20150331 - Bfast

20150331 - Up in the am and G and out for bfast and trying to get sponsors for his baseball team.

20150330 - Play a Bit

20150330 - Up and into a busy day of work. Rushed to D's 1st game.  He played a little bit in the freezing wind...  They won by run rule in the 5th. Home with J&G and hung out until time for bible bangers.  Home and up late working.

20150329 + MSD@F Prep

20150329 + L&boys to church while I attempted to get some sleep.  All home and we packed up and headed to the Farm.  We swung by and got Dfg2 and grabbed some food on the way.  Got there and made a short list of things to get done the couple of days there before MSD@F and helped GpaW put a step in leading to the attic.  John & Mary came over and we played some cards and had dinner.  Home in time for an awesome Walking Dead season finale!

20150328 - Midnight Oil Again...

20150328 - Up and cleaned up working in office all day. G to baseball event, J to magic shop. had dinner with the Mallonns, Conor came back to spend the night, G spending the night at a friends.  I stayed up until 6:30 am working on project for work.

20150327 - Tryouts

20150327 - Up dropped D off on way to work, to the back got a bunch done, home got G and we went to help with baseball tryouts. home with Bill and Brady and hung out.

20150326 + Mouth Fix

20150326 + MSFT here, late talking w/ eric.home basketball, late getting system ready.  J had an ortho appointment.

20150325 - All Good

20150325 - Up to work, getting things ready for MSFT.  Ran out to the Dr. with L for a second mammogram, Dr. said all good.  back to work met with MSFT, brought Eric's son home with me and he hung out with my boys. J had soccer practice

20150324 - Not Much

20150324 - Worked, g's baseball cancelled, hung out at home, d had practice, up late working

20150323 + Almost Done

20150323 + Up dropped D off at school on way to work.  Went straight to the back today and was back there most of the day finishing things up in the app I have been building.  Home and ate, G has a fever, L took J to soccer practice and then went grocery shopping.  Ran D to baseball practice.  Hung out with J&G in the basement watching a new version of the Little Rascals.  Ran to pick D up and take him home and then Doc for Bible Bangers.  Home and talked with L a bit then in to the desk until 4:30am :-o

20150322 - Stumped

20150322 - Worked on software all day, 1 issue, could not resolve...  Helped D cut down big grasses.  guys over to watch walking dead

20150321 - Races & 45

20150321 - G had pinewood derby Gma&paB went, I raced the rocket car and lost.  L&J to his soccer game.  Scrimmage for D in Olentangy freezing!  Dinner with Gma&paW, their 45th wedding anniversary!

20150319 - Something Wrong?

20150319 - L had mammogram, something was wrong...  took D to sports code of conduct meeting.

20150318 - Waffles and Hair Cut

20150318 - Waffle house Wednesday with Dave.  Got a haircut and worked all day.

20150317 - Big Green Hat

20150317 - The leprechaun trap success!  Grant was amazed.  To work in my big green hat, G had baseball practice, wore hat :-)  D had practice on the football field.

20150316 - Trap!

20150316 - Up late and straight to an offsite meeting.  Back to the office and locked in finishing up the app I am building.  Home and ate, then set up a leprechaun trap with G.  L had J as soccer practice and around 7 I took D to baseball and stayed for an athletic boosters meeting.  Home and hung out with J&G in the basement for a bit playing Guardian on the Xbox.  Got little boys to bed then ran to get D from practice and swing by and say hi to the Bible Bangers.  Home and it is going to be another late night.

20150315 - Pinewood

20150315 - UP in the am, sent L&G to church, I stayed home to get work done.  They got home and we had some food.  L ran to the grocery store and got stuck there...  my company forgot to pay me...  got her paid up and groceries on the way home and I headed to a coaches meeting.  Home after the meeting and Dgf2 here.  We set up the tools in the shop and G came out to cut out his pinewood derby car.  Looks very sleek.  Doc over and got a new battery put in the black car.  I headed back in and got more work done.  we had some dinner, I ran the girl home and then some guys came over to watch walking dead.  Up until 4:30 working...

