201170930 + Running, Hitting and Tackling

201170930 + Up in the am and LJ&GmaB to J's CC meet in Pickerington. D headed out to his baseball game and I ran to pick up G from his sleep over and head to D's game. D's team was playing well, G just sat tired in the chair. L reported that J ran an 11:53! L&GmaB showed up at D's game. D's team won so that means they play tomorrow.

Home and L&GmaB headed out to do some shopping, D&G got ready to head up to the farm, J went out to eat with some friends and I got the car washed at the Gahanna Swim Team car wash day and got a haircut. Home and D&G gone, L left to go to her room and change the decorations to the October theme. J home doing his chores and I am at the PC on the back porch trying to keep ahead of the curve. J had a couple of buddies come over and  headed back to the school. L got home and we headed back to watch some of Brady's game, it was COLD. We watched a bit and then headed home to watch the Buckeye game. I ordered some pizzas and L picked them up. We watched the game and had dinner, The game was boring so I got a lot of things done. J and his buddies played the xbox and we got some pics from D&G at the Indians game. They had a good time, a bit cold, but fun. They made it back to the farm and D and his buddy Chad were up late working on an old go-kart I had bought the boys years ago.

20170929 - Wreath Time!

20170929 - UP early and had a chat with D before he left for school. In to work and preoccupied in thought drove past my exit... had a very fast, busy, productive day. Home and D&DGF7 here for a chat with L&I on what D really wants to do, then they headed out to go to the drive in movies. J went to the Gahanna football game with a buddy, G went to a friends overnight bday party. L GmaB&I headed to the Greek place for a nice dinner. The girls dropped me off at home and I got the PC and hit the couch to get caught up, fell asleep. Girls home and we watched some TV and chatted.  J home and to bed, D home late.

Up late putting Scout Wreaths Online for sale.

20170928 - DORKO

20170928 - Up in the in am and into work. I headed home and and cooked some hot dogs on the back porch grill for L&I. G&I headed to cub scout for a short meeting and then to Strabucks where I had them put G's name on the cup. Home and hanging out. D got home late and chatted about grades... Up late coming up with a plan.

20190927 - 3AM emails

20190927 - Up and into work for a full day.  L was with J at his CC meet, he ran 12.44. I headed to D's baseball game and they were doing great tonight, chatting up having a blast. Home and up late doing email with Netfix on until 3am.

20170926 - Dark Walk

20170926 - Up in the am and spent the day programming. Headed home and met L&G at the ballfield to watch D's game, they lost. Oh the way home I stopped to get some beer and realized I had lost my sunglasses so back to field for a dark walk but found them! Home, home we all ate, boys cleaned up, to bed early very tired, but up late programming.

20170925 - Sox Finale

20170925 - Up in the am and into work. D texted me in the middle of the day, he got his ACT scores back and his score went up quite a bit! Home and D&J headed to Scouts and L&I back at G's last game as a Red Sox. He was having a good game, they were winning and G was closing out the game when they hit extra innings and he was pulled from pitching by a rule. Then the wheels fell off and they lost and the season was over. Home and I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers for a bit.

20170924 + Hot Sports

20170924 + Up in the am and we all headed to church. After church we came home and headed into the office to get some things done, L&G headed out to his double header. D headed to Grove City to play wiffle ball with some of his buddies from summer ball and J&I eventually headed out to his soccer game. It was a HOT ONE and we roasted at the events. D had a blast, J’s team lost and G had a loss and a tie. J&I met L&G for dinner at Moe’s. All back hoke and LD&I ran over to the Wright’s to learn more about how to conduct and Eagle Court of Honor while J&G stayed home and got cleaned up. Home and got everyone ready for bed and another busy week.

