20160229 + Fixing Everything Lately

20160229 + Up in the am and in to work.  Got things rolling and the everyone has a plan to get the parts fixed.  Stayed late, got home and grabbed a bite to eat.  L&G at G's basketball practice.  J&I headed to Scouts and D headed to baseball.  After Scouts I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers.  D stopped after practice to say hi to the guys.  Home early and to bed in good time, dead tired.

20160228 + Painters

20160228 + UP in the am and we all loaded up and headed to the rental.  We made a stop at Lowe's and DG&I got $666 worth of stuff for the repairs...  NOT a good sign...  L tried to get us lunch at the McD's located next to the Lowe's, but that was a disaster...  On to the rental for a day of taping off, odd jobs getting done and plenty of painting.  Gma&paW showed up and pitched in fixing and painting.  Everyone back to the house for some KFC before D headed off to youth group, Gma&paW headed home, LJ&G headed to bed and some guys stopped over to watch the Walking Dead.  Another exhausting day...

20160227 - Everything Went Wrong

20160227 - Up and into work got some stuff done but ended badly with a disagreement of how to finishing redoing the business I have been pushing and working on all week.

To rental to close the window after running the self cleaning oven and to take inventory of what else needs done.

To G's basketball game, G did good, they won. Everyone was there, Cole's, Gma&paW and our fam.

L and Nicole headed to a baby shower, D&J headed out with Gma&paW and G&I headed to his basketball party for an end of regular season pizza party. They are LOUD! After waiting 50 minutes for our food and everyone that was in line behind us getting there food I went up and and asked what was up, they lost our order...

G&I home and had leftovers... We watched a short show and then started a movie. D&J home from dinner and shopping with Gma&paW with loads of stuff they didn't need, took me over the edge.

20160226 - Cleaned Up

20160226 - Up in the am and in to work for one final huge exhausting push to finish cleaning up the area and completing the layout.  We did it, looks pretty good!  Stayed late getting things lined up for the inventory we have to do tomorrow...  LJ&G ran out and got a pizza and a couple of movies for us.  Then we hung out in the basement and had dinner and a movie.

20160225 - Sounds Better

20160225 - Up in the am and in to work for another day on the floor cleaning things up.  Finished up late and rushed to J's band concert.  He is in the 6th grade band and this concert was easier on the ears than the last concert 😜

20160224 - JV Basball

20160224 - Up in the am and in to work.  Back out for another day on the shop floor.  HUGE progress today.  The place looks great.  G had a Dr appointment today and D had his final night of baseball tryouts tonight... I worked late, got home and watched Flash with J&G, had some ice cream and then watched American Idol with L. J&G to bed and L&I nervously awaited D's return home...  ...L was a complete mess...  ... D came in with a BIG GRIN 😃 he made the JV team!!!

20160223 - Dirty Hands

20160223 - Up in the am and in to work. Out on the shop floor for another day of organizing. We got the shipping area all set up and ready to roll. Things are looking much better. I left the office at 7 and headed to a local joint with some of the guys to grab a drink and some food. Home and hung out with the fam for a bit before heading to bed completely exhausted.

I took this picture at work today during one of the breaks I took to run in the office and monitor email.  I remamber as a your boy coming in from the barn to have lunch with GGmaW and her helping me wash my hands.  She would have me soap up and rub some of the dirty soap suds on the side of her white sink in the small bathroom just off the kitchen so I could see all of the hard work I had done and how washing your hand was important.

20160222 + Boys Day Off & Taxes

20160222 + Up in the am and into work.  The boys at home, no school today...  I did a couple of things in the office and then out to the shop floor like a bull in a china shop pulling people from every area to get the printer area organized and cleaned up.  I was driving the tow motor, moving things around, had gropus of folks everywhere cleaning up the place and getting things set up.  We got everything cleaned out and moved so we could get the FGI staging area set up.  Left a couple minutes early today to head to the accountant and get my taxes done. Then home for just a second to change and head to Scouts to help with a new parent meeting.  Home in time to watch the X Files.  Then I got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers.  D and one of his buddies stopped by after baseball tryouts.

20160221 - More Hard Work til Late

20160221 - Up in the am and tried to work out but it was too much... D&I got things organized and then headed to the Lowe's where we met up with Tom and got supplies to take to the rental. We then headed to the rental, got things unloaded and dug into the work. We mopped the basement again and then Bill & Brady showed up so we taped off the floors and started painting. Gma&paW showed up and got food and supplies for everyone. L dropped J off and J&I worked on special projects together. The place definitely looks better than it did... After another long day there we headed home about 6, got cleaned up and I hit the desk working on getting taxes together until 3am...

