20210531 - Memorial Day

20210531 - Up and ready in the am. D over and he carried J&G while L drove Hazel and I to Gma&paB's for Memorial day. It was a lovely day! we had some good food, hung out and chatted, the boys went over to the ball field, Hazel chased her ball a million times, just very nice relaxing day. The boys headed out in the late afternoon. L&I stayed and chatted and napped, ate again and then headed home. Home and had some calls about the baseball team. Got to bed in good time. Nice day!

20210530 + NO MORE VIDEOS!!!

20210530 + Up too early and LG Hazel & I headed to Whetstone field in Worthington where D used to play baseball all the time for G's first game of the day. Game did not go well... After a beating we headed home, got something to eat, watched a bit of the Indy 500 and took a nap. J headed to work and LG Hazel and I headed back to Whetstone for game 2. Gma&paW came to the game and luckily it was a much better performance by out boys. I didn't video G's at bats this time and he went 2 for 2! Hazel and her naked friend Homer played and played during the game, chasing each other and having a good time. The boys lost and we headed out. On the way home we stopped by the DataField office to show G and Gma&paW the building. Back on the road, home and then GpaW &I headed to the Chinese place to pick up dinner. We chatted about his upcoming surgery and he is VERY nervous. I reminded him that he lived through open heart surgery that was way more risky that this procedure... Home and D showed up for dinner. We had a nice dinner and good to see them. D took off and G wanted a friend to spend the night but we're headed to Newcomerstown tomorrow. L&I watched 'Things Seen and Heard', a pretty good scary movie trying to stay awake to see J when he got home from work. J home, we chatted with him a bit and then headed to bed.

20210529 - Sparks Fly

20210529 - Up WAY TOO EARLY and LG&I headed to Olentangy for baseball. It was FREEZING!!! G's team played pretty horrible and we got run-ruled in the first game. There was not enough time to run home so we found a Culver's had had a nice long lunch. Game 2 G took the mound and we played a better team and stood our ground until about the 4th when the wheels came off and we lost that game too.  Home and warmed up a bit. Hazel and I headed to the dog park to stretch her legs from being caged up all morning. We stopped and got some McD's on the way home. Home and ate and watched some TV and got some things done on the laptop. G came down and tried to heat something up sparks and smoke flew out of the microwave... I did some research and it looks like a little mica sheet called a waveguide that burned up. I found sheets of mica on ebay for $10. We'll see if it works... J home and back out spending the night at ta friends.

20210528 - D Lunch with Gma&paW

20210528 - Up in the am and had a pretty normal day. D and his buddy Jeff were working up in Mansfield today and met Gma&paW for lunch. LG&I headed to Nazareth for a nice dinner. home and L and I watched a crappy movie and then a good one. J home from work and went to a buddy's to spend the night.

20210527 - Stealing Home

20210527 - Up in the am and J&G headed out for their last day of school. Hoping they come home graduated to the next grade 😬  I had calls and was in the office all day, while L and Hazel worked in the yard. J got home from school and officially passed into his senior year! 🎉 G home next and graduated to high school! 🎉 After work LG&I headed to Berliner where G is playing up a league with a 15U team tonight. L&I dropped him off and ran to get subs for dinner. G had to borrow a heavier bat and hit a short infield ball that he beat the throw to first and got on base. He then stole 2nd, 3rd AND home! G ended the night 3 for 3; Single, stole 2,3&home, Double, stole 2, Single, stole 2&3

20210526 + Bad Ball

20210526 + Up in the am and in to the office on a call. J home early from school and to Wendy's for work. L and Hazel mowing the grass. I had a busy day on the phone and when G got home we packed up and headed to Newark. L&I dropped G off at the field and ran to get gas. Back to the field for one of the worse baseball games I’ve ever witnessed... after getting pummeled we headed home. Home and L made some dinner and we finished off the night in front of the TV. GpW had a hematology visit today and he does have extra high clotting elements in his blood, so they have a plan for the surgery to prevent clotting.

