20200930 - G Called Up

20200930 - Up slow and L at work and J&G online for school. I had a slower day so I broke out the new PC and started the install process. I looked for the hard drive and couldn't find it. Lonie informed me that the tiny little chip I am pointing to is now what a 500GB drive looks like. AMAZING! After work L&I took G to a 15U game he got called up for. G held his own and had some nice hits that we caught in the outfield, but for playing up he did his job, especially in the cold and light rain. Home and was up way too late getting the new PC set up, then couldn't sleep...

20200929 + FUNd Run

20200929 + Up in the am and L at work and J&G online for school. I had my morning meetings and then got tangled up in unplanned stuff the shot the rest of the day. L pulled me out of the office to go to G's XC FUNd Run. It was a nice event and L&I walked the mile together in 20:19. I see no reason to run that far or in G's case twice that far...  CRAZY After the event we headed home for dinner that we picked up at KFC on the way. We then settled in and watched the Presidential Debate. It was a horrible spectacle. I don't believe either of the men running and with our untrustworthy news providers I don't even know where to go to learn the actual truth. What a horrible state things have fallen to.

20200928 - NO SLEEP

20200928 - Up in the am, L at work and G online, I got J up so he wouldn't miss class and got to work myself. Spent the day at the PC catching up on all sorts of things. L home, G's xc practice cancelled, J in to work. I finished my day at the desk late and headed out to have dinner with L&G. After we ate I headed to Scouts to drop off awards, Home Depot to return pipes I didn't need this weekend, swung through McD's to see how late their lobby was open (trying to find a place for Bible Bangers to start back up...) and dropped off a package at the post office. Home and back at the desk finishing up a couple things and then watched some football with L, G joined us after we shut his internet ff for being too loud... All to bed, I DID NOT SLEEP AT ALL...

20200927 + Farm Work

20200927 + Up in the am and L got G from sleep over and he went to bed, J to work and L&I headed up to the Farm. I got tools and parts loaded up and I opened the garbage disposal we bought last night just to make sure it had a dishwasher connection. It did but I also found out the disposal in the box was an old one that someone had returned... So on the way we stopped at Home Depot and swapped it out for an actual new one, that I opened in the store to confirm it was brand new. It was a nice day and a quick drive. We got there and for whatever reason dad wanted to review all the things we looked at last weekend, so we looked at the breaker in the milkhouse, looked at the wiring to the water heater and then looked at the garbage disposal... Land mom headed out to buy cat and cow food and lunch for us and I got to working on the garbage disposal. 30 min later new disposal in and working perfect and aerators replaced on the kitchen and utility room sinks. L and mom showed up and we had a nice lunch. John and Mary showed up and we chatted for a bit before we headed down to the Farmhouse where in short order I removed and bypassed the old knifed fuse box to the water heater. There was plenty of other small things that could be done but dad wasn't feeling up to it so we all sat on the front porch and chatted a bit before L&I headed home. We got home and L ran G to basketball and we had pork chops on grill and watched football on the back porch while I got next week lined up for work. In and watched some more football until we all headed to bed.

20200926 - 16th and Lead Off

20200926 - Up in the am L had ran G to catch the bus for a XC meet. I got around and L&I headed to Pickerington to watch G run, he got 16th out of 139 kids and was mad because the top 15 got plaques and he missed it by 1 second... We got G and headed to Berliner for a baseball game. it was G's 1st game with new baseball team. G was the lead off hitter and got a standup double on first at bat and he played short the entire game. The boys looked really good for never playing in a game before, but their hitting needs work. The game was a success and they won, Arsenal (7) @ Licking Valley (2). Home and L&I ran to Home Depot to get some supplies to take to the Farm for tomorrow's repairs. L ran G to a bday party sleepover. The McClains came over and we walked downtown for a couple drinks and dinner and to catch up. We walked back home and hung out around the new fire table for a bit before they left. I was up late watching TV and J headed out camping for the night.

20200925 - Warm Viewing

20200925 - Up in the am and L at work and J&G online for school. I got around and on the PC. I had a couple of meetings and paid bills for the next couple weeks. G got eyes checked and all good. After work L&I walked to the Gahanna Grill for dinner and had a nice meal. A bit disappointing as we found out our favorite waiter was moving the Queens NYC. Home and we hung around the house and didn't do much this evening except hang out with the new fire table and watch J's friend Donovan Varney play football on TV.

