20220615 - Up in the am and headed in to to the Worthington office for the day. D headed to the house and L cut his hair and took him shopping for some clothes to wear on interviews. I got home and D stayed for dinner. D&G ran to D's apartment to pick up some stuff, D is spending the night here as his power is out. L&I sat on the back porch and got Hazel's pool out. D&G went to Dbat, G drove. They were home shortly after and headed back to the school to hit as Dbat was packed. L&I hung out with our feet in the pool for a long time before heading in. Chris stopped by and picked me up and we went to pick his car up at the shop. He stopped and checked out G's car when he dropped me off. In and watched some TV before bed. J texted us today from Myrtle Beach. They  went to Rioz for dinner and J ate an enormous amount of food :-)