20210525 - Boys Dinner

20210525 - UP in the am and J&G at school, L home for the summer so all in Hazel and I's business, messing up our morning routine... L cleaning like a possessed person so I headed in to the office earlier than usual, Hazel followed. L got herself together and headed to her friend Marlene’s fathers calling hours with her friend Steph. D got his covid shot today. Boys home from school and J drove us to Waffle House for dinner but they were carry out only... so we ended up at the Winking Lizard and had a good meal and a good time  home and the boys headed to their electronics  I hung out watching TV waiting for L to get home. L home late and told me about her day.

20210524 - Running Home

20210524 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. L just doing end of year cleanup and inventory. J had his short day and brought sausage McMuffins home. I headed in to the office where I had a couple calls and got a bunch done. Lonie was in the Worthington office today and swung by the house on his way home. Unfortunately I was on a call so could chat long. L had a bit of a screaming incident today when she tried to set a chipmunk free that somehow got stuck between the screen and window in the garage. I was on a call so J had to come to her and the chipmunks rescue...  After work I had to re-setup our home wifi due to some Google changes. After a bit L, Hazel and I headed to Berliner to watch a bit of G's practice and a bit of D's game. D's team has so much fun on the field, bunch of crazy boys. Home and watched some TV and did some stuff on the pc until late.

20210523 + House Trim

20210523 + Up in the am and L headed to her friend Steph's to help with a graduation party today. I got dressed in long pants and a long sleeve shirt to protect myself from getting more sun today and headed outside to trim the side of the house. G's buddy headed home and G watched as I was on the ladder. J got home and finished the high parts for me and G helped put stuff away. Hazel and I headed to the dog park for a bit. J headed to work. Hazel and I swung through Wendy's to get frostys and see J. Home and did some Booster stuff and then ran G to his basketball open gym and met the coach. Home and charged the AC on L's big white car and did more booster stuff. Ran and picked G up and we got dinner at McD's. Home and ate, G&I watched a bit of a movie before he headed upstairs and I did some more Booster stuff. L home and told about her day. J home and chatted with us for a bit. We watched American Idol finale and headed to bed in good time. i stayed up and got more Booster stuff done.

20210522 - I got BURNED!

20210522 - Up in the am and LG Hazel and I headed to Galena for a double header. While the teams were warming up Hazel and I took a walk back along a creek and through a small woods. We stayed out in centerfield where we found some shade and a nice breeze. L joined us and we watched some baseball. G was having an off day on the field and at the plate. The boys lost the first game, we had a short break and then started the second. Second game not much better. G's bat did wake up and he hit a nice double and got called to the mound where he did a great job. Loss #2 for the day and we headed home, got changed and headed to the Bowman's for a team cook out. It was when we were changing that I noticed I got burned. Not a little. Like lobster red on my knees and shins. I was in the shade?! We had a good time at the bowman's chatting with the parents and the kids had a blast. Their young coach fit in great with the boys and adult enough to fit in with the bigs. Home and Luke came with us and G and Luke headed back to the school to play basketball with some friends. G didn't come home with Luke, but came home with Madden and Madden was spending the night. I have no idea how these things happen... I played the boys in trouble and then they vanished upstairs. I applied aloe several times while up late on the pc.

20210521 - Pool Play!

20210521 - Up early and headed to Panera for a Booster meeting where we met with the Athletic Director. It was a good meeting and maybe things will get better... Home and right on the phone for work. L home  and went out to run some errands. She brought home a baby pool for Hazel and she played in it all day. After work L&I walked down to the Gahanna Grill for dinner on the patio. It was a nice dinner, the weather was great and the cotton wood was floating like snow. Home and L&I watched a couple of good movies while the boys came and went. G had a bunch of kids over and for the first time there were a handful of girls... 

20210520- My Kind of Meeting!

20210520 - Up in the am and a completely boring normal day. L took G to pitching lessons in the afternoon and she was amazed at all this guy knows and things he had G do. Andy stopped over after work and we went through Booster stuff on the back porch and just chatted for a couple hours. Check in with GpaW, he had a pre-op appointment today and everything is a go for his upcoming surgery.