20200924 - Hanging by the Pit

20200924 - Up in the am and L at work and I got J up and G was already online. I headed out and stopped at the post office, Scout store and then the office. We had a meeting with an IT company today, Chatted with CB a bit and drove the IT guys to do a bit more cleaning. Lonie and I headed to MicroCenter where he got a new microphone and I got a new PC for the home office. I chatted with dad on the way home and then J helped me carry in stuff from the car and Amazon deliveries. unpacked and delivered the new alarm clock to J&G and then sat down at the desk to get online for the first time today. Got only a couple of things done before it was time to head to G's XC meet. L drove me there so I could finish up a couple things. It was in Westerville and Sam was running and it was the first time they have been in a race together. Both boys did well, well G had a crap or some other excuse but still came in 13th in the 2 mile event with 13.03 and Sam 44 at 17:43. We hung out with Rich, Nicole and Lena during the race. After the race we headed home and we swung through Popeye's to get spicy chicken sandwiches for dinner. Home and we ate on the back porch and I started putting together the fire pit that arrived. L ran to get G from school and home for a min and G&I headed to hitting lessons. G did good at lessons and his coach asked him to join his team for a game next week. On the way home we ran out to pick up some Booster stiff from a lady's house. Home and I finished the fire pit, hooked up the gas and hung out on the back porch with G until midnight.

20200923 - Busy Doing Little

 20200923 - Up in the am and L at work and J&G online for school. I got some work done and got things lined up. Did some Booster stuff and then L home. J headed out with friends and LG&I had dinner. G vanished to his room and L&I took Lilly on a walk. L left us at Bob & Tina's corner and Lily and I took the shorter way home. Back tot he house and finished up Booster stuff. D had his frist day at Amazon today, said it went well. Talked to dad and he's frustrated with a heart monitor he has to wear for 30 days, watched some TV with L and read a book about publishing a blog to an actual book until bed time. Couldn't fall asleep again...

20200922 + Final Cleanup

20200922 + Up in the am and L at work and J on the PC for school. I ran G to his orthodontist appointment in New Albany where he got some new braces added to a couple of teeth and things tightened up. We swung through McD's ont he way home for some sausage mc'mufffins and then swapped cares with L at her school. Home and I dropped G off and headed in to work with a couple stops to deliver things on the way. In to the office and Lonie and I ran to the computer and hardware stores to get supplies. On our trip Lonie told me that the parrot that was his mothers had died over the weekend and he was very upset about it. It was the last thing he had of his mother's...  Back to the office to finish up as much cleaning as we could do in the IT room. Looks pretty darn good now!  Home and got on the PC for the first time today and got some things done. L ran G to and from XC practice and J was at work. D stopped by for a visit with one of his buddies and we had a nice chat with them. Headed to bed when j got home and slept good. 

20200921 - This is a mess!

20200921 - Up in the am and L at work and J&G sleeping because they don't have class again today for whatever reason... I got things done around the house and online for work and L texted me, apparently G does have school today and missed all morning... This is a mess!

20200920 + Proof of Light

20200920 + Up in the am and L and a couple of her friends here cackling in the kitchen. J at work and G making plans with friends. I got myself around, shipped some ebay things and then headed up to the Farm. Got there and Dad, Mom and I headed out to do a couple jobs. We moved Curly's water and then worked on the spring in the orchard to get the flow a bit better. Got things dug up* and cleaned up a bit and flowing. On to the next job at the Farmhouse, working on the lamppost. I took apart all the wires leading to the switch in the dining room and out to the lamppost, making sure they were taped off and labeled. We then removed the old top and put a solar top on the post. I was very skeptical that enough light would hit it to make it light up... Done with our outside jobs we headed in and worked on how email works, the stroke erased the email process from dad's brain and it is one of the few things he is going to have to retrain himself to do. He seemed to get it and I left some papers for him to help. We then took a long stroll down to the Barn and over to the wood house, farmhouse and chatted about possibilities and dreams. Some of ours line up and some are a bit off but very close. But I let him know it doesn't matter if we are aligned at all, he has worked his entire life there and whatever he wants to do is fine and I will help him do it.

