20201130 - eBay Lister

20201130 - Up and everyone home. L headed in to school about 10 to do her first day of online with her kidos, I got J up several times and G was online. I got my am stuff done and then J&I ran to the school behind the house to pick up lunches from the school, some federal grant is giving them out to everyone in the district... Home and made some calls to get the leak at the rental taken care of. L called and the battery dead in the keyless fob for my car so she couldn't get it started... She somehow managed to start the car and get home. J out to buy a new windshield wiper for his car and a battery for me. Crazy busy day so far. I had to head out to get a COVID test in Pickerington, HUGE line 45 min wait, swab throat. Home and had some dinner. J headed to work. Tom over to pick up a couple things and chat for a bit. G took out the trash and then he and I ran to the post office and gas station to get gas and ice cream. Home and had a nice treat while G posted on ebay, L got ready for her day tomorrow and I tried to get caught up. J home from work. To bed in good time but couldn't sleep...

20201129 + Shining Bright

20201129 + Up in the am and ran G to baseball in Westerville. I stopped at a couple Meijer on the way home to see if they had any more Xbox Series S for G to sell, NO. Home and started today's project of installing LED Flood lights on the back of the house. D over to help. Jim and Vicky, our old neighbors stopped by and chatted and helped. D got the lights installed outside and then helped me run wires down to the basement, J helped a bit. I took a break and ran G to his first pitching lesson, this guy knows his stuff, coach at Ohio Dominican University, Scout for the Padres... Amazing to watch him instruct and teach G. Home and finished wiring and everything works! The backyard is lit up like it is daylight! Chris over to watch a double dose of zombies tonight.

20201128 + Installers

20201128 + Knew if I drifted off again the monster would kill me. Luckily my dream screams woke L up and she woke me up and saved my life! What a crazy dream... Up in the am and got J&G up. They were excited to help me get the Christmas lights up. When we realized we didn’t have enough they ran to Home Depot and got us more lights and supplies. I removed the battery from mower and the pump from well while I was waiting on them to get back. Boys home, they bought themselves lunch, sick of turkey. We finished up the lights, even lights on playset! J helped me take the TV from the back porch to the basement and then we headed in. L did laundry and took and nap with college football on. No Buckeyes today, the COVID got them :-(  G&I ran to pick up pizza from Jet's and watched football, falling asleep sitting up. Bed early, exhausted.

20201127 - Black Friday Shopping

20201127 - Up in the am and G&I out looking for an Xbox Series X consoles...
  • Meijer found an S bought it for a friend.
  • On to Target in New Albany, nothing. 
  • On to GameStop in Westerville, nothing
  • Meijer in Westerville, got another S, just in case
  • On to GameStop at Polaris, nothing
  • Across the street to Best Buy, line too long
  • Target, nothing.
  • On to GameStop at Easton, nothing
  • BestBuy, line too long
  • Target, nothing...
Finally home and I did some work. Finished the day and we had left overs for dinner and LJG&I watched Supeintellagence, an extremely funny movie with Jenny McCarthy. Then G&I stayed up looking for Xboxes online an watched Roald Dahl's Witches and then Harley Quinn Birds of Prey. We got to bed super late.

20201126 + Different Thanksgiving

 20201126 + Up in the am and L cooking like crazy. This is the only the 2nd time in my life that I am aware of that I haven't been on the Farm for Thanksgiving, same for Dylan. First time J&G haven't been there. We joined a zoom call with everyone on it and several people spoke and Roger said grace. After that we helped L get stuff on the table and we sat down to our own little feast. It was really yummy, L did a great job! After dinner L made us all go outside and get our picture taken. Amazingly it turned out really good. The boys stayed outside and played some football and when they came in J got us playing games on the phone and then some board games. It was a fun day. We had more turkey for dinner and watched football. It was different, but nice.

20201125 + Slow Swing

20201125 + Up and everyone at home today. I stayed in the office most of the day wrapping things up before a couple of quiet days. We had dinner and then G&I ran to his hitting lesson.