20170923 - Delivery Man

20170923 - Up in the am and L headed to IN with Tiff to buy stuff. D was at his buddy's all night. G&I dropped J off at his soccer practice and headed to Staples to get stuff for work and PetSmart to get food for Lilly. We picked J up after his practice and headed home. Home and G barely carried the HUGE bag of dog food into the garage. J got changed and his buddy Conor came over to get him and they went to a skate park in Canal Winchester. G&I were watching the OSU game and were hungry so ordered some food to be delivered. We then cut out a new leg for the little picnic table and our food arrived delivered by D! We had a nice meal on the back porch watching the game. G called a bunch of buddies, but they were busy so no play dated for G. I headed in to the office to pay bills. J home and back out to his buddy Conor's. L home and doing laundry. Out of the office and to the back porch to watch some more football update the blog and work on college financial aid stuff. Tom stopped over to get some baseball scoring sheets and D&G headed back to the fields early to do some fielding.

D home to work on the mower. The McClains parked at our place and we walked back for G’s game, he was playing Brady tonight. G had a good game, pitched well, but they still lost. Home and D got the mower put back together and said it worked! Everyone came back to our place to hang out for a bit before calling it a night. J had Conor spend the night. All to bed in good time.

20170922 - Lion Again

20170922 - Up in the am and in tto work. I had my head down working on an application for planning all day. Got it done and the customer loves it. Headed out to meet L at G's game in Lewis Center. D went to a HS football game with his friends and is spending the night with one of them. J was with the CC team running 7 miles tonight. I got to G's game and everyone told me what I missed: 2 doubles and a steal at home. This is G's first game as a Gahanna Lion for the 2018 season. G's team won and L arranged for us to go to the McClain's for pizza. Home and consolidated into one car and headed over with a stop at the gas station to fill up and get marshmallows. To the McClain's, Tom there too, and we ate and hung out.  Home and J&G off to bed, I was up late cleaning out OneNote and watching Supernatural on Netflix.

20170921 + NOTHING!

20170921 + Up in the am and in to work. I passed G at the corner doing his safety patrol duties on the way. Had a couple call this morning that went pretty good. D worked this afternoon. Home and we had nothing to do! AMEN Hung out at home and relaxed.

20170920 - D Hits a Tripple

20170920 - Up slowly in the am and in to work. We had a customer onsite today and my morning was very busy. L&D took a trip to Wright State for a college visit today. I got done working and headed home. I stopped to pick up my new glasses frames on the way.  Had a quick beerr and headed back to G's game. It was a train wreck from the get-go so watched only enough to turn my stomach and headed to D's game. D's team was losing to a younger team when I got there. They pulled together, D hit a triple and cleared the bases to give his team the lead. They held the lead the rest of the game and we headed home. 

20170919 - Leaf that Car Alone

20170919 - Up in the am and off to work. I took a pine cone with me to throw at G on the way past him at his safety patrol station at the corner. Got to work and it is going to be a crazy busy day. L&G went to a 'Fund Run' with J's CC team. D worked this afternoon. Finished up the day and headed home. LDJ&G + DGF7 were there. L made a nice steak dinner and we all sat down at the table for dinner. After dinner G&I headed to the McClain's to help with hang some TVs and look at the new construction in Lisa's room. Bill, Tom and I got the TVs hung and it was a hoot. Home and up late renaming pics watching TV.

20170918 - Triple Bday

20170918 - Up in the am and  in to work, definitely a Monday. Ran to Scout store at lunch to get awards. Back and finished off the day with many calls and shipping stuff and an escalation to top off the day. Home, ran back to see a bit of G's baseball game, he was doin great and the team looked pretty good. Back to the house, no J, was supposed to run him to Scouts so I left and headed to the Athletic Boosters meeting at the HS. L called later, she had found J, delivered him to Scouts and reported that G's team WON! After boosters I ran to Scouts to deliver the awards I got earlier in the day. Headed home as D was there and would bring J home. Talked to G a bit before grabbing Doc and heading to Bible Bangers. It was only 3 of us tonight so we ate, caught up a bit and headed home not too late. Home and L told me about her day and the triplets in her class that had a bday party today.