It was getting later in the day so I headed home. Home and L&G just finished dinner so I grabbed a plate and caught up with L and what all her and her girlfriends got done today and G had 4 boys at the house all day. J was doing some things with friends and got home a bit later. L&I watching some football. Got a text from dad that the solar light WORKED! AMAZING!

* Spring in Orchard Notes: there are two plastic tub covers. The one further up the hill is dead, don’t waste time on it. The one downhill is a sump pump basin with no bottom and holes drilled in the sides to let groundwater in. This one is active and connected to the hoses

20200919 + Hanging Out

20200919 + Up in the am just in time to get to G to baseball practice, I helped where I could... G did good in the field today and hit really well. Home and L was in a cleaning frenzy... I dis mantled the Hyundai fan for the second week in a row and removed leaves and nuts from the cabin fan. I took the filter out this time and it is obvious something chewed through it... I called the auto parts store to see if they had a filter in stock and Dawn, the lady i had to evict years ago and stuck me for a couple grand, was working the desk and she confirmed she had what I needed, so I ran there and she had my options ready for me. I got the filter and ran home and replaced it. Next was L's headlights that weren't working... I looked in the fuse box and after I got all the peanut shells vacuumed out all the fuses looked good. I removed the bulbs and both headlights were burnt out; back to the auto part store. Dawn wasn't there this time so I had to find the bulbs on my own... Back home and got the bulbs in and all good. L was now hanging out of the upstairs window and cleaning the siding... G showed up, didn't know he was gone, with 5 kids in the backyard and jumped on the trampoline and played wiffle ball. I finished up all my jobs and settled in on the back porch. L joined me eventually. We sat on the porch and watched college football until it got too cold for us and we went in and finished the night.

20200918 - Lilly is 12!

20200918 - Up in the am had a couple of calls and got the day rolling. L at school and J&G no school today... not sure how that happens after 6 months off??? I was on the phone on and off. all day and deep in to building an app. Finished the day and LG&I ran to Jimmy John's to get subs for dinner. Home and ate and Lilly got a couple cupcakes for her 12th bday and then L&I took her on a big walk. Back to the house and hung out the rest of the night.

20200917 - Yummy

20200917 - Up in the am from a sleepless night. L at school and J&G on their PCs for school. I jumped on a couple calls and then headed in to the desk to get the day rolling. J ran out for lunch and shipped some stuff for me and G practiced his swing during his break. I finished the day at the desk and headed over to the Mallonn's to meet up with Jason and Penn for a Maker's Mark bourbon online tasting. It was interesting and then the wives joined us after for some pizza and chatting. A nice relaxing afternoon and evening. Home and checked in with the boys and headed to bed not too late.

20200916 + Bigger Walk

20200916 + Up in the am and L at work and J&G online for school. I got around and jumped on a call and kept the day rolling. Finished the day in the back yard. and L made us dinner. L&I took Lilly on a bigger walk today and she did ok. Home and hung out in front of the TV the rest of the night.

20200915 - Wind In Her Face

20200915 - Up late with the good long nights sleep I needed and got some stuff done before my first call. Got the team rolling and attacked my todo list. J ran out for lunch and back, L home and I moved my office to the back porch and got a bunch done. After a bit Lilly and I had to run G to the school to catch a bus to his XC meet and L&J went to get their eyes checked. I got home and D was there. He put air in the tires of the big white car and then drove me to get our eyes checked. Nobody’s eyes really changed that much. But I wanted new glasses as my near vision changed a bit but they didn’t have what I wanted so I’ll have to find them someplace else. D ran me past the high school to meet Andy and pick up programs to mail out. Home and D took off, J was at work and I headed back out to the porch. L home soon and let me know that G came in 2nd! and then she sent me to pick him up from the bus. Home and we ate and then L took off on a speed walk while I finished up my stuff on the PC and then L&I took a stroll and invited L to come along as long as she didn't try to make us go fast... After the walk we watched some TV and got everyone to bed in good time.

20200914 - NO CRIERS

20200914 - Well I didn't sleep AT ALL last night. I did fall asleep shortly after Ls alarm to get up went off and she got in the shower...  After about 3 hrs sleep I was up late, got myself together and dug in to the world of catching up. L at her first day of school with kids for the year, J&G on their PCs for school. Dad called this am and something was wrong with my phone and he couldn't hear me, hope it didn't confuse him more... L home an NO CRIERS, first time ever! Boys done with school and G's friends started showing up as I was on the porch still working through email catch up. L made us some dinner and LJ&I ate on the porch while G continued to play. After dinner L took a walk and I finished up on email and then took Lilly on a walk, apparently we walk too slow for L... after the walk L&I hung out in the living room and reviewed old videos. G came down and we watched some Ninja Warrior before we all headed to bed and I crashed right away.

