20140930 - Pigs & Chickens

20140930 - Up, D to school, work meetings and closing items all day. Home helped doc with washer D at Steph's last home soccer game. Had talk with J&G about the battle they had after school and future consequences. Played football catch with G. G said were having pigs and chickens for dinner (bacon and eggs). Up late playing Titan Fall.

20140929 - Dust Bowl

20140929 - Up took d to school, busy day at work, rushed out to G's dust bowl game, we won, not sure how but we did so still in tournament.  DJ&I swung by Academy to get D paid on the way home.  Got home, boys cleaned up, I shipped some things and then to Bible Bangers.  Home and played Titan Fall.

20140928 - Food Challenge

20140928 - Up in the am and to church.  After church we left L at school to get some things done and DG&I swung by to pick J up from his party.  Home and at the desk, D getting ready for his game, J relaxing and G playing xbox.  Delivered D to the field, swung by and picked L up.  Home got some done at the desk then all to D's game.  Gma&paW and Steph joined us there.  I helped coach 1st base.  It was a good game and D had a great game; he got 2 doubles, drove in 5 RBIs and scored 2 times!  They won.  Home and then to Gahanna Grill where I took the Beanie Burger Challenge, a triple Beanie burger, Fries and coleslaw.  I choked it all down and won a shirt :-)  Home and tried to help Doc with his garage door, it is busted this time...  Home and got the boys to bed and went to bed early myself, the last week was an exhausting one...

20140927 + Nurse

20140927 + Up in the morning and facing some logistical issues with 3 boys vs 2 adults and 1 of the 3 boys being sick needing to stay home.  L took J&G to J's soccer game while I took D to the baseball fields so D could ump a game and I could coach G's team without G being there.  We narrowly lost against the #2 team in our league and are now in the losers bracket.  D disappeared and I walked all over the park looking for D, when I found him I took him home, he changed fast and L took him right back to the ballfield for his game while I stayed home with J&G.  I ran J to a bday party for his buddy Conor and then back home to hangout with sick old G.  D's team lost to the worse team in the league :-o so they have to play tomorrow :-(  I got some work done at the desk and L&D ran and got pizzas.  All down to the basement to watch OSU vs Cincinnati, it was a blow out and I was asleep for the 2nd half.  Watched a little more football and all to bed in good time.

20140926 - Plaid

20140926 - Took D to school and then in to 'Plaid Day' at work.  I had a meeting with all the employees and gave them an update on the state of the business.  G home sick all day, L took him to the Dr. and stayed home with him and cleaned the house.  Had a long day and then home to get D&J to swing out and get some food.  We had a nice dinner and then we watched '3 Days to Live'.  Boys to bed and L tried to watch another movie with me.

20140925 - Responsibile

20140925 - Work, home and threw the football with G a bit.  Had dinner with the fam and then G&I went to his 1st den meeting of the year.  After scouts G&I went to Goodwill to get some plaid clothes.  After our shopping spree we hit Dairy Queen for a snack.  Home and I got a couple of things done at the desk and then played some Titan Fall.

20140924 + Stress Relief

20140924 + Worked intense and late.  Home hung out for a bit.  Boys to bed played Titan Fall too late

20140923 - Chrushers

20140923 - Worked super stressful...  Straight To ball fields.  G's team got crushed.  D's team crushed their opponent.  Home, boys to bed. Up too late playing Titan Fall.

20140922 - Brat

20140922 - Up to work and very stressful day.  Picked D up at practice and to J's soccer game.  Some little girl decided to run out on the soccer field and just sit down...  no parents anywhere...  What is going on with our society...???  Home fell asleep, then wide awake almost the rest of the night so played Titan fall.

20140921 + Smokey

20140921 + Up and all to church, Home and had G&J read to me.  L made us some lunch and then gave the dog a bath while GD&I headed to the park for more baseball.  Relaxed around the house. D to Step's JG&I played catch with the football and cooked some hamburgers on the grill. We had dinner and then swung by the Mallon's to check out their new patio and fire pit.  Home and watched The Other Woman with L.

