20220716 - Up and LG&I headed out in the pouring rain to Springfield for G’s baseball game. Thankfully no rain in Springfield. We only have 9 boys today… G took the mound and threw a beautiful game! He pitched all 7 innings, averaged 11 pitches an inning, only allowing 3 hits, 3 runs, 1 strike out and ZERO WALKS. Gma&paF came to see the game and what a game to see! The last pitch the kid line drived it right a G, he stuck his hand out, grabbed that sucker out of the air, yelled and slimmed the ball to the ground for the WIN! The boys were ecstatic with their 3rd win in a row and the only undefeated team in the tournament! We tried to go to Roosters for a celebratory dinner but they couldn't seat us for an hour... so we went to Texas Roadhouse and had a feast. L&I sat at a table with a couple of other parents and G arranged for the staff to sing happy birthday to Jamari, it wasn't his bday 😂 After dinner we drove home, it started raining and we got home and rested the rest of the evening to prepare for a big baseball day tomorrow.