20200913 + Straight Rows

20200913 + Up in the am and got a couple things done around the house. J had left with some friends for an all day bday event on a lake and G not home from his bday party. I headed to the post office and grocery and when I started my car it made the weirdest nose... something was wrong with my cabin fan motor. I messed with the dial a bit but the noise didn't go away, unless I turned the fan off. I was going to head up to the Farm but knew the noise would drive me crazy so I swung back around to the house and took the fan out of the dash. leaves, rocks and seeds were in the fan housing. Removed them and silent again. Everything put back together and I headed north. I got tot he Farm as mom and dad were getting ready for lunch so I joined them. We chatted a bit and dad's speech seemed a bit better and less confused, he was able to express himself better than in days past. I then received very detailed and specific instructions on how to mow the grass around each of the buildings... so the part of his brain that thinks every detail of a task needs explained is still intact (can we trade that for improved expression?). But I listened and then got to mowing. A couple hours later and everything was mowed. I checked back in and they had nothing else they needed done so we chatted a bit more and I hit the road. Home and L&I took Lilly on a walk and ran in to a couple sets of neighbors and chatted a while. Home and I ate and caught up with L. We watched TV the rest of the evening and J got home and told us of his day on the lake. All to bed in good time. I need to get caught up this week.

20200912 - New Hats & Jerseys

20200912 - Up early and L&I headed to New Albany to watch G run in an XC race. G told L that this was not going to be a good race for him when she dropped him off... he was right, came in 20 something. I guess the $130 running shoes were a bad investment...We headed home and I got on the PC to get some stuff done and then headed to the garage to give it a good cleaning. Just as I got started I had to run G to baseball practice downtown. There was too much traffic for us to cut over and get off at the Greenlawn exit and we had to go down tot he Frank rd. exit. Well Frank rd. is CLOSED the direction we wanted to go... go we took back roads to get all the way back up to 70 and try again... So on track to be on-time turned in to 15 min late... How's it possible? Got to practice and it was a good one. The guy that runs the organization showed up with hats and shirts for the boys and they got them after practice and posed for a sec. Home and J still doing homework and L went with me to deliver G to a bday party at his buddy Andrews. Home and I finished cleaning out the garage and then retired to the back porch with some of the shepherds pie L made for dinner and she walked down to the neighbors to pick up some socks and stayed and chatted until after dark. I made another candle out of leftover wax and watched TV until too cold to be outside. In and up late editing videos.

20200911 - Best GLHS Football Game

20200911 - Up late and L at school and J&G online for school. I got some email and things done in the living room and then headed in to the office and decided to take everything to the back porch to get some more done. L got home and I had to go in and put jeans on, just a titch too cold for shorts today. Finished the day on the porch, came in and J upset we're keeping him home to do some school work this evening... G&I ran to the high school football game to pick up some of the programs I have been working on the last several weeks to mail out to folks that bought them online. I then dropped G off at a friends and headed home to eat. L&I ate on the back porch and L went, too chilly, and we watched the Gahanna football game on TV while I whittled away on editing videos. It was the best Gahanna football game we have ever seen! Too bad we couldnt be at the stadium to watch it live :-(

20200910 + Cleaning Cookies & Cut

20200910 + Up early and ran to get blood drawn and gas. Home and L had the boys up and ready for school and then her and I headed up to the Farm. It was a beautiful day and a nice drive until we got to Mansfield and it was shrouded in fog, lots of fog!  We got to mom and dad’s house and started cleaning things up to give mom a boost when she gets to bring dad home. We ran to Wendy’s for lunch and brought it back and ate at the picnic table by the spring house. Back to cleaning for a bit and then we ran and picked up dad’s car (D’s old car) from the repair shop. I headed back to the house, installed some seat covers in the car and cleaned some more while L stopped to get some groceries. We headed out about 4 and mom is on her way home with dad! :-o  A bit surprised as they were not able to pinpoint the cause of the stroke... He is on 3 different meds and has some follow up appointments at a place specializing in more investigation for stroke patients where they couldn’t find a cause, some physical and speech therapy. L and I got him about 5 and D was home, he ran G to XC for us and J was at work. L took D out on the back porch and cut some of his mop of hair. We chatted with D a bit before he ran off and then L cleaned the kitchen after J’s attempt at making cookies today and I got cleaned up. We only got to sit for a bit before I ran to get G from his buddy’s that he went to after XC and we went to batting practice. G had a good practice, we headed home, got something to eat and watched some of the first NFL game for the year. Was NOT happy that one player from the Kansas knelt and the Texans didn't even come out of the locker room for the National Anthem... Headed to bed and edited videos until late.