20170917 + Repairs, Game & Match

20170917 + Up late, G going to a Reds game with his buddies today. D reluctantly repaired the mower and mowed the backyard before heading out with DGF7. L doing things around the house until J got done mowing the front and then took him and Conor to the Westerville skate park for a bit. I got $ put in the computer, things lined up for next week and parts ordered for the mower. L&J home for a quick change and the 3 of us headed to Powell for J's soccer game. J played almost the whole game and did really good on the ball a lot today. They lost 3-2 and we headed home. I dropped L&J off and headed to the McClains to help Bill mmae a couple of trips getting stuff out of the old house and returning the van. I swung through Arby's on the way home to get dinner for L&I that J helped eat. I ran up and saw G for a couple of minute and he told me all about his day. We ate and got the big boys to bed.

20170916 - Artful Bfast & Flight Home

20170916 - Up and D&I got ready and packed and headed out. We walked for about a mile past some interesting places and art to get to the Butcher Block Cafe for a HUGE bfast topped off with butter covered cinnamon rolls. We walked up over a rail yard to get to the train that took us to the airport. We got through security and whittled around for our flight. In the air and home by 7pm. We got unpacked a bit, DGF7 showed up, we told all about the trip while we watched the rest of the Buckeye game and then everyone headed to see the McClain's new house. I got the tour while L helped unpack some more; LJ&G have been helping them move Fri and all day Sat. We headed home, boys cleaned up and we watched college football until late.

20170915 - D Meets the Rockies

20170915 - Up at 4 with 3 hrs sleep in me. Got D up and we headed to the airport. We got to the gate easy and on the plane. After being seated for a while we were asked to get off the plane until they brought a life jacket for the cockpit, its FAA required, even if you're not flying over water... Finally on the plane and in the air. I slept most of the trip. We got off the plane about 8am and headed to the terminal where we met up with Eric. We got some bagels and headed out. Eric took us through Boulder and up Flagstaff Mountain. We climbed some things and looked down on the flat East half of Colorado and over the mountainous West. D climbed way out on some rocks for an awesome view.

Down the mountain and we swung by Eric's house to meet his dogs and then headed into Denver. Eric took us to get our tickets for the stadium tour, then to our Airbnb place to drop off outlets bags and back to the stadium for the tour. The tour was awesome, we got to go down on the field (where I got a handful of dirt for D), the press boxes some other cool places. After the tour we walked to Union Station and checked out the terminal. A short bus ride to downtown to eat at the 5280 Burger Bar for a good Linner. We then walked to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Co. to load up on sweets.

Back on the bus and to the stadium. We went to the team store and D got a hat and shirt to wear to the game. We got in early and D tried to catch some of the balls from batting practice but it was too crowded. We got to our seats and watched the opening ceremonies where they introduced the 2007 Rockies that went to the World Series. The game started and it was awesome. 

In the 3rd inning the ushers came down and sang 'Happy Bday' to D. We headed up above the purple seats to watch a bit of the game from a mile up. We got some hot dogs on the way back to our seats and hung out there for the rest of the game. It was a great game and the Rockies won. We walked the 1.8 miles to our Airbnb, got cleaned up and crashed. What an awesome day with my man D!

20170914 + He's Only 10?

20170914 + Up and in to work, getting the weekly reporting done. Headed home a bit early to pick up G and head to Big League Baseball in Worthington for an evaluation. He did good, guy had couple tips for him on things, other coaches stopped to watch the liked it asked the guy evaling him how old he was they thought 12: about crapped their pants when he told them he was 10. Eval done, headed home, stopped for gas. Home and realized we were supposed to go to G's practice in Westerville after the eval so back in the car and to practice. L headed out to a college financial planning session at the high school, D with DGF7, J with the Xbox. All home and G had a couple bowls of potato soup before getting cleaned up and joining the fam to watch the Cleveland Indians win their 22nd game in a row. All to bed. Up late responding to work emails.

20170913 - Baywatch

20170913 - Up in the am and into work. Normal crazy day. Everything rained out tonight so headed to pick up some auction items in Reynoldsburg on way home. L made dinner, D worked today and went to DGF7's for dinner, J&G did homework and battled over the Xbox. All home and to the basement to watch the new Baywatch movie.