20140920 - Going the RIght Direction

20140920 - UP and dropped D off to ump.  Home and watched G play Titan Fall and working at the desk for a few min.  L&J to his soccer game.  G&I picked up D and headed to J's soccer game.  J's team got beat pretty bad, Gma&paW there to watch.  D umped another game.  G's game and we got smoked.  Home and working in the office a bit, D mowed, and then D&I out to get dinner and a movie.  We watched some college football and ate our buffalo wings.  Then we watched Jack Ryan, it was really good.  Little boys to bed.  LD&I watched some more football.

20140919 + Home, Jog and Football

20140919 + Up 3am PAC flew home all day with Dave, Tim and Kevin.  Homea nd to Wendy's for Dinner, J to a party, LDG, Steph and I to Wendy's for dinner, then to GLHS Football game.  We won the game, G was a crybaby mess at the game.  J met us at the game.  Dropped Steph off and then home and all grumpy boys to bed.

20140918 - Presentation

20140918 - Another day in Washington at the MSFT offices.  We gave our presentation... Dinner with MSFT and then a nightcap shake.

20140917 - A Lot of Food

20140917 - Up in Seattle Washington and had a huge bfast with Dave and Eric.  We went through our presentation all day and then met the MSFT team for drinks and huge dinner, topped off by a late night shake at a drive in next to our hotel.

20140916 - Travel Day

20140916 - In to work, fast and furious, stopped by house to get dress pants, almost had wreck on way to airport. flew to Seattle WA with Dave and Eric

20140915 - 4 Things

20140915 - Worked, Straight to D's game, then to a boosters meeting, Home and packed for trip tomorrow.

20140914 - Snip

20140914 - Up late, play xbox with J&G, went to G's practice, got hit in the mouth with a ball, d home, had a good time in Detroit with Austin and Gma&paW, up late playing titan fall with d, L&J to get soccer pics, only 4 kids from his team showed up...

20140913 + Soccer

20140913 + L worked concession stand at soccer place.  soccer J's leg clearly bothering him. baseballwe beat bills team 19-0 , j to bday party worked on fridge in basement and speaker with G, out to east with bill and tiff, dylan's steph watched J&G

20140912 - Cammo

20140912 - Up to work, cammo day.  Met Gma&paW, LDJ&G and D's buddy Austin at Applebee's for dinner.  Home and JG&I put in our new Xbox one, up late playing it with the boys.

20140911 + Late

20140911 + D umped, i left work super late and got to game for the tail end, we lost.

20140910 - Baseball & Soccer

20140910 - D won baseball game, L took J to soccer, Long day at work to game late, G was there

20140909 - Catch

20140909 - J to ortho today, Football with J&G, Board of review with D, up late writing programs.

20140907 - Porch Breakfast

20140907 - Up and L out to get g as I got ready for church.  We met J and the Mallonn's, trying our old church with us.  We saw more friends and the service was pretty good.  Home after church and getting a couple of things done with 2 very grumpy little fellas...  J&I made lunch and ate on the back porch together and then played some xbox before G&I had to run to his baseball practice.  D home early so I ran to the church to get him.  Apparently Gma&paW had quite a spread for the Boy Scouts when they got to the farm; ordered them pizzas and had pop and chips, spoiling them...  G&I to his practice and it went pretty good.  He was still tired and grumpy but did ok, there are a few kids that need a lot of work.  Home and getting things ready for the week, D's girl stopped over to see him after he was gone camping all weekend and he got his homework done.