20210519 + J Gets Crypto!

20210519 + Up in the am LJ&G at school, L just doing end of year cleaning. I was on the phone most of the day getting the rollout of our project finalized. L home and made us a nice dinner and we all ate on the back porch together. After dinner I got J signed up at Coinbase and we bought his first cryptocurrency. I then replaced the regulator hose on the fire table, still smells like propane to me... G&I went to his batting practice as a refresher for him. Home and L&I watched some TV before heading to bed.

20210518 - Bambi

20210518 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. J's short day so he was home early. GpaW sent me a pic from the farm of a baby deer he found while out walking around today. Hazel and I did our morning stuff and I headed in to the office to start the calls for the day. L home from school, she was a bit sad as today was her last day of classes with her kids for the year. L picked G up at school and took him to get his first covid shot. They got home and L took G to his game and I headed across town for dinner with guys from work. It was a good dinner and good to see those guys. I headed home and L&G got there right as I did. G's team won, he's not hitting... L&I stayed up and watched Big Sky.

20210517 + Beer with D

20210517 + Up in the am and LJG at school. Havel and I got up and around and I jumped on an am call and then stayed at the desk. L home and took Hazel on a walk. G caught a ride to baseball practice and I worked on the fire table that was leaking propane and threw the ball. I ordered the part needed to fix it and then L Hazel and I headed to Berliner. We drove past D's team as we headed to G's practice. L stayed at G's practice and Hazel and I went and had a beer with D and his teammates. L&G joined us as D's team, the 'Natty Knights', took the field for their game. We stayed for a couple of innings and watched the boys have fun. Home and J and Conor were there working on a school project. G&I watched some TV and got his cards packed up to send off to be graded. Up late watching TV.

20210516 - J's 18!!!

 20210516 - L got G&I up WAY TOO EARLY to drive to Dayton for G's baseball game. We swung through McD's on the way and then made it to the game. It was NOT GOOD, our pitching and the field umpire thought he was on TV and everyone was there to listen to him... Our coach had enough and fired back at him and got thrown out. The boys didn't play well, G got double and one other boy got a triple, but that was pretty much it. We lost and G&I headed home. Home and we had some lunch with J as he opened his bday presents. J headed out to do somethings with friends, G had some boys over, L cleaned up the yard and I relaxed. Before long J was home, we all got dressed and headed to the high school to watch J's choir concert. Because of COVID they broke the concerts up, so instead of going and seeing all of the choirs, you had a timeslot where you only went in when your child was performing. So it was much shorter and easier to get in and out. I didn't mind, but L would have like to see all of them. Well she did, she watched them online before we went to J's, his was last. After the concert D&G met LJ&I at Rusty Bucket for J's bday dinner. We had a nice meal with our big boys. J left to go see some friends, D headed home and LG&I back to the house. G&I stayed up late getting some baseball cards ready to be sent out for grading. Up late watching TV and looking through auctions.

20210515 - STATE CHAMPION!!!

20210515 - Up in the am and G&I headed out to pick up some auction wins. Gary is shutting down his store and relocating. G&I got our stuff and headed home. L delivered some food and cleaned up her friend Marlene's house as she is with her father in hospice. G headed to the State Track meet early with some of his teammates. I headed out to meet cousin Jennifer and her dogs at the Gahanna dog park and walk and chat a bit. Hazel and I swung through Wendy's to get frostys and lunch on the way home. Home and ate and listened to G's baseball games on my phone, they won one and lost one. L&I got ourselves together and headed to Hillard to the State Track meet. We got some good seats and were joined by Terrill and D showed up. We bet on all the races and then the very last race, the MAIN EVENT, the boys 4x400 that G and his buddies were in. The race started and was FULL GO from the gun! We yelled and screamed and cheered!!! we were in 3rd, then 4th, then 1st, then 2nd and then G pushed through at the alst second and got 1st to handoff to Owen and he zoomed the boys to a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP and new school record of 3:41:13. AMAZING FAST!!! AMAZING TO SEE!!! SO EXCITING!!!!