20160220 - Hard Working Boys

20160220 - UP in the am and got D home from Merit Badge Weekend and his buddy Drew headed to the rental. G&I headed out, stopping to pick up J and drop him off at home, then on to Lowe's where we met Tom and got a bunch of supplies to get started. We met up with D and Drew at the rental and they had already carried out a bunch of stuff. I gave G some jobs and we removed trash and cleaned things up all day. L stopped and got G for basketball they got beat bad :-( The rental was an exhausting effort but the place looks 100% better than when we arrived. Home for a shower and then over to the McClains for some pizza and a good time.

20160219 + Blue and Gold

20160219 + UP in the am and exercised with L. In to work and attacked the printer area. I pulled folks from all over the building and started clearing things out and pushing things out of the way. We got the receiving area all set up today. I had to bail out in the middle of the day to meet the gas company at the rental to get the gas turned on and make a list of supplies that we need. Back to work and worked late. Home and changed and then met the fam at the Pack Blue and Gold banquet. We left D&J at the Merit Badge Weekend. Home and had ice cream with G.

20160218 + Mess

20160218 + Up in the am and into work. Spent a lot of time getting final things in place for a full assault starting tomorrow on the printer area, it is a mess... Home late again, this is getting old... Had ice cream with the boys. D home from weight lifting late.

20160217 - Preperation

20160217 - Up in the am and into work. super long day in the office trying to get things in order. Home late and L&G at basketball practice and D at baseball. J&I hung out a bit then everyone got home. We watched American Idol and headed to bed.

20160216 - No Gas

20160216 - Wrestled myself out of bed. No exercise again today :-s Fami home from school due to snow. I got in to work for another super long day of calls, change and stress... Left about 6:30 and headed to G's baseball practice. I called the Gas company on the way to get the eviction house transferred into my name and discovered that they shut the gas off this morning... SO change of plans and a stop at Lowe's to get a heater to take to the rental so we wont have any frozen pipes... Finally made it to G's practice, watched the boys and talked to the guys for a bit before heading to the rental to install the heater, take pictures and get a water meter reading. Got my stuff done and left the pet pee house to head home. Home and collapsed for a few minutes to see the boys before they headed to bed. Got cleaned up and L ran to get me dinner at Wendy's. Stayed up working on the PC a bit.

20160215 - sKissors

20160215 - Up in the am, no schools for the boys so L and I skipped exercise :-) In to work and at the desk all day getting things lined up. Good to have an office again. Stopped by the rental on the way home and put a lock-box on the door. Home and had some dinner and checked in with the fam. After dinner D went to baseball and JG&I played headbands. We were hysterical as I was a 'speed bump' and grant didn't know how to act out using sKissors, the 3rd grade phonetic interpretation of scissors. LOL! We finished our game, D home and all boys to bed. 

20160214 + Cold Tapping

20160214 + Up in the am and L&I exercised. All to church, the boys dressed in their Scout uniforms for Scout Sunday. The boys carried in the flags with the Troop, D had the American flag and G had the Pack flag. It was a long service with a lot of instruments and singing and a bit of a message. D collected the offering for our side and nearly dropped the $... After church L&I went to the Cheesecake Factory for a wind-tunnel lunch. We swung in to the Celebrate Local store for a look before G gave us a call to come home and feed him. Home and D headed out to see his valentie, but she puked and didn't show... JG&I headed out in the 17 degree weather to hang the maple syrup buckets. J&I ran in and G stayed outside to play with L. I was at the desk for a bit and L&J went and got groceries. D back home and we ran to ot the rental to see if they were out. I didn't take the keys so had to make a second trip... They had the heat cranked to 78 and some stuff left in the house so we left. Home and D out to youth group, L had already dropped J off while we were out. LG&I had some dinner and dessert. I ran back out to pick J up and then home and we watched some of Frozen. Soon down to the basement to the best Walking Dead EVER!

20160213 - Chauffeur

20160213 - Up in the am and did a couple of things at the desk and then DJ&I headed out to run some errands: post office, bank, Scout store, Target, and the gas station. No games for G today as he still has a fever and L has a temperature as well... I spent the rest of the day at the desk. D went to a friends for the night and LJG&I had leftovers for dinner and then to the basement to watch a movie. After the movie I veg'd on the couch and watched a bunch of episodes of Revolution.

20160212 - End to a Looong Week

20160212 - Up in the am and exercised with L. In to work and the customer is onsite again today. Kevin had his son in for a shadow day. It was a fast moving day and I got my office pretty much set up. Home almost on time and L headed out the door as I came in for some art class. The boys and I had Wendy's and watched the new James Bond movie Spectre. It was really good and afterwards we watched a couple episodes of Revolution. L home with her painting, it looks pretty good.

20160211 - Downtown Dinner

20160211 - Up in the am and couldn't even get out of bed to exercise... In to work early to meet with the big boss that came to town to inspect the new place and have some meetings. The meetings were good and we were able to get some raises for a handful of folks. Customer onsite today so in and out of meetings all day. G has a fever so he skipped Scouts tonight. I went straight from work to dinner at Mitchell's Steakhouse downtown. Had a good meal and nice visit with the customer. I left a bit early and got home in time to see the boys for five minutes before they headed to bed.