20140906 - OSU Football Day

20140906 - J home from his sleepover a tired grumpy mess, left him at home and L&I headed to G's Baseball game in am.  L left early to take J to his soccer game, he did really well and they won.  G had a bad game, but came in as the closing pitcher and got all 3 out.  We pulled out a walk off win in the bottom of the 6th, 13-12 :-o  D's coach needed help so sent G with John and I stayed to coach 1st base for Dylan's team while Dylan was away camping.  Home and L&I got ourselves together and headed out.  we dropped J off at the Mallon's and G's stuff off at the Towler's, we then heded to the fairgrounds to catch the bus to the stadium.  We got there 2 hours before game time so we walked to the skull session, missed it...  then across the road where we ran into the likes of Mark Ransom, Kip Vantillburg, Brian & Tammy Kicas, Chris and Lisa Gandy, Tom Morley and Eric Glorioso, people I haven't seen for YEARS.  It was a good time and we had a couple beers with them and caught up on each others lives.  L&I then headed over to the stadium and got to our seats right before the band came in.  We were packed in like miserable sardines (LARGEST CROWD EVER 107,514 people!) with large customers on either side and literally not an ounce of wiggle room (this caused considerable leg, back, neck and buttocks pains later in the evening...).  Our sets were on the closed end of the horseshoe next to the student section and hard to see at times what was going on.  But the experience of going is still one of the top anyone can have, the history, traditions, band, grandeur of it all is amazing.  We cheered and cheered as the young team scared us, then caught up and then finally with 59 second left, crossed the point of hope for a win.  So we headed out early with the masses, caught a bus and headed out.  We stopped at Steak and Shake for a late night dinner and got home about 1:30am, exhausted and glad for the soft relaxing bed we could stretch out on.

20140905 - Way Point

20140905 - Up D to school, in to work.  It was Pajama Day at work.  J was at friends house after school for a bday sleep over.  LG&I dropped D off at Church to go to the Farm with the Scouts at a halfway stop on their way to South Bass Island for a Boy Scout Camporee.  We then got some dinner at McDonald's and I packed up and went over to Bill's to play some poker.  Didn't win anything but had a great time.

20140904 - Fast Fan

20140904 - Up and dropped D off at school on the way to work. I was an odd site on the drive in; the Buckeye Fan that wears all white was cruising down 270 with the top down. Got to work an had a pretty good busy day. Finished up an headed home for a yummy lasagna dinner with everyone. After dinner L and I relaxed for a minute while the boys jumped on the trampoline and played the Xbox.
I then had to suit up and head back to the school for a Cub Scout Recruiting event. Very few people were there.  Home and watched a movie while doing some paperwork. 

20140903 - D Board

20140903 - Up and took d to school. Foggy morning in to work. Very quiet day, got a lot done. G home from school with another bruise... same kid kicked him on the soccer field... instructions to G, 'next time this kid messes with you, cock your arm back like this, make a fist like this, hit him square in the nose and don't stop swinging until they pull you off'. Yeah L didn't approve of that... so I guess he'll continue to get pummeled at school...  Stopped at City Hall on way home for Landscape Board meeting.  L&G at J's soccer practice. D umping.  I swung by the house and scarfed down cold dinner before heading to the ballfield to pick D up. Home and D cleaned up and changed and then I took him to the Gahanna Junior League Sports monthly Board Meeting where he presented his idea for his Eagle Scout Project. The board really liked his idea and approved. Home and I took little boys to bed, L has been writing two emails for an hour (still not don), D watching some baseball. All to bed

20140902 + Cosmos

20140902 + Up took D to school. Looong sloooow busy day at work. Home and baseball cancelled tonight due to rain, so had a nice dinner with the fam :-) L made a nice dinner. L getting groceries, D @ Stephanie's soccer game, J&I watched Cosmos and G played with a neighbor boy. All back together, cleaned up and to bed. L&I watched 'The Sweetest Thing'.

20140901 - Hot Treasures

20140901 - Johnstown Swapper's Day with Mallons & Tremantes, Gma&paW there too.  It is a lot of walking in the hot sun.  Penn bought a gun, I got sunglasses and peaches, L got bushel basket, boys bought airsoft guns to shot each other.

Home, D to girlfriends for dinner, G&I to grocery and got food for dinner + essentials (beer and doughnuts).  We cooked out on the grill and ate on back porch.  The neighbors stopped over for a visit.  All in, cleaned up and to bed.