We rushed over to the podium for the awards ceremony and it was SO COOL!!! We took tons of pictures and then all the boys and families came back to Coaches in Gahanna for a celebration dinner. Home, the adrenaline still rushing and settled in for the evening.

20210514 - Candygram!

20210514 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel and I did our morning routine and then I headed in to the office. L home and we ran to Moe's to get some dinner. Gma&paW stopped by with bday presents for J. Up planning ahead for a busy weekend.

20210513 - Tough Cork

20210513 - Up in the am and LG&J at school. Havel and I did our morning routine and then I headed in to the office. At the desk all morning getting things done. Had a pretty intense day of data cleansing and came out of the office late. Had dinner with L&G on the back porch and then threw the ball to Hazel a bit. Then we ran to the gas station to fill the car before all the gas in Columbus vanishes like it is everywhere else in the country... Got some ice cream there and headed home. Home and watched some TV and did some Booster blasts. Up late reviewing the high school's website.

20210512 - Can Man

20210512 - Up in the am and on an early call. J home from school early and headed to work. I spent a bunch of time today analyzing data for a migration we're doing. GpaW had Roger and Brad over to help with a couple things at the farm today. L and G home, L took Hazel on a walk and then cooked us some dinner. I had a Landscape Board meeting and the McClains came over to hang out on the back porch. We chatted and had a good time. J home from work and back out with some friends. We wrapped things up and got to bed in good time tonight.

20210511 - House Freedom

20210511 - Up and LJ&G at school and I headed to the endocrinologist for a checkup, All good. I left Hazel out of her cage while I went, her first taste of total house freedom while alone... I got home and checked everything out and all good! I jumped on the PC and got my day rolling with my am calls. L home and she mowed the yard. I finished my day and we just hung out the rest of the evening.

20210510 + Practice and a Game

20210510 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. J home early for his short day and was only home for a bit before changing and heading to work at Wendy's. I got my am things done and headed in to the office. Had a busy day and got a lot done. Headed out of the office and LG&I ran to Ed's to pick up some auction wins and then on to Berliner for G's baseball practice. It was the first outdoor practice the boys had with their coach, ever... it looked like a real practice and he had them under control. L&I talked to one of the dads of another player, nice guy, and we have very similar views. L&I then walked down to D's softball game to watch them, it is fun to watch! D's team won and L&I went back and picked up G and Luke and headed home. Home and watched some TV. J home from work and G&I headed in to the office to review and clean up the items he listed on ebay, and we ordered some more baseball cards for him. We all headed to bed.

20210509 + Mother's Day on the Road

20210509 + Up WAY TOO early and LG&I drove to Cincinnati through the rain to get to his game. It wasn't raining when we got there but it was FREEZING! The boys played and they did pretty good. We were ahead by the time thunder and lighting started and they called the game and we got to our cars before the hard rain hit us. The team went to BW's for a meal while we waited to see if there were any more games today. It was good for the boys to spend some time off the field together. While we were there we got the notification that the rest of the days games were cancelled, so we finished eating and headed home. We stopped at the outlet mall on the way home to see if L could find anything for the bathroom makeover, no luck. Home and J gave L here Mother's Day presents and then headed to work. D stopped over a bit later and gave her a plant and hung around for dinner. I took a nap and then took Hazel on a walk. L&I watched some TV until J got home from work and headed to bed.

