20220803 - Clippers Game

20220803 - Up in the am and headed to the Worthington office. CB came in for just a min, he’s sick. I was at the desk all day. L texted in the afternoon, after she took G to school to pick up his laptop get his pics taken and walk his classes, that Hazel was attacked by the dog from 3 doors down while they were on a walk… ugh!  I finished my day and headed home. J was home so chatted with him a bit. Hung out on the patio waiting for our ride to the Clippers game. G&I are going with Chad and Taylor Neer, a kid he’s played baseball with for years. We sat tin the box and had food and drink and enjoyed the game. It went extra innings and we watched a storm roll south of the city as the Clippers pulled off a walk off win! Home and G drove to Andrews to spend the night, I chatted with Terrill a bit and then headed home and to bed.