20150314 - Fund Raising and MLS

20150314 - UP before the sun to head back out to the campout to get D.  Brought D home and then headed to the high school for 'Tag Day', where every house in Gahanna is hit up by the student athletes for $...  Well this year I get to be a driver.  Got there, got my route, D got 5 friends and we loaded up in our big white car and hit the neighborhood.  The boys are goofy and they had fun doing it.  It didn't take nearly as long as I expected, and with some time to spare we assaulted the Mallons, the Towlers and the Pettits and Doc with unrelenting doorbell ringing until they succumb to the pressure and provided cash :-)  We stopped by the house to G could see the big boys and they invaded our house and ate all our cookies like locust in the plagues...  Delivered the boys back to the school and then ran a couple of errands then home, took D back to the campout.  Checked inwith J, he's a bit homesick. :-(

Home and got cleaned up.  Back to the park with L&G.  Tried to play catch with G, he melted down...  So we came home.  I tried to get some things done at the desk and the time passes so fast.  Got new iphone set up with minor glitches yet to resolve...  Doc over getting the black car working.  G&I ran an errand to pick up his ipod and D's iPhone.  All repaired and special tempered glass on it, I guess we will give this a try...
Home and Dropped off G and headed to the camp site.  I picked up D&J and they told me stories of the fun things that had happened during the day.  We got home everyone changed and we headed downtown to the Crew stadium.  We received free tickets through my work where the Crew are trying to get us to buy season tickets.  Our instructions were to get in contact with 'NickA' when we got to the stadium so we talk a bit of business.  So being in the stadium and surrounded by thousands of people an not having any idea where section 202 was I reached out to the first official looking person I saw that may be able to help.  He gave us directions and then just to see if that walkie-talkie worked on his hip  asked him if he knew NickA.  He said I am NickA.  WHAT ARE THE CHANCES THAT OUT OF THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN THE STADIUM I ASK THE GUY I AM SUPPOSED TO CONTACT FOR DIRECTION????? (15,336 to 1).  We got to our seats and met up with some folks I work with and endured the cold and tried to understand what was going on.  It was a great atmosphere and a good time.  They actually scored twice, when D&J went to get us hot 'drink'.  The only downside was trying to leave...
Back home, D&J dressed in dry warm clothes and I ran them back out to the campout.  Home and up working until 2.

20150313 + Catch-up Calls

20150313 + Up in the am to work, only 2 hours sleep...  got done what I needed to and headed out 30 min early.  Home, L took D to baseball, then we got J to scouts for camping,  GL&I went to a new place that served colored waffles with candied bacon.  It was ok, but not on the return to list...  Home and played with G, our only child for the night (he's loving this).  D home from baseball and I ran him out to the camp out.  It is a rainy wet mess.  Drove home in the wet pitch black, called Dave L & Mike W on the way to catch up.  Home and watched some OSU basketball with L.

20150312 - Up too Late

20150312 - Up d to school and into work. Heads down all day. L got the gas meter checked today. Home and hung out with J&G, D @ baseball. I ran J to Kroger to get food for this weekend's Scout campout. Home, ran and got D. Home and at the desk until 5am... :-o

20150310 - Freshman Team

20150310 - Up and dropped D off on the way to work. Had a short review with Dave and Tim and then headed to the back for the majority of the day.  Finished the day and then sat in traffic on the way to a Meet the Team dinner. Got there and Gma&paW joined LD&I for the dinner. We couldn't tell the difference in the meat and brownie or need whatever it was. Nice event. Boys are big. Home and L out on pickup duty; J was at buddy's house and G at baseball practice.  Hanging out, relaxing and doing some work on the PC.

20150309 + Employee of the Month

20150309 + Up into work. Definitely a Monday. Long day on the floor.   We had an Employee of the mnth lunch.  Home and D at baseball, J at Scouts, G&I played Trouble and Titanfall. I ran out to pick up J and then D. Home and watched Bachelor finale with L. Up programming until 4:30am :-s

20150307 - Champions!

20150307 - G&D Baseball clinics all day.  In the evening we went to J's basketball game and his team won their divisional championship!!!

20150306 + Nice Shirt

20150306 + Up D to school and in to work. Pretty long and frustrating day for me except it was funny t-shhirt day, I like Kevin's... L got the water meter replaced in the house. D&G to baseball clinic and then we met L&J at his semifinal basketball game - THEY WON!!! Home and all boys to bed. It was a GOOD night!

20150305 - Locked In

20150305 - Set cage up for MSCR expansion at work today. Dwight helped with locks, we put it on facing the wrong was the first time and were locked in the cage we were trying to lock people out of :-o G&I to cub scouts

20150302 - Neckerchief

20150302 - Jack had LEGO club today. L went in to see all the cool stuff he has been doing.  I took D&J to scouts where J was inducted into the Troop and given his neckerchief.

20150301 - Workspace

20150301 - Church, Went and picked up DGF2 and did some shopping for L's home office. Home and L put her office together for the class I am taking.