20220823 - Up in the am and headed to the dentist, everything looks good. Home and to the desk to knock out the things I needed to get done in the AM. Jumped in G's car and headed up to the school. I stopped to fill up the gas and G walked over and met me. G drove us to Jackson OH to get his car inspected. It took us about 1.5 hours to get there. We waited a bit, pulled in, gave the guys all the paperwork we had and hoped they didn't impound the car... IT passed inspection and the guy said there was a BMV just down the road. We went there and there was NO ONE in line so we walked right up to the counter, got the new title and new plates in one stop in about 15 min! AMAZING! I never thought we would get all that done toady! I found the world's largest apple water tower and a house made of stone from the Grand Canyon in Jackson so we had a look and G drove us home.