first game.  Started second game and it started rained like crazy and flooded all the games out.  Home, I took D to summer camp late. LJ&G had dinner with Gma&paW.  D and I had a nice drive.  I delivered him at camp and went to the campfire with him.  We found his troop and I headed to the car and the skies opened up and drenched me a 2nd time for the day...  Drove home wet and cold, got home at 1:30

20140726 - Fancy Hats

20140726 - Up early and to baseball games all day for D&G.  L worked concession stand.  We thought it was going to rain so us coaches geared up.

20140725 - Dinner with Friends

20140725 - Inside out day at work. Had lunch out with the guys. Home and D went to baseball games and LJG&I went over to the McClain's for dinner, it was a blast!

20140724 - Camping In

20140725 - Up in the am and into work. A very busy and long day. Home and had some dinner, D@ baseball practice, J showed me some magic tricks he got today as I scarfed down some food, G in the basement play on the Xbox. We all loaded up and headed to the ball field for the first game of this weekends tournament. We played a great game. G didn't get in base once, but got some RBIs, turned a double play and got 6 of the 15 outs required to win the game in 4 innings = 43min = 16 to 0. Home and baseball records updated. Boys to bed: camping for the 3rd night in the playroom.

20140723 + Colored Pencils

20140723 + Early to work, stayed late.  Ran home changed and to G's practice.  J had Conor over, Penn came in to chat when picking him up. Home and ate, hung out with boys for a few. J&G sleeping in playroom tent.

20140722 + Runs

20140722 + Early to work, stayed late.  Ran home, changed, to G's practice.  G sleeping in playroom tent.  Home watched Indians until late with D.

20140721 - Lined Up

20140721 - Early to work.  Worked all day and then got home and got D and to Reynoldsburg to finish up his 3 merit badges.  Thank God he is done with them!  Then on to Scouts to figure out plan for camp next week.  Home, beat, ate, bed.

20140720 - Feather Ball

20140720 - Baseball all day in Asheville.  Gma&paW down for the games. G's team got 2nd and place in the tournament and some trophies.  We all stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel and then drove Gma&paW past my work.  Home and getting ready for a busy week.

20140719 - Canceled and Tailgate

20140719 - Up in the am and ready for baseball.  Tom and Landon over to ride with us to baseball.  Games were pushed back 2 hours, and then cancelled :-(  Home and getting things done at the desk. John over to talk about travel baseball.  I got a bunch of things done around the house as L&G got groceries and the boys took turns on the xbox.  All out and got D&G registered for Fall baseball... drove through Wendy's and then went to see the new X-men movie.  A stop at Staples and Dick's on the way home and tailgated our friends the Mallonn's to their house :-)  Home and all boys in bed, $ done fr the next 2 weeks and off to bed early to get ready for baseball tomorrow.

20140718 - Nerd Day

20140718 - Up and in to work early, in the back all day long, very stressful day getting caught up.  Today was Nerd Day and I have a pretty good costume, but it didn't to Greg's costume, he dressed up as ME! Hahahahah!  Left late and had to rush to G's baseball game in Teays Valley.  Got there and it was sprinkling.  The boys played a great game and won 23 - 9.  D was at his practice and J&G rode home with me.  Home and everyone got a bite to eat.  I was on the phone with work for another hour...  Watched some TV, updated spreadsheets, to bed late.

20140717 + Green Pants

20140717 + In to work at 6, a bit early...  Worked all day, D to Cedar Point with buddy Austin today  Rushed to tryouts for the second night.  Home and ate, then went to Goodwill with G to get some green pants.  Home and tallied and combined scores from tryouts.

20140716 - Woozy Tryouts

20140716 - UP and into work.  Work in cage all afternoon, updated procurement system in am.  Rushed to baseball tryouts  Home ate tallied tryout data.  Bed early, feeling sick.

20140715 - Working Dinner

20140715 - UP and worked.  Dinner with guys from work.  Home late

20140713 - 2nd Place in Paris

20140713 - UP in the morning and another day of Baseball.  G's team won 1st, lost 2nd and got 2nd place in the Paris tournament.  Home and coaches to our house for some beers and pizza.

20140712 - Baseball Day in Paris

20140712 - UP in the am and to baseball all day in St. Paris Ohio for a tournament.  J was spared as he was fishing with GpsB.  D's team won their brackets and G's team advanced to play tomorrow.  Home late, D&I unpacked the car.  All cleaned up and to bed.  I stayed up and updated the statistics from the games preparing for tomorrow.