20170912 - BLASTED

20170912 - Up in the am and into work. Going after actions hard today, was alone on the call. Finished up the day and headed to J's CC meet and met L&G there. I chatted with Coach Brain for a bit about J and his shenanigans. We watched the start of J's race and cheered him on. G,Conor and I waited on the other side of the course where there were no spectators and the boys had to run between some trees and the parked cars, one of them mine, with about 3 feet between them. As J came running through Conor gave the sign, I BLASTED the horn and G jumped out from behind the car and we screamed 'GO JACK!'  It scared the bejesus out of him! hahahahah  J finished with a great time of 12:44. G&I on to D's baseball game, with a stop at Cane's and waited forever to get our food. We got to D's game and it started pouring and we walked up just as the game was called. Back to the house, DGF7 joined us for dinner and then we split off, J&G got haircuts and I headed out to a quick Scout Board of review.

20170911 + Small Big Shoulders

20170911 + Up in the an and in to work. Got a bunch done in the front office this morning. Headed out on time to get to G's baseball game. Got home and L was working in the yard, D was at DGF7's, J was doing homework and G showed up on his bike at 5:20 yelling 'I HAVE A GAME NOW!' 😲 G rushed to get change and make it back to his game. L&I headed back to the game and sat with the McClains. The game was absolutely miserable and G was melting down. Very upsetting to him, he has never played on a team that is so horrible and he can't hold his emotions back as he is trying to carry a team of kids mostly older and bigger than him. They lost horribly and we walked home, got something to eat and slowed down for the night. I got Doc and we headed to a short Bible Bangers meeting. Home and renamed pics and videos.

20170910 - Cardboard Cars

20170910 - Up in the am and L&G to G's double headers this morning. D&I to his game in the am and J still at his buddy's. L&I kept tabs on the game through texts. D had a good game but they lost, G had ok games but lost both, Gma&paW came to his games. After D's game I ran some donations to Goodwill and J and Conor were home when I got there making cardboard cars to fit over their bike: their ultimate goal is to go through the Wendy's drive through with them :-)

D went running around with DGF7, L&G came home and we got some things done around the house and chilled out a bit until the next round of activity. I woke G up from his nap on the back porch and headed to his baseball practice, D went along to help. L ran J to his soccer game and Gma&paW & I headed there shortly after. J had a good game, played almost the entire game, but they lost 2-1. After the game J went with Gma&paW to Dick's to get new shoes. Somehow DG&DGF7 met them there... I called D back to the house to get some ebay things shipped he had not shipped yet. Had a call with J's CC coach about him being a captain and what was expected. Gma&paW back with J&G and Panda Express for a dinner on the patio. G to a spill on the back steps, but other than that it was s nice dinner. Everyone headed home and we finished off the weekend.

20170909 - BIG WIN!

20170909 - Up in the am and L was giving Lilly a hair cut, D was in Pickerington taking the ACT. J&I headed out to his soccer practice.  Home and I got G out in the backyard working on his swing. Back out to get J from practice and we picked up some lunch. D home from his test with DGF7 and we all headed back to G's game. Somehow they kept up with the other team today and then G went in to pitch, he shut them down. G's team got the lead and the coach was going to pull G from pitching. I suggested he ask his coach if he could finish the game off as pitcher, he did, she looked at me and said, leave him in ad get the W. G did an awesome job pitching and the WON their first game! I went to the dugout and told the boys to go to Dairy Queen, I'm buying. We headed to DQ and had a nice treat. Home for just a minute before we all headed over to the McClain's to watch a miserable showing of the OSU Buckeyes. Home defeated and to bed.

20170908 + Last 24 Seconds

20170908 + Up in the am and in to work. Had a very busy day knocking things out. Headed home a bit early to go run home get L and head to the College planning place and chat with them for a bit. Home and got J&G and we headed to the football game. We had Bob Dogs and junk food for dinner as we watched the game. D and DGF7 were there in their Hawaiian gear down in the student section. It was a great game and we were wining until a HUGE pass was caught with only 24 seconds left in the game putting us behind :-o we got one more chance, but 24 seconds wasn't enough and we lost in the final seconds of the game. We headed home and off to bed.