20201124 - Virtual Teacher

20201124 - Up and L at school and J&G online. It was a pretty normal quiet day. I took a break in the middle of the day to pick up a pie from Jason Amos. I headed home and finished my day. In the evening I helped L learn hos to do Zoom meetings for he upcoming virtual teaching she's going to be doing.

20201123 - Lots a Boxes

20201123 - Up in the am to an empty house. Had a couple of calls and a pop up project come in. Got those done, L home and in to the office. G home from school and he and I ran his pile of monitors to the shipping place. Home to finish out the day. 

20201122 - Day 2 of Lazy Weekend

20201122 - Up and watched football with L. Pretty much did nothing for a second day in a row. G&I packed all the monitors he sold this weekend. Chris over to watch zombies. Was dead sleep, ready for a good nights rest when G woke me up from rummaging around in the kitchen at midnight... last look at the clock 4:14am...

20201121 - Football Day

 20201121 - Up in the am and watched football all day. I mean ALL day. It was a nice relaxing day. I ran out and picked up some Chipotle for dinner and then watched more football.

20201120 - New Shoes

20201120 - Up late to an empty house. Had a call and then did some emails. In to the desk and on more calls and email. L home, then she ran to get groceries, I helped her unload them and finished the day in the office. In the evening L&I watched Crazy Rich Asians. It was a good funny romcom.

20201119 + Sky On Fire

20201119 + Up in the am, L at work and I got J&G up. Got my morning things done in the living room and headed in to the office. I got some stuff done but these new glasses were driving me CRAZY, I can't see ok out of them. I called the eye Dr. and he had a slot open so in the afternoon I ran up to Polaris and had him take a look. He checked things out, made adjustments and after about an hour things were much better. So going to try this for a week and see if I adjust or can live with it... Home and back online to finish out the day. L ran G to his basketball game and J went to work. L&I had dinner, I took Lilly on a walk and then we watched TV until G got home and told us all about the game. Lilly barfed all over the living room... she hasn't been doing good the last couple days... We got that cleaned up, J home and chatted a bit and to bed to be wide awake... Called D at 1am when he texted me and told me he had an interview tomorrow with Cutco... OMG! THen I really couldn't sleep. Got myself a cup of coffee at 5am and feel asleep for a bit.

20201118 - Point of Contact

20201118 - Up in the am to an empty house. Got morning things done and headed in to the desk. Today was a not planned day. The whole day was taken up but things that were not planned, calls coming in, emergencies popping up. These days are frustrating and get me a bit flustered, but the go by so fast. After work I came out of the office and D and DGF11 were here for a visit, J was at Wendy's and G at basketball practice. L ran D&DGF11 back to their car, they parked at Creekside and walked here. L home and made us some hot sandwiches for dinner. We ate, G home and we hung out and chatted and watched some TV. G&I headed out late to hitting lessons. I can't see out of these new glasses, going to have to call them tomorrow. G did good at hitting. Home and shutting down, J home and gave us an update and headed upstairs. I couldn't sleep, up till 2.

20201117 + 2 Cooks

20201117 + Up in the am and L at work and I had to get the boys up. Did morning emails in living room and moved in to office to start meetings. L home and she tried to get boys moving too. J did get up and fix the tarp on the playset for me. G headed out to his first basketball scrimmage and J out to skate with friends. L cooked us a nice steak dinner and my buddy Dave joined us on the phone while we ate. The steaks were REALLY GOOD. We got dinner cleaned up and watched some Family Feud. Called GpaW and they had a long day of Dr. visits and looking for lunch in several towns. G home and told us all about the scrimmage, he did good. J home and told us about his adventures. The boys ate their steaks, we chatted for a bit and they vanished until time to bring electronics down and head to bed.

20201116 - TV Show

20201116 - Up in the am and L at work and the boys online for school. I got the week rolling by handing out things to do and lining up the rest of the week. Had a busy day. L home and burning things in the yard and filling the house with smoke. J off to work and L made G&I hamburgers for dinner on the grill. L ran G to basketball practice and I got the basement ready for a Booster meeting. Andy over and we hosted the show in the basement, had 27 viewers tonight and the meeting went well. We chatted for a bit and then Andy headed out. G home from practice and made us an ice cream snack. We watched some Shark Tank and headed to bed in good time.