20140711 - Scrub-a-dub

20140711 - Up and the mower not working, so the boys and I worked on it...  L to grocery DG&I to bank and then stopped to wash the car,,  On to get shorts and oil at Meijer, spark plug at AutoZone, and I got a haircut...  Home and worked on mower, we got it working!  D mowed, G, Jim &I fixed L's umbrella, then G&I fixed Ohio Seal sign.  On to D&G's baseball practices. Coaches here for a couple of beers, getting ready for tomorrow.

20140710 + Last Day on the Road

20140710 + Up and on the go, we said goodbye to Hershey Park.  To a toy store, J lost his wallet, we went back to hotel to search the room for it, couldn't find it, checked in the car agin, wallet was in car so back to the toy store...  On the road and found a Dicks, in the middle of nowhere where D got an expensive glove...  Back on the road and we stopped at a diner for dinner.  We got to Gma&paB's around 8:30pm to get our Lilly.  We stayed for a quick visit and then headed home.  We got home about 11PM, got unpacked.  All exhausted and all to bed, J stayed with Gma&paW.

20140709 - Day at the Park 2

20140709 - UP in the am and we hit the park. We did a lot of swimming and DJ&I hit every coaster in the place. Marko, our neighbor and dear friend from our days in Wilmington joined us for the afternoon to ride some rides, have dinner and catch up. We eventually convinced G he would love the Sooper Dooper Looper, a corkscrew type coaster, if we bought him a t-shirt, and HE LOVED it. It was late in the evening and we rode it over and over until they shut the park down. We stopped at an arcade game on the way out to win some goodies. A nice relaxing day and really great to see Marko

20140708 + Day at the Park

20140708 + 1st day at Hershey, lots of swimming in wave pool and lazy river, big water rides, L went.  DJ&I hit some coasters, awesome! huge storm rolled in, headed out just in time.  power out at hotel drove into town and found little diner with great food. back for bed

20140707 - Big Bars

20140707 - Up in am and we drove through Valley Forge for a historic tour.  We stopped at George Washington's church, really beautiful, for a tour and lunch.  Back in the car for the drive to Hershey,  We got there and got settled into our hotel and then headed to the visitor's center to take tours to learn the history and sample some of the awesome products.  We went to the Cocoa Diner for an awesome meal.  A strole through Hershey World where we bought a little candy.  Back to the hotel and played put put with G and then all went swimming,

20140706 - Scenic Route

20140706 - Up in the am and J&G got directions from Abe and Perry Come for the day.  We headed to the Scout campsite to get D and headed to Philadelphia.hilly.  We took the scenic route and stopped at the diner 'The Blob" was filmed at.  Onward to the Phillies stadium where we got private tour and D got hat.  then we headed Downtown to tour Independence Hall and to see the Liberty Bell, We walked to Sonny's for the classic Philly Cheese-steak, YUM!  We stopped at the art museum to see Rocky and run up the steps and then drove through Chinatown to get to our hotel with low ceilings in the parking garage.  We got settled in and went swimming before bed.

20140705 - Historic Day

20140705 - UP in the am and met up with the Scouts to go to the reenactment area.  We walked all around , saw really neat stuff and the boys got to load a real cannon. We left and there and had lunch in the parking lot before heading over to Devil's Den for a hike, L&G had to leave and find a bathroom for G...  We met back up with them and then hiked to the top of Little Round Top.  THe Scouts were done so we dropped them off and LJG&I headed back to the reenactment area to watch a HUGE battle, it was AWESOME!  For dinner we headed downtown and ate that the Lincoln D and toured the train station where he arrived in town.  Back to the hotel for a swim.

20140704 - Grant's Pal

20140704 - All up in the am  and to the church to meet up with the Scouts to drive to Gettysburg.  Somehow we gained a passenger that talked nonstop and oddly enough we found out later his parents also drove there, just left later in  the day, HUH?!  We only made a couple of stops and made good time getting the boys to  the campsite.  LJG&I drove around the town, looked at monuments and found our hotel and walked to dinner.  After dinner G found his 270 year old pal Ulysses S Grant :-)

20140703 - Heritage Days

20140703 - Work, it was Heritage Days at work and Dave and I dressed up.  Home for dinner and packing for vacation.  We ran out looking for fireworks with the Mallons all over the place and watched them from the green of a golf course.  Home and got packed and ready for vacation!

20140702 - Cats

20140702 - Up to work, home and got D&G and one of D's friends to head to the ball fields.  D and his friend went to watch the Pony league championship game while G&I went to his practice.  Right in the middle of practice with the sun shinning it rained.  It only lasted a short time and we practiced right through it.  Home and a couple of coaches stopped by to discuss the lineup and have a couple beers. L&J went shopping for cats.

20140701 - Umping

20140701 - Up in am an into work. Full fast day. Home for a quick pit stop and then on to the ball field with D. D&I umped the championship game and them went to Panda Express for some dinner. Home and hung out and watched some TV.