20160210 - Door Ajar

20160210 - Up in the am and tried to exercise, too tired. In to work dragging trying to right the ship. Every step forward has 2 unexpected steps back... Worked late trying to get the place ready for visitors... Home and fell asleep in the chair with L while the fam watched American Idol. Then couldn't sleep much so was up late.

20160209 + Snow Matress

20160209 + Up in the am and did exercises with L. In to work, getting run down. Super long day. Headed out and swung by Baseball practice and lent a hand for a minute before heading to a Scout Board of Review. We had 4 Scouts tonight and didn't get home until 9:30. 

20160208 - Green Red Blue

20160208 - Up early in the am to exercise with L. In to work and started the day with Meetings. Dave is back so hopefully things will calm down a bit... Home late, things not as calm as I had wished... L too G to his basketball practice, D went to baseball and I took J to Scouts. I sat in on the Committee meeting for a bit and the headed home to see the X-Files. After the show I got Doc and we went to Bible Bangers where we had a homeless person crash our meeting. Very interesting lesson...

20160207 - Steak Dinner

20160207 - Up early and worked out with L, then LDJG&I to church. We got home and D showed up from his sleepover at his friends. G&I headed out for some errands, the bank, drive by the rental to see if the tenants are still in the house (they are...) and the grocery to get lunch supplies. Home and D gone to hit some baseballs with a friend. JG&I cooked a fantastic steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, garlic bread and salad. It was a great meal and the boys did a great job. I crashed on couch and don't remember the afternoon... Woke up and got a couple of things done in the office. The McClains came over to watch the Super Bowl and of course the cable box wasnt working so spent 20 min on the phone getting that straightened out. Eventually we got to watch the game and the halftime show. After half time the house emptied out and the little boys went to bed. D&I stayed up and watched the rest of the game. I stayed up and worked on a projects.

20160206 + ControlinG

20160206 + UP in the am and exercised with L and then a stop at the gas station before heading into work. Got to work and checked in and everyone is rolling. I spent the day getting caught up on my stack of stuff and endless emails... I bailed out about 3 and headed to G's basketball game. LJ, Gma&paB and Gma&paW were there when I arrived and we all watched the game. It was a super good game but the boys got beat in the last 3 seconds :-( All to Dairy Queen for a treat and then home to visit for a bit. I got a bunch of things done in the office and then we watched some TV. D headed to a friends for a sleepover, J&G in the basement playing Xbox.

20160205 + Foneless Phriday

20160205 + UP in the am and worked out with L. No extra rest this morning but straight into work WITHOUT MY PHONE to meet with the team that is working 10s to get caught up... Found a big problem today and got it solved so hopefully things run smoother from here on out... Worked late again on calls with customers and invoicing. I met LDJ&G at the Outback Steakhouse for a log wait and then a nice dinner. On the way out the door I saw the lady that has been squatting in our rental for 6 months enjoying a steak dinner :-o Home and watched the new Goosebumps movie with the fam and all to bed.

20160204 - IT WORKED!!!

20160204 - Up in the am and L forced me to exercise. In to work and a complete crazy day working late again... Tested out a new ultrasonic machine that we hope will cut our workload toady. IT WORKED!!! Home for only a couple mins to spend with the boys. to bed early, have an early start tomorrow...

20160203 - Using Extra Driver

20160203 - Up early again for more exercise... Then in to work for another $h!tstorm of a day... Was working late and the secretary from the City of Gahanna texted me to see if I was going to make the meeting that I completely forgot about :-o Home late, got a bite to eat and sat down for a minute. D got home from baseball and we sent him back out to pick J up from his last night of ski club. J had a blast skiing and D told us all about practice. To bed early.

20160202 - NO!

20160202 - Up a bit later, needed a break from exercise... In to work for an absolutely maddening day of trying to navigate 2 buildings and keep up with everything going on... Had an interesting text today... The lady that has been squatting in our rental property for 6 months now finally LOST her case in court and we can PUSH her out now!!! Her text asked if she could have 5 more days.. my immediate response was 'NO!' Left work late and went straight to G's baseball practice. D had driven him there and was helping with practice, so I checked in, hung out for a min and then headed home early. Home and completely exhausted, to bed early.

20160201 - Listen

20160201 - L got me up at 5 to exercise, YAWN. Got ready for work and headed out. In to work to complete chaos. Had to run over to the old building for a walk through with the owners to see what else we need to do for cleanup before the final walk through. Worked a crazy hectic day and then ran home and straight to Scouts with J. D at baseball and L&G at basketball practice. Home at 8 to watch the X-Files, Jack got a ride home. After X-Files I got Doc and we headed to a good night at Bible Bangers.