20201115 - Windy

20201115 - Up in the am and today is a windy mess. G listed an item on ebay. J&I headed out, got some gas, back to the house to find his debit card and then ran to Reynoldsburg to pick up and auction win and make sure his new OhiOOddities debit card worked. We then hit Home Depot for some supplies for the next rip up to the Farm. We saw a massive tree on a house on the way to our last stop at Kroger for COVID supplies. Home and got the groceries to the basement, unpacked and organized and auction wins in to the office. Th office is getting full... Trimmed the vines around the windows of the office and our bedroom. Grant packed and shipped 4 monitors. Finally done running and sat int he living room on the PC and got some things updated and organized. Gma&paW lost power due to the wind blowing a tree over and taking out power lines. L&I watched some TV and messed around on our PCs. J headed in to work. Chris over for zombies. Jack home from work and we had an early night, all to bed in good time. GpaW reported the power was back on about 1am. Last time I looked at the clock was 4:08...

20201114 + All Over Town

20201114 + Up in the am and out. I dropped off some monitors to be shipped and then headed across town to the Scout Store for my final purchases. Then to Dick's to get the 20% coupon applied to G's basketball shoes. From there I went to Ed's Depot to pick up auction wins and then on to Gary's Depot in Reynoldsburg to pick up more wins. Swung by and picked up some KFC on the way home. Home,and unloaded the goods, ate and relaxed for a couple min watching college football. L trimmed the bushes out front. G&I headed out in the afternoon to pick up another Auction win. Amazing that just inside the outer-belt how the scenery changes and things are scary...  Home, brought our stuff in and L&I settled in to watch some college football.

20201113 Not Much

20201113 - Up in the am to an empty house. I got on line and had a couple meetings and then organized for the weekend. Had a pretty busy day. L home, J to a friends for the night and G up on his Xbox. L&I ran to Nazareth to pick up dinner. Home and ate and watched a couple movies.

20201112 - Stock PIle

20201112 - Up in the am and L at work, boys in bed. I got my am stuff and calls done and got the boys up. At the desk most of the day adding some code to our DataMiner. J out with friends, home to do some homework and then to Wendy's. G's basketball was cancelled so LG&I had dinner and then G&I ran to Kroger and got more COVID supplies, the shelves are getting more and more empty... Home and unloaded our car full, the freezer is FULL now. G up on the Xbox, L&I watching some TV. J home with snacks for G&I, we all watched Shark Tank while we ate our snacks. To bed around 1.

20201111 - Not Today

20201111 - Up to an empty house, L at work and J&G at school. I got on some calls and got some stuff done. No Veteran's Day program at school this year because of COVID. The first time in 16 years GpaB didn't get to participate and it was his last one :-( I got some stuff done for work and when L got home I took the car and ran across town to pick up monitors for G to sell on ebay and then picked up my new glasses, not sure I like them... Home and unloaded the monitors and packed a couple for shipping. D and DGF11 stopped by for a visit. G home from basketball and we ate. J out with friends late.

20201110 + 911!?

20201110 + Up in the am and L at work and boys in bed as it is a home day. I got on the PC and got things rolling. I ran up and got J up for a class and he logged in and realized he didn't need to log in today. My day vanished with call after call popping up all over the place and filled the day. At one point on a call in the backyard I turned the volume, well at least I thought I did... I pushed the power button three times and it automatically called 911! I didn't want to hang up and have the police show up so I explained I am stupid and said everything was ok. I called the guy at work back and continued the conversation and then L was waving me up to the house so the officer could confirm I was ok... BRILLIANT! Done with work and ran G and Owen to basketball. Talked to dad on the way home and he had speech therapy today and they were getting pizza for dinner. I called Mike, missed a couple of calls from him over the weekend, and come to find out he has COVID. His account of the illness was sobering to us as he is the first person we know to have it. L made us a nice little dinner and we sat in the living room and ate, chatted and watched some news. G home ate, got cleaned up and vanished to his room. J home late. Everyone to bed and I stayed up late sending out 11/11 emails.

