20210510 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. J home early for his short day and was only home for a bit before changing and heading to work at Wendy's. I got my am things done and headed in to the office.

20210509 +

20210509 + Up WAY TOO early and LG&I drove to Cincinnati through the rain to get to his game. It wasn't raining when we got there but it was FREEZING! The boys played and they did pretty good. We were ahead by the time thunder and lighting started and they called the game and we got to our cars before the hard rain hit us. The team went to BW's for a meal while we waited to see if there were any more games today. It was good for the boys to spend some time off the field together. While we were there we got the notification that the rest of the days games were cancelled, so we finished eating and headed home. We stopped at the outlet mall on the way home to see if L could find anything for the bathroom makeover, no luck. Home and J gave L here Mother's Day presents and then headed to work. D stopped over a bit later and gave her a plant and hung around for dinner. I took a nap and then took Hazel on a walk. L&I watched some TV until J got home from work and headed to bed.


20210508 - Up in the am and L&I headed to Worthington to watch G at a huge track meet, there were 32 schools there. We got there early so I wandered around and watched some of the high jump, discus and shot put. I caught G's first race from the backside of the track and yelled at the boys as they ran the 4x800 and came in second by a fraction of a second. I headed back over to where L was sitting and Terrill joined us. We had our stack of quarters and bet on all the races. G opted out of running in the 400 and so we stuck around for the last race the 4x400 that he was going to run in, of course the very last race... the boys ran there brains out and came in 2nd by 1 hundredth of a second, good enough for them to qualify for the state meet next weekend. We packed up, got G and headed to Cincinnati to join his baseball team. We listened to the game on the way down and they lost their first game. We got there in the 1st inning of the 2nd game and the boys did better, but still got beat. We headed home and stopped for some food on the way that took forever... Home and I threw the ball to Hazel for an hour. L&I then ran over the McLain's for a short visit, great to catch up with them. Home and I dropped L off and headed to Dave's for a visit, he had a couple other fellas over and we chatted and had bacon and cheesecake. He gave us a tour of his huge house and the candy factory he has set up in the basement. Home late and too bed.


20210507 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school, Hazel and I doing our normal morning routine before I headed in to the office. It was a normal day and the evening L&I headed to a new play at Creekside, Arepazo, a Tapa place for dinner. We drove as it was pouring. It was a really good meal and can't believe we've never gone there before.  Home and we watched some TV and planned the upcoming busy weekend. J worked and came home only for a second before heading to a friends. G to bed early as he has a big track meet tomorrow.


20210506 - Up in the am and on the phone for the entire day. Knocked a lot of things down and checking them off today. L home and took Hazel on a big walk. J home early and headed out with friends. I finished up my day with a late call. L ran to pick G up from track, Luke, G's friend got dropped off to take him to a scrimmage. Out of the office, ate and we headed to Academy park. This was the first on field / game experience G's coach has had with the boys. They played better tonight than in the past... G did ok and just as he got on the mound to pitch they called the game as another team showed up to use the field... Home and I went through the tings G listed last night and updated them. Then out to watch some TV with L. Stayed up WAY TOO LATE going through local online auctions and watching American Horror Story.


 20210505 - Chris stopped over for a visit with some McNuggets and to catch up on what has been going on with his new job and the fam.


 20210504 - After dinner I ran over to Penn's to look at his sump pump. I messed with the float and it should be good for a bit longer if he keeps an eye on it. We chatted for a bit and then I headed home.

20210503 +

20210503 +
All at school
Hazel in cage I headed to Worthington to meet CB and Hiren for lunch
Had meeting with CB and Brit
Home grilled hamburgers
Ate with L and boys
cleaned out email throwing ball to Hazel
In, Hazel got feet washed
Organized rest of week


 20210502 - Up late and sore from yesterday's yard work. L&I headed to IKEA and got a new vanity and sink for the bathroom. Home and D was there cleaning out his car. He stuck around and chatted with us while G filled the backyard with boys. We cooked hot dogs for the boys.

20210501 +

20210501 + Up late

Headed out to work in the backyard with L.

G had a couple friends show up.

I chopped off half the apple tree and had G and his buddies take the pieces as I cut them to the burn barrel.

I then had the boys move the trampoline and I dropped a dead 30' tree the was along the back west fence. I had G and one of his friends use the chainsaw to help me cut the tree in to pieces. The boys carried all the pieces to the burn barrel and I gave them so cash to run downtwon and get a treat. L got her trimmers out and trimmed the basck East hedge as I burned the tree piece and cut firewood sized pieces. Hazel was in heaven with a backyard full of people for the day throwing the ball several thousand times to her. In the late afternoon G had 8 boys on the trampoline as I burned the last of the tree peices as the sun went down. In and cleaned up and can't move.