20210508 - Lots of Visits

20210508 - Up in the am and L&I headed to Worthington to watch G at a huge track meet, there were 32 schools there. We got there early so I wandered around and watched some of the high jump, discus and shot put. I caught G's first race from the backside of the track and yelled at the boys as they ran the 4x800 and came in second by a fraction of a second. I headed back over to where L was sitting and Terrill joined us. We had our stack of quarters and bet on all the races. G opted out of running in the 400 and so we stuck around for the last race the 4x400 that he was going to run in, of course the very last race... the boys ran there brains out and came in 2nd by 1 hundredth of a second, good enough for them to qualify for the state meet next weekend. We packed up, got G and headed to Cincinnati to join his baseball team. We listened to the game on the way down and they lost their first game. We got there in the 1st inning of the 2nd game and the boys did better, but still got beat. We headed home and stopped for some food on the way that took forever... Home and I threw the ball to Hazel for an hour. L&I then ran over the McLain's for a short visit, great to catch up with them. Home and I dropped L off and headed to Dave's for a visit, he had a couple other fellas over and we chatted and had bacon and cheesecake. He gave us a tour of his huge house and the candy factory he has set up in the basement. Home late and too bed.

20210507 - New Tapas Place

20210507 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school, Hazel and I doing our normal morning routine before I headed in to the office. It was a normal day and the evening L&I headed to a new play at Creekside, Arepazo, a Tapas place for dinner. We drove as it was pouring. It was a really good meal and can't believe we've never gone there before.  Home and we watched some TV and planned the upcoming busy weekend. J worked and came home only for a second before heading to a friends. L gave Hazel and trim and it looked like we had a second dog from all the extra hair... G to bed early as he has a big track meet tomorrow.

20210506 - Finally on the Field

20210506 - Up in the am and on the phone for the entire day. Knocked a lot of things down and checking them off today. L home and took Hazel on a big walk. J home early and headed out with friends. I finished up my day with a late call. L ran to pick G up from track, Luke, G's friend got dropped off to take him to a scrimmage. Out of the office, ate and we headed to Academy park. This was the first on field / game experience G's coach has had with the boys. They played better tonight than in the past... G did ok and just as he got on the mound to pitch they called the game as another team showed up to use the field... Home and I went through the tings G listed last night and updated them. Then out to watch some TV with L. Stayed up WAY TOO LATE going through local online auctions and watching American Horror Story.

20210505 - Green Feets

20210505 - Up and had a busy day. L mowed tonight and I threw the ball to Hazel and she turned her feet green running after it. Chris stopped over for a visit this evening with some McNuggets and to catch up on what has been going on with his new job and the fam. It was a nice visit and entertaining.

20210504 - Pump Checker

20210504 - Up in the am and all at school. I had a busy day. After dinner I ran over to Penn's to look at his sump pump. I messed with the float and it should be good for a bit longer if he keeps an eye on it. We chatted for a bit and then I headed home.

20210503 + Couple Meetings

20210503 + Up in the am and all at school. I had to deal with an escalation in the morning and then locked Hazel in her cage as I headed to Worthington to meet CB and Hiren for lunch. It was a good lunch and I think we have a direction. Back to the office for a meeting with CB and Brit. Home to finish the day and then grilled hamburgers for dinner. Ate with L and boys and cleaned out email throwing ball to Hazel on the back porch. In, Hazel got feet washed and I organized rest of week.

20210502 - Too Many Bouncers

20210502 - Up late and sore from yesterday's yard work. L&I headed to IKEA and got a new vanity and sink for the bathroom. Home and D was there cleaning out his car. He stuck around and chatted with us while G filled the backyard with boys, jumping on the trampoline and playing wiffle ball. We cooked hot dogs for the boys and just hung out the rest of the evening. a nice day.

20210501 + Tree Choppers

20210501 + Up late and got around and headed out to work in the backyard with L. G had a couple friends show up. I chopped off half the apple tree and had G and his buddies take the pieces as I cut them to the burn barrel. I then had the boys move the trampoline and I dropped a dead 30' tree the was along the back west fence. I had G and one of his friends use the chainsaw to help me cut the tree in to pieces. The boys carried all the pieces to the burn barrel and I gave them so cash to run downtown and get a treat. L got her trimmers out and trimmed the back East hedge as I burned the tree piece and cut firewood sized pieces. Hazel was in heaven with a backyard full of people for the day throwing the ball several thousand times to her. In the late afternoon G had 8 boys on the trampoline as I burned the last of the tree pieces as the sun went down. In and cleaned up and can't move.