20201109 + Goodbye GahannaGear.com

20201109 + Up in the am and L at work and the boys have no school today for whatever reason... I got on the PC and got things done. I officially deleted all accounts related to GahannaGear.com, it is too hard to manage these one off special order products for such tiny profits... G's friend left about 11:30 and by 1pm we had another handful of boys in the backyard playing. J up and roaming the house. L home and J headed out to skate before work today. Boys took off and L started cleaning so I retreated in to my office to finish off the day. Done for the day and out. L getting dinner ready and we ate. I then ran G and Owen to basketball and stopped in to check on the Scouts and my final actions for them. Home and we watched  some TV and relaxed. G home from practice and got a snack. Jo home from work and we shut down for the night. Headed to bed and couldn't sleep.

20201108 - Raking, Porch, Crapper

20201108 - Up in the am and ready. D here in good time today but we had to work on his tire and take a screw out of the tread before we got started. G&I swung by and got Trent on way to Farm. We drove slow but D&DGF11 didn't catch us. We got there and I dropped G and Trent off at the Farmhouse with GmaW to start raking leaves. I headed up to the house and got supplies out to work on the back porch railing. D&DGF11 showed up and helped, G & Trent ran the pug around the yard and then we all came in for lunch, GmaW fixed a nice lunch. D, DGF11 and I finished off the railing and it looks great. I have to put some screws in to hold the 4x4 caps on then it will be done. We cleaned up the backyard and I headed in to the basement bathroom. Mary & Lucia stopped by and D had to check their tires. I got busy working in the bathroom and got the old busted ring cut out and the new insert glued in. D, DGF11, G and Trent took the pug up to the falls. I got the utility sink set up and had the wrong size drain pipe... So I got the toilet set and all hooked up, works good. Headed down to the barn to throw trash out with dad and then we worked on a picnic bench and chatted about the future of things.  He seems a bit all over the place and not very logical today. We got our stuff done and headed up to the house. I gathered the boys and we headed down the road. We dropped Trent off, got home, unloaded all the supplies and got them put away. In to the house, got cleaned up and ate. Soon Madden, one of G's buddies showed up. I beat the pants off of them at Trouble in the first game and they won the second so off they went to play the Xbox. Chris came over and we watched some zombies and chatted. He fell off a ladder cleaning his gutters this weekend and had a huge bruise on his side... Upstairs and G and Madden making popcorn and J home from work. Shut the day down, updated my lists ready for the week and headed to bed.

20201107 + Scrub-a-dub

20201107 + Up in the am and L&I went to G's basketball parent meeting. We swung through the bank and picked up a prescription on the way home. Home and J helped me put the picnic tables away and straighten up the shed a bit. We sat 2 little bikes out at the road and they were gone in an instant. In and cleaned up the office a bit and then the garage as I gathered things to take to the Farm tomorrow. G&I headed out and we went to the depot in Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins and then to Dick's to get him some basketball shoes. Home and carried the stuff in and I taught G how to post and ship things on ebay. He got some monitors listed and excited to make $. L gave Lilly a bath and in the evening L&I went to Coach's for dinner and watch the first half of the OSU football game with Bill and Tiff. Home and we watched the rest of the game.

20201106 - Freaky Fast

20201106 - Up in the am and L to work, J&G to school and I headed across town to meet D and the IT guys at the storage place to clean out another unit. We got the unit cleaned out and things put away nicely in the IT room. Home and jumped on calls. I  finished the day getting things done and bills paid for the next couple weeks. L&I ran up to Jimmy John's and got subs for dinner. I called in to a zoom 50th bday party for Brian Kicas, a high school buddy and chatted with folks for a bit. We watched some TV, the crazy election, and headed to bed.

20201105 - Congrats Donovan!!