20200909 - Carpenters

20200909 - Up in the am and chatted with mom a bit before she headed up to Akron to be with dad today. After many years of being a therapist and taking care of folks that have had strokes, the reality of this is happening to us hit her this morning... She took off and I have a list of stuff to get done today. I jumped on email and a couple calls and then got to the task list. I spent a bunch of time cleaning things up andmid afternoon headed home. It was a quick drive and I got home and had a moment to sit and catch up with L and she told me all about the orientation she’s done with her students the last couple days and she’s excited for school to start. She whipped us up some dinner and we ate on the porch. After we ate I loaded some tools up and headed to D’s apartment to help him install some doors so he could have a lockable space. Each of his roommates came in at different points and helped with things and in no time we had a securable room for him. The boys helped me carry the tools back to my car and I headed home. Home and chatted with J a bit when he got home from work, he didn’t have a great day, he had to train people and doesn’t like doing that. We closed down the day and headed to bed. I took the pc with me and G came down a handful of times as he couldn’t sleep. Up too late and too tired to sleep. 

20200908 - Best Office Ever!

20200908 - Up in the am and mom already up. I got myself around and she headed in to the hospital. She got there and called and had dad talk to me, he was out of sorts and couldn't really say what he was thinking, repeating things a lot. I jumped on my weekly team call and got things lined up with them for the week and then checked back in, mom wants to go home tonight so I packed up, checked out and headed to the Farm. After a quick drive I was there and checked on the animals Dave came over and fed this morning and then set up my office down at the farmhouse. What an awesome office on a beautiful day. I kept up with email and things rolling as I listened to the spring gargle in the background and a light breeze kept me cool. I sent a bunch of text to tons of folks giving them update. Mom called and they are going to keep dad overnight again to look at the backside of his heart, they are trying to figure out where the clot came from... I took a break and walked out to the barn and thought of all the time spent there and how it was when it was full of cows and activities. I finished the day in my outdoor office and my buddy showed up and we went to KFC to get dinner and ate down at the spring, had a couple of beers and caught up for a couple hours. It was a very nice visit. Mom got home and dad has a procedure early in the morning and was doing better when she left then he was in the morning. Dave and went up to the house with mom and chatted with her a bit before we all wrapped up the day and headed to bed.

20200907 - STROKE!

20200907 - Up in LATE and got some things shipped for ebay and then out to the back porch to get some things done. Soon L&G got me and we went to the running store to get G some expensive shoes. Home and a bunch of G's buddies showed up and played wiffle ball. I got a call from mom, dad is in the hospital! They headed up north to do some shopping and it started raining so they wrapped things up and headed back. On the way back dad started saying 'something sin't right...' They got the car pulled over and mom could tell by the things he was saying there was a problem. She got him transferred to the passengers seat and mom headed to the nearest hospital. The trip was somewhat delayed by the road being underwater but eventually got to the hospital in Akron and got him in. As soon as she said stroke a team got dad in a wheelchair, hooked up to devices and an IV in. A couple scans later and she was able to call me about it. Of course she said don't come... she always says that... I jumped up grabbed a couple bags, threw some stuff in them and headed out. I made some calls along the way. It was a horrible drive, through a downpour that had 71 at 35mph. By the time I got to the Farm a friend had arranged a hotel in Akron close to the hospital. I got the Farm and called mom, let her know we would just be staying up there tonight and got some of her things together. I talked to dad a little bit and he was very concerned that mom needed to go to bed and the animals fed. I got the dog and cats fed and headed to Akron. I couldn't go to the hospital with all the COVID crap still going on so I checked in to the hotel and found us some dinner at Wendy's. Back to the hotel and soon mom showed up. we had our little dinner and chatted a bit. I stayed up late on the PC watching Netfilx.

