20220401 - L's 51

20220401 - Up in the am and L was out to bfast with her friend Theresa.  I couldn’t smell or taste my toothpaste this morning... J up late and decided today, the last day of his Spring Break that he would take everything out of his room and do a proper cleaning... I took a covid test and it was negative, at the desk all day and made plans with DJ and their girlfriends to have dinner hereat the house because L being still a bit sick didn't feel like going anywhere. I finished up the day and L&I ran up to Olive Garden to pick up a feast. Home and DJ and their girls showed up and we sat down and hid a nice dinner. After dinner we all headed to the basement and watched J&JGF6 play a funny little team game on the Xbox and L and DGF13 worked on a puzzle L started at Christmas. It was a very enjoyable evening.