20201105 - Up in the am, my neck still sore, and L at work and J&G lounging as they don't have any constructive instruction today... I got online and got some things done and then had a long call with Jason. J left at 10:30 for lunch and after my call I got G up again at noon. Back on calls and catching up. L home and ran G to basketball and then home to watch TV, still no results in the election... J home, changed and back out to work. G home, L ran out to pick up some McD's for dinner and Lilly and I took a short walk. Home and ate and missed the start of G's hitting practice... G did ok for not swinging a bat for a week. Got a text from our friends the Varney's of Donvan, one of J's very first friends, he's an amazing athlete! Home and watched TV the rest of the evening until J got home and then headed to bed with a SORE neck.

20201104 - G 2 School!

20201104 - Up in the am, L at work and J&G both physically at school, G's first time this year! I got on a call and then headed in to the living room to work in front of the TV and watch the election coverage, what a MESS! L home, J home for a second and then to Wendy's, and D with DGF11 stopped by to pick up more stuff. L made us some dinner and after we ate I ran G to basketball practice. L&I in the living room, I did some more work stuff and we watched some election coverage and then some Family Feud for a break. G home, and played the xbox for a bit and the J home. We had a snack and headed to bed in good time. My neck is stiff this evening for some reason.

20201103 + Cleanup and Wait

20201103 + Up in the am and L&I out of the house and the boys on their own. I headed to vote, there was no line, done! I headed across town to meet up with D and some DataField guys to clean out some storage units. We worked all day and moved tons of stuff around to get it organized and cleaned up. At the end of a very long day we had reduced 4 units in to 2 and had a complete inventory of everything. Home and carried stuff in to list on ebay for work. G home from basketball practice and LG&I sat down to eat. After dinner D and DGF11 showed up to get D's desk. We chatted with them a bit before G&I helped them get the desk dismantlement and loaded in D's car. They took off and G set up the new monitor I brought home for him today and J home from being out with friends got his monitor set up as well. L&I hunkered down in the living room and got the TV on to watch the election results. What a night of speculation and anticipation. I stayed up until 3am hoping there would be a result but that conclusion evaded me and the rest of the world for today...

20201102 - Stocking Up

20201102 - Up in the am and L at work and J missed an online class and G online for school... I got on my calls and got my week rolling. G down to make some lunch for J and himself and I headed in to the office on the big PC to finish the day. L ran G to basketball practice and I headed to the grocery for a couple hours of shopping. I was amazed at the staples that are MISSING from the shelves... I managed to get everything on my list and headed home. After about a million trips to the basement L&I unpacked and organized the supplies. We got G and watched some football to end the night.

20201101 - 2 Posts

20201101 - Up in the am and got things together for a trip to the farm. D showed up 2hrs late to head up to the Farm. We swung through the Accountants office to drop off some forms. D drove and we had a nice visit on the way up chatting about all sorts of stuff. We got to the Farm and took some stuff in and D helped me put a new screw in the bathroom fan. GmaW had a nice lunch for us and we had a nice visit while we ate. Down to the basement and dad had the bathroom cleaned out. We looked over the things that needed done and tested some connections. At one point dad loosened a faucet handle and shot off at him spraying water all over the room, no one hurt, but all startled and dad got pretty wet :-) We then headed out to look at the back porch and gave D instruction on where I wanted the poles. Down to the Farmhouse and D and GmaW put weatherstrip on the front door and GpaW and I headed to Home Depot in Ashland. We spent hours in the store gathering supplies and discussing the work with folks there. We ended up getting everything we need for the back porch and step railings, a new toilet and sink and all the pieces parts required to do the jobs. We got things loaded up and headed back to the Farm to upload. D&I got the posts set in the holes he dug for the porch railing and poured in some dry cement. We then went in and helped with PCs and phones before heading out. D rove again and we chatted some more, nice to spend time with him. Home and unloaded the car and D came in for just a min and we talked about going back to school with him before he left. L&I ate, J at work and G in the shed. We watched some football and Chris showed up to watch some zombies. G in and we watched some tv until late. I stayed up late getting things lined up for tomorrow.