20200906 - Farm Time and Camp Crawl

20200906 - Up in the am and L got J up for work and then LG&I headed out. We stopped and got Trent, G's buddy on the way and headed to the Farm. On the drive up we got a call from Wendy's looking for J 15min after he was supposed to be at work... We got the Farm in good time and GpaW helped the boys get the pug out for a couple laps around the yard, makes me nervous... Then he cooked some pork chops on the grill. We had a nice lunch and then headed up to see the changes at Camp Mowana, I hadn't been there forever. We explored Onieda as it was unlocked and these are its last days. we then hiked across the bridges and trails I built ages ago with Trevor from Jamaica back to the falls. Things are overgrown and L&I couldn't find all the indian faces, but I found our 'MW ❤︎ LB' I put in the cement 26 years ago! we hiked through the pines and looked in some cabins, checked out where the pool use to be and the pond that is filling in. It was a nice walk on a beautiful day. We gathered up and headed back to the Farm for some ice cream and then hit the road, both boys falling asleep on the way. We dropped Trent of and I chatted with his dad about baseball a bit and then home and on to the back porch. Soon kids were coming through the gate to play wiffle ball with G and hang out. G wanted kids to spend the night but it was just too much for us and too late to arrange.

20200905 + Lena's 11

20200905 + Up late and L had made G and Trent some bfast. I had a couple of her cinnamon rolls after sorting boxes and packing some ebay sales. Got things shipped and started other tasks for the day. J headed to work. Got a couple things done and then L rounded G&I up and we headed to Lena's bday party. It was a nice little party and we ate and chatted and hung out a bit. Home and L made a fire and we hung out in the backyard. G had a bunch of kids come over and they played out back until dark.

20200904 - Lost Trouble

20200904 - Up late and fired up the PC on the back porch to work outside today in this great Fall like weather. L already and school and J&G doing online school. I got a bunch of thins done today. L ran G to XC even thought he is claiming a 'stress fracture' (thinks he's a Dr. now...) and J was ready to go out with friends but got called in to work for someone that didn't show up... but he changed his mind and called them back and told them he wasn't on the schedule and had other plans. L&I on the back porch and eventually G and a handful of kids showed up to play wiffle ball. After dinner L&I headed to the Mallonn's for some whiskey and catchup conversation. It was nice and relaxing. Home and Trent was here with G and the beat me in Trouble. On to bed where I stayed up way too late processing vidoes and pics pulled from our phones.

20200903 - Short Walk

20200903 - Up early and jumped on a call and blew through the morning. L headed in to her classroom and J&G online for school. J headed out to get some lunch and G swung the bat a couple of times during their lunch breaks. I finished up my day on the back porch and D stopped by after work to pick something up and chat a sec. L made dinner and LG&I ate outside and then I ran him to batting practice. He is doing good at hitting and we ran in to Tom and Landon there and chatted a bit. Home and L&I took Lilly on a short walk and then hung out on the porch for a bit before heading in for the rest of the night.

20200902 ‡ A Medal & New PR for G

20200902 ‡ Up in the am and J&G online for school. L got herself around and headed in to school. I got things together and headed to the back porch office for the day. It was a nice day and I got a ton done. J headed out for lunch, G hit the Xbox and L came home. L ran G to school to take the bus to Canal Winchester for a XC meet and when my day ended we headed down to watch. We ran into some friends and chatted a bit and watched the race. G did really good and cam in 7th out of 129 kids, got a medal and hit a new PR! Home and I did some stuff on the PC and wrapped the Booster Sport Program Ad sales for the year.

20200901 - NOT Happy

20200901 - Up in the am and J&G online for school and L heading out to her classroom. I jumped on a couple calls before lunch. Spent the rest of the day getting things done. L ran G to and from XC and then I ran him to baseball practice and then headed to City Hall for a couple Civil Service Appeals Hearings. I was NOT happy with the outcome of one of them, but said my piece... Home and G got home about the same time and reported that his practice was a bit of a shit show as another team joined them... I made a call about that and tried to get things straightened out... Chris Pettit came over adn we hung out on the back porch and caught up for a couple hours. In and updated more old blog posts while watching TV until late.