20170907 + Trouble Tournament

20170907 + Up in the am and in to work.  At the desk getting a lot done. L had her first day of kids with no parents, D worked today for a bit, J had CC practice. I got home and D&I tried to work on some of his ACT Prep. J went back tot he school to meet some friends and G&I had a Trouble tournament. As the night wound down all boys headed to bed. I stayed up way to late doing work stuff.

20170906 - Rough

20170906 - UP in the am and in to work. At the desk all day.  D had a baseball meeting as school today. I Headed home, Jack had CC practice after school.  L picked up J from practice, fed him fast, took him to Soccer practice and on to D's game. D did good. L said one of the umps was off duty and was there just to watch. He was talking about the players and talked highest of D, saying he's a really good player, can hit, knows how to the play the field and is a good catcher, the only problem with him is his mouth :-o So we had a little talk o D about that (again). I got home, got Doc and went back to G's game. G was pitching when we walked up and was doing ok. He went 1 for 3 at bat, the giddy-up in his swing is killing him. His team lost 21-7 but it is good to see all our friends back at those fields. G&I headed home and L&J were there when we arrived. I had to call and remind D of the ACT studying he should be doing to get him home. D home and we ran to Home Depot to get a new toilet seat then on to get gas. I took him along so he could call the coach I had set up for him. D called, left a message and the coach called him back shortly after. D spoke with him for a bit and secured himself a spot for the Summer 2018 season on the 18U Ohio Elite team. Home, toilet seat replaced, J&G to bed, L&I trying to drill the importance of studying for the ACT into D's head after discovering over the last 11 weeks he's only done 4 weeks of the prep testing we've been paying for. Guess we won't have to pay for college... Up very late working.

20170905 - Camo Dog

20170905 - Up in the am and in to work.  Crazy fast day.  I picked up auction stuff on way home. L made a nice dinner for all of us and DGF7 joined us. L told of her 1st day with students, said her legs hurt from kneeling and getting up and down all day long. J told reported he ran a 13:20 in his CC meet this afternoon. After dinner Tom and Bill stopped over with their boys so G vanished, D went to DGF7s and Lilly decided to run through the burs We hung out on the back porch and talked baseball for next year until late. Up late doing baseball stuff.

20170904 + Ls Home!

20170904 + Up in the am and at the desk,  D&I went through some college emails we had been receiving to try and figure out what is going on. J was in the basement playing the xbox and G had just gotten up when L got home! Things weren't in too bad of shape for her return. Each of the boys got a turn with her telling her of all the things we did over the last couple of days and showing her all the chores we got we got done. D&J ran and picked up DGF7 and J's buddy Conor. When they got back we all piled into the white car and headed to the Johnstown Swapper's Day

20170903 - More Fixin

20170903 - Up in the am with no real plan. I locked in to the desk to get some things done. D&G built a scoreboard for the diamond in the backyard and J took a scooter ride with some buddies. Out of the office and in house work mode, DJ&I ran to pick my car up from getting an oil change. D ran to get some gas and then home to mow. J&I continued on to Home Depot to get some supplies and a the video store to pick up a movie for later tonight. Home and D was done mowing and went to DGF7's. JG&I then got out the painting supplies and painted the soffit on the back porch. We then cleaned up a little bit and headed to a new place for the boys, Tee Jaye's Country Place. G got a steak and J&I got open face roast beef sandwiches. We were the only people in the place and the boys thought it was great. Home and we had more to do: J climbed into the attic to check the vent fan, replace his flourescent lights and then into the crawl space to install a new inline fan to boost the AC going into his room. In the meantime G took down the ceiling fan in his room and installed another one. We got our tools and supplies cleaned up and then headed down, J to the garage to work on his scooter and G to the basement to rip apart the fan he just took down. J joined us and we watched 'Going in Style'.